I wasn’t planning on creating a blog when I first started reading about Black women’s empowerment. But I realized that what the majority of what the black women on these blogs were saying was exactly what I had been feeling for, my entire life.  I also realize that not every one of those blogs is written by someone of my generation. This isn’t a bad thing as, these women have lay very important groundwork for black women everywhere, but I also know that there is something distinctly different in the perspectives of  black women who are aged 30 (generation x and before)  and up. And black women who are under thirty or still coming of age in today’s world.  I, we, (Generation Y)are in a unique position. We have seen the women before us make mistakes, and we see them trying to rectify them.  We can destroy stereotypes by being counteractive.  The world is at our feet because a lot of us have not even had a chance to make those mistakes, as we are still making the tough life decisions. In other words and As cliche as it sounds, we are at a crossroads and as black women I think we need to make sure we choose the right path. Here I hope to provide you with a fresher perspective on how to navigate the world as a black women. Which hopefully will be a learning experience for all of us.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a while- I love your analyses! This is the kind of critical thinking that will be needed for BW to wake up and move on from dysfunction. You have been paying attention to the madness and not buying the wolf tickets that the BC, MSM, and racist entities have been trying to sell. Good for you! I plan to share this blog with my readers- I believe that they will enjoy your writings 🙂

  2. Hiya, I only just stumbled into your site a few days ago and now, I can not keep out of it and have recommended it to my sisters and a few friends. You articulately lay out all the arguments I have been having with them regarding the Blk community, etc. Thank you!

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