When You Become the Face of an Impotent “Movement” Be Ready to “Reap The Whirlwind” When It Goes Limp.

Hi ladies,

I wanted to start off by saying that you all need to read and share this post by Muslim Bushido. And if you can think of any “Marie Antoinette” black women celebrities who support the likes of that pedophile black man please name them in the comments. (Muslim Bushido started this list but I’ll add to it if I can find anyone). I don’t want to be associated with these people. Heck, I don’t want to be associated with people associated with these people.


Moving On,

Let’s talk about the stupidity of being involved in a movement for defeated, weak men. Men who have yet to get off their ass and build anything of worth or value to their communities.  Men who largely depend on Black women AND White men to NURSE them and provide for their basic needs they are too useless to provide for themselves.

Somewhere along the line black women decided that joining into a movement like this would be a good idea. They believe that since the police shot someone who looks like them (even if said people are career criminals, gangbangers, thieves and pedophiles) that it would help the “collective” of black people (i.e. Black phallus) if black WOMEN fight, defend, get shot, get beat, get tased etc for these useless bottom feeding black men.  The same men, by the way, that won’t bother to fight for them if they…I don’t know… get stabbed to death on the subway.

Even though numerous black women have attempted to be the voice of reason, I’m sure that there are some of you out here who are crazy enough to believe that if you just take enough bullets, the black man will see your sacrifice and love you enough to finally be a man. So I’ll be another voice of reason in the middle of all this madness.

You are wasting your time.

Since that wasn’t enough to convince you, let me paint you a picture of the consequences of what happens when black women decide engage in idle worship to their own detriment.



I have said this before and I’ll say it again. This world is a patriarchy. That means men fight men. That does not mean that woman try to take on MEN. And especially not POWERFUL men they have no resources to defeat. YOU, black women, will never defeat the men you are so desperate to take down. Men who have been propping up the black males in your communities who are too useless to pull you out of poverty or do for self.

You have neither race nor gender privilege and in most cases no class privilege either. (Because you stupidly keep giving your resources to these ingrates.) “Your” men have proven that in the global arena they cannot and will not fight for what is right. THEY cannot keep up globally with their male peers. They are a failure.  A community is as only as strong as its men and black men have proven collectively that they are a limp noodle. Most black men have given up having any sort of property/ assets of their own and most now believe that their biggest assets are nonblack women that they pump what puny resources they have into.

So, this latest black female fueled tantrum on behalf of black men is destined to fall apart. Because there are NO masses of MEN mobilizing for a long term plan or attempting to do more than whine about what black women and white men haven’t and won’t do for them.  There are no thoughts of developing infrastructure, long term goals for how to get blacks as a whole out of the DITCH they helped themselves into. It is only a matter of time before the lazy and weak black men who have relied on Black WOMEN, with less resources and privileges themselves, (and for hundreds of years) go back to what’s comfortable. And that’s coming to the table with absolutely nothing and blaming the only groups holding them up for their collective failures as a man. This is a passing amusement nothing more. But black women are coming to the table as if these men are serious.

Having your Face be what the 7 billion + people of the worlds see when they google this mess means that you will be the “Marie Antoinette” when things ultimately go wrong.

I think it was Khadija (correct me if I’m wrong) who coined the term Marie Antoinettes. And I think in this case it is reasonable to use this term again. There is a mass of uneducated black women who can’t FATHOM that THEY will be the one to reap the whirlwind when black men ultimately abandon black women back into the abyss the pulled them out of. Since black women are too willfully blind (i.e “Special snowflake”) to realize they are only selectively used. Once black men get whatever thrills they need, the will put their army away and return to their nonblack families.  When the few black men who are involved in this movement ultimately realize that getting out of drudgery is actual WORK and decide it’s too rich for their blood, that they have NO *actual* resources to fight these white men, and they don’t WANT to, Black women will become the marie antoinettes and be targeted for having their FACES be part of a failed, impotent movement.


You will be blamed by those same penises you are protecting WHEN it all falls apart

This is obvious. But I’ll spell it out anyway. When this “movement” inevitably falls apart YOU will be the one blamed. Just like the girlfriend of one of the men who was killed is now being blamed for the man’s death (instead of the officer) you will be blamed for black men’s failures and impotence.

You will be blamed for being “Too masculine”, for not showing up enough, for not giving enough, for not taking enough bullets, for “wearing the wrong hat” (yes this actually happened) etc.  These men will get on media (doesn’t matter which) and GLOBALLY place all blame on Y-O-U.  And because they have MALE privilege and actively USE IT, the world will lick up the sob story they’ve been peddling for the past 50 years.

YOUR image will be BURNED in Mainstream (i.e. white) ,media when the blowback comes to singe these ignorant “Marie Antoinettes”

You’d think with ALL the posts I’ve written about black women’s image in the media and larger society, along with the ones BWE original bloggers have written, this would be something black women are hyper sensitive about.  And yet, here we are.  Once black men have effectively blamed you for anything that will absolve them of being bottom feeders YOU will be blamed the rest of society for the violence and unrest. YOU will be the one to be called “combative” and masculine. YOU will be known as a threat to any racist police officer who you have the misfortune to cross paths with. (Although in actually you have no privilege) Oh and since GLOBALLY, men know most black women (American at least) are NOT protected and have NO privilege or resources (because they handed them freely to black men),  they WILL get away with terrorizing you.

Please read these post by Muslim Bushido.



You are being the spokesperson for a very unpopular movement while Black men rest at home.

Many black women, who’ve developed mass delusions bred from social media activism and TUMBLR communities don’t seem to realize that the larger society as a whole DOES not CARE about “black lives”. (i.e. useless black men who can’t pull themselves together or contribute more than masses of fatherless children) Functional societies do not care that thug black men who terrorize their communities are killed. These people are not sparing “black lives” any thoughts and many are siding with these cops.  Since black men are largely absent and useless, black WOMEN of course have taken it upon themselves to become the spokeswomen for men who won’t even fight for themselves. In fact, women had to conceived and put BLM into action FOR these men.

So, when everything ultimately falls apart black women will be left holding the bag. Which should be soon now that the petition to have BLM declared a terrorist group has now a surpassed 100,000 signatures and will now be reviewed by congress. Black Women are mostly going to be the ones having to explain that they aren’t really terrorists and public nuisances. Even though they’re out doing stuff like this:

If I’m not mistaken I haven’t seen fool black men sacrificing themselves and getting arrested. Black WOMEN are the ones who are doing that mess. And THEY will be the ones on the FBI lists. Black men as a whole have decided to sit this one out.

Further, for those who say I’m fighting for my “brothers… cousins _____ insert male phallus here” I’d like to pose the question: Why are THESE men never fighting for themselves?

The fact that you have no limits and no morals concerning who you will protect is completely visible to the world. They know you have no standards and it is putrid people who have values. YOU ARE REPULSIVE.

The world can see that black people are willing to defend and defile themselves for criminals, thieves, gangbangers and killers. They see that you are willing to be a part of a movement that attracts deranged black men like that cop killer. And that you are part of a movement with these deranged men who are defending black men with loose morals.

They know that, globally, black women put up with any sort of putrid behavior from black men and excuse the degenerate acts as part of “racism.”

These people are disgusted and repelled by you.

As breuklen blue said in her recent video, black women aren’t collectively willing to tell black men to fuck themselves, even as the slip further and further into filth and debauchery.

The world sees how you coddle these criminals and allow them to run free in your “communities”. Most sane people unaffiliated with SJW/ Tumblr heads want nothing to do with this mess. Further, the crazed whites part of this foolishness almost always grow bored and return to their SAFE communities after defending this mess. While you are left with liars and thieves.

They know that you spend your money on criminals, promoting drug and gang culture in their music. They know you allow any creep a voice in the “community”. They are embarrassed for you. They see you have no standards.

In other words, these people see that you won’t clean up your community first and put these men in check by withdrawing money and support. And so, you will not receive ANY support from the world. Even IF by some chance the Justice Fairies ™ grant Black MEN some sort of privilege, they know you are low down dogs who are willing to get fleas with the people you surround yourselves with.

They will not WILLINGLY or with CONSCIOUS thought surround themselves with or support people like you.

The same  black men who marry other women of other races are not having *those* women fight for them on the front lines.

If I’m not mistaken I do not see masses of the white women who black men are dating, getting themselves arrested for the purpose of black cock. These women have self-respect and aren’t stupid enough to do something like that. They have standards.

It will not be appreciated or accepted. You will be blamed for your stupidity later.

I’ve said this before. Black men do not appreciate this and will hate you later.

This will not be reciprocal.

If you believe this will be reciprocal. Think about the black male response to any of the black WOMEN who were killed in recent years. Male privilege is alive and well and these men blamed black women for their deaths and believe they deserved it. You have no savior coming when it is your turn. If you think whatever rights black men achieve will go to YOU then you are wrong.

Read posts under tab “post you may want to read first” for more information.

You are going to ruin your career/ life when this blows up in your face.

Obviously black women have not given any long term thought to their livelihoods.. Like the fool black woman who got herself arrested above, many of these black women have children. And yet they bare risking their livelihoods with criminal records. FOR MEN.

You will be out of a job. You will have no money. You will have a criminal record and fail any future FBI checks.  Black men will be just where they have always been: Nowhere to be found.

You are going to be maimed killed or hurt

This should be an obvious deterrent but black women are willing letting themselves be shot, acting as human shields etc. These men will NEVER return the favor and there will be no GO FUND ME for your medical bills.  YOU will be left paralyzed, blind, bleeding etc. Or your kids will.

And I’ve already said before that I will never support ANYONE who takes their kids to this. I rebuke that evil.


Now let’s get to the point. Hopefully if you had any thoughts of protesting or caping (whether in real life or in virtual life) for these coon black men, hopefully you have reconsidered by now.

If you haven’t then I’ll direct my comments to the woman who are smart enough to take a hint.

It is time to excommunicate these women from your lives. And by excommunicate I mean remove all visible and invisible holds that these women might have on you. Do not support them, do not associate with them. I would go so far as to say do not befriend them.

Do not give these women any more fuel for their fires.

They will burn their houses down with their stupidity and take YOU with them.

These women, in their ill thought out plans, have yet to accept that black men have virtually NO power and have not advanced in 40 years. And yet they are starting a race war that black WOMEN are going to have to pick up the pieces for.  IF you want to avoid this make sure you draw a line between these women and YOU. Do not let these broads speak for you. As formavitae said in Khadija’s comment section to her recent post, have other avenues to provide for your family WHEN shit hits the fan and these “marie antoinettes” reap the whirlwind of supporting criminals and gangbangers and resources become scarce.


MAN! I was at work on my lunch break (10 hrs ago), when I first saw this post. AT THE SAME TIME, I saw CNN news covering the Dallas shootings on the large screen tv. I thought to myself, “Sh*t is about to HIT THE FAN,” and, sure enough, after lunch, I heard white coworkers saying things are about to get MUCH WORSE and, more or less, no one is going to be concerned about being “politically correct” anymore.

Anyway, I must say I fear the upcoming “turning of the tide”. Though I am still in my 30s, I never thought I’d see the day when AAs would experience such regression. (That sounds like such an “old person” thing to say.). THIS time won’t turn out like our FORMER Civil Rights Movement. We WON’T have the allies. We DON’T have the discipline. Nor do we have any MEANINGFUL infrastructure to rely upon. We have no “WELL THOUGHT OUT AND PREPARED FOR” PLAN. AAs ARE SCREWED. And, now, each of us basically has a “target” on our back, because Negroes haven’t been willing to set high standards and “CUT FOOLS LOOSE”. People aware going to take less time to try to decipher who is good or bad or to “separate the sheep from the goats”. They’re just going to do whatever they deem necessary to neutralize any potentially threatening situation and consider any “innocents” harmed unfortunate, but necessary “collateral damage”.

I’m typing on my iPad, so it’s hard to keep “the flow” of thoughts, sometimes, but I’m just going to say these few things that came to my mind earlier:

1. AAs are in NO position to successfully initiate, wage, or WIN a “race war”. WE WILL LOSE. NOT because we’re “black”. NOT because we’re “minority”. But, because we refuse to organize, be self-promoting, or self-sufficient. And, NO ONE ELSE is really interested in siding with us against a powerful,influential, and SUSTAINABLE infrastructure that can “back up” any threats it makes. Not to mention most of the world has a “fair skinned” bias anyway. AA women better be smart and stop putting their tails on the line for fake, weak FOOLS who want to run out and “bust a few caps” to prove they’re “tough” but then run and cower in fear and shadows once those they attack turn out “in full force” and “bring the heat”. AA women’s bodies WILL “get dropped”.

BTW, with all these “BOLD” nyggaz (I mean “MEN”–eye roll) around, why is George Zimmerman still walking?

JULY 8, 2016 AT 11:00 AM

formavitae said…

  1. AA women better figure out a “SAFETY NET”. And, those of you who think it’s simply “getting rich” and moving into an affluent white neighborhood, as that multi-millionaire AA family whose neighbors sprayed painted their home with epithets and, I think, set it on fire. The AA strategy needs to go BEYOND trying to get some money and “snuggle up” in white enclaves. I’m not saying that’s not ONE potentially viable strategy. I’m just saying AA women need MORE than that. AA women need to know how to secure the basic necessities of life, in case “others” decide they want to limit access to their supply.3. Politics currently SUCKS. But, PLEASE realize you aren’t “secure” simply by voting for the one who isn’t threatening to cut social programs. One way or another, “THE HAMMER IS ABOUT TO FALL”. Recognize that the “soft hearted” liberals often live in communities with minimum acreage requirements and minimum square footage requirements, so that certain populations can’t afford to live there in the first place. While they’re releasing convicts for unfair sentencing laws back into the community so they can “build a new life”, just know it won’t be THEIR community tasked with rehabilitation (or the FAILURE of the rehabilitation process). While they INSIST upon public schools allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice, they can afford to send their children to elite private schools that won’t necessarily suffer economically for lack of compliance. While they promote granting amnesty to illegals and offering benefits, it won’t be their employment niches being heavily affected. It won’t be their emergency rooms, hospitals, and other social service facilities required to provide services while not necessarily being able to recoup the cost or make a profit. If you disapprove of abortion, recognize the party that wants to limit such “genocide” also wants to limit social programs, affirmative action, or any other type of “restoration” initiatives. YES. The HAMMER IS COMIN’ DOWN! You just have to choose which bruises and wounds you’re willing to bear. As an AA woman, YOU WONT BE LEFT UNSCATHED.There’s more. But, right now, I’m tired and getting a headache just thinking about it. However, these events in Dallas highlight the fact that a watershed moment is occurring right now, and the actions of others in your group are going to have SERIOUS implications FOR YOU. FIGURE OUT HOW TO DISTINGUISH AND SAVE YOURSELF.

    Oh yes. I heard about another AA lady killing all but one of her children. I expect to hear more stories like this, as more AA women realize they and their children aren’t really valued by AA/black men and they just “get tired of the struggle”. This story was in my mind too, as I was thinking that “I never thought I’d see a day like this.”

JULY 8, 2016 AT 11:01 AM

I’ll remind you again that these women and their lack of morals are dangerous. And this is one of the reasons why I’ve never been part of the “live and let live” “They’re not hurting anyone” brigade. Because someone always gets hurt and usually it’s a black woman.

It is time to draw a line.

I know which side I’m on.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral