My Series’

Note this page will be used to list blog posts that I wrote in series, which weren’t necessarily posted consecutively so they will be easier for you to find. I will update this as I start new series’ or if I feel the need to update an older one.

One Less Soldier

Series # 1

Series #2

Smile When You Say That! (Note Subject For Add Ons)




Series  # 3

BWiF Black Women In Fandoms

Black Women in Fandoms’s 101:  Identification & Characterization

Black Women in Fandoms 102: The Trick is To Make You think That everything Has Changed when you really haven’t moved an inch.

Black Women In Fandoms 103:  Ah Benevolance! The trick is to make you think it’s for your own good when you really wind up as empty handed as before.

Black Women in Fandoms 104:  The dance is over and you don’t owe them a thing.

Black Women in Fandoms 105:  Entertainment for the Progressively Neutral Black Woman

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