For What It’s Worth

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Today will be a short post and mostly directed towards the younger black women still caught up in “loyalty”. I want to bring attention to a trend I’ve noticed surrounding the black community and the failed attempt of trying to promote a rapist’s movie. If you’ve been watching this mess from the beginning you’ll notice an alarming and not so surprising trend with the same theme:

Sell this movie to as many black zombies as possible; By any means possible. I’ve seen all the sales attempts concerning this movie and I know this is the general trend with any black male venture.

Here are a few sales techniques that I’ve noticed for this movie.

  1. Create a media blitz that paints said movie as wonderful, amazing,a must see. (ex. building media buzz about how it got standing ovations at a film festival.)
  2. Have a media tour with said black male stars appealing to black people (black women. Because only black women are supposed to open their wallets for random stray movies) to see the movie and invite their friends.
  3. AppealGUILT black masses on social media (like the zombie social justice warrior black women) that if they don’t see this movie it will somehow spiral into black films never being taken seriously.
  4. When black women point out something seriously wrong with said movie (red tails syndrome). Tell black women they are being divisive and stupid.
  5. When black women noticed that said black male is married to a white women, and ask why they should support a man who can’t even be bothered to marry a black women, paint them as jealous in the media while simultaneously holding out their wallets like orphan Annie for money. Said black man will also publicly denounce them as jealous hoes and discuss how color doesn’t matter. (while curiously peddling a RACE centered movie.)
  6. Create an online media Blitz about how black people (black women) must support each other. Which usually includes EXTRA talks about how racist white people are and how they just can’t stand black people while reiterating that we have to support each other. (Ie. Black MEN)
  7. When black women are seriously offended by whatever aspect of the movie has been brought to attention, (in this case a DBR lifestyle where the man is a rapist), trot out male identified black women in a last ditch effort to get them to see reason. (Gabrielle union)
  8. Use conspiracy theories in an attempt to say that the reason why the film will fail is because white men in power chose publicize these issues while the movie was about to come out.. Then blame black women for being bed wenches to the white men while still asking them for money.
  9. In this case, which is the first successful attempt at a boycott, When their plans fail the last scenario is to blame black women who were stillthe majority of movie watchers even though black men and their other raced wives were not expected to go out and sacrifice their resources for a rapist’s interests.
  10. Discuss how much of a failure black women are, how jealous, petty and pathetic black women are for not supporting a movie while simultaneously begging for spare change for the next project.


Now I brought all of this up to point something out. Look at the media surrounding this abomination. Look at the dialogue. Look at who received the blame for the movie failing. Who was expected to sacrifice their very being on an ALTER for black male interests. Look at the dialogue of the people angry that black women wouldn’t bow down to the interests of men and their other raced wives.


Now ask yourself: What is my current worth and value to the black community?

Why would a group of men who bleat about “unity” want me to lay down my life for them but not expect the same thing from their own wives.

What can my value be to this “community” if they expect me to support (happily too) any old bum or deadbeat at my own expense?


I will answer those questions for you. And it may sound harsh to some of you reading this:




If you are wondering how valuable, how treasured, how loved you are the answer is: not at all. Men who love you wouldn’t expect you to mammy themselves on their behalf while constantly calling you names and treating you like crap. A community that loves/ and supports you wouldn’t support a movie that hurt you. A a true community wouldn’t put a fictional movie ahead of YOU.


If you ever doubted that the black community, hates you, that the black community uses you, that the black community will use you as a mule and discard you like a piece of trash, look at the fall out from this movie. To go even further , and while I’m glad black women told the rapist and his movie to drop dead I have to wonder: Would there have been outrage had the victim been black? Would the mammy’s and usual sister soldiers have come to a black woman’s defense and SUCESSFULLY rallied a boycott?  Hint: They didn’t for red tails.

Miche’le was a domestic violence victim of Dr. Dre and black women STILL went to see his movie.

When you come to the inevitable conclusion after asking these hard questions: Walk away. Sacrificing your sanity, your health, your life, your femininity, and your rights for a “community” that detests you and uses you as just another body in the army for “civil rights”, is a waste of time.

Live your life, move on.And above all,

Stay Neutral.

One Less Soldier.




69 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

  1. Excellent post. It is interesting to me that these BM feel ENTITLED to our money as if we owe them support of any and all ventures they put forward, but they NEVER obligate other BM or the non-black women they are married to and financially provide for to support their projects and ventures.
    It’s as if in their minds we owe it to them to have blind allegiance and unquestioning loyalty to them but they have absolutely no obligation or loyalty to us.

  2. Definitely one less soldier.
    Not caping.
    Been ‘gone.
    Will stay ‘gone.
    Raised a daughter who is now a college freshman who will never be a soldier.

    • Good that she’s in college, however, getting an MRS degree is as important as getting a career…. with the RIGHT GUY of course 😊

      • yes learning how to date and marry like ww and aw do. while going to college look for a potentially successful man who is doing something meaningful with his life.

  3. I was speaking with a lady who was going to see this film with someone else. She hadn’t heard of Nate Parker or the whole debacle. Anyway, I shared with her that I wasn’t going and what I’d heard about the girl and her future suicide that was influencing my decision. I also mentioned that Nate was married to a WW and that she and her people should be the ones strongly supporting this film, since they’re the ones who will economically benefit from it. She asked if the victim was white, I told her yes, and she mentioned how WW have historically made false claims against BM causing them to suffer. I think she also said something about WM historically raping BW. I think I said something about BM being willing to be with WW anyway and that the main rapists of BW today were BM. She got VERY UPSET with me. I told her people have the right to go see whatever they want.

    I later asked her what she thought of the film. She said the others saw the film as planned, but she didn’t go. I didn’t say anything else about it, but I was glad some BWE principles were actually able to register with her in this situation.

    I’m glad I don’t struggle with this. But, I think a big problem is the notion that there is “a correct way” to be “Pro black” and to seek “black rights” that has been formulated by BM/BM identified thinkers who have no real considerations for the needs, experiences, or concerns of BW/girls. These ideas are even promoted within the academic environment.

    I have come to the conclusion that a BW has to seek justice in HER OWN life via her individual decision-making, associations, and investments. I think the “mass movement ” for BW will come via the conglomeration of individual BW making good choices for themselves and setting a good example via their lifestyle and outcomes.

    • Formavitae,

      Good for you! The tide *is* shifting, one BW at a time. As with the original BWE message, the spoiled and abusive behavior of African-American Black males is best “recruiting sergeant” for helping African-American BW to catch a clue about self-preservation. This entry was posted to the Daily Kos (HUGE White progressive political website):

      And check out the comment by a commenter named Honest Truth! As I mentioned to a friend the other day, the BW who wrote the post is openly mentioning BM’s Talking Black While Sleeping & Marrying White hypocrisy on a White progressive site. [Knowing that there’s a large segment of progressive White women in the reading audience who are hooked up with BM. Along with a not insignificant number of progressive Black readers.]

      BW Consumer Zombie behavior “business as usual” *IS* on the way out. Praise God!

      • Khadija,

        That was an AWESOME POST! And, I was SO HAPPY to see Honest Truth’s response and awakening! I plan to print off this article and the responses and show them to the lady I mentioned.

        The only difference of opinion I have with the author is that I think the reasons for the undermining of the significance of BW’s economic contribution IS CLEAR: there has LONG been an agenda to present the BW as “IRRELEVANT”, so it only makes sense that any value/influential capital we have we be be denigrated and denied. WHAT COUNTS is the fact that such value/capital EXISTS and can be wielded in any direction WE SO CHOOSE, whether people acknowledge it’s reality OR NOT.

      • That article was tremendous and I enjoyed that comment by honest truth immensely. An excerpt from her comment:

        “The minute we say, or do anything that they don’t like, or don’t do anything they feel entitled to, the rudeness, the profanity, and the name calling starts. And worst of all, those who aren’t saying it, aren’t saying anything to those who are disrespecting us.

        As women, we have done more for these men than any other group of women have ever had to do for their men. We have fed them, clothed them, sheltered them, protected them, and fought for them. We have bailed them out of trouble, or put money on their books, and visited them when we couldn’t get them out of trouble. Paid their bills, supported their children when they couldn’t, or wouldn’t. Carried them, and cared for them in sickness, and in health.

        We have stood by them to the best of our ability, and to the end of our resources. We did this with open hands, and open hearts. We have never failed them in any way, and we have loved them dearly. For this we have been beaten, cheated, and cheated on, deserted, publicly denigrated, disrespected, and left unprotected. They have taken everything, and reciprocated, and appreciated nothing. Most of it they don’t even acknowledge. I for one, am done.

        Black men as a collective, are on their own.

        She kind of alluded to it, but I will go deeper. Any Black woman who decides to have a child with a black male has made a deal with the devil for life! They will not support that child, they will abandon you. Even if dude sticks around. You will be unprotected raising that child alone and this is from the onset. There is no grace period. I have been an observer in Family Court and the frequency with which these black males abandon their parental rights is staggering. Sighting the woman as “crazy”.

        They want nothing to do with responsibility, they do not want the best for the children they sire with Black women. At least not at their expense. And if you want the best for your child(ren) as a Black woman you will have to work double and triple time with no hiccups.

        40K in arrears in child support, 2K here, 5 K there. But they always have money for sneakers and Kanye concerts. Bearing black males children is a bad deal all around.

        Back to the main crux of the wonderful post by NYGF, I advise all young Black women to not pay these guys and their needs any attention. The generosity you extend with your time, money, support will NEVER be returned. I am glad to see articles like this and I am glad to see more and more Black women making this shift away from blind blanket support to all things Black with a penis.

        • I will give you one more Family Court observation and then I am done. A Black west indian woman came down to the court to put her husband, that she was still married to, and that still lived in the home on child support. Now if THAT is not illuminating, I dont know what is.

      • Black men as a group need no protection.
        It could be why they disrespect black women but still try to use them.
        Instead of BLACK WOMEN BEING A PROTECTED GROUP…. similar to other women

    • Quite pleased about this, Formavitae. Your story DID NOT end how I expected it to, with her actually deciding to not see the movie and in essence, give away her hard earned cash to the undeserving. What usually happens with those that eventually wake up, is that they will part with their money, straight into the pocket of whichever Negro male of the day, & then years later, after they have sacrificed even more of their resources, and have finally been ground down and left with next to nothing, they look up and see all the negro males they were hollering in support of, with their boots on said BW’s neck, and their arms around whichever becky, mei ling, guadalupe & em they were able to get. It is usually at this point that said BW then remembers that conversation she had with you, years earlier, & wishes that she had listened.

      So yes, I am glad that more and more are waking up before they’ve made all sorts of sacrifices.

      • ACTUALLY, JaliliMaster, I didn’t expect my story to end that way EITHER.

        This lady was going to see the film as part of a birthday celebration outing. I completely expected her to follow through. I am happy she didn’t, but I was shocked.

        I asked her what the others thought of the film. It didn’t sound like they were “too impressed “.

        OH WELL.

    • Good on you Formavitae!

      This was the line that prompted me to reply:

      “I think I said something about BM being willing to be with WW anyway and that the main rapists of BW today were BM. She got VERY UPSET with me.”

      I absolutely saw this woman as being upset by the time I finished this particular line in your comment!! LOL. I congratulate you because in one sentence you summed up the “historical” inequity with a comparison to it’s current counterpart. Today yes BM are the one’s raping and covertly taking and even overtly taking resources from BW who are not aware.

      Good on you again for pointing this out to this woman. I learned something new today, as it is my practice to stay neutral I had heard about the rape committed by Nate Parker. However, I did not know that he was married to a WW. Once again, I echo the sentiments of One Less Soldier and the majority of commenters here, wake up young bw you do not owe the men of your race ( or any man ) any loyalty once he has shown you time and time again disrespect, devaluation and disloyalty.

      • MsMellody,

        Thank you. I pointed out, to this lady, that she’s talking about things that happened a hundred years ago, and I’m talking about what’s happening TODAY.

        The moment got VERY “INTENSE”, but BWE “common sense” PREVAILED, in this instance.


        • That’s great, Formavitae! I cherish those moments, when people surprise you with their behavior, in a good way!

  4. Powerful article. I never thought I would see the day that bw wake up. Finally bw are sick and tired I feel being the bottom b*tch of the world. Finally, the tides have turned. Sure, we have paeudo “Black Feminist” mammies who think sperm drops is manna from heaven. But their numbers are dwindling every day.

    • I personally believe that if the victim had been black, everything would have been “swept under the rug” and a “non-issue”. It frequently seems the victim has to be “non-black” for black males’ inappropriate behavior to be called out and addressed.

      • I’ll agree with that. If the victim had been black the victim blaming would have been in full swing because that is how the black community has conditioned the world to react to our abuse. And yet, many are taking note of the blatant disrespect and disregard black males have for Black women and girls.

        Just because the mammies and BLMers are the loudest doesn’t mean they are having the strongest impact. I’d say their progress has been stymied because of who they choose to go hard for.

        Black women must continue with this momentum and continue to focus on us, our needs and divesting from black males and the black community immediately.

  5. I feel that this backfired on black men and I am glad this is an awakening for both black women and men. The rape incident affected so many black women and for Hate Parker to just shrug his shoulders like oh well I rape someone pass the bread, then this was somewhat of the straw that broke the camel back. Roland “Jabba the Hut ” Martin need to take several seats. This is not about perse black women hating black men who date, but to see his attitude like support this movie no matter what. I feel that black women is making it known that enough is enough. I talk to my mamma and she is revealing things about my father . Or really she is confirming things I kinda knew but even my mother realize the bulls**t she went through. I do see a tide turning and it will take one black woman at a time that is ok. Just as long we see progress and not just motion then we have to start somewhere. Black men are taking note that black women at least are going to take a pause before we proceed. I am seeing a little bit more open dialogue from black women. I am not saying it not going to be push back but I am seeing more black women at least taking a pause. That is good because before they proceed they are least thinking first. Black men are leaving trails of babies and destruction where they go and since the safety nets black women have built are no longer being provided for them we go from Nubian Queen to b*tch in 60 seconds or less. My goal for black women is to REACH ONE TEACH ONE.

  6. I have to say that I was surprised at just how badly this movie did but I sent your post to my younger sister, in college in MA and she just let me know that her and a lot of her friends refused to go and see it for some of the reasons you mentioned. I was very proud of her I have to say. and excellent post as usual OLS. More and more of the younger BW ARE listening.

  7. I had no intention of seeing this movie and I only know one person, a woman, who went to see this movie. No one ever asked me why I didn’t see this movie, no black person I know ever cared about this movie.

    I know about the controversy; but I heard the movie was lousy months ago. One thing that ticked me off was when Parker said he’d never heard of Nat Turner; I thought he was either lying or very ignorant; but he didn’t come off well to me and I thought, “I was never going to see this movie anyway.”

  8. I know this is off topic, but am I the only one disgusted at how Michelle Obama is allowing herself and Barack is allowing his wife to be used as a pawn in this election?

    I don’t know if maybe I am being overtly analytical, but even though I felt the speeches Michelle has give recently were quite powerful, I was still left with this negative vibe about her campaigning so hard for Hillary. I don’t remember any sitting first lady were this has been expected of them. I know Michelle said she wanted to do it, but it looks so shady how they are almost hoping Trump takes the bait and begins to attack Michelle so as to motivate the black base to come out and vote.


      After I read on Faith’s FB page that Obama’s administration is pushing for trans to be allowed to use shelters that were originally “women only”, I’ve “BEEN DONE” with the Obamas–him AND her. How ANY woman could “cosign” that BS, I JUST DON’T KNOW.

      THIS (Michelle) is what “towing the party line” LOOKS like.

        • Yes. People have been comparing her to “a tranny” and “a man” (AND “baby King Kong”), for some time now. Oh well…Barack’s been doing more advance trans interests rather than BW’s. So, maybe the comparison is “A PLUS” for her.

          (being “sarcastic”, but I’M P*SSED about some things)

    • I actually think Michelle is being strategic. She’s not towing party lines, she’s advertising…for her paid appearances. It’s been said that she can collect up to $250k per speaking engagement. This is how Bill and Hillary amassed their $100million+ fortune. Michelle is trying to get hers too, lol. What better platform to advertise for her life and “job” after the White House?

      • Michelle is an EXCELLENT speaker and VERY ARTICULATE. I’m sure she’ll be able to utilize that for profit well into the future. I’m not “knocking that”. My criticism is with certain policies she supports and, as I mentioned on Neecy’s site, the fact that she and Barack have had so many NEGATIVE things to say about Hillary in the past but now speak about her like she is “GOLDEN”.

        Everyone has their own interpretation of these things.

        • Hi there, Formavitae!

          I remember a bwe blog post from a while back about how important it was to strategically “commit to none, while being courted by all”…I know it was one of Khadija’s blogs, not sure which one. On every single news channel it is clear that both candidates and their media surrogates/lackeys are going for broke in pushing their ‘messages’ and courting latinos, floridians, swing states, oompa loompas, and I’ve even heard candidates bleating about ‘black males’ this, ‘we’ve got to help black males’ that….it has never been clearer to me that black women are not courted by any political party or faction. Their concerns are not even considered, as they are invisible in the political consciousness of the nation….of course, black women have allowed themselves to be erased and trashed even in their own communities, though the tide is slowly turning….

          It is only now that I see both of the Obamas coming out swinging and campaigning *so* hard for Hillary, transgender, and various other things, that I realize how much energy they *could* have put into advocating for black girls and black women. I’d thought that they wanted to seem ‘above the fray’ in not publicly commenting on various issues, but clearly they are not above getting their hands dirty via crusading and sassy clapbacks. Just not for US.

          I hope black women are watching and taking stock of this election, the previous decade, how disposable we have been to all parties involved. I hope that this neglect and suffering isn’t taken in stride, but an impetus to become more strategic in the long term and more tactical in the short term with the curveballs that life throws at us (lol, I’m preaching to myself, mostly). The global scene is getting tense on various fronts, and we can’t afford to listen to the election fiddle while it all burns. For any lurking ladies, if you haven’t, please take time *now* to squirrel away extra savings, learn some essential survival skills, and have a plan/place to go in case of emergency, and a plan to thrive and prosper in whatever life brings. No matter who becomes president, I anticipate things getting very dicey, very soon for the unprepared, especially unprepared bw.

        • —I realize how much energy they *could* have put into advocating for black girls and black women.—

          This is an honest question.

          As most of us have conceded that anyone who genuinely tries to help the collective of black women, generally is met with backstabbing and attacks, why do we keep expecting people to do it?

          Most of the BWE writers write under anonymity to avoid the backlash and attacks FROM people (and that includes BW). If we KNOW that BW do this, and have a track record of doing this, WHY do we still expect others to put themselves on the line?

        • Hi, poweredbyjoy! 🙂

          YES. I TOO “peeped” the level of enthusiasm the Obamas have been presenting for Hillary. I noticed the STARK CONTRAST between their advocacy FOR HER and their advocacy FOR US. I just hope other AAs notice this and refuse to be compelled to support someone based on the color of their skin.

        • @Gina, Intellectually we all understand that there’s a stark contrast between how the Obamas have been courting HIllary vs how they’ve courted AA interests, but it’s still a knee jerk reaction. We may not agree with what Michelle is doing, and I’m not defending her, but she’s looking out for self. We’ve got to learn how to not only work around but to work WITH people we may not like, may even outright hate, if it’s a stepping stone to something that we want. This is politics, and it mirrors how life actually works. Even Trump sees that his money will not buy political clout in Washington. This is why Obama’s win was unbelievable because the guy had no political clout, he was a total outsider, and to be honest, he still is, which is another reason why they’re going along to get along.

      • For someone as vocal and visible as Michelle, her favourability ratings are ridiculously high. Other first ladies of presidents towards the end of their term who had similar flotus favourability ratings were generally ‘seen and not heard’. I believe Michelle has done really well in that aspect of not being in the Hillary Clinton vibe (overt, believing she was part of the administration, and it was her place to make policy decisions even though she wasn’t elected) or the Laura Bush vibe (smile, have no opinion, speak when spoken to, entertain the spouses of foreign dignitaries and only deal with ‘soft’ issues). As much as there are several things I have to critique Michelle Obama about, one thing I have to give her a lot of credit for has been the way she has been able to speak up on so many issues (as well as controversial ones) without coming across in a negative manner.

        Also, if I think of outside the US, the only first lady I can think of that has had this kind of draw and popularity is Jackie Onassis (and it was more to do with her fashion as opposed to anything she had to say)……and I wasn’t even born at that time. Hillary Clinton did, but it was never about Hillary herself, but more her connection to Bill. I don’t believe she was able to carve out a beneficial ‘niche’ for herself separate from Bill.

        Trust me, Michelle’s ‘ish’ has been secured. Now I don’t believe these speeches will hurt her earning potential (infact, I think they may have the opposite effect), but my issue is more to do with the fact that the Obamas and their advisers (some of whom are Clinton’s ppl) are fine with using Michelle as bait. If Hillary wants to energise the black vote, why can’t she come up with policies they may actually care about? The world and it’s mother knows the Obamas do not like Hillary, and Michelle for one has never trusted her. I believe it is more to do with The Obamas hoping Hillary (as opposed to Trump) will not tear up Barack’s legacy. They are delusional if they think Hillary will care about Barack’s legacy the moment she gets into office.

        • Last night (this morning, actually, due to my work hours) I heard an ad in support of Hillary. It had a BM voice (I think it may have been Morgan Freeman). When I was on my lunch break, I saw T.D. Jakes, Star Jones, and read a line about Oprah saying Hillary is breaking “a glass ceiling” on CNN. I was thinking to myself, “Wow. They’re REALLY trying to use (certain) AAs to get out the vote and to promote Hillary.”

          I am, frankly, TIRED of AAs being used for other people’s agendas. I’m ALSO tired of the notion that a few AAs speak FOR ALL AAs. I’M TIRED of people ASSUMING they know what AAs THINK, how AAs FEEL, and what AAs VALUE. I KNOW (Hillary and her crew) have NEVER asked ME what *I* think, feel, value.

          I’m just going to stop right now, before I “get started”.

          AND, for the record, TD Jakes *IS NO* MLK.

    • I’ve felt the same way, FoxyCleopatra. Especially considering some of the vaguely racist ‘shade’ that the Clinton camp threw at the Obamas throughout 2008.

      Also, Clinton, as a former first lady/’feminist champion’, never made any public statements about the war on women as (during the past 8 YEARS or more)Michelle Obama and her girls were mocked and criticized for what they wore, their African features, their body shapes, life choices, etc. by various petty political/media/social media folks. There were no tears or outrage over them being disrespected. The main people lifting up the public image of Michelle Obama and her girls have been black women and to an extent, non-black men.

      I definitely would prefer for her to finish her term as First Lady relaxing and enjoying all the luxuries and benefits of her position, rather than stressing and stumping for Hillary and ww who don’t give her a thought until they need her help. They consider her their secret *weapon*, not a treasure to be uplifted and protected. I definitely saw her as a pawn of sorts, but you highlighted that she is also ‘bait’ to be attacked by right wing folks, and then provoke blacks into a voting frenzy….

      • poweredbyjoy,

        I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote in this comment 100%. You literally took the words out of my mouth. That perfectly sums up exactly how I have viewed this whole thing.

        • FoxyCleopatra,

          Thanks for putting your finger on what has been annoying me so much about the “campaign trail” sound bites this week. 🙂


          Thanks for reiterating that point. I definitely agree that helping “alla our people” is often a thankless, double-edged sword type of a job. It should only be done from a fortified position, if then. IMO, however, there are “general” policies that would benefit blacks, as well as others, without having “BLACK” stamped all over them in red, black, and green, LOL.

          The “expectation” portion comes in for me because they have placed expectations and demands upon us for *our* support. I was thinking in terms of reciprocity (It’s moot as far as the Obamas are concerned now, I know, primarily a thought exercise for me to squirrel away as another teachable moment) because they have drunk deeply from the cup of AA (female) money, time, and energy. Without replenishing it in any substantive way.

          This is nothing new, and simply reflects the disrespect that OLS discusses in her post, and the Obamas have been discussed many times in the past by BWE writers and commentators. I know these hard truths intellectually and always factor them into life plans, but somehow seeing the Obamas campaigning their socks off this week brought the truth home (again) on a very visceral level.

          Just my long-winded way of saying “ditto” and “Amen” to all the commentary that has come before. 🙂

  9. Ladies,

    My comment is in reference to other issues we have discussed here and at other pioneering BWE blogs.

    I read this morning in one of my hometown online newspapers of a string of robberies and assaults. As I read the article and scrolled through the photos all I could think about was the audience of blogs like this. Ladies there is a feral pack of women robbing and assaulting other women currently in Chicago.

    When the discussions at blogs like this have turned to deeply entrenched thought processes, deeply entrenched social upheaval, behavior, expectations etc I have often been hesitant to say how impressed I have been with the exchange of information and ideas. These discussions have changed and enriched me in many ways.

    But this morning, when I read this article and saw this pack of feral black women assaulting and committing strong arm robbery I blanched in my heart. When Formavitae ( correct me if I am wrong please ) talked about recently getting her concealed carry permit and going to the gun range I cheered and clapped here at my home!!

    But now – when I see a pack of women robbing and attacking what looked like one black female in a photo and a white woman in another photo I know now that it is time for each of us to get LEGALLY armed and prepared. As these unprovided for from their own race women know { meaning this is representative of the group of NBMWD* group } that their time is growing short, there will be other spates of violent attacks in other cities. As women like this grow more and more desperate in the coming months and years expect other incidents of upheaval.

    *Nothing But a Black Man Will Do

    • I’m not even going to lie, I see black women (both young girls and middle aged women) that act like complete feral beasts. Let’s not even front that it is only black males that are a danger to bw. Sensible bw who are unfortunate to find themselves in surroudings with such individuals better do what is necessary to protect themselves.

      I have seen news stories now where young girls are setting up others to be gang raped to ‘teach them a lesson’ for the most flimsiest of offences.

      • They don’t all do this because of ‘desperation’ or trying to survive. A lot are motivated by bitterness, anger or feelings that they have nothing to lose, so want to inflict as much damage to their victims.

        • I agree, FoxyCleopatra. There are so many sides to what makes these young (and some old) people antisocial toward other blacks especially, it is hubris on the part of black women to think that we can ‘love’ it all away, like in those movies with the inspirational counselor/coach/doctor/teacher who turns it all around with a song and a caring smile. There are many reasons, but they will all feel the same to me as I am being beaten or stabbed. Another reason to stay out of the ‘caring’ professions that are often seen as soft and safe targets for this bitterness and rage.

          Self-defense and observation skills are so important for bw in these times.

    • Hi, MsMellody!

      Yes, it was ME who recently received their concealed carry permit. And, PROUD OF IT, TOO!

      I’m disappointed to hear of the news you read but not surprised. That’s why I STRONGLY support WHATEVER is necessary for safety–concealed carry, STRONG law enforcement, incarceration, capital punishment, AND gentrification.

      However, I expect these types of behaviors to be “coddled” and “understood” because they continue the “enslavement” of blacks. And, I’m not talking about the slavery of “the prison industrial complex”. I’m talking about the slavery of a mindset that keeps you in a behavior pattern/lifestyle that never allows you to elevate, keeps you and your own people at someone else’s “mercy”. If we can always find ways to “justify”, “explain”, “understand” why blacks continue to maintain attitudes and behavior patterns that keep them in poverty, which state is then used to JUSTIFY criminal behavior that traps them in the “prison industrial complex” and DISENFRANCHISES them from mainstream society and various opportunities, then blacks will never develop the strength to function INDEPENDENTLY or in an EFFICACIOUS, SELF-SUFFICIENT, SELF-AFFIRMING MANNER. And, as a result, they will remain POWERLESS, dependent upon the “charities/goodwill/scraps” of others, effectively being reduced to “groveling dogs”.

      Sometimes, people NOT challenging you isn’t about “fairness”. It’s about keeping you “weak”, “underdeveloped”, and “malleable”. But, AAs generally don’t like to see their “ENABLERS” through THAT “lens”.


      • Formavitae!!!!

        GURRL!! I second every syllable of what you just said. Excellent and it lit a fire under me, just when I needed it!

        My heart is warm again!!!

        • MsMellody,

          I am glad I was able to “warm your heart”.

          The “SAME PAGE”-experience is SO NICE, and one I RARELY have, outside of BWE blogs and commentary.

          Glad to know someone else can see where I’m coming from.

  10. To Poweredbyjoy,

    Thank you! It is so refreshing to see that others get the message. “Love(ing) it all away” is just another term for thinking from the kumbaya thought process.

    No, as Khadijia, Evia and others have so deftly pointed out, “kumbaya” thinking will get you killed. Kumbaya thinking will tell you that it’s okay to have children out of wedlock, never expect marriage, and it’s okay to pay Becky’s light bill, and that it’s okay to continue down a destructive path of not expecting reciprocity.

  11. So, I’ve previously posted articles about the new use of drones to assist law enforcement in one of the states. Well, now, a company is pursuing the development of drones for home security.

    If you notice, there’s a vid of Domino’s using a drone to deliver pizza. Could this be a sign of the direction in which businesses and employment will go should there be major increases in the minimum wage (and other employment related expenses)? I’ve also previously shared an article about the discussion of the legal “rights” of robots that’s taking place in Europe.

    I wonder, if people start using drones for home security, will criminals try to shoot them down? It will be interesting to see the direction this new relationship between humans and technology leads.

  12. You all know I like to share information I believe can be beneficial to you in some way. Here is a link to video we’ve been shown for training on my job. It’s about how to deal with an active shooter in the healthcare environment. Although the scenario deals with the hospital setting, it offers some ways of thinking/ideas and actions that may be beneficial for you in other settings, should you ever face this.

    • Formavitae,

      Thanks for sharing! I’ve seen a similar government video designed with a business office setting. The basics are the same: people are encouraged to RUN, HIDE and/or FIGHT (as a last resort).

      Speaking *only* for myself: I’ve given this a lot of thought and personally, I’ll keep my mental focus on RUN and/or FIGHT. I don’t like HIDE because too often it leads to victims being TRAPPED sitting ducks. And on a tactical level, it leaves one waiting to see what the killer is going to do. I believe it’s usually better to act rather than react. The Orlando gay club victims that hid in bathrooms were trapped.

      And here’s a video (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO) of what happened to a Dallas police officer during that mass shooting in July. This officer was armed and exchanging fire with the shooter. And unfortunately got killed because he was stationary taking cover (the tactical equivalent of “HIDING”) behind a column/post while the shooter kept moving, ran up on his position and out-maneuvered him. (This portion starts at about 39 seconds into the video.)

      Let me be clear: I’m NOT at all blaming the murdered cop for his own murder. Most likely, that’s what his training taught him to do. As opposed to moving from cover to cover while shooting, like the ex-military killer.

      “DALLAS — The gunman who killed five police officers at a protest march had practiced military-style drills in his yard and trained at a private self-defense school that teaches special tactics, including “shooting on the move,” a maneuver in which an attacker fires and changes position before firing again.

      Micah Johnson, an Army veteran, received instruction at the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts in the Dallas suburb of Richardson about two years ago, said the school’s founder and chief instructor, Justin J. Everman.”

      Just my 2 cents—everyone’s mileage can and should vary.

      • You’re welcome, Khadija!

        The Orlando shooting victims were THE FIRST people I thought of, when they started talking about “Hide”. I think I prefer running and fighting, TOO, unless I know with almost absolute certainty the shooter CANNOT access/harm me in a location.

        That Dallas video was difficult to watch. I can handle violence in movies and some recordings. But, I AM THANKFUL, I’ve never had to witness such in real life. I don’t know if I could emotionally handle it.

        I am also VERY THANKFUL the Dallas shooter acted ALONE. I was fearful that we were going to have INCREASED TENSION in citizen relations. And, though things are still tenuous, I don’t think they’re as bad as they COULD be. I remember going to the grocery store the morning after the shooting, and the security officer (a WM) smiled at me, but you could sense the “unease” in it. I must say my returned smile was probably the same, as I know some people don’t think AAs “feel hurt” by these situations TOO (when the assaulted officer is white). I can say, now, when I go to the store, that same officer smiles freely and genuinely without apprehension or hesitation. He’s a friendly person. And, they have friendly staff at that store. I hate to see our country “being ripped apart” UNNECESSARILY.

        I WISH this type of training wasn’t necessary. But, these days, IT IS. It also shows why it’s good to have a weapons’ permit and training OF YOUR OWN.

    • Thanks for sharing Formavitae.

      I have learnt so much from BWE sites. I remember some years back, (I think it may have been on Khadija’s site) where some women were talking about their experiences being in relationships with men who were in some sort of security (i.e law enforcement, private security, armed forces etc) and the subtle cues they noticed about how these men behaved in public spaces. Things like, the guy always wanting to be facing the entrance when they go out to eat (so he has a clear view of the exit as well as sees everyone coming in), taking a quick glance at people as well as exits when they entered enclose spaces and things of this nature. Since that conversation several years back, I noticed that I subconsciously began being A LOT more aware of my surroundings when I am in public, especially if I was alone.

      When I was in university, I would walk around the buildings I frequented and sometimes use longer routes around buildings and the different campuses just to ensure I knew every nook and cranny of my campus as well as the different buildings. This was so that in the case of an emergency, where I needed to make a quick escape, I wouldn’t have to engage in guesswork if my typical (usually shortest) route out of the building was not safe. Fortunately, it never came to that, but it is a habit that has stuck with me. Sometimes, some people see me pointlessly walking around and they wonder why and even ask me what I am doing. Later someone asks for directions and I am the only one who knows my way around and my friends can’t seem to figure out why I am so knowledgeable about the place. I make it a point to familiarise myself with any place I visit regularly whether at work, church, home/neighborhood, social places etc. This is for both indoors (knowing different ways out of a building, familiarising myself with general exits/entrances and fire exits) and outdoors (knowing different road/walking routes around the place).

      In the video posted about the Dallas shooter, I see what looks like someone with a pram strolling away and I see cars driving TOWARDS the commotion. The shooter fortunately gets trapped in the building because he didn’t know his way out. Imagine it was one of the civilians being trapped in the building with that guy and they didn’t know alternative ways out.

      • FoxyCleopatra,

        You said: —“I have learnt so much from BWE sites. I remember some years back, (I think it may have been on Khadija’s site) where some women were talking about their experiences being in relationships with men who were in some sort of security (i.e law enforcement, private security, armed forces etc) and the subtle cues they noticed about how these men behaved in public spaces. Things like, the guy always wanting to be facing the entrance when they go out to eat (so he has a clear view of the exit as well as sees everyone coming in), taking a quick glance at people as well as exits when they entered enclose spaces and things of this nature.”—

        That topic came up during the comments to this post:

        I’ll quote a couple of the relevant comments from that discussion:

        —“Khadija Nassif says: [ ]. . . 2-That he will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Again, this ranges from relatively smaller things (he will protect her honor and privacy by not blabbing her business).

        To the bigger things. If married, he will do everything he can to make sure that she is living a comfortable lifestyle—at minimum, as well as she was living before she married him. And, preferably, better than her previous standard of living. As I’ve heard a number of “old-school” AA men put it, the woman is really supposed to get some type of “come up” (even if it’s a small one) from being with you.

        To the ultimate life-and-death sort of things. The woman should know—without being having to be told—that any physical attacker would have to get through the man in order to get at her or their children. Not the “New Jack City” manuever of using women and children as human shields. Not the modern “runs without looking to see what’s happening with his date” male. Not the modern “I don’t know what to do” male who’s stands around confused when some other male verbally assaults the woman he’s with; or when some other mess breaks out. [At minimum, quickly get the woman safely away from the predator/problem.]

        And the local E2 disaster in Chicago was a perfect example of NON-protective, new-school AA males. I recall noticing during the tv news reports from outside the nightclub that it was the physically largest AA males who were wedged in the doors—they had trampled over other people (including stepping over, one might assume, their dates for the night to get to the doors).

        Let me mention a disturbing trend about modern BM and the above life-and-death scenarios. I can count on less than one hand (and this includes my ex) the number of modern BM who have taken the time to think through what they would do if some life-and-death emergency situation breaks out while they’re with their lady. I also notice that many modern BM do not appear to be paying attention to the physical environment and who’s in it while they’re out with their ladies.

        One of the benefits of working with a lot of cops and prison guards over the years is that I’ve learned how to notice who’s quietly scanning the environment. Cops and prison guards know how to pay close attention to what’s going on around them in the environment without obviously looking like they’re watching. They also know how do do this while holding totally unrelated conversations, etc.

        I’m not saying that anybody should be paranoid. But, a PROTECTIVE man is as quietly and unobtrusively observant as most cops. Old-school BM and modern BM who were raised by old-school BM are quietly vigilant like most cops when their women and children are around. I feel a lot safer with men like that around.”—

        —“Khadija Nassif says:
        October 12, 2010 at 11:01 pm

        Another…troubling…thing about this new-school, MASS AA male negligence in terms performing a man’s role as protector: At this point, it appears to be only certain limited types of AA men who still automatically understand—and take seriously—their role as protector. Extremely conservative Black men (I’m thinking of my college friend and coworker who went so far as to get a private detective license so he could legally have a gun in Chicago to protect his wife and children). Militant “Mooz-lim” Black men (misspelled as an inside joke, excuse me—{chuckling}). And certain narrow categories of street men.

        Knowing that as a man, one was supposed to PROTECT and PROVIDE for one’s woman and children used to be a commonly-understood thing that required no explanation. This modern confusion is another bitter fruit of mass fatherlessness.

        On another note, all of this has brought back memories of how my Dad had us practice evacuating the house in case of fire when I was small. We also practiced getting in and out of the car quickly (no fooling around for me and my brother) when a code word was given. As a child, I recall being very upset at his repeated command that if he ever told me to run, I was supposed to run, and keep running, and NOT look back to see what was going on with him or Mom. Praise God none of those drills ever had to be used in real life.”—

        —“Karen R. says:
        October 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm
        I can tell immediately if a man has been raised to protect. Whenever I go out to lunch with a male client I will hesitate a little before I take my seat. If he positions himself with his back to the door, I know “uh-oh” he doesn’t know or isn’t thinking about scanning the environment to protect if something crazy jumps of. When a man does, this, I am immediately ill-at-ease with him.

        My husband ALWAYS sits facing the entrance to the door WHENEVER we go out to dinner. My dad ALWAYS did this.”—

        For the young-uns in the audience. This sort of thing is why I and some other earlier BWE writers have left our archives up. Many of the things that you’re just now hearing for the first time now have already been discussed in detail at the earlier BWE sites. It would be worth your time to read through the archived blog posts and comment sections. 🙂

        • Formavitae,

          Yes, my Dad *is* wonderful! 🙂 I can recall him prepping us at least since my first day at kindergarten.

          {very long sigh} Looking back on all that as an adult, I can see that the various drills became more frequent a couple years later (when I was around 7 years old) after the tragic example of a neighbor’s family. A neighbor and his wife had 3 kids, and the youngest 2 were in my age range and we used to play together. Sadly, his wife and all 3 of their children were killed in a fire while visiting a relative. At least one of the children (the son who was around 10 years old) died because he ran back into the burning building trying to search for his parents (the father survived with injuries, the mother and other 2 children perished). God rest their souls. {another very long sigh}

          All of which made my Dad extremely stern and firm about his “If I tell you to run, you better run and DON’T EVER look back to check for anybody!” rule for me and my little brother.

      • FoxyCleopatra,

        You are VERY SMART! It’s GOOD that you have such an extensive knowledge of your campus environment. I need to work on that when I start taking classes on campus again. And, that’s a great way to get EXERCISE TOO.

        And, you’re welcome

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