When You Become the Face of an Impotent “Movement” Be Ready to “Reap The Whirlwind” When It Goes Limp.

Hi ladies,

I wanted to start off by saying that you all need to read and share this post by Muslim Bushido. And if you can think of any “Marie Antoinette” black women celebrities who support the likes of that pedophile black man please name them in the comments. (Muslim Bushido started this list but I’ll add to it if I can find anyone). I don’t want to be associated with these people. Heck, I don’t want to be associated with people associated with these people.


Moving On,

Let’s talk about the stupidity of being involved in a movement for defeated, weak men. Men who have yet to get off their ass and build anything of worth or value to their communities.  Men who largely depend on Black women AND White men to NURSE them and provide for their basic needs they are too useless to provide for themselves.

Somewhere along the line black women decided that joining into a movement like this would be a good idea. They believe that since the police shot someone who looks like them (even if said people are career criminals, gangbangers, thieves and pedophiles) that it would help the “collective” of black people (i.e. Black phallus) if black WOMEN fight, defend, get shot, get beat, get tased etc for these useless bottom feeding black men.  The same men, by the way, that won’t bother to fight for them if they…I don’t know… get stabbed to death on the subway.

Even though numerous black women have attempted to be the voice of reason, I’m sure that there are some of you out here who are crazy enough to believe that if you just take enough bullets, the black man will see your sacrifice and love you enough to finally be a man. So I’ll be another voice of reason in the middle of all this madness.

You are wasting your time.

Since that wasn’t enough to convince you, let me paint you a picture of the consequences of what happens when black women decide engage in idle worship to their own detriment.



I have said this before and I’ll say it again. This world is a patriarchy. That means men fight men. That does not mean that woman try to take on MEN. And especially not POWERFUL men they have no resources to defeat. YOU, black women, will never defeat the men you are so desperate to take down. Men who have been propping up the black males in your communities who are too useless to pull you out of poverty or do for self.

You have neither race nor gender privilege and in most cases no class privilege either. (Because you stupidly keep giving your resources to these ingrates.) “Your” men have proven that in the global arena they cannot and will not fight for what is right. THEY cannot keep up globally with their male peers. They are a failure.  A community is as only as strong as its men and black men have proven collectively that they are a limp noodle. Most black men have given up having any sort of property/ assets of their own and most now believe that their biggest assets are nonblack women that they pump what puny resources they have into.

So, this latest black female fueled tantrum on behalf of black men is destined to fall apart. Because there are NO masses of MEN mobilizing for a long term plan or attempting to do more than whine about what black women and white men haven’t and won’t do for them.  There are no thoughts of developing infrastructure, long term goals for how to get blacks as a whole out of the DITCH they helped themselves into. It is only a matter of time before the lazy and weak black men who have relied on Black WOMEN, with less resources and privileges themselves, (and for hundreds of years) go back to what’s comfortable. And that’s coming to the table with absolutely nothing and blaming the only groups holding them up for their collective failures as a man. This is a passing amusement nothing more. But black women are coming to the table as if these men are serious.

Having your Face be what the 7 billion + people of the worlds see when they google this mess means that you will be the “Marie Antoinette” when things ultimately go wrong.

I think it was Khadija (correct me if I’m wrong) who coined the term Marie Antoinettes. And I think in this case it is reasonable to use this term again. There is a mass of uneducated black women who can’t FATHOM that THEY will be the one to reap the whirlwind when black men ultimately abandon black women back into the abyss the pulled them out of. Since black women are too willfully blind (i.e “Special snowflake”) to realize they are only selectively used. Once black men get whatever thrills they need, the will put their army away and return to their nonblack families.  When the few black men who are involved in this movement ultimately realize that getting out of drudgery is actual WORK and decide it’s too rich for their blood, that they have NO *actual* resources to fight these white men, and they don’t WANT to, Black women will become the marie antoinettes and be targeted for having their FACES be part of a failed, impotent movement.


You will be blamed by those same penises you are protecting WHEN it all falls apart

This is obvious. But I’ll spell it out anyway. When this “movement” inevitably falls apart YOU will be the one blamed. Just like the girlfriend of one of the men who was killed is now being blamed for the man’s death (instead of the officer) you will be blamed for black men’s failures and impotence.

You will be blamed for being “Too masculine”, for not showing up enough, for not giving enough, for not taking enough bullets, for “wearing the wrong hat” (yes this actually happened) etc.  These men will get on media (doesn’t matter which) and GLOBALLY place all blame on Y-O-U.  And because they have MALE privilege and actively USE IT, the world will lick up the sob story they’ve been peddling for the past 50 years.

YOUR image will be BURNED in Mainstream (i.e. white) ,media when the blowback comes to singe these ignorant “Marie Antoinettes”

You’d think with ALL the posts I’ve written about black women’s image in the media and larger society, along with the ones BWE original bloggers have written, this would be something black women are hyper sensitive about.  And yet, here we are.  Once black men have effectively blamed you for anything that will absolve them of being bottom feeders YOU will be blamed the rest of society for the violence and unrest. YOU will be the one to be called “combative” and masculine. YOU will be known as a threat to any racist police officer who you have the misfortune to cross paths with. (Although in actually you have no privilege) Oh and since GLOBALLY, men know most black women (American at least) are NOT protected and have NO privilege or resources (because they handed them freely to black men),  they WILL get away with terrorizing you.

Please read these post by Muslim Bushido.



You are being the spokesperson for a very unpopular movement while Black men rest at home.

Many black women, who’ve developed mass delusions bred from social media activism and TUMBLR communities don’t seem to realize that the larger society as a whole DOES not CARE about “black lives”. (i.e. useless black men who can’t pull themselves together or contribute more than masses of fatherless children) Functional societies do not care that thug black men who terrorize their communities are killed. These people are not sparing “black lives” any thoughts and many are siding with these cops.  Since black men are largely absent and useless, black WOMEN of course have taken it upon themselves to become the spokeswomen for men who won’t even fight for themselves. In fact, women had to conceived and put BLM into action FOR these men.

So, when everything ultimately falls apart black women will be left holding the bag. Which should be soon now that the petition to have BLM declared a terrorist group has now a surpassed 100,000 signatures and will now be reviewed by congress. Black Women are mostly going to be the ones having to explain that they aren’t really terrorists and public nuisances. Even though they’re out doing stuff like this:

If I’m not mistaken I haven’t seen fool black men sacrificing themselves and getting arrested. Black WOMEN are the ones who are doing that mess. And THEY will be the ones on the FBI lists. Black men as a whole have decided to sit this one out.

Further, for those who say I’m fighting for my “brothers… cousins _____ insert male phallus here” I’d like to pose the question: Why are THESE men never fighting for themselves?

The fact that you have no limits and no morals concerning who you will protect is completely visible to the world. They know you have no standards and it is putrid people who have values. YOU ARE REPULSIVE.

The world can see that black people are willing to defend and defile themselves for criminals, thieves, gangbangers and killers. They see that you are willing to be a part of a movement that attracts deranged black men like that cop killer. And that you are part of a movement with these deranged men who are defending black men with loose morals.

They know that, globally, black women put up with any sort of putrid behavior from black men and excuse the degenerate acts as part of “racism.”

These people are disgusted and repelled by you.

As breuklen blue said in her recent video, black women aren’t collectively willing to tell black men to fuck themselves, even as the slip further and further into filth and debauchery.

The world sees how you coddle these criminals and allow them to run free in your “communities”. Most sane people unaffiliated with SJW/ Tumblr heads want nothing to do with this mess. Further, the crazed whites part of this foolishness almost always grow bored and return to their SAFE communities after defending this mess. While you are left with liars and thieves.

They know that you spend your money on criminals, promoting drug and gang culture in their music. They know you allow any creep a voice in the “community”. They are embarrassed for you. They see you have no standards.

In other words, these people see that you won’t clean up your community first and put these men in check by withdrawing money and support. And so, you will not receive ANY support from the world. Even IF by some chance the Justice Fairies ™ grant Black MEN some sort of privilege, they know you are low down dogs who are willing to get fleas with the people you surround yourselves with.

They will not WILLINGLY or with CONSCIOUS thought surround themselves with or support people like you.

The same  black men who marry other women of other races are not having *those* women fight for them on the front lines.

If I’m not mistaken I do not see masses of the white women who black men are dating, getting themselves arrested for the purpose of black cock. These women have self-respect and aren’t stupid enough to do something like that. They have standards.

It will not be appreciated or accepted. You will be blamed for your stupidity later.

I’ve said this before. Black men do not appreciate this and will hate you later.

This will not be reciprocal.

If you believe this will be reciprocal. Think about the black male response to any of the black WOMEN who were killed in recent years. Male privilege is alive and well and these men blamed black women for their deaths and believe they deserved it. You have no savior coming when it is your turn. If you think whatever rights black men achieve will go to YOU then you are wrong.

Read posts under tab “post you may want to read first” for more information.

You are going to ruin your career/ life when this blows up in your face.

Obviously black women have not given any long term thought to their livelihoods.. Like the fool black woman who got herself arrested above, many of these black women have children. And yet they bare risking their livelihoods with criminal records. FOR MEN.

You will be out of a job. You will have no money. You will have a criminal record and fail any future FBI checks.  Black men will be just where they have always been: Nowhere to be found.

You are going to be maimed killed or hurt

This should be an obvious deterrent but black women are willing letting themselves be shot, acting as human shields etc. These men will NEVER return the favor and there will be no GO FUND ME for your medical bills.  YOU will be left paralyzed, blind, bleeding etc. Or your kids will.

And I’ve already said before that I will never support ANYONE who takes their kids to this. I rebuke that evil.


Now let’s get to the point. Hopefully if you had any thoughts of protesting or caping (whether in real life or in virtual life) for these coon black men, hopefully you have reconsidered by now.

If you haven’t then I’ll direct my comments to the woman who are smart enough to take a hint.

It is time to excommunicate these women from your lives. And by excommunicate I mean remove all visible and invisible holds that these women might have on you. Do not support them, do not associate with them. I would go so far as to say do not befriend them.

Do not give these women any more fuel for their fires.

They will burn their houses down with their stupidity and take YOU with them.

These women, in their ill thought out plans, have yet to accept that black men have virtually NO power and have not advanced in 40 years. And yet they are starting a race war that black WOMEN are going to have to pick up the pieces for.  IF you want to avoid this make sure you draw a line between these women and YOU. Do not let these broads speak for you. As formavitae said in Khadija’s comment section to her recent post, have other avenues to provide for your family WHEN shit hits the fan and these “marie antoinettes” reap the whirlwind of supporting criminals and gangbangers and resources become scarce.


MAN! I was at work on my lunch break (10 hrs ago), when I first saw this post. AT THE SAME TIME, I saw CNN news covering the Dallas shootings on the large screen tv. I thought to myself, “Sh*t is about to HIT THE FAN,” and, sure enough, after lunch, I heard white coworkers saying things are about to get MUCH WORSE and, more or less, no one is going to be concerned about being “politically correct” anymore.

Anyway, I must say I fear the upcoming “turning of the tide”. Though I am still in my 30s, I never thought I’d see the day when AAs would experience such regression. (That sounds like such an “old person” thing to say.). THIS time won’t turn out like our FORMER Civil Rights Movement. We WON’T have the allies. We DON’T have the discipline. Nor do we have any MEANINGFUL infrastructure to rely upon. We have no “WELL THOUGHT OUT AND PREPARED FOR” PLAN. AAs ARE SCREWED. And, now, each of us basically has a “target” on our back, because Negroes haven’t been willing to set high standards and “CUT FOOLS LOOSE”. People aware going to take less time to try to decipher who is good or bad or to “separate the sheep from the goats”. They’re just going to do whatever they deem necessary to neutralize any potentially threatening situation and consider any “innocents” harmed unfortunate, but necessary “collateral damage”.

I’m typing on my iPad, so it’s hard to keep “the flow” of thoughts, sometimes, but I’m just going to say these few things that came to my mind earlier:

1. AAs are in NO position to successfully initiate, wage, or WIN a “race war”. WE WILL LOSE. NOT because we’re “black”. NOT because we’re “minority”. But, because we refuse to organize, be self-promoting, or self-sufficient. And, NO ONE ELSE is really interested in siding with us against a powerful,influential, and SUSTAINABLE infrastructure that can “back up” any threats it makes. Not to mention most of the world has a “fair skinned” bias anyway. AA women better be smart and stop putting their tails on the line for fake, weak FOOLS who want to run out and “bust a few caps” to prove they’re “tough” but then run and cower in fear and shadows once those they attack turn out “in full force” and “bring the heat”. AA women’s bodies WILL “get dropped”.

BTW, with all these “BOLD” nyggaz (I mean “MEN”–eye roll) around, why is George Zimmerman still walking?

JULY 8, 2016 AT 11:00 AM

formavitae said…

  1. AA women better figure out a “SAFETY NET”. And, those of you who think it’s simply “getting rich” and moving into an affluent white neighborhood, as that multi-millionaire AA family whose neighbors sprayed painted their home with epithets and, I think, set it on fire. The AA strategy needs to go BEYOND trying to get some money and “snuggle up” in white enclaves. I’m not saying that’s not ONE potentially viable strategy. I’m just saying AA women need MORE than that. AA women need to know how to secure the basic necessities of life, in case “others” decide they want to limit access to their supply.3. Politics currently SUCKS. But, PLEASE realize you aren’t “secure” simply by voting for the one who isn’t threatening to cut social programs. One way or another, “THE HAMMER IS ABOUT TO FALL”. Recognize that the “soft hearted” liberals often live in communities with minimum acreage requirements and minimum square footage requirements, so that certain populations can’t afford to live there in the first place. While they’re releasing convicts for unfair sentencing laws back into the community so they can “build a new life”, just know it won’t be THEIR community tasked with rehabilitation (or the FAILURE of the rehabilitation process). While they INSIST upon public schools allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice, they can afford to send their children to elite private schools that won’t necessarily suffer economically for lack of compliance. While they promote granting amnesty to illegals and offering benefits, it won’t be their employment niches being heavily affected. It won’t be their emergency rooms, hospitals, and other social service facilities required to provide services while not necessarily being able to recoup the cost or make a profit. If you disapprove of abortion, recognize the party that wants to limit such “genocide” also wants to limit social programs, affirmative action, or any other type of “restoration” initiatives. YES. The HAMMER IS COMIN’ DOWN! You just have to choose which bruises and wounds you’re willing to bear. As an AA woman, YOU WONT BE LEFT UNSCATHED.There’s more. But, right now, I’m tired and getting a headache just thinking about it. However, these events in Dallas highlight the fact that a watershed moment is occurring right now, and the actions of others in your group are going to have SERIOUS implications FOR YOU. FIGURE OUT HOW TO DISTINGUISH AND SAVE YOURSELF.

    Oh yes. I heard about another AA lady killing all but one of her children. I expect to hear more stories like this, as more AA women realize they and their children aren’t really valued by AA/black men and they just “get tired of the struggle”. This story was in my mind too, as I was thinking that “I never thought I’d see a day like this.”

JULY 8, 2016 AT 11:01 AM

I’ll remind you again that these women and their lack of morals are dangerous. And this is one of the reasons why I’ve never been part of the “live and let live” “They’re not hurting anyone” brigade. Because someone always gets hurt and usually it’s a black woman.

It is time to draw a line.

I know which side I’m on.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral





161 thoughts on “When You Become the Face of an Impotent “Movement” Be Ready to “Reap The Whirlwind” When It Goes Limp.

  1. The sheer lack of common sense these dangerous individuals who claim to be black women is stomach churning. Taking a speech communication class. The instructor display open hatred, and disdain for the police. She wants the class to discuss blacklivematter issues, and she a big time race woman who believe black males are treated unfairly. Last week I spoken to her privately away from campus cautioning her about her behavior. This morning she let loose using uncouth language regarding the police. I stay neutral. She was trying make me joined her tantrum. She also enlisted the help of a foreign black male to force the issue. I kept cool and quiet. Now I’m counting the days until class is over with. As for the petition declaring blklivematter a terrorist group now has over one hundred thousands signatures. These people are not playing anymore. My sister has finally realized that black collective is dead, and she is no longer drinking the kool aid. Thank you.

  2. One of the black woman protesters who also got shot by the gunman in Dallas and survived, somehow got separated from one of her young sons. He ended up at someones apartment during the time she was rushed to the hospital for her wound.

    • Well, I guess “it’s good” one of “the fools” got shot, to show the rest of the country and AA women that we’re not “spared” EITHER. Otherwise, it may look like we’re not suffering any repercussions and may actually be BENEFITING from this mess. TRUST me, you don’t want to deal with the levels of antipathy and counter actions against us, should these foolish assaults begin to look like some form of TANGIBLE “benefit” or “asset” for us.

    • I’m utterly sickened by “mothers” bringing their children to this foolishness. They need to be in bed or doing homework. She’s undoubtedly single, so she needs to stay alive and not burden anyone else with her offspring.

  3. OLS,

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    I 1,000% co-sign about excommunicating every single one of these deranged, foolish mammies (who are looking to transfer the backlash that negro males have earned onto Black women).

  4. If Black American women think they have it bad now they are in for it if BLM is declared a terrorist group. Though the history of what happened with previous movements and how BW paid such a price supporting them is readily available, they refuse to learn. I have ceased trying to reason with them, because the indoctrination is too deep.

  5. Wow!!! This article just scared me–never really thought of it like this. Its true, why IS Zimmerman walking still??? In other communities, he woukd have turned up dead. Wow, wow, WOW.

    • HomesteadGlamourGirl,

      You’re welcome. The writer of Black Women With Other Brothers linked to this Facebook post, and I’m delighted to see that increasing numbers of BW are coming to their senses about this mess (which is why negro males and mammy mules are freaking out in the literal *thousands* of comments to this post):

      • I saw that. SmH and those pathetic men tried to shame women in the comments section who weren’t having any of the bs anymore. i almost want to post my link in that section to this post for the black women who have a clue but I don’t think its worth it to wade through the cesspool? what do you think khadija?

        • OLS,

          IF you’re already taking the time to moderate the comments to this post, then I would say yes, do it—because this particular moment in time is a crisis and a turning point for AABW. And the more AABW who are exposed to common sense about this issue, the better.

          After years of not taking comments anymore, I temporarily opened up my comment section because this is a crisis situation: These mammies are making BW the public face of what many non-black Americans perceive to be domestic terrorism. That’s *not* anything to take lightly in the post-9/11 U.S.

          The U.S. is the only home the vast majority of African-American BW have. The vast majority of us don’t have passports or any friends overseas.

          I feel that it’s imperative that we do what we can to prevent these mammies from making our HOME COUNTRY a place in which we can’t function or live in anymore.

          Those are just my 2 cents since you asked. As always, you know what’s best for you. If you’re not already spending energy and time on moderating the comments to this post, then it’s probably not worth it to take on the hassle of doing that.

  6. This is my first time posting a comment here but I’ve been reading this blog for the past couple years now, and I have to say you hit the nail on the head as usual. Black women have no idea what they are in for if the BLM movement really does become a terrorist group. The repercussions are something black women are not prepared for or even have the resources to deal with. And like you mentioned nobody-absolutely nobody will have our backs. Shoot black men are already trying to throw us to the wolves as I type this now to save their own skins. I even saw screen shots of black men wishing black women would get shot by the cops and they wouldn’t. And these are the vile evil monsters black women feel so compelled to march, protest, take rubber bullets, get arrested, and so on for?!!???! Goodness gracious these women really make me sick.

    Any black women with common sense and any sense of self-preservation will stay out of this mess, lay low, and be cautious and prepared.


    (THANKS for the “shout out”, btw. I also need to thank Khadija for referencing my comments in one of her posts. I am humbly honored.)

    I don’t know WHY AA women want to continue to be the “face”, “voice”, and “body” for WEAK @SS MEN. But, the rest of society is sending a message, and “the whirlwind” is on the way. DO NOT BE SURPRISED when law enforcement is not WILLING to PROTECT YOU. For example, this article I saw today:


    All for nyggaz and a “non-snitchin” community that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about things like THIS:


    You want your public persona and ideology to be THIS:


    (I haven’t watched the vid yet, because I’m not interested in the argument.)

    While “thug” and “Gangsta”-persona-@ssed-nyggaz are projecting an image of themselves like THIS:


    I’m just glad no AA woman has been found to be connected to the shooter or his plans………….YET. Unlike the wife of the club shooter in Florida who may get a presumption of “innocence” and “vulnerability” due to her NON-blackness, YOUR BLACKNESS WILL NOT AFFORD THE SAME TO YOU.

    JUST TO REMIND AA women of the need to get their minds, actions, and focus “RIGHT”, here’s an article I read yesterday:



  8. Just some some idiot Miss Alabama (BLk woman) made a video praising the BLk man that killed the cops as a matyr. And saying how she doesn’t feel bad for cops. SMDH.

    Now that her video is viral and all over the net her stupid arse got suspended from her tv job. It’s all over daily mail which is overseas. Dummy. She just shot her future and career in the foot and also took BLk women steps back. Wth is wrong with these fool BW!?


  9. Gonna chime in here. Getting pissed off at fools is a waste of time. It is good to be aware but won’t do much to protect you or me from their foolishness. In this post 911 world the wise women thinks a few steps ahead and makes plans to keep herself safe and able to move to safety.

    What am I doing in that regards? Of course avoiding all this street theater. Avoiding majority AA places and spaces. In addition some suggestions. Do you have a passport? Is your money right? Meaning do you have an emergency fund and enough money to live on if you had to relocate quickly be it here in the U.S or abroad? Do you have the supplies you need ready in case you have to evacuate? Do you have the supplies that you need if you had to bunker in place be it at home or at work because of civil unrest? How long could you and the people you care about bunker in. Can you defend yourself and your home? Do you have a plan?

    A SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) situation can mean many things and for black women it is looking that way right about now. I am in agreement with the BWE bloggers who are saying that Preparedness is the next step for black women to take. Trust me, non-blacks are into this big time and their risk level is no where near that for black women….especially those of us living in the U.S. They also have more back up than we do as well. I will add my voice in saying that black women need to learn how to prep and get started.

    • My anxiety is through the roof. Black and brown ppl are set up to “reap the whirlwind” in America and Europe. I am watching the site airfarewatchdog.com DAILY monitoring the cheapest flights from my city. I follow Diaryofanegress for her prepping advice. Get your passports, guns, food, water, tents, sleeping bags, portable toilets and cabanas. Apply to some jobs in “safe” countries and get a work visa. Trump WILL get elected and blm has ruined it for most bw.

      • I think BW need to think about prepping here in the US. Look at what happened in the UK. People don’t want immigrants coming over, using their resources. I don’t think any immigrants will be welcome in Europe pretty soon.

      • @ me548

        I know my comment may not be popular, however his getting elected may not be as bad as many are thinking…currently it doesn’t appear much is or will be done to calm the situation currently in this country with regard to race relations…This mess has been around forever, but began brewing again within the last eight years. The Pres doesn’t think that race relations are that bad… however a new poll suggested almost 70% of the country thinks it’s bad..he’s out of touch, which means perhaps a loss of control on his part..

        That 69-70 stat means most people think he has either lost control or never had it…he has avoided race as much as he could..on one hand I understand some of the delimma he faces as an AA and Bi-racial Pres, however tackling issues of race doesnt necessarily mean one has to deal with racism itself…this Pres could have saught to dismantle inner-cities in Chicago, Detroit, LA and tackle rampant crime in these areas and clean up the worst public schools in those areas and create curriculum that would have exponentially increased the odds of AA children successfully exiting from poverty with schools placing an emphasis on STEM related courses and school to work programs; just this alone would have done more for AA than any government program from a historical perspective…but he got on board with My Brothers Keeper, and I’m not sure really what the purpose of that was except to get politically involved with corporations and Hollywood in attempting to change the image of AA males in America through propaganda in commercials, movies and t.v shows..lots of responsible daddy, interracial and black buddy,white buddy commercials while virtually eliminating/erasing black women.

        When control is restored, people know what they can and cannot do. And if Trump Is elected, most of what we see may actually stop. People act out because they believe they can, or because they believe the safety net is gone and they feel helpless. Even if the illusion of a safety net is created, the illusion itself can calm a given situation.

        I believe many of these fools in the AA community feel emboldened by the current Pres.. The Pres association with the rap and hip hop community and that ilk certainly did not help his image or the first lady’s. And if the Pres thought he would have some sway and control over the AA community by befriending the ghetto through the rap community and the AA entertainment industry in general, well I guess he’s found out by now, it ain’t workin…

        And now he’s trying to distance himself from it all…I’m a child of the 80’s and that was when Ronald Reagan was in the White House..AA complained about him, however it seemed that at least the image of our culture and especially the image of black women was in much better shape than it is now with an AA Pres. I feel like the image of black women in America has taken a severe turn for the worse in the last eight years..every ghetto show highlighting the most ignorant depictions of black women have been during this administration..,all the housewives, love and hip hop, all all the other trash..Ghetto movies, Straight outta Compton, slave movies, etc…The AA community tended to fair better economically under conservative Pres.. Much of the blowback the AA community is experiencing now came from the Clinton administration of the 1990’s.. It seems the “ghetto” mentality becomes the prominent face of the AA community when a Dem Pres is in office.. After this election I’m changing my party affiliation to Independent.

        The current Clinton running has already made the ghetto black woman/mother/daughter, the face if her Pres campaign..Now what do we think the image of black women will be if she wins? I shudder to think..

        • That is an interesting point Sherri. I guess if people feel it’s safe to act out, they will. If people know that acting out will get them in trouble, they won’t do it.

  10. Greatings from High Desert Country!!

    Once again Formavitae you hit on one of the resounding nails in this much needed discussion.

    This “rehabilitation” or “purposeful re-branding” of the black male image by the very “gangsta” “thug life” perpetrators.

    I too noticed that article yesterday concerning the WNBA ( Womens National Basketball Association) game. I remember that my spidey eye alerted to this being a women’s basketball game and the issue of security and police showing solidarity and literally turning their backs on these women and walking out.

    I anticipate this show of solidarity in police forces to grow. I wondered yesterday, as I do today, why is it that police officers have not walked out on NBA games? I pretty much know the answer has to do with money…and possibly with contract obligations that the security teams enter into with the sports stadiums, NBA League Corp etc. But it also has to do with future placement of these security teams in other NBA games. Meaning since the audience is smaller for WNBA games these police officers felt that the blowback would be small enough if they walked out on a women’s basketball game.

    But looking at how this affects AABWomen is important. The optics on this cannot be denied. These police officers walking out and not providing security at a public event is significant.

    Looking at how these very same “gangsta” authors are now engaging in a “re-branding” is of most importance to those who are paying attention. Look for these efforts to continue on their part, these (C)rappers see the writing on the wall – or at least their PR team and endorsement managers see the writing on the wall – and are making efforts to distance themselves from the dysfunction that they “sing” about in their videos etc.

    * Looks like Rolling Stone took this article down! Blowback? or PR from Rolling Stone Magazine?

      • I have to add to my earlier comment. My response was meant to point out a discussion point that Formavite highlighted.
        That being – look at how some of these same said “gangsta” “keepin it real” “men” are now doing politically correct things ( sitting down with police to talk, having a community meet and greet ) to seem normal, healthy, and productive.

        But yet the so called face of the useless demonstrations is a young black WOMAN who is a single mother who traveled to participate in that demonstration so that her son could somehow miraculously benefit from a brain dead powerless endeavor.

        My comment should not derail this discussion of what the results will be for black women who engage in “too stupid to live” endeavors like this current street theater. Thanks Brenda55 for that moniker, perfect way to describe these antics.

        Waving at Homestead Glamour Girl!! My husband and I just finished our raised garden bed last week !! Growing my own vegetables and loving it. Found a vegan source for prepping needs.


        Be safe ladies, and think for yourselves!! I am signing off and going back to my life!

    • @msmellody,

      It’s also important to recognize that women in the WNBA are generally seen as masculine. Remember the comments the white male talk show host made years ago about a women’s college basketball team? He didn’t say much about the white women, however he pointed out the black women and referred to them as
      “Nappy-headed hoe’s.” I forgot his name, it will come to me…but there was outrage, primarily from black women…however I remember some black male comedians and entertainers agreeing and laughing about the fact that these women were called these names..they decided they agreed the women weren’t attractive and deserved that kind of hatred.

      Men, regardless of race do not see a reason to protect masculinized women or women that are perceived this way…black women are experiencing guilt by association, and don’t seem to know it……yet.

      Since so many black women see themselves through the eyes of black men and seek to bond or become closer to them by romanticizing this protest mess, all I can say is your wish will be granted..the catch? Black women won’t actually become closer to black men or earn this “respect unicorn” so many seem to crave..instead, we will simply be seen as a black man and treated as such..like the WNBA women.

      The WNBA is less valuable as a commodity than the NBA..so the black women in the WNBA will be treated like the poor black man in the hood..the more valuable you are, the more people are inclined to respond or protect. This is why no matter what an black NFL, or an NBA player do, *gasp* they can even get away with raping a white woman, like Kobe Bryant, and not get shot, tazed or jailed..as long as they are considered a valuable commodity, they have protection afforded to them that the average black man does not..

      Black women, being women have that card of protection to play to a degree, however black women in our complete stupidity are trading in the black woman card for the black man card..smh!

    • GREETINGS, MsMellody!

      THANK you, and I’m glad you get it TOO.

      I’M TIRED of these females trying to link AA women up with the dysfunction of AA men, when they’re doing things like THIS to us:


      AT WORSE, AA women should aim to be, viewed as “HARMLESS”, so that the ire of society will not be directed against us. But, THESE FOOLS want to act as though the identity of the BM is OURS TOO. I HATE THEM. And, I’m not one to say I “hate” people. But, the truth is…I DO.

      These rapper nyggaz want to act like they’re “good guys” and “family men” who care about the well-being of their community and society, when their influence really produces many little boys who think like THIS:


      I just thought of another “hard”, “thug azz” rapper who’s been trying to rehabilitate his image with the white community, “Half-a-dolla”. Remember when all this went down?




      OBVIOUSLY, the white folks weren’t HAVIN’ IT, and he got his azz “in line”.

      I haven’t seen him apologize to Oprah for naming his DOG after her. As a matter of fact, he SMILED IN HER FACE about it.




      • @Formativae, Oprah enjoy playing the victim. I have enough of her when she interview Tina Turner on the day of her wedding, and started to bring up her mistreatment by Ike Turner. Her husband to be shut down Oprah quickly. Oprah is a concern troll, and I believe individuals like that are dangerous.

        • Dorian,

          I think she’s got a lot of stuff left over from the abuse in her past. I ALSO think she’s resigned herself to accepting “the place” AA males have put her in. (I remember her discussing not being approached by other successful BM like Will Smith, etc.). IT’S SAD, because SHE IS a very INTELLIGENT, ACCOMPLISHED WOMAN.

  11. Many of these young people who are protesting are too young to really remember 9/11. I have to remind myself that 9/11 happened 15 years ago this September. Many people protesting the police don’t remember that police officers put themselves in harm’s way on 9/11, they helped keep people moving and calm.

    If so many have issues with the police, then they should take the exam to be a police officer themselves. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem; and part of the problem is that too many people want to scream and shout, to give knee jerk reactions before they have all of the information.

    Look at what happened yesterday in Nice, France. Who was it that finally stopped the terrorist? Right, the police.

    • Thank you for stating this!

      “If so many have issues with the police, then they should take the exam to be a police officer themselves. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem; and part of the problem…”

      The majority of these faux activists are too clueless, powerless, or tantrum-entitled to even consider this. With everything going on in the world, sympathy is is short supply for those with oppositional defiant disorder.

      It is also a good time to keep a close eye on your local elected officials, board members, and various community leaders…are any of them enacting practical solutions or are they enabling the tantrums and demagoguery? Many of these same folks who maintain the bc status quo will have their hands out for money or crying racism when election/indictment time rolls around. Make your list and check it twice, ladies!

  12. Now, when I was out driving my car earlier today, I thought about something. I was going to make a comment but decided to leave it alone. However, I just saw a news notification flash at the top of my iPad screen and have decided to say something.

    I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY patriotic, and I LOVE my country the United States. That being said, I learned how FORTUNATE I am to be a U.S. citizen. We don’t deal with a lot of CRAP that OTHER countries do–like military coups, for example. We are fortunate that our military yields to our President and Congress. Other countries have militaries that won’t HESITATE to overthrow the government, if they deem it necessary. I’ve also seen video footage of Pinochet’s military bombing the presidential palace in Chile. IT WAS SCARY. You think it was scary to imagine the terrorists successfully attacking the Pentagon or the White House. Well,…I’m imagine if it were THE U.S. MILITARY ITSELF. WHAT made me decide to say something about this…?



    STOP thinking “the grass is always greener on the other side”.


    LEAVE, if you will. LEAVE, if you must. But, ACKNOWLEDGE the BLESSINGS AND PROTECTIONS you have as a U.S. citizen (if you don’t FVCK THEM UP.)


    • Formvitae

      I agree with you. We should be thankful to be American.

      This may seem slightly off topic, (or maybe not, due to the subject of this post) but I have been watching the footage of this coup on CNN and all everyone marching/in the streets are all MEN. I don’t see any women or children out there.

      To me, this is how it should be. MEN should be the ones in the streets not expecting women to battle alongside them.

      Just an observation of mine watching this on TV

      • RedMyLips,

        I AGREE that MEN should be the ones conducting and engaging in battle. Seeing how other societies engage in battle and warfare should help AA women see how dysfunctional their community is.

  13. For those planning to leave, make sure you pick a country whose military won’t DROP BOMBS (LITERALLY) on it. Because, if they shut down the government, they will shut down the airports, the seaports, the railways, and any other kind of “ways”,,and you will be STUCK, SH*T OUTTA LUCK. NO ONE is going to pay for you to GTFO to safety.

    I’m not discouraging anyone from leaving. But, CHOOSE WISELY. Cultures and governments and societies and politics are NO.JOKE.

    You’d better ASK SOMEBODY.

  14. Ladies,

    I apologize in advance for not responding with specificity to specific commenters; I’m in the middle of a project. But I did want to drop these links and other references regarding some of the issues that have been raised. I was a teenager and college kid during much of the 1980s. I remember the Reagan years; and from what I recall they were NOT good years for African-Americans, blue collar workers (who lost their factory jobs while they continued to vote for Reagan, the poor in general, or senior citizens who were poor. Keep in mind that I’m only speaking from my perspective and memory of that era. Everyone must draw their own conclusions about the following events:

    (1) In my view, like Trump, Reagan made a point of *overtly* pandering to racists. From Time magazine:

    “Space doesn’t permit a complete list of the Gipper’s signals to angry white folks that Republicans prefer to ignore, so two incidents in which Lott was deeply involved will have to suffice. As a young congressman, Lott was among those who urged Reagan to deliver his first major campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were murdered in one of the 1960s’ ugliest cases of racist violence. It was a ringing declaration of his support for “states’ rights” — a code word for resistance to black advances clearly understood by white Southern voters.

    Then there was Reagan’s attempt, once he reached the White House in 1981, to reverse a long-standing policy of denying tax-exempt status to private schools that practice racial discrimination and grant an exemption to Bob Jones University.”


    Then there was Reagan’s “welfare queen” anecdote, which was apparently based on a real person (unfortunately).

    (2) Despite the nostalgia that White conservatives (and racists) have for the Reagan years, I recall reading newspaper articles about poor elderly people eating dog food (that many conservatives now claim were fictitious). I found a comment in a thread that gives some citations for news articles talking about the poverty during that era.

    Cite required. I’ll help you out. The following are the articles that have appeared in the NYT mentioning elderly people eating dog food:
    Felicia R. Lee, “Fear of Hunger Stalks Many Elderly,” November 16, 1993. (about a national study on hunger among the elderly done by the Urban Institute).
    Crystal Nix, “A Special Problem of Elderly Victims,” November 16, 1986. (about elderly victims of crime; the men in the article had had their Social Security checks stolen)
    Edward R. Welsh, “Shut-Ins’ Plight: Isolation and Neglect,” October 19, 1980. (an editorial by a local Long Island official who is advocating for more volunteers for charities)
    Cyril F. Brickfield, “Dog Food’s Out, Myth’s In,” October 11, 1980. (an editorial stating that while there is no corroboration for claims that elderly people in ’60s were eating dog food, inflation of the ’70s has led to many living in poverty)

    (3) I don’t know what ideology the Turkish military officers involved in the current coup attempt believe in. But I do know that I won’t weep for Turkish President Erdogan because he had his government support the demons in ISIS on the semi-down low.

    (4) The ISIS demons and similar terrorist truly *are* demons, as far as I’m concerned. All disgruntled African-American Blacks should keep in mind that we’re depending on the U.S. government and military to protect us ALL against demons like the terrorists who tortured the victims of the Bataclan massacre in France. The French government suppressed this information from the public. Warning about this link, the descriptions of what these demons did to those poor people are gruesome and nauseating. http://snafu-solomon.blogspot.com/2016/07/remember-bataclan-massacre-in-france.html

    I’m Muslim, and frankly I won’t care if White folks ultimately nuke some of the Muslim countries that serve as incubators for the Satanic ideology that drives demons like ISIS. Because I would compare the situation with these terrorist fiends to how out of control and entrenched violent drug lord Pablo Escobar and his minions became in Colombia. In order to stop these sorts of creatures, you have to eliminate the literal mountain of people who are propping up these extremely evil groups (such as narco cartels and terrorist groups that have become as entrenched as ISIS).

    Cleaning up the problem in Colombia required killing everybody around Pablo Escobar.

    Of these, according to an informant known as “Rubin,” some were members of Los Pepes, the death squad that was methodically killing Escobar’s hit men, relatives, lawyers and business associates.

    The embassy’s charts laid out Escobar’s financial network, his businesses, his extended family, his legal teams. Many of those on the charts were not known to be criminals, or had not been indicted for crimes, but they were part of the mountain that propped up the drug lord. Such information would have been useful to a group like Los Pepes, and more than one American at the embassy believed it was finding its way to them.

    . . . After a hiatus following the first dramatic raids on Escobar’s properties the previous autumn, Los Pepes went on a killing rampage. The group had actually been killing people quietly for months, but now a decision was made to go public. On Feb. 3, the body of Luis Isaza, a low-level Medellin cartel manager, was discovered in Medellin with a sign around his neck: “For working for the narco-terrorist and baby-killer Pablo Escobar. For Colombia. Los Pepes.”

    Four other low-level cartel workers were found murdered in the city that day. The next day the bodies of two men known to be Escobar’s business associates were discovered. There were more murders the next day, and the next, and the next. It was a controlled bloodbath. All of the victims had one thing in common – Pablo Escobar.

      • Formavitae,

        You’re welcome.

        Unfortunately, cleaning up deeply entrenched, ultra-violent creatures like narco kingpins and terrorists requires ugly methods. Los Pepes had to start killing at least 5 of Escobar’s relatives, henchmen and/or business associates per day in order to make real progress in taking him down.

        Quick history summary for those who don’t know: Pablo Escobar was a fabulously wealthy* narco kingpin who launched a terror campaign of bombings and assorted other killings in Colombia in an attempt to pressure the Colombian government into having a no-extradition [to the U.S. for trial] policy. [Needless to say, Escobar was wanted in the U.S. on drug trafficking charges. Colombian narco kingpins didn’t want to have to take their chances with the U.S. court and prison system. They could control what happened in Colombia. They weren’t able to control what would happen to them in U.S. courtrooms and prisons.]

        *He made headlines when he offered to pay off the Colombian government’s $10-20 billion national debt.

        Here’s an documentary excerpt that discusses Los Pepes.

        • DAMN!

          I’m not surprised, though. People are tired and consider many AAs to be nothing more than a public nuisance or “drain”. I felt sad for many of those young female protestors because it looks like they’re grabbing ahold of whatever they can for direction in how to make change. But, the strategies of our ancestors, like marches, don’t work anymore. These younger protesters are “rudderless” and also appear to be “flapping in the wind”. NOW, IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS. TOO MUCH is going on in the world, and AAs (with their MYRIAD community dysfunctions) ARE NOT going to be allowed to take attention away from what are viewed to be more “pressing” matters–ESPECIALLY matters that pertain to national and economic security.

          [As an aside, in my comment on your blog about seeing news coverage of the Dallas shootings and the responses of my coworkers after lunch, I didn’t mention how they brought up that there would be more gun control efforts, and one of them was discussing how much more money he would be able to get for his rifle (?) online. I’m from the Midwest, and I believe the guys talking are small town/rural guys. So, I’m not surprised they own guns, because they frequently go hunting, and it’s a part of the culture. But, I never imagined one of these guys, in particular, owned a type of firearm Obama is trying to “ban”. This guy is nice, friendly, and respectful. But, I’m telling you, these All-American, farming-hunting-fishing boys ARE “STRAPPED”.]

          AA FOOLS BETTER LEARN TO “SIT DOWN”. ( And, NOT in the middle of the road. YOU WILL get run over–LITERALLY.)

      • Then there’s this Sista Soldier/Mammy Mule who is “perpetually surprised” and shocked at {gasp} being arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest. {sarcasm on} I mean, who knew that one might be arrested at a protest? {sarcasm off}

        Make of this what you will….

        • She’s a nice-looking girl. I don’t know why she put herself out there like that. She needed to do all that as a monologue on “Open Mic Night”.

          Black women, JUST STOP.

        • This mad hatter is a fool, and she was acting out for the news channel. Perhaps this real be her wake up call. I doubt it. Thank you for this teaching moment.

  15. This has been a great discussion.

    I read the Dallas police chief’s comments. The problem with what he said, regarding families headed by single mothers, is that he left out the context. The context is, the women are single because many of the men have abandoned them. But, also there is the dysfunctional mind set of the BC, which tells women that “you gotta have a man” and “you gotta have a baby.” Even if the man is dysfunctional and you have no money to raise a child.

    When I was growing up during the 60’s and 70’s, old, classic movies were shown regularly on regular, free TV. Today, everything’s on cable. Anyway, I really, recumbent that black women see the movie, “The Heiress.”


    This movie was made in 1949 and it takes place in the 19th century. I recommend it because, to me, it shows female strength and empowerment, in an age when that word didn’t exist. I recommend that black women watch this with young female relatives and discuss it afterwards; specifically asking this question, “Do you agree or disagree with Catherine’s final decision and why?” I saw this movie again last night on TCM, that’s why I’m mentioning it. Even though the characters aren’t black, the situation is universal and very timely today when I think of the mess black women deal with in the BC.

    • Now, I’m disappointed because I’m ALWAYS watching TCM but wasn’t watching last night. Lol. I will try to see if I can find it on you tube. But, I will certainly keep it in mind. I LOVE Old
      Hollywood films, so THANKS for the recommendation.

    • Nurochick,

      I just watched “The Heiress”. I found a copy at my local library. GOOD MOVIE. I’ll keep my opinion and allow others to formulate their own.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. And now, what is going on in Baton Rogue?

    What is going on with people? Didn’t they see what happened in Nice? I mean we need the police to protect ALL of us. I don’t know why people can’t understand that.

    • YEP.


      AA women better not let BM get them “caught up”. I was hoping this might die down after the first few incidents. But, maybe not, since we have faux “warriors” on the streets. I’m getting a “really bad feeling”…

      • Too late. AA women are already in the thick of this and are going down with their faux warriors. Listen to that bad feeling it just may save your life.

        • The way I see it, if you are a person with something to lose, stay away from this madness. Remember the most dangerous people out there are the ones who feel they have nothing to lose.

  17. Thanks to the BWE bloggers, We. Were. Warned.
    I suggest for an added security that the real sojourners who have not had time to prepare their resources to leave certain areas:
    1. Find like-minded people.
    2. Meet your neighbors.
    3. Become active in your local church (if this is something you do)
    4. Participate in high quality groups in your area
    5. Invest in a no contract alarm system with video surveillance. I have seen good reviews on SimpliSafe DIY installation at 15.00 per month, but I don’t think it comes with video surveillance. It may be good option for renters or better than nothing option. From my research you will either pay a high monthly fee, low upfront costs or high upfront costs, low monthly cost. You have to decide which system works for you.
    6. I know several women who live alone (mostly AA women) and have a license to carry. I have a hard time with this one. sigh.

    • Running true to type. So much for loyalty. Wife got the paper and two kids. Time to lawyer up and get her share. You gonna pay sucka.

    • My sympathy in cases like this is wearing thin. My view: if she was happy enough to live with a man, sex him, birth him two lil’ sproggs, all while he had no way, no willingness, and no ability to earn an income legally, then girl shouldn’t complain because he now has a windfall and refuses to cough up. So what if she was with him for ten years. Was that their agreement? If he was not willing to sort himself out to provide for you and his children (and evidently, this lazy loser of a fool had zero intention of doing so), more fool her for allowing herself to be tethered to him and burdened with his two children. She is the one who will now be taking care of them on her own, whilst this no-hope nigga that she was letting bust his nut in her, is living the high life on income from a father that he supposedly hated. All the while him being okay with them all basically living in filth, hungry, and not being able to shower.

      I do hope that she is able to get something, but people tend to overestimate how much child support checks the other parent gets. If she is going to get anything and provide for her children (which they are entitled to, as much as this fool was entitled to inherit from his father), she better start quick, because we all know that that money will not last long. If he could not muster up even the most basic ability to earn money and provide for his family, like even the lowest of men do, he is not going to all of a sudden conjure up any responsible financial mind now. That said, I do agree that she needs not just a great lawyer, but a really good financial adviser to help her manage the money and establish her and her children’s security.

  18. Sorry. But, I just read this funny exchange in regards to who Keyshia’s “baby daddy” is.

    Person A:

    Whoever the daddy is, a child is always a blessing.
    Let me go ..

    Person B:

    Did mrs manson think this? Did Judas’s mama say this? How about satan’s mother and lucifer’s? This is the biggest lie everybody in politically correct hell tells

    Person C (in response to B):

    I 2nd that emotion!



    • I did notice at the end of the video that of the top ten countries with the highest rate of state-sanctioned paedophilia (i.e child marriage), 9 of them were in Africa, with Bangladesh the exception, at number four. Yet negroes go on about how paedophilia is a white man’s thing. Well go to where black folks are the majority, and black males make and enact the law, you find all these child rapists where the government not only turns a blind eye, but legitimises it!

      • JaliliMaster,

        I am BEYOND DISGUSTED. It seems the BM can’t get beyond his phallus, no matter WHERE he lives. And, BW and girls are NEVER PROTECTED. Not only was I upset that this mofo was sleeping with young, virgin girls, I was INCENSED that he had the nerve to risk spreading his HIV by not using protection. So, you have an adult man, BEING PAID by your parents, no less, taking your innocence AND infecting you with a chronic illness that can lead you to an early grave. OBVIOUSLY, the AA ideology that black girls have no innocence to protect didn’t begin with us. Evidently, THAT $HIT originated over in Africa TOO. I’m “OVER” Africa. No more romantic fantisizing about Africa for me.

      • And, one more thing, Jalili…

        When you have 6 year old girls being sent to camps to learn how to have sex with adult men, how does that differ from sexual slavery, and why was it “SO WRONG” for the WM to do it during slavery but “OKAY” for the BM to do it as a CUSTOMARY aspect of “childhood education”.


        I, personally, like WM and AM. What I REALLY love, admire, and RESPECT about WM is that they are BUILDERS AND PROTECTORS. They will KILL you before they let you “FVCK UP THEIR HOUSE”. As far as I’M concerned, that’s what a man is SUPPOSED to do. OH…and they’re intelligent, handsome, and wonderful lovers TOO

        • One can really see the parallels between life in the Black community and life in Africa. Not only do BM not protect those around them, they are the greatest dangers to their communities and are very predatory on women and little girls. Also, I remember some years ago when the blogger Khadija stated that in the BC, Black girls were, for all intents and purposes, orphans. Not only have their fathers abandoned them en masse, their mothers have a very warped way of thinking when it comes to their daughters (this was probably during one of the conversations when the relationship between Black mothers and their daughters was discussed). Rapists, paedophiles, child molesters and all other assortment of perverts are free to roam and do unspeakable harm to these girls, and you’ll hear grown women blaming these children for it, feeling that if they themselves had to go through it when they were young, what right does some other little Black girl have to believe she should be able to live her life without being molested as well. Similarly, these little girls in that African country are being offered up to that creature and others like him by their own parents as some ‘right of passage’. The very same people supposed to protect them are the ones letting the wolf in at the gate!

          For any BW still holding on to dreams of a ‘black nation’, or some scenario where BM get it together and collectively gain some real power in this world (which we all know ain’t ever gonna happen), the best clue as to what life will be like is there for you to see. The only thing keeping the BC from turning into the sort of societies one finds all over Africa is the White male led, dominated and operated law enforcement. As some folks are out there busy protesting against them, maybe they should bear in mind that the government-back police are the only ones keeping these dangerous negroes in check. There is a reason that these same negroes who commit all sorts of unspeakable acts and act with impunity, limit, for the most part, their depravity to other Black folks. Even they know that others don’t play like that!

        • Jalili,

          Throughout my life, I have met SEVERAL black women/girls who were the victims of sexual abuse. One lady was abused by her mother’s husband who was also her biological father. It was BAD. When she told her mother, her mother didn’t believe her. It went on for a while, starting from a young age. Eventually, her dad was found out. But, what I never could understand is why her mother would doubt her. WHAT young girl/child “imagines” such things at an early age. How COULD they? How would they even KNOW about them? Needless to say, there have been strains on their relationship ever since.

          Another lady was abused by her mother’s husband, her step father. She said she would wake up in the middle of the night with a knife to her throat or a gun to her head. It seemed that when she was asking questions about what she could possibly legally do about it, the AA woman she spoke to was quick to bring up issues like “statute of limitations”. I was an adolescent at that time but thought it was “kind of strange” that a BW who was presenting herself as some type of “advocate” seemed to be so “quick” about finding a reason a BM couldn’t be held responsible or to sweep his misdeeds “under the rug”. I will NEVER understand these “feminist” BW who always seem to be protecting BM.

          Anyway, I have seen women struggle in their adult lives from abuses suffered during their childhood. I used to be interested in psychiatry, but I realized that I can’t handle the pain of the experiences a lot of people live through. It really is unfortunate.

          I realized years ago that black girls and women are not viewed as having (or valued for having) “innocence”. In other cultures and societies, virgins are valued, protected, and sought out for marriage and family building. To AAs, virginity is just another opportunity for some loser to bet he first to say he “popped that cherry” or some old, used up scumbag to grab “a nice church girl” to take care of him in his years of senility.

          BM ARE REALLY SELFISH. ALL men are selfish to a (large) degree. However, BM take it to “A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL”–even to the point of destroying their ENTIRE COMMUNITY and population. I find that BW are RELUCTANT to concede this. And, as such, we and our children are GETTING SCREWED.

  19. WELP.

    Another “Strong Black Love” POWER couple (side eye) “bites the dust”.



    Wudn’t THIS FOOL supposed to be some type of “PREACHER”?

    That’s why, though I am TRADITIONAL (I really am), I CANNOT just “SUBMIT” to ANYone indiscriminately, just because they have a phallus. I can ONLY submit to one who HAS PROVEN they have the capacity to lead WELL, have EXCELLENT knowledge and insight, and WISE decision-making that PAYS TANGIBLE DIVIDENDS. Compare what MARY gets for submitting to Kendu to what MELANIA gets for submitting to TRUMP.

  20. Well…it don’t look like Keshia’s going to roll over,


    BM always look out for THEIR OWN interests. BW need to do THE SAME.



    (And, LET the “biracials” have their own category SEPARATE from “blacks” and “black” BENEFITS.)

    And nyggaz who “just can’t help” being AIN’T $HIT MOFOS are “somebody’s brother” TOO. But, they STILL “AIN’T $HIT”. For you Nicki fans, watch to see if she contributes to his defense.


  21. On a SWEET note, the other night I was listening to songs from legends like Roberta, Celine, Luther, Angela, EW&F, and several others, on YouTube. I was moved to tears thinking of the ones who had passed and also thinking of the change in the culture of music and society between that period and now. I listened to a lovely song by Donnie Hathaway. I have a cd of his and also have music from his daughter Lalah. (I actually knew of HIS DAUGHTER before I knew of him.) Anyway, I was moved by a song he sang, his daughter’s rendition, and a duet between the two of them. I thought I would share. She was such a CUTE little girl. She looks like a “daddy’s girl”. Her family looks BEAUTIFUL, and it’s just SO SAD AAs don’t live up to their potential.

  22. LADIES,

    One question I aways ask myself when considering a potential relationship partner is,



    (And, NO, I don’t have kids yet.)

    • Formavitae,

      This is a good question. What does your gut reaction tell you about this potential suitor/relationship. People are good at hiding their truth self behind a mask. Trust your instinct.

  23. LOOK at this:


    This is REAL.

    People REALLY need to think about “WHAT THEY WANT”. The trajectory for relations between people and law enforcement is not looking too good.

    Is THIS what you want for your home and neighborhoods?

    WHY are AAs so content to see things torn down and destroyed around them by their own hands?

    I would say I believe it’s dangerous for people to be led (“carried along”) by those who have “nothing to lose” (and may have never aspired to have/work for anything anyway). But, I know some will accuse me of being an “elitist”. (I’ve been told that before.). If law enforcement and governmental officials start to believe it’s necessary to be ROUTINELY prepared for extremely hostile situations with looting, rioting, burnings, etc., I don’t believe there will be a de-escalation to the “friendly” relations in which you freely ask on officer “for directions”. People are not only choosing a response to officer actions, they are also choosing the quality of environment and dynamics with governmental institutions with which they (and others identified as “part of them”) will have to deal.

    WHO do you want “negotiating” the parameters of your life and existence FOR YOU?

    Because that’s what’s HAPPENING. They’re influencing the boundaries and stipulations that have CONSIDERABLE implications FOR YOU because….

    You look like them.
    You’re from the same/similar ethnic group.
    You allow the diversity of your politics, thoughts, and actions to be SURPRESSED by those who want to DICTATE what “blacks”, “AAs”, etc think, care about, feel, want, etc. (like BLM, for example)

    The National Guard/military may eventually have full-time “deployment” on certain streets and neighborhoods in the USA, because of whom we decide to “support” by not making delineations CLEAR. This is SCARY.

    (And, I have NEVER wanted to be a media reporter on the frontlines getting the “Breaking News”.)

  24. When you’re willing to burn businesses to the ground (PARTICULARLY when they’ve had no involvement), DON’T ASK why there’s no economic development in your area. DON’T ASK why businesses will only move in if the government promises to REMOVE YOU. You want to complain about “a lack of jobs”, “a lack of transportation”, “a lack of economic development”–THIS has a lot to do with that.

    People with resources get TO CHOOSE where they will invest them. THESE types of “outbursts” do not make people want to invest in you or even try to “meet you halfway”. And, since YOU are the one LACKING the resources and SEEKING investment, CHOOSE YOUR ACTIONS, CAREFULLY.

  25. AGAIN…What about Corryn Gaines?

    I DO NOT WANT NOR AM I ADVOCATING ANY SOCIAL VIOLENCE. But, it seems folks were “quiet as a church mouse” after she got shot. (That or MOCKING her.)

    • WOW!

      I’m a “Patriot”, but not THAT kind.

      That man is SERIOUS! He is willing to back up his words with actions. And, don’t doubt there are those who can’t publicly take his approach for “political reasons” WHO WOULD be willing to compensate him for his services. Ask Latin American countries about the polic officers who are involved with the “kidnapping for ransom” business. AAs need to “GIVE IT UP”. AAs need to “JUST STOP”. You are in NO POSITION to incite, fight, or WIN a war in this country. So…JUST.STOP. And, even if you CAME CLOSE to “winning”, your men would “throw in the towel” and “abandon their posts on the battlefield”, the moment they were offered nonblack sex and inclusion

      JUST STOP.


      Learn how to “LIVE” and “THRIVE”.

      • Agreed. The Black Community does not have enough man power, woman power or fire power to win any race war with white folks. I know I won’t stick around if something dumb kicks off. I keep my passport current and have a get out of Dodge fund so I am out.

        • GOOD FOR YOU.

          I was going to express some other thoughts but decided to leave them out.

          I WILL say, for those who feel the WM is “persecuting” blacks/coloreds ONLY, I have read PLENTY of articles about white pedophiles and murders with whites saying the person needed to be TIED WITH A ROPE AND HUNG FROM A TREE. Whites have a MUCH lower tolerance for people f-in up their homes, businesses, quality of life, and societies. AAs would GREATLY benefit from a reduction in tolerance. But, that would require giving up the coddling of “Pookie” and “Ray-Ray”.

          I just learned about an AA woman being out in a perilous position THANKS to the actions of her biological brother.

          (“But, that’s my bruuuther, father, uncle, yadda, yadda, ya…”)

  26. “All This and Heaven Too” will be on TCM today (Monday) at 5:30 pm Eastern Time. “Gaslight” will be on tonight at midnight. The first movie is a love story I recommended. The second film is one BWE writers have referred to for their “gas lighting” lessons. Both are EXCELLENT films to check out.

  27. Khadija just posted another EXCELLENT article on her site.


    I just found out today that September is National Preparedness month. There is a FEMA app that you can download for weather alerts and safety tips. Go to http://www.fema.gov for more info. You can also get more info on preparedness at http://www.ready.gov. These sites also help you create an emergency preparedness plan for you and your family. You can also get information from the Department of Homeland Security at http://www.dhs.gov.

    It’s time for AAs to broaden the focus of their thoughts and activities.

    • I am so glad that K is stressing preparedness as the next step for empowerment for black women. Preparedness, financial literacy and setting limits are three fundamental building blocks for black women to live well. Time to stop bitching about black men. Nothing to be gained there at this point.

      • ” Preparedness, financial literacy and setting limits are three fundamental building blocks for black women to live well. Time to stop bitching about black men. Nothing to be gained there at this point.”

        You are SO CORRECT, Brenda. I’m glad Khadija stresses preparedness also. AA women are socialized to view such topics as “white people’s issues”, when they really have important implications for ALL OF US. AA women need to stop allowing the BC to determine which topics preoccupy our minds, because we know, FOR CERTAIN, that OUR needs/interests will never be included on that list.

        • “AA women need to stop allowing the BC to determine which topics preoccupy our minds, because we know, FOR CERTAIN, that OUR needs/interests will never be included on that list.”

          Right you are. While the BC continues to insist of fighting old battles and getting white to “care” about us and see that we “matter” we are while moving towards permanent underclass status. The world has moved on to new and more pressing challenges.

          I do not live exclusively in the BC and see what is going on. My husband and I are making moves, literally, to secure what is remaining of our lives. We are leaving the city, we have bought a half acre plot which will allow us the room for our self sufficient life style in a way that was too difficult to do in the city. We are getting away fro the coasts. Any one looking at this past spring and summer’s weather can see that climate change is real. Flooding in parts of Texas, La, Va as well as the ramping up of storms during hurricane season should give one pause and motivate planning to stay safe.

          Sitting and waiting for the government to save you is not an option. FEMA, the Red Cross, the CDC is telling people to have at least two weeks of supplies. Two weeks of what you need because that is how long they estimate getting help to you. Within the BC our mis-leaders and institutions are not stressing preparing. We have learned nothing from Katrina or Flint or Ferguson (civil unrest). As for me and mine, we am not going down with the BC ship.

        • “While the BC continues to insist of fighting old battles and getting white to “care” about us and see that we “matter” we are while moving towards permanent underclass status. The world has moved on to new and more pressing challenges.”

          Yes. The BC and their “leaders/thought police” REFUSE to look at life and the world around them through any other lens. While I realize we have our own unique “narrative” and “story” (though not one and the same for ALL of us), this refusal to open our minds and eyes is causing us to PERISH. UNNECESSARILY.

          I am SO HAPPY to hear that you and your husband bought a plot of land. I have a nice-sized home in the city with “good topsoil”, per a landscape architect. But, one of my future goals is to purchase some acreage of my own with its own water supply, trees, and fertile soil. A friend of mine always laughs when I say, “I want my land,” but I’m DEAD SERIOUS. If I or my family should ever need to “get away”, I want us to have a safe haven.

  28. Formavitae,

    Thanks for the shout-out & for the preparedness links!

    I’m concerned that African-American homeowners will end up being the main ones left holding the flaming bag of waste with these situations in the near future. Oh, like the Black homeowners in Flint, Michigan. From the NYT article I mentioned in the post:

    Nowadays, Ms. Speights, an administrative worker at a utility company, is wondering how to get her and her mother out of the neighborhood before the water comes again, without taking too much of a financial hit. And she pays more attention to problems that once seemed remote, like warnings from scientists about the rising sea.

    “I believe it because we’re living it,” Ms. Speights said as she sat on her sofa, nodding toward the nearby tidal marsh that sent water into her living room. “The water has to be rising if we never flooded, and all of a sudden we’ve flooded three times in eight years.”

    What this lady might not understand is that she and her mother need to get out NOW—while they can still sell the house at all. I hope and pray that they don’t wait too long—that they don’t wait until they can’t sell their house in that area for *any* price. The other thing that’s going to happen in various places is that insurance companies will stop offering homeowners’ policies in these places. And then when climate-related disaster strikes (again), it’ll just be a total wipeout for these homeowners. {sigh}

    • You’re welcome, Khadija.

      You’re right. That lady needs to get out of there STAT. The capital industry is only willing to incur losses for so long. Once it ceases to be profitable (to a level of their liking), THEY BOUNCE. Look at the reports of various insurers who have been leaving the insurance exchanges in various states because they say the fees do not adequately cover the costs of insuring the risk pool:




      It is not difficult to believe that similar factors will play a role in the insurance market for home and property.

      This makes me think of other factors that are important when deciding on a place to live. I remember a couple different discussions from planning classes I took (probably 10 years ago).

      One discussion was about a local incorporated area within my city. It’s a really nice area with an excellent reputation. Very cute. Tree lined streets. Well-maintained homes. A good school system. Well, we were discussing how they were having difficulty increasing their income because they are landlocked by my city. They can’t grow. And, well, while residents are nice, cities really make their money from businesses–think industry and large corporations–not small “mom and pop” stores. The tax revenue from business is a major component of a city’s income. The property taxes residents pay do not adequately cover the expense of infrastructure and service provision. In a way, homeowners are actually subsidized by the cities in which they live.

      Anyway, this area has always had one story buildings along one of its commercial corridors, for as long as I can remember. And, I have lived here my entire life (except for going away to college). I just recently noticed new development in the area. They are putting in a new marketplace that I think is at least 3-4 stories high, along that corridor I mentioned. And, they are adding other developments as well. It made me remember my lectures and showed me some of the approaches they’ve decided to take to increase their capital. Ten years sounds like a long time (I can’t actually believe it’s been that long), but in terms of development, zoning, etc., it really isn’t.

      Another lecture discussion addressed the development of certain communities where the homeowners agree to pay all of the infrastructure maintenance costs, so that they can be independent of a city’s system (probably certain taxes, social service fees, etc.), but the people tend to move out (read: SELL) around the 10 year mark when certain maintenance problems begin to actualize. And, the person who buys the home ends up incurring the fees.

      What I’m saying is this: Infrastructure is EXPENSIVE. And, it doesn’t matter ‘how pretty” something looks on the outside. You need to know what THE REAL status of an area is before you buy. The area I mentioned in my city wasn’t about to “collapse”, but they were having fiscal challenges, even though they have high-priced properties and higher-earning residents. They had OTHER challenges to contend with (being “landlocked”, for one). That places a higher degree of stress upon the residents to meet the bills of paying for a level of services and quality of life they prefer.

      Such factors also explain why certain “suburban” residents in my area have agreed to technically become incorporated into my city (read: my city’s INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEM), while keeping the “prestige” of having a certain address or school system. These dealings are not necessarily “shouted from the rooftops”. But, they happen. And, DON’T be the one to take on the maintenance expense of subdivisions like the one I mentioned above. To help you get a grasp of the kinds of figures involved, I remember hearing a speaker mention that the cost of a (basic) highway way $10,000 per lane-mile. What that means is that for ONE lane that is ONE mile long (and “BASIC”), the cost is approximately (read: “AT LEAST”) $10,000. And, that was probably a number from at least ten years ago. If you think about it, most highways these days have at least 3-5 lanes, and that’s only on ONE side of the freeway. That doesn’t include the corresponding lanes going in the other direction. ONE SAFE BRIDGE can EASILY cost in the tens of millions of dollars to build.

      Now, just try to imagine what it costs to dig deep holes/pathways in the ground to lay a water/sewage system, electrical and gas lines, a telecommunications network, cable, fiber optics (if we’re getting updated), etc. THEN, you will begin to have a clue of what it really costs for you to “live”. That’s why THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “FREE LUNCH”. But, that’s a different topic for a different day. And, that’s just INSTALLATION. I haven’t even addressed MAINTENANCE costs. You realize these things don’t naturally “last forever”, right?

      Anyway, I live in an inner city. I see my area gentrifying. I don’t have a problem with it. All I want are good, responsible neighbors who are invested in maintaining a safe environment and good quality of life. But, what I’m saying is that some people who would have been considered “ideal suburbanites” are choosing to purchase and renovate the older homes and neighborhoods of the (predominantly black) central cities.


      Ask yourself that, and consider what I’ve told you, when you think of buying a home. You have TRULY self-sufficient communities (like the Amish and other farming communities), and you have FAUX “self-sufficient” communities (like the ones I told you sell their homes to unsuspecting others when the time for maintenance arrives).

      You can also think of reasons why those industrial and other warehousing complexes are now frequently located in the suburbs rather than the central cities, to which we have historically been accustomed.

      So, we AA women have LOTS to consider when it comes to making WISE DECISIONS for our lives.

      • Good post. A lot of choices will depend on the stage you are at in your life, whether you are working, actively raising children, or as in my case retired.

        It is obvious that the flood plains are shifting and one has to factor that in when making to decision where to live. You are correct about insurance. Further the government can and has stopped supporting areas of the country when it comes to making repeated repairs because of changes in weather. Think about levies in the mid west that ruptured repeatedly and then were not repaired thus submerging the farmland they were protecting.

        Where I currently live many suburban municipalities are returning areas of development back to meadow land in order to deal with run off and flooding. The water department within the city here is also encouraging water management by offering classes, giving away rain barrels, financing changes in home landscaping (to the tune of $2000 per project) and replacing side walks with those that discourage run off into the sewer system. People are taking a long range view so that they are not “perpetually surprised” when it hits the fan. And it will hit the fan.

        • Thanks.

          I am personally of the opinion that it is best to develop an area for use based upon its natural conditions rather than just our individual desires for a particular locale. When it comes to nature and human technologies, NATURE ALWAYS WINS (in the long run). We humans have to continually work and invest to keep nature “tamed” to our liking. And, we need to have some self-control in our own use. There are other inhabitants of the earth who need space to live and thrive. (Think of communities that have problems with bears and other animals rummaging through their garbage, entering their homes, etc.) And, we need these other inhabitants to continue living and playing their part in maintaining our earth, lest our ecosystems collapse, which humans do not have the capacity to survive.

          It is time for wisdom to be applied to ALL facets of living–ACROSS THE BOARD. But, AAs need to “open their eyes” to the various truths OF LIFE and not just those “ephemeral realities” created by political and social contexts and “shaded” by the agendas of others.

    • Khadija Nassif I would like to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to open black women’s eyes to the reality of their situation. You have always been and continue to be on the leading edge when it comes to improving the lives of black women and girls. More and more of us are catching a clue and it is because of the work that your early BWE bloggers. Your speaking to the need for black women to better prepare is yet another example of this.

  29. I also thought I’d add some other links to help create a picture of the types of figures/variables that go into a development project.


    Typical City Infrastructure Costs (BE SURE to check this out–easy and QUICK!)

    The Real Costs of Infrastructure

    US Infrastructure decay forecast to cost trillions

    Costs for Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements

    American Infrastructure Report Card | Society of Civil Engineers

    Green infrastructure Cost-Benefit Resources

    What Will Adaptation Cost? An Economic Framework for Coastal Community Infrastructure

    New Report Highlights Staggering Costs Ahead for Water Infrastructure

    Smart growth benefits municipal budgets

    Infrastructure Costs and Urban Growth Management

    Hidden from view: $29 million in unexpected infrastructure costs at Harbor Point

    Keeping the Water On: New York Must Address Infrastructure, Costs

    Could the Flint, Mich., Debacle Put Focus on Decaying Water Infrastructure?


    Calculating The Costs Of Waste Management

    Chicago 2046: Visions for a New City (You, may find this interesting, Khadija)

    OK…I “got happy” researching articles. LOL. But, you get the point. There are many factors influencing our various “opportunities”. So, we must be WISE decision-makers and make an effort to be “BIG PICTURE THINKERS”. Our goal is to achieve THE BEST possible outcomes for each of our own individual lives (AND each others’).

  30. Khadija just released a new post encouraging AA women to get their concealed carry permits while they still can.


    Thanks to the reminder and advice, I just registered for a concealed carry class. If I complete the class and exam, I will go ahead and apply for a license. I always planned to learn to use a gun, purchase one, THEN get a concealed carry permit. But, it isn’t necessary to do things in that order. I put my gun ownership plans on a “To Do” list, but I’m going ahead and moving forward with the process before personal gun ownership rights become more limited.

    While researching firearms today, I ran across a blog, “The Well Armed Woman”. I read one of her entries on a “Safe Room”. She offered very good suggestions. Here’s a link to the post and her blog, if you want to check it out:


    As AA women, WE DO need to be more proactive about our personal defense. THANKS to Khadija for attempting to “wake” us out of our “slumber”.

  31. KHADIJA TOLD THE TRUTH, in her latest post:


    Honestly, in my opinion, the best thing that can happen to Chicago and Detroit is to give them back to the white people. They will build them up and take care of them. As a BW, I honestly have no interest in living either place. Sometimes, I feel certain blacks ruin the potential for ANY blacks to live successfully in certain areas. Even though I’m not “ghetto”, have an education and a professional career, I feel my blackness will hinder my ability to live in those areas without drama. So, while I may visit Chicago (have NO INTEREST in Detroit, at present), I have no thoughts of ever relocating there. (Not that others shouldn’t go if they feel it works for them.)

  32. I just watched an EXCELLENT episode of “Obsession: Dark Desires” in Investigation Discovery (ID). It was Season 2 Episode 8, “Home Sweet Hell”. For those who don’t know, these are TRUE STORIES, told by the people involved. Anyway, this story is about an AA woman and her experiences after buying a home. This story ties in WELL with the admonition for AA women to get a concealed carry license and to become “strapped”. I REALLY encourage you to watch. I found myself holding my breath so many times and for so long that I noticed I wasn’t getting any air and told myself to breathe. SERIOUSLY. I HATE spoilers, so I won’t go into detail. But, if you are unable to watch (or don’t want to), I’ve included a link to the local news story about this case.


    • I would encourage you to watch the episode and not just read the story, because she discusses what she was thinking and the various alternative methods she tried to use to resolve the situation. And, some of the challenges she faced were UNREAL to me. If you can watch the episode, I would do so before reading the story so that you can get the effect of “suspense”.

      (Scary movie lover that I am. Lol.)

  33. I completed and passed my concealed carry handgun course, yesterday. Now, I just have to submit my application to the Sheriff’s office for approval. I REALLY enjoyed the course, and the time spent on the range helped me feel more comfortable handling handguns. However, I need MUCH more practice.

    There are a variety of training programs one can complete. I selected a course that offered in-classroom training as well as instruction on concealed carry law from an attorney. My state requires a certain number of learning hours and a certain number of practice hours on the range. There are at least 39 other states that accept my state’s concealed carry licensure, though it’s important to know the legal nuances of the state you’re carrying in.

    I certainly didn’t find the course to be a waste of time, and I’m glad I finally followed through on pursuing licensure and starting the process to become a responsible gun owner. I need to figure out which piece of equipment I feel most comfortable using and learning with. And, continuing training on proper handgun usage and target practice are critical steps.

    I returned to make this post in an effort to encourage other AA women who have been considering purchasing a gun and/or getting a concealed carry permit to go ahead and take action on those thoughts. I know we as AA women often prefer to avoid gun ownership and usage, but we need to be willing to take whatever steps are necessary for our security. And, I’d also like to encourage those who feel they NEVER want a gun not to completely write off the idea. Today, gun ownership may not be a good choice for you, but that doesn’t mean it may/will not be a good choice for you in the future.

    • Thank you Formavitae for sharing your experience! I have moved gun ownership up on my priority list esp., when traveling alone.

      I recall being a snoopy kid and could not wait until my parents left the house so I could rummage through their room. I found my father’s gun with the bullets, but decided to move on to discover other stuff they thought they had hidden. I do believe no matter where they hid that gun, I would have found it. With that said, I look forward to taking the class and learning best practices esp., concerning child safety when/if children are visiting or live in the home.

      • You’re welcome, Energize.

        There are a variety of safe and other devices to secure guns and ammunition. They are also more affordable than I originally thought. Now that I am moving into the gun ownership “class”, I have to think about how I will secure my weapon and ammunition. Fortunately, I don’t have any children yet, but its important to plan for safety anyway. There are also devices to help secure your gun in your car, in case someone breaks in.

        What I liked about my course is that they discussed various options for safety throughout the teaching. They truly want to promote responsible ownership. I think that should be the AA woman’s focus and not ownership avoidance.

      • Gas a are VERY POWERFUL. I was taken aback by the recoil on the revolver (don’t know if that’s the gun for me). But, continuing training is VERY IMPORTANT. You don’t want to be like this DEA officer right here:


        They showed another version of this vid in my concealed carry class to stress the importance of always pointing the gun “in a safe direction “, even when it’s(thought to be) unloaded.

      • Thanks for sharing, Brenda55.

        I still have to wait on approval from the sheriff, but I can’t think of any reason I should be denied.

        During some of the video demonstrations and scenarios, they showed a lady who had a handbag with a built-in holster for her gun. I didn’t realize such items were available. But, now I’ll be checking more things out. I’m really interested in learning more about products that are tailored to women. The video also mentioned how the lady Carrie did the handbag on her “weak side” so that she would have her “strong side” available to utilize the gun if necessary.

        Gun ownership will add a new dimension to my thinking paradigm.

  34. Ladies,

    The latest ridiculous episodes have reminded me of how very thankful I am for the BWE movement and the fellowship of like-minded BW such as our gracious blog hostess and yourselves. THANK YOU ALL!!!!! 🙂

    I’ve run across (and have been sent) various links about the ongoing traumatic dramas unfolding around the BW who are still in the Matrix and it’s *not* pretty. For a mean-spirited person, the jokes write themselves:

    Vonnie’s recent FB post about one of several “I love BW” negro male scam artists:

    Javonne Natryce
    6 hrs ·
    Lololol so another bm yall stay throwing money at for saying he loves bw and thinks we’re queens just had an eeeextra bright baby with no bw wife in sight 🤔🕵🏾‍♀️ typical
    Go buy some more t-shirts; he has a new mouth to feed
    Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
    LikeShow more reactionsComment

    I guess he started prepping his audience of mammy mules with this post: “Can A Black Man Be Pro-Black If He Has A White Wife?” My thoughts… Romantic attraction is separate from cultural pride. -Derrick Jaxn

    It took awhile (after hundreds of sincere, pain-evoking responses from BW) for some responding BW to realize they were being trolled by this BM on Facebook:

    Pythagore Antoine
    10 hrs ·
    Black women,
    Do you feel loved by black men?

    28 mins
    Shadee Shepard
    Shadee Shepard I’m starting to think this whole post was a low key attempt to shame black women.
    The collective here have told our stories, shared painful memories, explained ourselves more than anyone deserves. Yet, the only comments back from the OP are to the women who have blind loyalty and love to black men, and the men (who if I’m not mistaken weren’t asked a question) here to derail the conversation and dismiss the realities of hundreds of women.
    Like · Reply · 5 · 25 mins
    Régine Bellinger
    Régine Bellinger AO Anderson
    Like · Reply · 1 · 25 mins
    AO Anderson
    AO Anderson Oh I peeped that out.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 24 mins
    AO Anderson
    AO Anderson Angela said he was trolling. I believe it.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 24 mins
    Shadee Shepard
    Shadee Shepard Like…I kept seeing him respond and it was only to thank dick panderers and men…glad to know it wasn’t just me.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 22 mins
    Régine Bellinger
    Régine Bellinger Interesting…
    Like · Reply · 1 · 22 mins
    Régine Bellinger
    Régine Bellinger Shadee Shepard
    I read your story and I di not know how to respond. I am sorry you endured that much pain. I wish you Justice in the spirit of Osóòsi.
    I really get disheartened when I read the injustices and menaces plagued in our community against Black women.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 18 mins
    Shadee Shepard
    Shadee Shepard Thank you Régine Bellinger. I really just wanted to show that my story while awful is NOT uncommon. We feel this way for a reason, and hopefully someone else who went through something similar didn’t feel alone.
    Like · Reply · 16 mins

    At least the hostess of the FB page where I saw this link referenced apologized to her readers for sending them there.

    AO Anderson
    AO Anderson Ladies who are friends with me, I apologize for reposting this on my page, and telling you to come over here and share your story because clearly the OP doesn’t give a damn.

    I’m sorry sisters 😦
    Like · Reply · 6 · 18 mins
    DeeDee Ellis
    DeeDee Ellis This is good. Black women need to see that this is not a figment of their imagination. The lack of love and respect is real.
    Like · Reply · 7 · 19 mins
    Shadee Shepard
    Shadee Shepard Exactly DeeDee Ellis.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 16 mins
    AO Anderson
    AO Anderson I don’t want any of them that may have shared their stories to be triggered by this.
    Like · Reply · 15 mins
    Dierdre Lockette
    Dierdre Lockette This is some bullshit. The OP just said some bullshit about “I hope he’ll learn.” Fuck these dudes.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 14 mins
    Dierdre Lockette
    Dierdre Lockette This is why I DON’T share any personal stories. These niggas just want validation for being the worthless fuck boys they truly are.
    Like · Reply · Just now

    But I don’t understand why these women STILL persist in trying to communicate with negro males. It all reminds me of Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football. {rhetorical question} What has to happen for these BW to learn that they need to go on a “no negro” diet and STOP talking to (and listening to) any BM who has not proven himself to be of tangible, material value to their lives?

  35. Part 2 of The Jokes Write Themselves (regarding the latest male “I looove BW” scam artist to be exposed),

    There’s a Lipstick Alley thread about this.

    A comment from that thread:

    Re: Derrick jaxn welcomes new baby girl with invisible baby mama
    Quote Originally Posted by BGMagic View Post
    Wait…so he’s preaching all this stuff about black love and black homes and has a fresh baby mama? chile…

    He can use this to pander to the single black mother community. “THIS is what a REAL father looks like…” or “Real fathers take care of their children…” I predict a new line of T-shirts being released by the end of the year.

      • Formavitae,

        Lately I’ve been investigating down the rabbit hole of some of the negro male con artists that Stuck On Stupid BW go to for relationship advice. This particular dude has made a LOT of money off of financially struggling Black single mothers.

        It’s been fascinating to me because in my own indie writer circles I’ve been watching foreign racist Internet Marketing types start churning out BW-IRR romance and BW-church-pastor-romance books (read = insulting dribble) for this same demographic of thirsty and gullible BW.

        Then there are the down-low-looking, *perpetually single* BM relationship gurus that these same thirsty, gullible and POOR Black single mothers follow.

        It’s amazing. Simply amazing.

        • Khadija,

          It’s JUST SAD that so many AA women feel such a need for AA/BM “leadership” in their lives. I just don’t understand why they continue to seek validation from a group of men who abandon and fail them SO MISERABLY. I guess it’s because they really don’t believe they have other options. I’m also tired of AA women being willing to listen to these “gurus” who have no FORMAL education or training in the areas in which they seek to lead/offer guidance.

  36. Thank you Brenda55!!!

    Great site. Did anyone notice the leggings. Yes! For athletics and leisure wear. Fabulously Armed!


    And the one item that set me back…the evening bag hanging so delicately on the restaurant chair..just right for that evening out with your hubby and your both packing heat!! Awesome!


    These two items will be under my Christmas tree this year!

  37. Oh my goodness…

    I just finished reading this article about the experience of being in a plane crash. It was…overwhelming. I’ve read the article in segments, overnight, because I could only process so much at a time. I may purchase the book mentioned in the article, but I thought I’d share the link, because it just made me contemplate what I might (should) think/do in that situation, and I like having an idea of what I might face in the situation. This reading may not be for everyone.


  38. I just got my concealed carry permit, today! I don’t know how it is in other states, but, in my state, it’s like another driver’s license (I was e pe ting something on paper).

    For those who “LOVE THAT BASS” like *I* do:

    YES. I know those guys are colorist and misogynistic. But, Trina said to “Let that n*gga know!” So, I’m lettin’ these N*GGAS KNOW that I’m “strapped” TOO. You can “test me” if YOU WANT, but, I done TOLD Y’all…


    I’M “PLAYFUL”, but SERIOUSLY ladies…getting my concealed carry permit has been such a painlessly process. For less than $200, I successfully completed a training course, got to practice on the range, AND received a license. I actually ENJOYED my time on the range.

    Now, I, of course, will have the expense of purchasing a gun, ammunition, security devices, additional training, and range time. But, AT LEAST I now have an ADDITIONAL means for LEGALLY protecting myself. And, you don’t have to buy a gun right away. You can always rent one, when you go to the range. I still have to figure out which one I want to purchase. But, I’m SO GLAD I decided to put my words into action and GO FOR IT!

      • THANKS, Energize!

        I.shared my experience in the hopes that other BW would be encouraged to follow suit. I want BW to feel comfortable and confident doing the things everyone ELSE does to look out for themselves and advance their interests.

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