For What It’s Worth

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Today will be a short post and mostly directed towards the younger black women still caught up in “loyalty”. I want to bring attention to a trend I’ve noticed surrounding the black community and the failed attempt of trying to promote a rapist’s movie. If you’ve been watching this mess from the beginning you’ll notice an alarming and not so surprising trend with the same theme:

Sell this movie to as many black zombies as possible; By any means possible. I’ve seen all the sales attempts concerning this movie and I know this is the general trend with any black male venture.

Here are a few sales techniques that I’ve noticed for this movie.

  1. Create a media blitz that paints said movie as wonderful, amazing,a must see. (ex. building media buzz about how it got standing ovations at a film festival.)
  2. Have a media tour with said black male stars appealing to black people (black women. Because only black women are supposed to open their wallets for random stray movies) to see the movie and invite their friends.
  3. AppealGUILT black masses on social media (like the zombie social justice warrior black women) that if they don’t see this movie it will somehow spiral into black films never being taken seriously.
  4. When black women point out something seriously wrong with said movie (red tails syndrome). Tell black women they are being divisive and stupid.
  5. When black women noticed that said black male is married to a white women, and ask why they should support a man who can’t even be bothered to marry a black women, paint them as jealous in the media while simultaneously holding out their wallets like orphan Annie for money. Said black man will also publicly denounce them as jealous hoes and discuss how color doesn’t matter. (while curiously peddling a RACE centered movie.)
  6. Create an online media Blitz about how black people (black women) must support each other. Which usually includes EXTRA talks about how racist white people are and how they just can’t stand black people while reiterating that we have to support each other. (Ie. Black MEN)
  7. When black women are seriously offended by whatever aspect of the movie has been brought to attention, (in this case a DBR lifestyle where the man is a rapist), trot out male identified black women in a last ditch effort to get them to see reason. (Gabrielle union)
  8. Use conspiracy theories in an attempt to say that the reason why the film will fail is because white men in power chose publicize these issues while the movie was about to come out.. Then blame black women for being bed wenches to the white men while still asking them for money.
  9. In this case, which is the first successful attempt at a boycott, When their plans fail the last scenario is to blame black women who were stillthe majority of movie watchers even though black men and their other raced wives were not expected to go out and sacrifice their resources for a rapist’s interests.
  10. Discuss how much of a failure black women are, how jealous, petty and pathetic black women are for not supporting a movie while simultaneously begging for spare change for the next project.


Now I brought all of this up to point something out. Look at the media surrounding this abomination. Look at the dialogue. Look at who received the blame for the movie failing. Who was expected to sacrifice their very being on an ALTER for black male interests. Look at the dialogue of the people angry that black women wouldn’t bow down to the interests of men and their other raced wives.


Now ask yourself: What is my current worth and value to the black community?

Why would a group of men who bleat about “unity” want me to lay down my life for them but not expect the same thing from their own wives.

What can my value be to this “community” if they expect me to support (happily too) any old bum or deadbeat at my own expense?


I will answer those questions for you. And it may sound harsh to some of you reading this:




If you are wondering how valuable, how treasured, how loved you are the answer is: not at all. Men who love you wouldn’t expect you to mammy themselves on their behalf while constantly calling you names and treating you like crap. A community that loves/ and supports you wouldn’t support a movie that hurt you. A a true community wouldn’t put a fictional movie ahead of YOU.


If you ever doubted that the black community, hates you, that the black community uses you, that the black community will use you as a mule and discard you like a piece of trash, look at the fall out from this movie. To go even further , and while I’m glad black women told the rapist and his movie to drop dead I have to wonder: Would there have been outrage had the victim been black? Would the mammy’s and usual sister soldiers have come to a black woman’s defense and SUCESSFULLY rallied a boycott?  Hint: They didn’t for red tails.

Miche’le was a domestic violence victim of Dr. Dre and black women STILL went to see his movie.

When you come to the inevitable conclusion after asking these hard questions: Walk away. Sacrificing your sanity, your health, your life, your femininity, and your rights for a “community” that detests you and uses you as just another body in the army for “civil rights”, is a waste of time.

Live your life, move on.And above all,

Stay Neutral.

One Less Soldier.