I wasn’t in the 94%. Were You?

I’m going to skip the introductions and make this a very quick post. I have been discussing for YEARS that black women should take white women and their public beliefs with a grain of salt. I have said FOR YEARS that the majority of white women(and people of color) will NOT sacrifice themselves at the altar for black women and when it came down to it will ALWAYS side with the privilege that the already have.

I believe after the exit polls of this election I can now take down every post on this blog because this one encapsulates everything I’ve been advocating for since I came on the scene in 2011. But since all the “perpetually surprised” black women continue to lap up *anything* liberal white women say I’ll reiterate.

White women NEED both gender and racial privilege to be equal to white MEN.

White women already *have* racial privilege and they ain’t about to sacrifice that.

For those of you *shocked* that white women have (as repeated time and time again throughout history) betrayed you. I have nothing to tell you. Unfortunately you put your trust and faith *lol* into the fact that white women wouldn’t support a racist creep. At the end of the day, as I’ve said enumerable times, white women will ALWAYS make sure their privilege is in check. To do otherwise would make us all equal and white women don’t want that. They want to be elevated to where white men are in terms of privilege. The same goes for black MEN.

Unfortunately the “special snowflakes” and “Marie Antoinettes” are now left with empty pockets because they didn’t plan to be betrayed by a group of women who have largely used them as a body count through history. (And this most recent case it was a spectacular display of more than 90 percent of black women voting for HRC). Meanwhile black women got screwed because at the end of the day WW will always choose themselves.

I won’t say much more than I’ve said now. I won’t talk about how 13 percent of Black male voters voted for Trump. (Not surprised considering how black men love to side with misogyny.) I won’t go into depth about how 33 percent of Latino men and 26 percent of Latina women voted for Trump.

race and gender

  clinton trump other/no answer
white men


31% 63% 6%
white women


43% 53% 4%
black men


80% 13% 7%
black women


94% 4% 2%
latino men


62% 33% 5%
latino women


68% 26% 6%


61% 32% 7%


I won’t talk much on them because I want to focus exclusively on the 94% percent. I want to talk about the fact that even though black women were promised nothing by the Clinton campaign or any of the other groups they continually stand in cahoots with, they uniformly voted one way only to have literally everyone else scramble for themselves. This election should be a lesson for black women.

Do for self. Worry about yourself. Protect yourself. Because at the end of the day the only people sacrificing themselves, the only people in the 94% are black women.

I will tell you that if you don’t wake up now you never will. This should be the line in the sand black women need to STOP aligning themselves with parties that *always* toss them away when a better deal comes along or someone threatens their privilege. And for those who weren’t in the 94% I’d advise you to think about the people you align yourselves with too. Because this poll clearly shows that Black Women’s mass choices are going to get you in trouble by association.

Black women better grasp on to those escape plans sooner rather than later.

Ideology and kumbayas can only take you so far….

Never Forget,

Stay Neutral and Stay Safe.

One Less Soldier

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There have been a number of BWE centered posts on this election that have been written. Please feel free to post these below. I would but I don’t have time with everything that is going on.