Here at NotYourGirlFriday I have a few policies to my blog that I feel that I can NOT compromise on.

I am asking that readers follow these simple rules.

  1.  Do not post comments summing up my blog if it is the first post you have ever read.  I have had a few commenters come on and tell me what they think my blog is all about and generally these people have either skimmed my posts or only read one post while not reading any others. I will not re explain myself on things that are perfectly obvious to others. I will probably assume you are a troll and delete your comments. (most of which are usually nasty)
  2. Trolls will be immediately delete. Jim Burns Resident Black man and others will have their detracting comments deleted immediately. I will not give you the space or time to poison my space or my readers. You will have to find another stoop to hover on. NotYourGirlFriday isn’t going to be the one.
  3. Please avoid linking my blog to “black”sites “feminist” sites and “mainstream” sites if possible. I purposely avoid linking certain sites in my posts because I don’t want the pingback. Nor do I want fools, idiots, morons, and those who are too stupid to live littering my blog. I do not want the views from these people who will feel the need to troll or worse “debate” there is nothing to debate. I want to protect the integrity of my blog, which is why I didn’t announce my presence to begin with and am delicate about who is on my blog. If people want to find me they will find me I do Not feel the need to advertise or link. Too many stragglers will try and find a home. Most black women’s sites are alright. But please before doing a trackback or reblogging please ask.
  4.  I may not respond to (or see) all comments because I may find myself without the opportunity. If I miss your comment, I’m sorry.





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