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For the past few weeks I’ve been watching in awe and disgust as the world has reacted to the Beyoncé’s new album. And as time goes on my awe and disgust has grown to outright revulsion.  And so, I’ll try and keep this message as brief as possible:


If I were talking to any other group of women I’d think my reasons for saying this were quiet obvious given black women’s overall reactions to black women.  But I’ll break it down further.

Stop it. Stop with the worship. Stop defending a grown ass BILLIONAIRE who wouldn’t piss on you were on fire. Enough of the teary eyed, messages about how this woman “slays” is a “goddess” is a veritable champion for black women. *massive eye roll*. Enough of defending this woman (who didn’t ask for or need your help). Enough of wasting your time retweeting about this chick. Enough of writing article after article about how Beyoncé’s album is going to *somehow* usher in the second coming of Christ. Enough wasting your time getting “in

It’s obvious some of you are so enamored with this woman that you can’t see the forest from the trees but I’m going to break this down to its lowest common denominator since some of you are so basic you won’t understand otherwise.

Beyoncé doesn’t know you. Beyoncé doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t care about “black pride or black power” and she doesn’t care about black women (aside from using them to sell albums). Beyoncé, and the misogynist husband she’s married, to care about money. She is NOT your ally. Beyoncé has hundreds of people behind her telling her what she should do and the perfect way to do it. So if that means using the masses of mentally ill black women to position herself and her BILLIONS higher so be it.

It would be one thing if black women could simply watch or listen to something without making said object their entire UNIVERSE, but unfortunately the majority of deluded black women have yet to grasp this concept.

It is one thing to enjoy something as ENTERTAINMENT.  It is another thing entirely to use whatever comes in your path as a GOLDEN CALF.

Beyoncé has no magical powers, despite the cringe worthy posts declaring otherwise Beyoncé is NOT a goddess. She’s not going to personally single YOU out because you wasted your time praising and defending her.  Beyoncé cares about the bottom line first and foremost and that is MONEY.

But you know, this isn’t only about Beyoncé. NO this is about a larger issue that I’ve seen where susceptible black women getting something, anything stuck in their craw and decide to go all in in supporting it. Regardless of whether they will get anything in return. Regardless of whether it will ruin their lives or livelihoods.

Case in point:

Here are some demented black women getting in “formation” and holding up the black power symbol at west point.

They are the perfect example of mentally ill, foolish and deluded black women who pride idol worship more than they do their own lives.

Forgetting for the moment how foolish these women were to throw their health and safety away on the military, let’s talk about that fact that these women are willing to ruin their careers in the name of “Black pride”.

These black women (and I know some of you reading this see no problem in this picture) were willing to risk getting FIRED in the name of the golden calf they worship. It doesn’t matter if that golden calf won’t give them anything in return. They’re still raring to go. And of course these black women will receive nothing from the golden calf they’ve sacrificed themselves to.

Further these same women don’t realize the position people like Beyoncé are in to make statements like her foolish Black Panther homage at the super bowl. This woman has money. YOU do not. You do not have the power, backing or celebrity to pull off stupid stunts like the crazed black women who took on neo Nazis. (Look it up I wont’ link this foolishness.)


Do you think Beyoncé would do this? Do you think, with all of her talk of “blackness” that she would risk life and limb and grown ass racist white men? No. This woman has bodyguards. She makes her social statements from the comfort of a music video set. She does not sacrifice herself for the good of nameless black lives. She doesn’t need to. And any clap back she receives for her videos are null in void with her BILLIONS.

But this IDLE (Yes, I spelled it correctly) worship doesn’t just end with Beyoncé or “Black Pride”. I’ve noticed MOST black women can find almost anything and they’ll still manage to sacrifice themselves to whatever looks good or feels good.

Whether its television (Let’s recall the “knee jerk” support of shows like Sleepy hollow and Scandal and how that has ended) “Black lives matter”, “Social justice movements”, feminism, a no good dead beat black man, the church, their families, their sons etc. Black women *still* haven’t grasped the concept of NOT putting everything into dead end avenues. This is from a lack of self-esteem. These women don’t have any self-worth. They believe that just by erecting that golden calf they too will one day BECOME like Beyoncé. Or they believe like the mentally ill black women in the link below that if they “fight” against “cultural appropriation” by the white man, that black men will applaud and love them and give them something in return.

SFSU Investigating Video Of Black Woman Confronting White Man For Wearing Dreads

(yes that actually happened)

Or they believe if they mammy themselves for their families they will get something back from them.

They won’t. But this doesn’t change the fact that these types of women need therapy. And fast. Because this behavior, this cult like blind support that allows people to be blinded by anyone and everyone, this of critical thinking is dangerous to those who are simply in the vicinity of someone like this.  This lack of self-esteem drags everyone down not to mention plays with the entire image of the black female collective.

There is a reason that I’ve said before (and so has Khadija for that matter) that black women should unplug from the media given their current situation. Because black women as a WHOLE are lacking the self-esteem and self-preservation to distance themselves emotionally from things that will do them harm; to keep themselves from turning anyone and everyone around them into a point of obsession. (I’ve noticed this obsession comes a lot of times in the form of celebrity worship.)

But I’m starting to see that this is going to have to be a bought lesson for some of you. For others keep up the critical thinking.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.

Oh here are some good links to read.

Thanks to Acts of Faith for posting a link to the blog below on her Facebook. It was an interesting read.

Oh and Breuklen Blue has a YouTube channel. She runs BlackWomenThinkTank 2.0 on Facebook. This video is a pretty good listen.


Thoughts on this? Sounds like a potential disaster to me.




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  1. Regarding the transgender issue: it’s already clear that women (broadly speaking) will have rights peeled away in favor of male to female transgenders (because men will lose NOTHING to female to male transgenders). The further down a group of women already are (socially, economically, etc.), the worse they will fare. In other words, black women will get screwed over by the transgender movement, and foolishly many black women will support it happening under the guise of “sisterhood”.

    • Gina,

      I 100% co-sign. You’re absolutely correct about how this is operating. I’ve been reading up on this, and it’s clear to me that the vast majority of these Male To Female so-called “transgenders” are nothing more than Men’s Rights Activists who are sexually aroused by cross-dressing. And the bulk of them (especially the WM ones) are heterosexual men who’ve organized to force *their* fetish down the rest of America’s throat.

      Politically aware White lesbians have been talking about these [deranged, woman-hating and dangerous-to-women] men for a minute. Everyone, please excuse the long quotes, but I feel that more straight BW need to know about the cross-dressing MEN’S attacks against lesbian WOMEN that’s apparently been going on in LGB (& they really need to drop the “T”) circles *long before* most of us straights heard much of anything about this trans mess.

      From “Reinforce The Cotton Ceiling”:

      “Apparently, there are some “trans women” who feel that they are entitled to sex with natural-born women. It make them very angry, frustrated and…well…angry that lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. This is all rooted in their firmly-held belief that — despite their male bodies, male DNA, male genitalia, etc. — they are REAL women and REAL lesbians. Ergo, any natural-born female who is a lesbian OUGHT to want to have sex with them.

      These “trans women” look in their mirror and say, “I’m pretty, I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I want to have sex with THEM, why oh why won’t they have sex with me?”

      If they bother to ask the question out loud (or on-line) to a natural-born female lesbian, she will say (of course) in so many words: “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.”

      This (of course) holds a HUGE mirror up in the faces of “trans women”. Simply by saying, “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.” lesbians are also saying:

      1) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL woman;

      2) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL lesbian;

      3) I don’t find your MALE body sexually attractive — at all — because I’m not sexually attracted to men; and

      4) My sexual attraction to women is unassailable. There is nothing you can say, nothing you can do, no amount of surgery, make-up, elocution lessons, hormones, shoes, clothes, electrolysis, whatever that will change you into a person I would consider having sex with because…I’m a lesbian and you’re a man.

      Men don’t like unassailable women. Unassailable women piss them off.

      So. If you Google “the cotton ceiling” you’ll discover that some “trans women” ignited a storm of criticism directed at the Toronto branch of Planned Parenthood by organizing a workshop designed to teach other “trans women” how to “overcome the cotton ceiling” — with “the cotton ceiling” being lesbian panties (how rape-y is that?) — and the workshop (exclusively for males who identify as “trans women” who want to have sex with real women) took place anyway, despite quite a bit of feminist objection and the VERY dim view that psychologically healthy women take of Planned Parenthood enabling workshops to teach men strategies for “overcoming” the sexual preference of lesbians.

      From “Who Are The Males That Sneak Into Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival?”

      The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is a weeklong private event produced annually since 1976 by and for people who are female. For the last ten years, groups of male transgenders have protested the existence of the festival. Not only protested, but terrorized and harassed and tried to sabotage and destroy the festival. Their reason for doing so is their strong belief that people born female have no right to congregate on the basis of that commonality. The male transgender activists have literally formed an encampment each year outside the perimeter of the Michfest festival grounds, which they patrol with weapons and plan sabotage missions into the camp– to write graffiti, to cut the water lines to the handicapped showers, to slash tires, to wreck tents, to flier the camp with pictures of their penises. Last year many of the male transgenders fled their own encampment out of fear of the growing violence of their own group members. Why are these men so angry? Why do they want to destroy a private women’s music festival? Why do they want to force women to look at their penises?

      The answer is that these men are angry because they weren’t invited to the festival, because people born male are not invited. Transgender male activists believe females have no right to exclusively female spaces, such as female sports programs, female support groups, female health services, female educational grants, female schools, female fitness centers, female domestic violence centers, female homeless shelters, sex-segregated prisons, female camps, sex-segregated hospital bed assignments, female bathrooms, female reproductive services, etc.

      They believe that females have no rights to any space or service or gathering, public or private, that excludes the presence of males, or that exists for the benefit of female fellowship, or for the protection of females from potential male predation.

      Cross-dressing men were finally able to destroy this all-women’s music festival.

      Now these cross-dressing MEN have set their sights on attacking the WW elders among the lesbians.

      The nameless members of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Board of Directors stripped legendary rights activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of her honored spot as Grand Marshall of the June 12, 2016 “Heroes of Pride” event after men monitoring her Facebook page noticed women had made posts there that were critical of the idea of heterosexual “male lesbians”.

      Miriam Ben-Shalom will be a familiar name to Lesbian and Gay Rights activists and historians. She was the first openly homosexual individual to be reinstated into military service after serving as plaintiff in multiple lawsuits and refusing a cash settlement.

      After serving in the Israeli Army as an Armored Personnel Carrier driver, she enlisted as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army from 1974-1976, when she was dismissed on the basis of homosexuality, and served again from 1987- 1990 following her reinstatement after a decade of trials. She was then discharged, yet again, on the basis of homosexuality, ending her military career.

      She co-founded the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Veterans of America (GLBVA) and spent another decade organizing activism against the U.S. military policy of exclusion, and later against the Clinton era “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. She chained herself, in uniform, to the White House fence in 1993. Along with Dan Choi and other lesbian and gay service-members she was arrested after again chaining herself to the White House fence in 2010. President Barack Obama invited her to the White House in recognition of her decades of activism, she stood present when he signed the law repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” later that year.

      THE PATTERN IS CLEAR: With each legal and cultural victory they win, these cross-dressing MEN expand their attacks on ALL women’s (whether straight, lesbian or bisexual) sovereignty! For our own and our daughter’s safey, we must oppose anything and everything these cross-dressing MEN want.

      • Guys, You need to pay attention to this comment. This show just how insidious this movement was. I was one of the women who believed the trans movement was harmless to women. UNTIL I read stuff like this. There is something very wrong going on. And WOMEN are going to be screwed. Pay attention. Make preparations because with stuff like the cotton ceiling and these men getting more power. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. these people are now influencing MAJOR laws. Thank You khadija, as always, for the informative work. Women have to know what’s going on and it isn’t any kumbaya bullshit they’d have you believe. they want CONTROL of the entire narrative and control of who WOMEN have sex with.

        • OLS,

          Thanks! African-American (AAs) Black women’s TV & media addiction is at the root of all the problems you’re discussing in this blog post and conversation. So-called “reality TV” with the Kartrashians & Bruce Jenner is what first exposed many AABW to this trans mess.

          AAs get their history from TV and c/rap–and assorted other worthless “music”—like this “Formation” mess from Beyonce, etc.

          AAs get their socialization (such as it is) from TV and c/rap “music” and assorted other worthless “music”—like “Bust Ya Windows” from Jazmine Sullivan, etc.

          AAs get their life lessons from TV. Many AABW get their religion and values (such as they are) from TV.

          Most AA women are TV & media junkies; and they refuse to cut “the plug-in drug” loose. No wonder they suffer. It is what it is . . . {shrug}

        • “I was one of the women who believed the trans movement was harmless to women.”

          Same here. Someone put me on to Gender Trender, and my loyalty to that movement was gone forever. Thanks for highlighting this.

      • Khadija,

        I totally agree. In the beginning I must admit I didn’t really see them as a threat to biologically born women, I didn’t know that much about them until I started doing research for my book. However they are a threat for a number of reasons, many which have been expressed in this fourum. And the fact that you and others are posting instances of violence towards biologically born women, no mater their sexual identity leads me to believe there is a great deal of hatred and a need for them to control women no matter the physical form these males see themselves in.

        Have you ever heard of Germaine Greer?
        She’s a feminist that for years,has been apparently been warning women about the transgendered, particularly male to female. Her take is they are mysoginists. I haven’t read it, however she wrote a book ” The Whole Woman” denouncing transgendered women.

        This push from the president on trans rights will also affect any and all single sex/gender programs, groups, clubs, sports, fraternities and sororities located in schools and campuses across the country that receive any public/federal funding from the government. It was being touted as “The bathroom bill” however the devil was clearly in the details and now that people are beginning to really examine what this push is, I think people will re-asses what exactly the attorney general and president are pushing.

        • Sys Author,

          I’m not familiar with Germaine Greer’s writing or work. But I did hear of the trans cult’s efforts to have her barred from public speaking at Cardiff University.

          This trans mess is part of the same consistent pattern of male aggression against women and girls that has always existed.

          I also hope the reading audience can see the contrast between how “First Black President” Obama is pushing *hard* in support of cross-dressing men as opposed to his slow and tepid response to the mass lead poisoning of Black children and other children in Flint, Michigan due to the water crisis/atrocity there. I don’t know what’s motivating Pres. Obama to aggressively champion this trans mess. All I do know is that African-Americans have never been a priority for him. And the vast majority of AAs seem to be okay with that. {smh}

      • All I can say is ditto. These men rights activists want nothing more than to express their fetishes by using unwilling women as their accomplices. Today’s third wave feminists including the black twitter feminists are just helping them along. We have to oppose and oppose strongly what these male fetishists want.

      • —THE PATTERN IS CLEAR: With each legal and cultural victory they win, these cross-dressing MEN expand their attacks on ALL women’s (whether straight, lesbian or bisexual) sovereignty!—

        I think it’s so much bigger than cross dressing men. I think they’re being used as the face of the movement, but it would make perfect sense that it’s the totality of the MRA movement behind this.

        • Gina,

          Yes, I believe you’re correct that it’s “so much bigger than cross-dressing men.” I’m convinced that it’s ALL categories of *predatory men,* whether they’re straight, trannies, or whatever. And the bottom line is that predatory men (of all varieties) target vulnerable, unprotected women (as you alluded to in your earlier comment).

          It has always been this way; and it will always be this way. And AA women—who tend to be among the ranks of the most unprotected and vulnerable women in the U.S.*—need to wake up and smell the coffee.

          When you stop to think about it, it’s eye-opening to realize that the majority of straight AA women are as unprotected from male violence (because AA males don’t protect the women in their orbit) as White lesbians who are “out” in public!

          Here’s a comment from the “End of An Era” GenderTrender article I linked to in an earlier comment that puts this aspect of the discussion in historical context:

          silverside Says:

          April 22, 2015 at 4:31 pm
          I fear that we may be devolving towards pre-1970s patterns of lesbian socializing and organizing. That is through small, inter-lapping of networks and get-togethers that are by invitation only or word of mouth. And they will be harder to monitor than before, since men and trans are apparently more intent on crashing and destroying than before. I think many younger women just don’t know that there is a whole history of men invading and infiltrating lesbian bars and other rare public spaces. Insisting that men and “trans women” be admitted is not a new form on “inclusiveness” or progressive policy. It’s really just the latest manifestation of a very old pattern of male abuse, harassment, and control, but one that is now being articulated under a new propaganda line of being “anti-bigotry.”

          Because I am drawn to history, I like concrete examples. Karla Jay once mentioned straight men who stood around the edges of the dance floor and masturbated–that was at Kooky’s in NYC in the 60s. Somebody might say that was just the way mob bars were back then. But look at NYC’s Dalloway from around 2012-2013. Also reports of “corporate voyeurs” in what was supposedly an upscale lesbian bar. 50 years of LGBT “progress” and it looks just the same? Okay, well what about the 70s when things were presumably different? Then we had men standing outside Peg’s Place, a SF lesbian bar, and threatening to “get the dykes.” When management threatened that they would call the police, the men smugly informed them that they WERE the police. That was in 1979. So many other examples: How about the Sweetheart Bar in Detroit, where men regularly waited outside to beat up lesbians as they left the premises? That was in the 1940s. How about Kansas City’s Tootsie’s, a lesbian bar taken over by predatory males and swingers looking for a threesome? The place got so out of control that a woman was raped in the bathroom of a “lesbian” bar in 2008–long after we were told that all these men were now our “queer” comrades. What about the man, a convicted felon, who was arrested at Reno’s Blue Cactus for possession of a firearm in 2002? Men assaulting women bouncers outside Portland’s Egyptian Club in the mid 90s? That’s not even going into larger scale male violence like the bombing of Atlanta’s Otherside Lounge in 1997. Or the raids by male police through the 1960s. Or the takeover and destruction by men, both straight and gay, of former lesbian bars through gentrification and economic coercion. I could go on and on. But the point is that there is not a magic time and place where men truly and peacefully co-existed in womyn’s space. Never happened. Young “queer women” should perhaps put down their theory books and start reading history.

        • —Young “queer women” should perhaps put down their theory books and start reading history.—

          Well THIS is a quote to live by, especially for BLACK women.

    • Google the FTM controversy at Wellesley. Forcing professors to use pronouns applicable to all students, decrying gender norms while benefiting from male privilege (loud voices, wants accommodated).

    • You have Blk women who will argue with you for days over a White wealthy transgender who won’t spit on them if they were on fire.

      I just don’t get it. I keep asking these Blk women, who will go this hard for you. Can you name any group of people who will fight for you the way you fight for transgendered women.


      Transgendered women are just that transgendered. We are not the same. There are nature and nuture differences between the two of us. They are a third gender and should be categorized as such.

  2. About the bathroom madness:

    This news story just happened in Chicago.

    I agree with several of the commenters over at Lipstick Alley who are discussing this story:

    Re: Cops: Man Choked 8-Year-Old Girl in Restaurant Bathroom
    Why are people playing dumb right now? “But he isn’t trans!” Okay? He’s not but the valid point still stands that it’s just one of the consequences when our public bathrooms for young girls and women aren’t protected. It creates a very scary loophole waiting to be exploited by sick, perverted men with vile intentions. All these deranged fucks have to do is ID as a woman to get access. . . . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Pandora’s box has been opened and this is just the beginning. I expect a spike in harassment reports and even worse attacks + violations against women as a result. Obama’s legacy. Smfh.

    Yep, that about sums it up.

  3. I’ve been saying this since Beyoncé started that FAUX black power mess at the Super Bowl. Even she better watch herself because she has pissed off many police officers nationwide for her depiction of them since the super bowl. Some are protesting at her shows and others refusing to work her shows. You better believe if she gets herself in a bind the po po ain’t gonna have her back.

    You had BW out here celebrating that mess not EVEN KNOWING what it was like for the Black women who were apart of the BLP and how many were raped, abused, IGNORED by the very men they “thought” they were fighting with. Then the leader (Eldridge Cleaver) turns around and. Writes a book where he brags about raping young black girls and waxing poetic about White beauty and its hold on him.

    And you got Beyoncé mammyin around at the Super Bowl and silly BW following that shit not even understanding how that black power movement didn’t do shit to advance Black women.

    I read “ain’t I a woman” and that’s where I learned about all the BS BW went through as panthers.

    • Care to tell more about what BW went through in the black panthers? Oh and I heard about the black women getting raped by the people they should have been working with. SMH. That’s why its sad to see so many black women going to bat for these BM and BEyonce’s faux movements.


        “From 1968 to the end of its publication in 1982, the head editors of the Black Panther Party newspaper were all women and in 1970, approximately 40-70% of party members were women and several chapters were headed by women.

        But the idealism and feminist principles were not admired by everyone in the BPP and there was opposition from men about women having power and key roles in the movement. “That definitely existed,” says Nelson. “Did we achieve equality? No, we didn’t. There was sexism back then and we have sexism today, fifty years on.”

        In Elaine Brown’s autobiography, Taste of Power, she describes the treatment of female Panthers which included physical and sexual abuse. She realised that women “would have to fight for the right to fight for freedom”. By 1975, she concluded that “the value of my life had been obliterated as much by being female as by being black and poor”.

        Brown admits that she did not always speak out against how women were treated. Especially after Newton was released from jail and returned to prominence in the party, there was an increasing hostility towards its female leadership.

        Regina Davis, who managed the Panthers’ school, was beaten up by men in the BPP for criticising a male colleague. She ended up in hospital with a broken jaw. Brown writes that when she told Newton of her anger, he refused to take action against the men and instead challenged Brown to a debate in the central committee.

        This rift caused Brown to leave the BPP. Describing her experiences, she said: “A woman in the Black Power movement was considered, at best, irrelevant. A woman asserting herself was a pariah. If a black woman assumed a role of leadership, she was said to be eroding black manhood, to be hindering the progress of the black race. She was an enemy of the black people…. I knew I had to muster something mighty to manage the Black Panther Party.”

        • Also in his autobiography Eldrige Cleaver wrote various quotes. Here’s one where he admits to first taping young black girls then crossing over to WW.

          “i started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the evil of a day. when i considered myself smooth enough, i crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.” “rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that i was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that i was defiling his women…i felt i was getting revenge. From the site of
          the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles.
          I wanted to send waves of consternation thoughout the white race.” “i know that the black man’s sick attitude toward the white woman is
          a revolutionary sickness: It keeps him perpetually out of harmony with the
          system that is oppressing him. Many whites flatter themselves with the idea that the negro male’s lust and desire for the white dream girl is purely an esthetic attraction, but nothing could be further from the truth. His motivation is often of such a bloody, hateful, bitter, and malignant nature that whites would really
          be hard pressed to find it flattering.”

  4. I’M TIRED.

    I feel like I say that all the time. But, Negroes are TRULY “wearin’ me out”.

    First of all, neither Beyonce nor her husband Jay-Z are “pro-Black”. All of this BLM/formation propaganda is just another money-making scheme. What did Jay-Z do when he heard about Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus (whichever place carries his line of clothes) were racially profiling black shoppers in their stores? What kind of substantive stand did he take? And, Beyonce has tried to emphasize her “Creole” bloodline for the longest (not that I care).

    There’s too much celebrity worship, these days. And, people aren’t just into their music, dancing styles, fashion, etc., they are placing heavy weight on their political and social opinions. And, many of these people aren’t very educated or even well-read. A big movement I remember from entertainment artists in my youth was the push to help Africa with “We Are the World”. I was young, so I may have missed out on other things. But, today, it’s just ridiculous how putting out a p0rno and getting wealthy, coming out as trans, and getting wealthy off of songs like “Bootylicious” has people caring about the social and political opinions of certain individuals. I think much of it comes down to the U.S. having an increasing amount of respect and infatuation for people who become extremely wealthy for doing little to nothing of value. That seems to be “the NEW ‘Smart'”. Furthermore, too many adults (particularly AAs) have a juvenile mindset, because they were bred and raised by juveniles themselves. These days, you have grandparents and great-grandparents who were all unwed teen parents. This worship of entertainers without a substantive analysis of the worth of their contributions is a result.

    As far as this whole “gay” “trans” situation goes, I believe in people having the right to be so without harassment or assault. However, there seems to be an “anti-God”, “anti-Jesus”, “anti-religion”, “anti-heterosexual”, “anti-U.S.” agenda going on, and I have SERIOUS PROBLEMS with that. Here’s how I bluntly feel about it:

    1. If gay/trans people are not comfortable adhering to traditional male/female divisions of space, there needs to be a gay/trans space assigned. People who ARE NOT gay/trans (the MAJORITY of the world) should not be compelled to inhabit spaces where they do not feel safe or protected.

    2. If people STRICTLY adhered to homosexual relations and transgenders had COMPLETE sex change operations and mated with each other, how long would it take the human race to go extinct without scientific intervention?

    3. People who are TRULY unhappy with the U.S. should JUST LEAVE. WHY continue to live within a society in which you are MISERABLE and make yourself a target of antipathy and violence? JUST GO where you are HAPPY. All the DRAMA isn’t worth it.

    I could go on and on, but it’s just too fatiguing.

    You are VERY WISE, OLS. I hope the younger generation listens to you.

    • @ Formavitae,

      I totally agree. Especially with your number 2 point. I wrote my first novel, “Garden of Evil; The Cis-Gender Annihilation” (available on Amazon) about this very topic. Although my novel is science fiction, I do think the push to perform uterus transplants is not so that biologically born cis women that have fertility issues can conceive, but rather Trans women that aren’t satisfied with looking the part of a woman and want the same biological functions as women. There is a reason humans, like all other creatures evolved the way we have; the optimal likelihood of survival, and going along with this movement will probably be the worst thing any woman can do. Especially black women. Black women have already rendered ourselves invisible by jumping on everyone else’s cause/bandwagon, except our own, and the push to accept males in particular as females will cause more harm than good.

      • @Sys Author

        I think you’ve raised a good point about a possible agenda for uterine transplants. It seems many people are upset at the notion of “rules” and “order”. They want “truth” to be whatever they dictate. I think it’s unfortunate, and it’s one reason I commit to believing in God though it’s becoming less popular.

        It’s sad that AA women are willing to jump on the bandwagon of anyone perceived as an “underdog” irrespective of the impacts to their own lives. I’ve accepted that some AA women will choose to save themselves, but many will perish.

        • I’ve noticed this too. Black women will jump on any bandwagon of whoever comes to them with a sad story. It can literally be anything and black women will give up life and limb for them.

        • @Formavitae,

          I”m alarmed at the “Anti” stance coming out of the LGBT community and their anger at conservatives has them lashing out at religion in particular which is odd..why push to get married if your anti-religion, anti God? Marriage is a religious ceremony. When politicians were willing to go along with civil unions, which would have given those in the lgbt community the same legal rights as married couples, that wasn’t good enough. Even if a separate bathroom/lockeroom and showers for the transgendered were an available and viable option, they will say no. I believe that a lot of people have been paid off to support the trans movement in every level in our country and they are using the Civil Rights movement. I’ll never forget reading an article where Kevin Hart, who in a fit of self hatred, made the most offensive and sick so-called jokes about dark complected black women, however said this interview how he would never make jokes about gay people. There is, and has never been, a correlation between race and the transgendered, yet the civil rights movement that was supposed to address the discrimination towards AA for over 400 years is benefiting everyone but AA. Black women still seeking love, validation and acceptance from everyone and anyone have been guilted into supporting this movement because after all- we should know what discrimination and rejection feel like. And since, we have the most money and voting power, which by the way we are rarely reminded of this power, black women like the attorney general have become the face of a movement and a group she doesn’t belong to.

        • @Sys Author

          In my opinion, it all boils down to them wanting to FORCE other people to submit to their paradigm and will. I once took a class on sexual minorities (not realizing “minority” did not mean “color”–lol), but I couldn’t understand why it was so important to them that Christians/Christianity view homosexuality as “okay”. I mean, if you don’t like what a religion teaches, shouldn’t you just pick a different religion? Makes sense to me.

          Again, this is all about forcing OTHERS to change. It isn’t able them having equal “rights” or “opportunities “, otherwise civil unions, transgendered bathrooms/lockerooms would be acceptable. They want to force religions to say the opposite of their foundational precepts and force women/females to accept them as women/the same though they ARE NOT.

      • My question is how will that even work? Men do not have the physical build or internal support to even make this
        happen. SMH. That’s sad that women who’ve been fighting to give birth for years now have to contend with trans women who
        believe THEY should be first in line for this type of thing.

        • @OLS,

          I don’t know, however I was just watching the news, I believe it was in MSNBC, and apparently some scientists privately met to discuss the possibility of creating an artificial genome…building humans..I kid you not. When people have the money, they will try and find a way no matter how unethical or dangerous without looking at the zillions of “what if’s.”

          Humans are clearly bored with our evolution, so I guess there are those that want to take human evolution and change suit their own needs. Just like bussing in the 1960’s to desegregate the schools was a huge experiment with no scientific research to justify such harsh actions would help AA children learn more or have more access, I foresee a day when men will voluntarily, if they’re not already doing it in foreign countries, attempt to transplant a uterus into a male. Everything seems to be starting out as an experiment.

          Btw, they did do a uterine transplant a few months ago in the U.S, you can google for the story. The transplant was performed on a female patient, however it failed. I wish all those wanting to create life much success, however perhaps some failings are for the best.

        • @Sys Author,

          “I wish all those wanting to create life much success, however perhaps some failings are for the best.”

          This statement reminded me of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. I’ve never read the book. However, I did watch the 1931 film adaptation of the story. It was EXCELLENT. Fredric March played the main character. He was HANDSOME (and a former lover of Dorothy Dandridge who was absolutely CRAZY about her). Anyway, his acting skills were SUPERB. And, he earned his first Oscar for this role. The film is in black and white;however, that does not diminish its beauty. Actually, it seems quite appropriate.

          But, the reason I mentioned this film is because it addresses the topic of humans (men) attempting to use science to pursue goals beyond their moral rights as men. It touches upon what happens when men try to “play God”. It truly is an excellent film, and I encourage others to watch it. I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

        • I could imagine scientists devising some sort of self regulated external ‘womb’ container that could be worn as a fanny pack type of contraption with portable ultrasound and other accesories. Then women who ‘have to’ bear children naturally will be scorned. Of course the decades of prototype failures before success would be monstrous, but as one commenter said, evolution is getting boring.

    • I am with you all the way. I’ve noticed it too. Now people are willing to lay down and support ANYONE who was able to make money doing ANYTHING. It doesn’t even matter how low down or wrong what they are doing is. Or I’ve noticed anyone is willing to support and “Donate” to any one for whatever sob stories they have. I’ve actually heard of people on TUMBLR claiming to be “homeless” and needing people to of course donate to them. People really have no discernment when it comes to celebrities anymore and they give far too much weight to them.

      • Too many people are out here trying to play others for suckas.

        I have had people try to hit me up for money just because I tried to be courteous and polite by saying, “Hello.” I’ve limited the range of individuals and projects I’m willing to give to, because I work hard for my money, and I’m not here just to foot someone else’s bills.

        Too many people are so far up the tails of these entertainers that the entertainers have started to believe their own hype (like KW believing he’s a “god”). I’ve been waiting for the current “entertainment” to go out of style. But, I’m beginning to fear it won’t, because it’s too cheap and easy.

  5. I agree with everything being said here, especially about pervy white dudes and their penis rights. Just be very careful if you’re saying anything anti-trans that you’re doing it from an untraceable account. A third of these doods work in IT and I’ve heard horror stories from women who’ve been doxxed, their paypal accounts hacked, one even had a trans show up at her house. Your direct messages and emails on these social networking sites ARE NOT private. Gallus Mag got banned from Reddit for something she did in a direct message on that site. These are scary, entitled pornsick POWERFUL men, please behave accordingly and be careful. Gallus Mag over at GenderTrender is a godsend and a saint for cutting through the nonsense and putting it out for the real.

    It’s ironic that so many of those liberal feminists spend all their time on Twitter, after all, Dana McCallum a trans convicted of raping his wife is a Twitter engineer.

    And if you don’t believe these men are wealthy and powerful note Wachovia bank all lit up in trans colors. Have you ever seen a BANK lit up for actual women?

    • Girl you are right! Why do you think a population less than 3% can command such power and laws behind them? POWER behind them by the very men who support or who are trans themselves!

      • Not 3%, 3/10ths of 1%. These tech companies like Google and Facebook are full of them. They inflate their numbers of “women” employees by counting these people. Remember, the world’s wealthiest “female” CEO is trans, as are now wealthy movie producers/directors like the Wachowski brothers (yes, BOFADEM) of The Matrix fame. They’re throwing money by the fistful behind this. The first CEO to march in a Pride parade, just happens to be the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. They can’t give their toxic hormones and chemicals to women, so now they are prescribing them to men. Children as young as 8 are being put on a lifetime regimen of off-label chemotherapy that will leave them sterile, not to mention prey to various maladies. Say it with me boys and girls, KA-CHING! KA-CHING! KA-CHING! Trans is capitalism run amok, as Khadija says, “Cui bono?” Certainly not women, and especially NOT black women. Pay those Twitter feminist no attention, that’s why they constantly have their hands out begging for money. Get real and focus on you and yours.

        • If you’re talking about Martine Rothblatt? I just checked “her” out and she/he is married to a Black woman and has a black/bi racial daughter. Damn!

        • Yep, that’s him. He’s made a robot of his wife. Shades of a high-tech Buffalo Bill. I guess she should be grateful that he didn’t skin her and wear her skin, he just made a replica of her. Nothing creepy about that, of course.

        • carterabbie,

          THANKS so much for connecting all the dots with this madness. I was aware of some of it—in bits and pieces—but I didn’t see the total overall picture until you laid it out like that.

          I was aware of the disproportionate number of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD, including Asperger’s) who work in IT and Silicon Valley. From some of the discussions over at GenderTrender I had heard of the connections between this trans madness and ASD. Those who are interested can check out this comment:

          I had heard of Wachowski brothers’s trans dramas. Which apparently included one of them abandoning “his wife of nine years – childhood sweetheart Thea – to pursue a sado-masochistic relationship with a dominatrix.”

          And a copy and paste of a Rolling Stone article about it here:

          [After I ran across the above articles, I knew that I’ll never look at Trinity’s clothing in The Matrix the same way again. I doubt I’l be able to watch *any* of their movies again, now that I know.]

          Like I said, I had run across these bits and pieces but hadn’t put it all together until your comment. Percentage-wise, there are very few of these freaks, but they’re disproportionately positioned in sensitive areas and technologies. {shudder} I hope the Feds and other national security agencies have an eye out for these nuts.

          Since these cross-dressing men are extremely mentally unhealthy, I figure it’s just a matter of time until they do something that provokes a widespread backlash against them (wealth or no wealth) from the masses of conservative American WM (who, unlike Black males, tend to protect the women and girls in their orbit). The pity is that the backlash will also splash onto the other parts of that “alphabet soup”—the gays, lesbians and bisexuals who allowed these trannies to latch onto their movement(s). I would also expect the backlash to splash onto the unprotected demographic of straight women who cape for these trans-persons (= straight African-American women).

        • This is the comment I referenced in my reply to carterabbie (just in case the link doesn’t work as I intended):

          Fruitopia Says:

          September 16, 2015 at 5:06 pm
          @autistic mtt –

          Thank you for your reply, I have taken it into account. I know that we may seem unsympathetic, but we are mostly just airing our frustrations at invasive autogynephiles, and the media dogma. I am grateful that you have taken the time to reply to me, and taken the chance that you wouldn’t be welcomed here. Know that I, and many others on this site, do care about you and trans people in general. I wish you health and happiness, it’s just that I know this can only come from accepting your true self. Many of us feel incredibly sad for children and vulnerable adults who have bought into trans ideology.

          I certainly take your point about refusing to acknowledge trans issues; however there will probably be no trans people at the meeting so that I don’t have to worry about it having undesired effects in the immediate sense.

          I am acutely aware that many fellow autistic people have gender identity issues, and I understand why. It is something that I would love to bring up in the meeting, if it wouldn’t get me called transphobic for daring to suggest that trans* is caused by anything other than having the soul of the opposite sex.

          One thing I am really concerned about, is the number of female autistic people who are going trans. It used to be that the vast majority of people with this condition were male, and now females make up 40% of trans. This can not possibly be a natural occurrence. It is because the trans agenda is being vociferously promoted these past few years.

          I have so many ideas as to why autistic people are so susceptible to trans ideology.

          – we lack our own identities, especially females (before I was diagnosed I used to think what was wrong with me was that I had tragically been born without a personality), and seek belonging by wanting to have some externally validated identity/label that we can say about ourselves. (This is also why some autistic people, especially campaigners, make their whole identity around being autistic.)

          – it is very appealing for people of low social status to have an identity such as trans that will give them plenty of praise and attention. Even if they are bullied for being trans they can bolster themselves by thinking of themselves as an heroic oppressed victim, and talking about this to their online friends. I don’t think they deliberately plan to be trans so that they have something special about themselves, I think it is subconscious.

          – we don’t like change, and puberty is a time when we are supposed to start taking our gender roles very seriously. Some of us struggle to adjust to the change, and others find that they can’t play the gender role convincingly. It may seem like the grass is greener on the other side and the opposite sex has it so much easier.

          – adolescence is a difficult time for everybody, let alone low status teens. Het autistic boys might be/feel rejected by the seemingly effortlessly popular pretty girls they covet, and gay autistic boys may feel this about the het alpha males who they admire, but who they cannot act like and who reject them as friends.

          – it used to be accepted that female autistics often could not identify with either gender. Now there is no room for gender-non conforming cis people, let alone identity-less autistic gender non conforming cis people

          – female autistics are especially prone to copying people in order to be like them, and/or learn how to be normal, hence the gender-non conforming ones are prone to copying males.

          – autistic people are often in awe of those who they perceive to be socially high-status or naturally dominant, things we covet and want to be like. It may seem like alpha males and pretty popular girls are the ultimate neurotypicals to socially incapable people of the respective opposite sex.

          – since autistic people do not understand how NT minds work, they may see people as 2-dimensional personas rather than seeing them as whole people. For example, autogynephilic ones may perceive pretty popular girls as just that – the clothes they wear, their mannerisms and appearance, their number of friends and girly activities – rather than whole humans with complex lives, experiences, thoughts and feelings.

          – Autistic people often learn through the media what the “correct” opinions to have, and follow it religiously. Hence the support for trans, which is not only politically correct, but portrayed as moral, and those on the opposing side are portrayed as evil.

          – following popular political beliefs is a way to make yourself feel like you are of higher status

          This is what I’ve gleaned from knowing many autistic people, and from my own experiences and what I’ve learnt about myself.

          The only part of your comment that I disagree with is the part about trans* not always being a fetish for autistic people. This is true, but it’s also true for NT trans; not all of them have a fetish. I feel that you may be airbrushing reality in order to portray autistic trans people as sexually innocent. No offence, because otherwise I really liked and appreciated you comment.

          I have an autistic het male cross dresser friend (cross dressing is considered mild autogynephilia by sexologists) who has been very very promiscuous with both sexes (he slept with many men when he erroneously thought he was gay). I consider him somewhat of an expert! It is his opinion that men on the spectrum are more likely to have fetishes in general. he also explained that his cross dressing is both a fetish and a sensory thing. Although many autogynephiles in general report being aroused by the feeling of soft or otherwise pleasant fabrics.

          Anyway, again thanks for your comment, and have a nice day. I will do my best tomorrow.

      • I have a gut feeling this group is larger than 3%.. I have no proof, however since many are living double lives and are in the closet, if legislation continues to go their way, they will begin to come out of their closets.

      • “This will be effectively PUSHING WOMEN OUT of hard earned and won spaces. And put them back to what things were PRE women’s rights.”

        So true. I remember that Chicago even had/has a feminist bookstore called “Women and Children First”. I wonder if they are getting trans pushback and have to cede this space to non-women.

  6. I wanted to link to some articles I’ve read that highlight the importance of AA women (and EVERYONE) taking responsibility for their sexual health and decision-making. Some articles I read over 10 years ago. I’ve been trying to find them. One, I just read today. Here are some links:

    I have not yet been able to find the article detailing a stranger sex party that had an obviously AIDS-affllicted man having unprotected sex with an attractive, healthy/fit looking young guy. I can’t remember the title, and I read it many years ago. But, these links highlight what we’re truly facing in this mating game.

    As I’ve said before, CHOOSE WISELY.

  7. Some big-time Democratic donors are behind this madness, including the dude who founded Quark, and of course George Soros who has put a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS behind it. And trust, these money folk don’t put their money anywhere without an endgame. That’s why you have politicians on both sides supporting the transBorg. This is why Obama is pushing so hard. Without Soros’s money the Democrats are screwed. He’s trying to hand Hillary an issue that will get her some traction with young voters. They’re far more likely to be agitated by LGBT issues than older voters. Frankly, I think it’s a dumb strategy because no politician has yet to win anything by agitating young voters primarily because THEY DON’T VOTE. All this is likely to do is agitate the evangelicals who DO VOTE and vote in droves. That’s why you’ve seen Trump back away from his earlier support of the transBorg. Either way Loretta Lynch is an idiot who is allowing herself to become the face of this foolishness and it is her who will be going down when this shit backsplashes all over the place. They’ll need a scapegoat and she will be it.

    The only difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives believe women are private property and liberals believe they’re public property. As always black women need to look out for what is best for us, and choose to ally with our own best interests. Conservative white men are not going to stand for strange men having access to “their” women. Whether you agree with conservatives or not, in this case their mindset is to our benefit. Remaining neutral in the bloodbath to come is in our best interests.

    Unfortunately, the transBorg is too wealthy and powerful for black women’s voices to have any effect, but we can talk to each other and make it clear what we stand to lose. And most importantly, how dangerous this for black women. Let wealthy white men fight this one out, while we reap the benefit for a change. Ignore those broke nitwits on Twitter and focus on the endgame. There are a lot of black women on Lipstick Alley of all places has a very robust resistance to this madness.

    Nuance is going to be very important in the coming months and years. We cannot lend our blind support to any agenda. It’s perfectly legitimate to be supportive of the LGB, while being agnostic or opposed to the T. Indeed, I’m leaning more toward supporting the L, only, since radical feminists, many whom are lesbian, are the only ones who’ve stood up to this madness. Up to, and even being boycotted by the rest of the acronym at Michfest. I haven’t looked at the gay movement the same since, especially since most of those groups like GLAAD and the HRC have been taken over by the transBorg.

    Further, we can be fully supportive of the conservative agenda on THIS ISSUE while disregarding the rest of their agenda. It’s not an all or nothing game and we need to be more strategic in the way we play it.

    • I agree. As I said above the Conservatives are the last bastion to stand up against this stuff and as you stated that can be a benefit to Black women.

    • Honestly I’m leaning towards conservative or not voting at all. I can’t with good reason give my vote to Trump BUT honestly I like the conservative agenda better than the democratic one. Mainly because they are the ones still fighting against all the liberal ideologies that can hurt AA women.

      Then there is the option of simply not voting this round since we’re almost screwed either way.

      But I WILL NOT vote for Hillary.

      • Yes Hillary is a schmuck and a liar. She can burn for all I care and so can trump. I’m also leaning towards sitting
        this out because both parties are unappealing. I can’t see anyone winning in the long run.

      • I’m voting for Bernie if Hilary doesn’t steal the nomination. If he’s not an option I’m voting for trump. No more establishment candidates.

      • Voting is important, but most important on the local level, especially your school boards. This is going to be the battleground for quite a while. I have every intention of becoming a single issue voter and if they’re behind this trans mess they don’t get my vote. Gutting Title IX is not in my best interest, and it certainly isn’t in the best interest of my young sons. I don’t want them in the toilet or locker room or on sports teams with these girls who think they’re boys. The shit is going to hit the fan when one of those morons get raped and I don’t want my kids anywhere near that.

    • I’m Protestant and STRICTLY hetero. However, I can understand why a woman would be a lesbian.

      However, I have stayed out of the LGBQ(…) debates, discussions, etc., as that is not my worldview and I’ve never wanted to be bogged down with the baggage and drama. The only time I mentally get involved is when they’re trying to “force my hand” in the political/social arena.

      Well…here we go with the “trans” issues. I identify with them EVEN LESS. I am so upset that Obama basically “put them on the (political) map”. Now, we (I) CAN’T ignore them and let them go their own way.

      I don’t like getting bent out of shape, nor do I like drama. So, for myself, I’m “getting back to the basics”. I’m a Theist. I believe in Jesus. I’m Protestant. I’m a woman. I’m hetero. I’m AA. I love the U.S. I like education, nuclear families, nature, and financial security. I love traditional values. And, I support the death penalty (and think it should be used more often). I hate rapists and believe in the “right to bear arms”. I’m MORE than happy to let men go to war while I stay home raising children and baking apple pie.

      Now, the reality is that I am an educated women with a career who has individual goals and aspirations that have nothing to do with a man. That will never change. HOWEVER,…the point I am making is that these people who try to FORCE me to go against fundamental principles and values that I have are calcifying and eradicating any flexibility I had or was willing to have in “meeting them halfway”. I’m tired. I’m fed up. Two emotions I really don’t like to have. When I get to that point, I’m usually “done” and willing to excise anything (except my principles) just to move on.

      I am unhappy with the point we are at politically in the United States. However, I feel this is one of those “watershed moments” and junctures at which the policy direction we choose will set us on a course that will permanently eradicate other options we have today. AAs ARE SCREWED. Our true interests and voices are being drowned out in public discourse, and, once silenced, I don’t believe they will be heard again. AA women need to start thinking of ways to hitch their wagons to the trains that will survive the wilderness.

      God, I would LOVE to be able to say, “Since it’s not my state (city), I don’t have to worry about it,” and just go on with my life. But, Obama is making this a FEDERAL mandate, and WE ALL are impacted, whether we like it or not.

      • That’s basically it in a nutshell. AAs are screwed either way! And we have no one to blame but ourselves for getting to this point. I don’t even think it’s a lesser of two evils anymore. It’s all equally evil when you look at where we DO NOT FIT IN.

        So best bet AA women can do is look at where and what party carries more of the benefits and ideals that will benefit her personally – however little those benefits may be.

        The blacks most affected will be the poor and disenfranchised and the ones who can’t think critically (despite possblu living better than the former).

        I still believe smart progressive BW can make it out this storm just fine because typically we have adopted such a mindset to thrive. Unfortunately I hate to say this but the bulk of AA women and girls will fall by the wayside due to their stagnant mentalities and ideals.

        • Neecy,

          You are TOTALLY CORRECT.

          I am SO disappointed things have turned out this way for our people. Our ancestors deserve a MUCH better legacy. Many AAs are doing well and honoring our forebears, but, TRUTHFULLY, our ENTIRE GROUP should be excelling beyond measure. It’s sad and another one of my heartaches. It just makes me happy see the AA women who “get it” thrive. For example, I was THRILLED to see that Janet Jackson now has her own jewelry line. And, the gems are BEAUTIFUL. I WISH I could afford them! But, I am just so happy to see her on “that level” many people will never be able “to touch”.

        • Neecy. Looks like you were right on the topic of conservatives being more likely to try and protect women.

          There was legislation trying to be pushed to have women 18-25 voted forced to register for the draft. Turns out conservatives voted against it. Because they thought it was a bad Idea.

          Ladies crap is getting real it is VERY important to align yourselves with the right people. This could very well have been a disaster for a lot of women. And it looks like LIBERALS are going to be pushing some dangerous and not even TESTED ideologies in the name of “equality” and we are going to pay. Same thing with this Trans MESS. The policies we’re talking about will effectively STRIP all the REAL gains women have made and put MEN back on equal footing. By blurring the line between SEX and GENDER we’re allowing MEN to dictate to us.Not only will they be able to dominate in there OWN stuff but in our areas too. (Like the mess at the olympics were you can play as the gender you “identify” with. SMH. This will be effectively PUSHING WOMEN OUT of hard earned and won spaces. And put them back to what things were PRE women’s rights.
          If you wonder what the liberal politicians get for supporting these trans issues at the expense of women. By putting these men in WOMEN’s Spaces and saying gender is what you FEEL they are effectively allowing MEN to take back what women had to work hard to get.

        • “And it looks like LIBERALS are going to be pushing some dangerous and not even TESTED ideologies in the name of “equality” and we are going to pay.”

          This comment about liberal idelogy reminds me of this post on For Black Women Only Facebook about librealism being the cause of the demise of black people in America. This is a different discussion, but this post can still be applied if the words are tweaked.

        • SilverRoxen,

          I knew I wanted to make this comment to “someone” on this post. I guess it was YOU. Lol.

          Years ago, I was reading, “The Closing of the American Mind”, by Alan Bloom. (It’s one of the books I have on my “Finish Reading This”- bucket list, along with the complete “Les Miserables”.) Anyway, in one of his chapters, he was discussing how education systems aren’t neutral (my words). Every society has a certain type of citizen/individual they desire, to help promote the structure, function, and objectives of that society (i.e. those in charge of the society). The education system is designed to develop that particular type of individual. He goes into more detail, explaining his position. However, that was a very enlightening moment for me. It changed my paradigm in that I started questioning WHY certain things were being taught/advocated and stopped just ACCEPTING that certain types of education were “necessary” or “fundamental”. If there is anything important that I have learned, it is to THINK ABOUT (analyze) what you “think” and to determine why it is so and whether or not you actually agree with it (or want to).

          With that in mind, these gay/trans/etc alterations in society have been being advanced for some time. And, the movement includes inculcating children. They are becoming more aggressive. This latest “bathroom” debacle has just SOLIDIFIED my decision NOT to send my children to public schools. And, I am going to carefully vet any PRIVATE schools ALSO. If necessary, I thank God homeschooling is still an option.

          One more thing, I read one of Thomas Sowell’s books (I can’t remember which one, as I’ve read several). In it, he was discussing the relationship between culture, society, and a society’s outcomes. He was discussing how certain developments occurred in certain countries but not others because the cultures and mentalities of the people differed. NOT ALL cultures/ideologies foster/create ALL outcomes/designs EQUALLY (or even, PREFERENTIALLY).

          As much as people resent the United States and the history of the United States. . . As much as people want to promote other “oppressed” cultures, groups and ideologies. . . As much as people want to see “change”. . . they CANNOT DENY the culture and ideology that fostered the development of the United States. WESTERN (Anglo-Saxon) culture. CHRISTIAN culture/ideology. I’m not saying other cultures had no influence. But, there is a reason why a concept such as the United States hasn’t “sprung up” in areas of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America without Western colonization or influence (force). So, WHY people think the United States will continue to function SUCCESSFULLY with an erosion of its PRINCIPLE values (think Constitution, Declaration of Independence, not slavery and racism) or a supplantation of those values by/with values/cultures/ideologies/religions that HAVE NOT produced similar societies or freedoms…I DO NOT KNOW.

          If these other cultures/societies/ideologies/religions were FAVORABLE to the development of constructs such as those that exist in the U.S., they would have/would be developing them AT HOME, and the people wouldn’t be COMING HERE. So, AAs better WAKE UP AND RECOGNIZE WHAT THEY HAVE. People aren’t risking dying at sea, etc. to travel to other countries for NO REASON. So, JUST THINK TWICE before you let someone start “redecorating YOUR house” to look like the one they INTENTLY “LEFT BEHIND”.

          And, don’t try to compare the efforts of these groups to alter the U.S. to the AA struggle. AAs fought for the rights, principles, and protections delineated WITHIN the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. AAs have fought for their RIGHTFUL INCLUSION into the fabric of U.S. society, governance, and justice. Some (many) of these other people are attempting to REDEFINE what the U.S./America MEANS. Some don’t even want to learn the language (ENGLISH). This is problematic FOR ME and many others who profess a love for this country.

          Everyone has the right to their own political views and values. I’m not trying to FORCE mine “down anyone’s throat”. I’m just expressing what I feel and lamenting what I view as multi-faceted efforts to destroy the stability, foundation, and POTENTIAL of this country FOR GOOD.

          Whew! That was WAY MORE than I planned to say!

      • Formavitae, Yes! People should always analyze why they believe in and advocate for certain ideologies especially black women.

        Regarding including children in this movement I have read a couple of articles about that. The particular issue that I have read is whether parents should assign a gender to their child or should the child do it (or should they be “gender neutral”). Of course the other issues involves bathrooms and organizations in schools (i.e. sports, clubs, etc.). I live in the state in which the House Two Bill issue is occurring, so naturally this came up as a topic of discussion in a Sociology class (plus the instructor is a Senator).

        As for AAs when it comes to our group’s feelings about the U.S., I believe that has been molded even moreso currently by police brutality and the BLM movement. Now I have read many posts by black women that support BWE and even they encourage AA women in particular to consider traveling and emigrating to another country because of what black women and girls have gone through. I saw an increase in these conversations when the black girls and women were abused (i.e. McKinney,Texas, South Carolina, etc.) even Neecy has written such posts. However, she did write a post explaining why AA women should be grateful.

        Overall, excellent comment and those books sound intriguing.

        • “(plus the instructor is a Senator).”

          Oh WOW! I’M JEALOUS!! REALLY! But, not in a negative way.

          I’ve noticed the discourse focuses much more on the separation of “sex” and “gender”. These are issues and topics of modern intellectual thinkers. I’ll be frank. I think I’ve passed the stage of worrying about incorporating “modern ideology” into my thought process and decision-making. I’m not saying others shouldn’t. I just know what I believe about life. And, my focus is on consolidating my own principles and values.

          I’ll be honest. I WILL be raising my daughters with dresses, dolls, and a more conventional concept of femininity. And, I WILL be raising my sons with pants, trucks, and a more conventional concept of masculinity, PARTICULARLY as it pertains to their role as men in society and family. I strongly believe in the importance of EXAMPLE and imprinting on the development of children. Furthermore, I also believe the following scripture: “Train up a child in the way he should go. And, when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

          THESE ideas and principles are what matters to me.

          I KNOW there are HIGHLY VALID REASONS for AAs having a negative sentiment about this country. I NEVER intend to discount that. I understand the PAIN, TOO. I also understand that AAs tend to trust/prefer federal intervention in politics and law because that’s the primary way we’ve been able to secure our rights as citizens, when individual states used their powers to deny them to us. I GET THAT.

          Something I think AAs don’t understand is that history in this country did not have to play out the way it did. WE COULD STILL legally be slaves. (Now, I’m not getting into the “prison industrial complex”, in this discussion.” MANY groups around the world who held/hold the status we FORMERLY had as slaves have NEVERTHELESS been able to escape it. Not to the degree that WE have. Not to the degree that ever allows them to enter the HIGHEST economic stratum of their society.

          AAs also need to acknowledge that it was an appeal to concepts and ideas of EUROPEANS philosophers that influenced the definition of “self-evident truths” that we later used to argue for our “humanity” and rights as U.S. “citizens”. And, the role of Christians and Christianity should not be forgotten as it relates to both the abolitionist and Civil Rights movements.

          I don’t absolve the United States or it’s citizens of ANY injustices committed against MY people (or ANYONE, for that matter). The problem that I see is that AAs focus SO STRONGLY on these injustices that they can’t see, utilize, or PRESERVE the benefits and opportunities THEY HAVE. Furthermore, I believe black males use the negative aspects of white society to keep AA women in bondage, all the while perpetuating a GREATER bondage and oppression of AA women than they have EVER KNOWN.

          It’s NOT the “founding fathers”, “pigs”, KKK, or TransAtlantic slave trade keeping AAs in bondage today. It’s so-called AA music and “culture”, black male self-hatred, lack of self-sufficiency, rejection of education and learning, welfare mentality, broken homes, and many other phenomena endemic to the AA populace (though not EXCLUSIVELY) that are holding AAs down. THAT’S why I focus on what I do. I want AAs to SEE, UNDERSTAND, and UTILIZE what they have as citizens of this country. It’s our BIRTHRIGHT. OUR ANCESTORS have already PAID FOR IT.

        • Lol!

          Yes, as someone else has stated here (I believe it was OLS) the line between sex and gender is being blurred. Sadly, several people that I know didn’t know the difference. :/

          I know exactly what you’re talking about, English philosophers during the Enlightenment period (i.e. Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Voltaire).

          For Black Women Only talks about this a lot regarding AA strongly focusing on injustices not seeing and not utilizing and preserving the benefits and opportunities that they have.

          No, you don’t believe that black males use the negative aspects of white society to keep black women on bondage. THEY DO DO IT. They try to promote the lesser of two evils tactic.

          Yes hip hop and rap and black comedians have gone off the deep end and it so ingrained into popular culture.

          Cosign on the rest.

  8. “I don’t know what’s motivating Pres. Obama to aggressively champion this trans mess. All I do know is that African-Americans have never been a priority for him. And the vast majority of AAs seem to be okay with that. {smh}

    I’m going to be frank as to what I believe is going on here, and there are so many balls in play. Most men know that this whole transgender issue is harmful to women, and they don’t care, even the ones who talk the women’s equality talk. If all these politicians really did care about it, at a fundamental level, they would have passed and enforced credible legislation to ensure it happened. Have you noticed how politicians (and men in general), always seem to be able to pass laws, no matter the red tape, opposition etc, as long as it gives them more power, wealth etc. Yet, when it comes to writing and passing legislation that are supposed to benefit less privileged groups (and for the record, I do not consider these straight male cross-dressers to be members of any underprivileged, oppressed demographic), years later, there is always some supposed unintended negative effect of these laws? These things are not mistakes, they are intentional. Whatever a law, legislation, government programme, directive etc does, is what it was supposed to do; (one perfect example is what happened in Flint. That was no mistake. It was no coincidence that they only tried to ‘save’ money in the less white and less wealthy areas).

    Now on to my main point. As some of you have mentioned, men are not going to be negatively affected by any of this transgendered mess by F-to-Transgender, the way women will be hampered by M-to-Transgender, and they know this. Obama, rather than governing and being actually being a president, decided to spend his administration chasing his legacy as opposed to building it**. Hence, he has ended up in a position where in a few years, long after he has long left the oval office, he will not have much of a legacy to show. He knows this. Right now, any legislation he pushes for is just so he can have something to point to and say: “you see what I did, all of this, that was me. I did this, I did that.” It was meant to be the ACA (Obamacare), but it is looking like that might not be around for much longer, and he realises it. I’m sure that he is quite angry about it, as he looks back on his administration and all the dreams that he (and others had), about what greatness he could achieve as president. It hasn’t happened. and he is desperately clutching at anything to have something tangible to show not only when he leaves office, but decades later. He is looking for something to make him go down in history as someone who did something great (because the whole ‘first Black president’ aura is only going to last for so long). Personally, I believe that this whole bathroom mess that his administration is trying to push through is just him throwing a tantrum. Yes, a tantrum. Women and girls safety (and specifically Black women and girls safety, because we are the ones most at risk), is of no consequence because Obama is angry.

    He is trying to do anything to ensure that those he blames for his failures (and he blames the Republicans and conservatives solely, even though they are only a part of it), are as angry/upset as he is in his last term in office. As if to say that if I’m going to leave office with you all calling me a weak lame-duck, I’m going to mess things up as much as I can and piss you off as much as I can before I go. It does not matter that in this instance, women and girls are the collateral, all that matters is that Obama is angry and he wants to teach his opponents a lesson! The saddest thing is that I think that deep down, he believes he is acting of his own volition, pushing this atrocious orders through because it is what he wants to do (for the reasons I previously mentioned). In fact, he is (along with AG Lynch) is being used and they are too arrogant (and him to blinded by his anger and resentment, some of it justified), to see it!

    There is an even darker side to all this trans mess. The commenter carterabbie mentioned George Soros. Many liberals blindly support him because he funds many liberal causes, while at the same time castigate the likes of the Koch brothers for funding more conservative right-leaning causes (on a side-note, I actually believe, and I might be wrong, that Charles Koch has an ideology that is rooted in Classical Liberalism, just from the things I have heard him say, but in this two-party system, one gets lumped in wherever the simple-minded find the easiest). As for Soros, I can never trust anyone who makes money and gains power off a system, then turns round and seeks to destroy said system (or at least pretends to want that), whilst still wanting to retain all the benefits that they have accrued and continue to gain from that system. He is doing the same thing many super rich do when they get bored of just making money; they turn to the plebs and the masses to provide entertainment. Wealth is no longer enough, so they seek access to power and influence. When the access is no longer enough to satiate them, they seek the power itself. When they get the power, they seek to control. Bear in mind that many of the policies that the political elite force on the populace, they and their children, for the most part, tend to be exempt from (this is part of the reason that white supremacist/nationalists deeply resent the white economic and political elite. All the laws they passed re: integration, de-segregation, to help minorities etc, they and their children are shielded from it. Most private schools, which is where they send their children, are still very white, and the most expensive ones are almost exclusively white. This goes for their lily-white, ultra wealthy, very exclusive neighbourhoods, where they don’t have to worry about Housing regulations, rent control etc). So when minorities, and let’s be frank here, I’m talking about Black folks, are so ‘honoured’ that some random well-to-do white individual is supporting some law or policy that is seemingly to help said minority groups, there is usually a case of self-interest or just entertainment on their part. One example would be how Democrats support illegals because of the possible political benefits that they might gain from having this new demographic as a voting bloc lock, many Republicans and Democrats (on the orders of their big business backers) support them because it means lower wages for everyone who is not rich, and hence more profit for the corporations.

    Those in power who are supporting and backing this move by the trans agenda know that it will cause problems down the line. The know this. Any problem needs a solution, and every solution needs money. That is the point at which businesses will step in and make their money. Every demand that the transfolk make, the government will give in to, and call it their ‘civil rights’. No matter the financial cost. What I cannot figure out is what the end-game is with the donors behind this. I have some ideas/suspicions, but right now it’s still just speculation and I’m not willing to wait to find out. This needs to be stopped in its tracks before it is too late!

    **You cannot chase a legacy. You build it. In the present. Obama started his administration already assuming greatness, imagining what stories would be written about him in the years to come. He thought he would be put in the same box as Lincoln, FDR (and the other previous presidents that are venerated to this day). Instead of behaving with common sense, he decided to fill several key spots in his administration with his enemies (yes, that is what I called them because that is what they were), be they Clinton acolytes (of which there were legion) who, deep down, despised him and sought his downfall, even whilst they worked in his administration; or several Republican politicians. Obama thought that in the years to come, people would write about his team of rivals (like they did with Lincoln). So instead of governing and acting with shrewdness, he did what he did, and spent the second half of his first term and his entire second term in and out of the courts, defending the measly, watered down legislations that he had passed in his first two years. He refused to accept the fundamental truth that there were those who just didn’t want him to succeed, and were willing to act, vote, protest, scheme etc even against their own interests to ensure he did not succeed.

    • @ Jalilimaster,

      Now you speak on it!!

      I had been wondering all along if the president is pushing trans rights and LBG rights to infuriate republicans? The LBGT platform was never a major part of his campaign in “08” and even in 2012. However all the obstruction from congress, them not wanting to give him any credit on domestic or foreign policy…I can understand his frustration and it’s been on display several times in the last 7 years..however I so totally agree with you..his job is to lead..history will remember you if you do the right thing..however he unleashed the whole transgender topic out as if he were screaming, “Unleash The Crackin!!!” Lol!! This was the final poison arrow he sent to his enemies..and you are correct…why would you bring in republicans from the priorvrepublican administration that openly criticize your domestic or foreign policy decisions??

      In many ways he appeared to be pandering to those that detested him the most by offering them positions in his administration. I get the whole “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” but….

      He pandered to white women in particular for beating out HRC in “08.” So he gave HC Sec of State, and she brought embarrassment around the Benghazi debacle…then she resigned…to go write a book.

      He put a woman in charge of setting up the database for the Affordible Care applicants….and that was another embarrassing disaster..she resigned and he had to bring in Silicon Valley to straighten that out..

      I believe he fired or she stepped down, a woman he put in charge of hiring for secret service to address the issues with race, and there are countless other white women that he put into positions of power to appease their anger for “08” and the congressional black caucus handing him all their super delegates in 2008 instead of HC..they cut a deal with her back then..she demanded full support from every area of the black community and a position in the presidents cabinet to pad her resume for her 2016 bid…I know, this is heresay on my part 😉

      However…I do think that men will pay if all goes the way the transgender want things to go…it’s not just bathrooms they want access to.

      Anything that is single sex. And if that single sex organization is funded by the federal government in anyway, they can sue for gender discrimination…

      That means public schools and universities will have to desegregate if you will, all male/female sports teams, all sororities, will probably affect professional sports as well..there is already a M-F MMA fighter..she broke the eye socket of a woman they were it has begun. The MMA federation considers this over six foot tall trans man a woman. I remember a woman that played professional golf in the late 90’s..she played on the LPGA circuit…she wanted to play against Tiger Woods and against men….the NFL and NBA barely kept out openly gay men in the last few years, but tran is totally different.

      Yes, straight men are going to be affected by this, and I think they may be starting to realize it.

      • “Yes, straight men are going to be affected by this, and I think they may be starting to realize it.”


        WE need WHITE, HETEROSEXUAL (or at least “fake Conservative”–lol) MEN **WITH MONEY** to win THIS battle!!!

        • @Formavitae,

          Yes to your last sentence!!! and they are going to fight back..White men did not get on top and stay on top by playing nice or sharing or allowing petulance to take root in their backyard for too long. They understand that their survival is dependent on their women bringing them here as well as their being enough hetero white men to procreate with their women..they know that the culture and way of life you mentioned a few comments back, being a wife, mother, Christian..these values are under attack..

          Like the heroine long has heroine been in black neighborhoods? A long time..when the drug epedemic is at their front door, they get off the pot as they did a few days ago to begin passing legislation to clean out their neighborhoods being affected. They know what drugs can do to a culture and when the problems that have affected other races of men and women begin affecting them, oh yeah..thy will be done.

        • SysAuthor,

          I agree that heterosexual WM ARE NOT “passive”. THEY WILL protect their interests and their group “by any means necessary”. While it may sound kind of “crazy”, AA women need to find ways to secure protection from white, heterosexual males.

          White males are one of the few groups of men I’ve noticed who do things simply because “it’s what a man does (is supposed to do)”. For example, opening doors (without being asked). Carrying (offering to carry) loads for women (without being asked). Offering to shovel snow, help you with your car, keep an eye out on/for people who “aren’t supposed to be there” (without being asked). Of course, this doesn’t apply to ALL white males, but I’ve noticed these tendencies from a lot of them.

          If AA women are smart, they will find ways to make sure their activities, interests, and pursuits are in alignment with those of heterosexual white males who have a substantive impact/influence in society (or at least make sure they aren’t ANTAGONISTIC). While whites may be declining in number, their power won’t be eradicated ANY TIME SOON.

        • Sheri Sys,

          “Survival of the fittest? Pulease!!! More like, survival of the most strategic.”

          That’s a really good point. And, you’re right. AA women CAN survive under the rule of other groups of men, if they CHOOSE to.

          I know a Jewish doctor who HATES Palestinians. And, when I say “HATES”, I mean **HATES** Palestinians. But, you know what, he married a Palestinian woman ( and YOU KNOW how “REAL” the conflict is between those two groups). He really loves her and is CRAZY about her. Maybe, she’s one of those Palestinians who supports Israel. I don’t know (PROBABLY). Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that men DO at times fall in love with the women of groups of men they DESPISE and even try to ANNIHILATE.

          Just as that Palestinian woman was willing to love/be loved by and marry a Jew who hates Palestine, AA women can choose to love/be loved, protected, supported, and cherished by men who DESPISE AA men. And, lets “keep it real”. It’s not as though AA males aren’t doing things that make them TRUE “menaces to society”. As much as AA men try to act like they are hated SIMPLY because of their “color” ( or the size of their “members”), we all know they are hated and rejected PRIMARILY because of their behavior. AA women (NOT MEN) are socialized to believe/think “We’re all in this together,” when that SIMPLY ISN’T TRUE, or doesn’t HAVE to be. There’s NO GOOD REASON why AA women should WILLFULLY go down with “sinking ships”, if (when) they have access to a “lifeboat”.

          (AA women BETTER STOP burning these “lifeboats” or setting them “out to sea” EMPTY.)

        • Of course there is a difference! Evia was referring to the tragic event that happened in South Carolina and how there were some people that tried to deter black women from being interested in dating white men due to this conflict.

          I didn’t know that that happened during the Middle Passage.

          I don’t have anything else to ad because I agree.

      • “That means public schools and universities will have to desegregate if you will, all male/female sports teams, all sororities, will probably affect professional sports as well..there is already a M-F MMA fighter..she broke the eye socket of a woman they were it has begun.

        I absolutely refuse to refer to trans people as male-to-female or female-to-male anything. I am not saying others should as well, as it is down to each individual, but I know how language is subtly used to change peoples perception of reality, and then actually change reality. I choose to use the correct accurate term, male-to-trans and female-to-trans.

        With regard to what you wrote about many of the mostly not excessively qualified white females he put in key posts (most of whom ended up letting him down with their sheer incompetence), I completely agree. Note that many of the Black women who had actually worked on his campaign and were the original choices for many of these posts were relegated to the watery, airy-fairy, ‘not too important’ roles. So even he knew that those entitled white female idiots only meant white women, when they said they wanted promises of significant female hires in his admin!

        • “but I know how language is subtly used to change peoples perception of reality, and then actually change reality.”


          I just don’t get into using the jargon AT ALL. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a MAN. And, the “pregnant man” is a WOMAN.

          That sums it up for me.

    • JaliliMaster,

      This is a DEEP ANALYSIS.

      Right now, the only things I like about Obama are his wife and kids. PERIOD.

      • ONE MORE THING I like and respect about Obama is that he got bin Laden. I DO appreciate THAT.

        Ok. THAT’S it. THAT IS ALL. (Lol) I’m sure he’s done some other things I at least feel “neutral” about. But, he hasn’t done anything substantive for AAs that I value, and he’s promoting TOO MUCH HARM with this trans-agenda.

        He’s always been “too American-Liberal” for me.

    • JaliliMaster,

      Preach! As anyone who’s read my Muslim Bushido posts about Pres. Obama knows, I made negative predictions about the effect his presidency would have on the AA collective since even before he was elected.

      And I continued discussing this in various posts over the years as many events regarding his term in office played out as I worried they would:

      Pres. Obama is a perfect case study of the problems inherent in Crossover Negro Politicians (as mentioned during one of those posts):

      Think quick: When, if ever, did former Pres. Bush “reach out” to non-Republicans? He didn’t. Bush governed as if he had been elected by a landslide or a clear majority of the voters, even though he wasn’t.

      Why is Pres. Obama acting like a beggar in what’s supposed to be his own house? Answer: Because he’s inherently weak. A people pleaser. And most importantly, he’s a Crossover Negro Politician who does NOT have his own independent power base.

      There are multiple things going on in this situation. There are some things going on that are particular to Pres. Obama:

      *weak, people-pleaser personality

      *half-White & half-foreign Black

      *raised by Whites

      *didn’t grow up among African-Americans, therefore no natural African-American posse from childhood/high school/parents’ friends, etc.

      *only really exposed to African-Americans as an adult

      And then there are some things that apply to almost ALL crossover Black politicians:

      *didn’t pay any “dues” in any Black organization or movement

      *no Black “posse”/troops as a result of the above

      *primarily focused on being perceived as “non-threatening” by Whites

      *no Black “posse”/troops as a result of the above

      I think this situation is exposing some of the costs of being a disconnected, crossover Black politician. Basically, Pres. Obama doesn’t have a natural posse because he was dropped in by parachute among us.

      Because he never formed a natural, Black posse, there’s nobody around him that HE created and lifted up. NOBODY owes him. Meanwhile, he owes many, many other people and political “princes.” Pres. Obama’s situation is somewhat more extreme than “typical” African-American crossover politicians because of his family background. Typical African-American crossover politicians at least have Black potential posse members that they grew up with, or are friends of the family, etc.

      And now, in an apparent tantrum, Pres. Obama is throwing the most vulnerable women (guess who demographic in the U.S.) under the bus on his way out the door.

      {disgusted side eye}

        • Yep,

          His endorsing Rahm The Racist Belligerent Israeli Creep in the first place was quite telling. To put it in perspective for folks out side the Chicago area:

          This Rahm creep that “our first Black president” told AA slaves to vote for is the type of individual who publicly says “Fuck you!” to the BW president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

          And as the above article points out, Rahm The Racist Belligerent Israeli Creep is *very* selective about who he disrespects like that in public. But THIS is the individual President Obama endorsed to be elected Mayor of Chicago. And AA slaves ran out to do “our first Black president’s” bidding. The slaves have soured on this arrangement in recent months due to episodes like the cover-up of the Laquan McDonald/16 Bullets Affair.

          All of which is what the AA slaves get for their blind idol worship of Pres. Obama.
          {side eye}

        • Khadija,

          AAs are so busy seeing Barack as under attack from white Republicans, they can’t see how he’s victimizing THEM (AAs).

        • Formavitae,

          You said: —“AAs are so busy seeing Barack as under attack from white Republicans, they can’t see how he’s victimizing THEM (AAs).”—

          True that. {smh}

    • Jalilmaster thank you so much for your insightful explanation. I’ve been wraking my brain and asking everyone I could think of to figure out why on earth Obama is doing this. I only voted for him the first time so I’ve been over him for awhile but I could not for the life of me figure out what he gets out of forcing women to accept men in their safe spaces. I really think that you hit the nail on the head. I doff my cap to you.

  9. I know what I’m about to say isn’t popular, but I think some of these people with “gender identity” issues have mental illness. In healthcare, we are taught that if a patient is having hallucinations, we aren’t supposed to go along with the hallucinations. That is not considered therapeutic. Instead, we are supposed to reorient the person to REALITY–no matter how many times they try to reinforce the hallucination. Our society is so focused on trying to make everybody (except “moralists”) “feel good”, we turn are willing to turn everything upside down on its head to our greater peril just to entertain various flights of fancy.

    Here’s an example of (what I consider to be an unfortunate and dysfunctional result of) catering to gender identity crises rather than addressing them:

    • Thanks for the reminder about REALITY in medicine, Formavitae! I think there will be a huge price to pay in the future (in the form of cancers, increased infertility rates and various other maladies) due to doctors prescribing strong and unnatural doses of hormones to adults who want to ‘change’ their gender, and I believe that it should be criminal to allow or encourage these regimens for teens and children who are still growing and developing. Maybe that is one of the ‘created problems’ that will make some folks very rich from peddling medical treatments, counseling and consulting services, and self-help books to deal with that fallout. Did the transfolk miss that whole era of menopausal women suffering from cancers and health issues due to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) when it was popular? M to trans folk probably didn’t pay it any mind because they are not women, don’t care about women, and have no idea how female biology works on a personal, day to day level or across a woman’s life span. If women, whose bodies are designed to handle female hormones, got sick from artificially boosting their estrogen levels,what do these men think the final outcome for them will be different?

      I’ve taught kids and young adults of various ages, and I think that many parents, teachers, counselors, and responsible adults need a serious reality check on the dangers that their kids face and the pressure that all of this uncertainty and experimentation from the adults in their lives is putting on them. Soccer moms giggling over the 50 Shades books have no idea that their teen daughters are being coaxed into many of the same risky and potentially lethal behaviors under the guise of experimentation and sex positivity. Predatory males take advantage of the natural curiosity and romantic ideals of these girls, as well as their desire to belong and be seen as special (especially black fatherless girls). They also take advantage of the shame and guilt the girls feel when their boundaries and bodies have been violated, knowing that they will rarely report it if things go sideways. In the past few years we’ve had an epidemic of ‘choking games’ in which girls are choked to the point of passing out during sex. In this age of ‘hot moms’ and ‘cool dads’, that atmosphere of parental guidance, protection, and sanity is getting quite thin. I personally know of girls who have been maimed or killed behind this mess. The ways the dead girl’s family (middle class blacks) quietly called it an accident and moved on broke my heart. It was like no one cared to fight for her in life or death. Girls are also being blackmailed and harassed after impulsively ‘sexting’ pictures to guys, to the point where a federal investigation/case is being built on some of these creeps. The silencing of rape/assault victims is very much intertwined with these fetish subcultures, despite their claims on being enlightened and consensual, etc…one person even told me that it is often an open secret that certain folks are habitual violators in these communities, but no one warns ‘newbies’ because’ they went through it and survived’….I saw so many ‘not all’ statements in reply to a rape survivor on one of those forums, that I thought I was on a Blackistan page.

      Sorry for the rant, but continually dealing with the fallout affecting girls of one murky, unexamined alphabet soup s/m/b/d or whatever it is now, and coming back after the weekend to lgbtq soup/this fresh hell/Kraken release made me want to preach. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap in the general populations and predators within these two alphabet soups, along with lethargic response to holding offenders accountable and lots of the ‘good’ ones remaining silent. No one will stick around to help bw pick up the pieces when the latest Social Experiment party is over and the music stops. The bottom line is that black women and girls are so unprotected, more vulnerable than they even know, and should make no apologies about a quick exit from foolishness and risky situations.

      Here is another example of these ‘harmless’ entitled men that give me the creeps: grown men dressing up as the My Little Pony characters (magical cartoon ponies in rainbow colors who have adventures) and have annual conferences, seeing it as expressing their true selves:

      Though the article plays it off as whimsical fun, the amount of time and effort that grown men are investing in a little girls’ series disturbs me….

      • poweredbyjoy,

        Whatever happened to adults thinking (realizing) it’s not in the best interests of you to indulge every whim they have? Whatever happened to adults promoting “wise” guidance, instruction, and correction? So many adults have moved away from being “parents” they seem to want to be their children’s “peers” instead. God created parents for A REASON, and there’s A REASON why there is an age difference between parents and children. Parents are supposed to develop maturity so they can teach their children WISDOM.

        What you’ve seen as an educator is REALLY SAD and the reason I don’t want to do any type of “social work” (though I do, in a way, as a nurse). Emotionally, I wouldn’t be able to handle all of those stories and situations. Unfortunately, sexual assault and abuse aren’t taken seriously in the AA community and in some ways seems to be “a rite of passage”. AAs always want to “hush up” sexual transgressions–particularly those against their daughters.

        Something I’ve noticed (in the present and the past) is how modern movies flip the roles of adult women and young (teenaged) girls. Movies have adult women acting silly, always trying to look like an adolescent and in denial about their age, while adolescent girls try to present themselves as fully developed women, chasing after and attempting to seduce adult/middle-aged men.

        It was not always this way. In Old Hollywood movies (and I’m thinking of the 50s in particular, an era whose fashion and concept of beauty I LOVE), adult women were appreciated for their womanliness and maturity. The curvy hourglass physique was adored. And, there was a distinct difference between the presentation of an adult woman and an adolescent girl. For example, in “Imitation of Life” (1959 version with Juanita Moore and Lana Turner), Lana Turner played a widowed mother and Sandra Dee played her daughter. Lana Turner was BEAUTIFUL, and the primary male in the film was attracted to her as a woman. Sandra Dee who was ALSO beautiful fell in love with the primary male, but the primary male was interested IN HER MOTHER (THE ADULT) not her (the child). In movies today, the mother would be competing with the daughter, and the man would be trying to get with the daughter and cast the mom aside (as depicted in the 1962 film Lolita, an Old Hollywood film, I know).

        Despite being a Protestant and a heterosexual (“heteronormative”, “hetero-whatever-the-new-fangled-jargon-is-today”) individual, I am not “A PRUDE”. One can be open to passion and intimacy without promoting ideologies and behaviors that will likely prove detrimental to the human good in the long run. “Irresponsibility” and/or “depravity” do not equal “fun” (“sex-positive” or “whatever the new lingo of the week is”).

        I don’t mind your “rant”. I understand your frustration. And, I TOO, am over the “alphabet soups”. I was never crazy about alphabet soup when I was a kid, and I certainly have no interest in it now.

        I’d read about those “My Little Pony”-weirdos. I can’t even believe people would admit to that out loud. The idea that an adult male would have an obsession with “My Little Pony” has “abnormality” and “illness” written ALL OVER it.


        Thank you for sharing your experiences. I didn’t realize so many adolescents (particularly AA adolescents) were getting into choking games as part of sex play. Some forms of play carry VERY HIGH RISKS. Consider the case of this Protestant pastor:

        (YES, I said “I’m Protestant”. But, I never said we were without fault or above blame. I don’t think we’re “perfect”.–But, I’M PROTESTANT, just the same.)

        In sum, AA women just need to BE WISE. Wise in action. Wise in advocacy. Wise in affiliation. Wise in investment. We can’t afford “to waste” ANYTHING.

        • Hi Formavitae,

          Girl, researching any of these alphabet soup topics is like going down a twisted rabbit hole! Passion and curiosity are wonderful, but there is no sense of balance coming from adult guidance. As the title of this post implies, many adults consume too much trash media rather than pursuing hobbies, learning new skills, travel, developing ties to their neighborhoods, faith communities, etc. Most media is sex saturated and trend driven, and many parents are not sharing anything else with their children because their own brains are filled with fluff. Teenagers who can tell you every sexual position and technique in the books often have no basic survival skills such as cooking simple meals, making basic repairs, and managing emergencies. I collect old children’s books, and there are many books like the American Girls Handy Book and scouting handbooks which list various crafts, hobbies, and outdoor adventures for each season of the year. I have kids books full of vintage party games, camping tips, etc. In my opinion both the reading level and the expectations for children in these old books are much higher. Sexuality is an important part of being human, but because many parents and kids are allowing themselves to be mindlessly directed by movies and tv, it has quickly become the ONLY important thing in kids’ minds. Parents allow their teens the ‘freedom’ part of adolescence and forget the ‘developing responsibility’ part. Teachers are expected to counteract a lot of these negative social influences, but there is only so much you can do before burning yourself out.

          You’re the third person to mention the movie Imitation of Life to me. I’ll definitely have to check it out! I love the decade of the 1940s. They couldn’t be as elaborate with their dresses due to rationing, but they went crazy with the glamorous makeup, zany hats, fur stoles, and other accessories. I recently found a cache of old photos of family members from the 40s. Everyone was sharply dressed and posed, and the “can do” spirit of the time still transmitted through the photo. I certainly am trying to pass on the uplifting part of our AA family story, culture, and skills, despite the doomed state/fate of the current collective.

        • Hello, poweredbyjoy.

          I don’t even get into “alphabet soup research”. I only focus on their issues when they bring them to me. I DID take the “Sexual Minorities” class I mentioned. I learned more about them, and I am glad I studied it. However, I just cannot take them trying to force their agenda on me.

          “Imitation of Life” (1959) is the very first Old Hollywood movie I ever watched. I watched it because my mother told me she really enjoyed it when she was younger. I enjoyed the film, and I think it is pleasant to the eyes. However, there is another version from 1934. The themes are the same, but the story lines are different. The 1934 version is good also. It’s in black and white. Fredi Washington is an AA actress who plays the daughter in the 1934 version. I mention her specifically because she was fair-skinned and had naturally blue-green eyes. People encouraged her to “pass’ to help her career, but she refused to, because she was proud to be a Negro.

          While I love the beauty of the 50s, I also enjoy the 40s as well. There are so VERY EXCELLENT films from the 1940s. If you like suspense, “Shadow of a Doubt” (1943) is an EXCELLENT film. I think you’d enjoy it. It is a Hitchcock film, and I am a HUGE Hitchcock fan. He’s my favorite Old Hollywood man, though he was not an actor in the conventional sense. I really love his body of work. I’ve watched many good movies from the 40s. There are also excellent films from the 30s and 20s as well.

          If you have the interest and time, I would encourage you to watch both “Imitation of Life” films (maybe the 1959 version first, to see if you’d be interested in watching the earlier version). And, I think you should check out “Shadow of a Doubt” too. If you decide you enjoy Old Hollywood films, that “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (1931) with Fredric March is really good to see. It’s substantive, and, as I said, relevant to the discussion we’ve had on this post. If you ever decide to check out one of these or any other Old Hollywood films, let me know what you think about it.


        • poweredbyjoy,

          Along the “Imitation of Life” theme, there is another movie my mom told me about named “Pinky”. It was good also. I believe I watched it on YouTube. If you get a chance, and you like that “I’m black but I look white and I’m torn” theme, I think you’d like this too.

      • TW: This is going to be graphic. That My Little Pony thing is sickening. There are lot of men into My Little Pony porn. They call them “bronies.” You cannot google this children’s show without being inundated with this disgusting crap. So much so that when the creators of the show did a special character for a child who was sick, they specifically requested that no one pornify it. It goes without saying that their request was ignored. Everything, and I do mean everything that is for women or girls is fair game for these people to turn into some sick fetish. We are not allowed ANY space at all. They will come into our bathrooms to masturbate to the sound of us urinating. One guy on Reddit described how he smeared his ejaculate on the toilet paper in the women’s stalls and then masturbate when an attractive woman used it. Others talk about taking used tampons and inserting them into their rectums.

        They’re doing all this with limited access. Imagine what it will be like when there are no restrictions?

        As for the drugs and the like, someone once said that they can’t even claim that they’re experimenting on these kids because experimentation would have strict protocols and controls. No, this is capitalism run amok and we will reap the whirlwind. The list of side effects from so-called puberty blockers is long and terrifying. And that’s in adult women, there are no studies done on the impact on children. Also, when they’re followed by cross-sex hormones the child is sterile. I cannot imagine any other protocol under which a child would be given off-label chemo-therapy for a mental disorder, especially when crippling ailments including sterility is the result.

        • These people ARE SICK. I couldn’t even look at “My Little Pony” the same, after reading about this. And, I LOVED “My Little Pony”, when I was a girl. You even have to be wary of some of the people you see toy shopping. Such a shame.

          I’m sad for the “anything goes” crew. I just THANK GOD I was taught principles that have thus far preserved me in life.

        • I just don’t understand when women lost their minds. I’ve always understood you have to have firm boundaries with men otherwise they will ruin your life in their eternal quest to subordinate you to their almighty penis. You’ll start out with “just a little bondage, baby,” and before you know it, you’re having a train run on you by his twelve closest friends and his pet goat. Black women are being encouraged to turn all kinds of tricks, with the “if you don’t somebody else will.” My response has been, let them. I’ve never in my entire life been asked to do anal sex, and wouldn’t if someone asked. Now that’s just basic and teenage girls are ruining their bodies trying to comply with this foolishness. And, as always with men, now anal isn’t enough, they’ve moved on to “rosebudding,” (Do NOT google that) in which they deliberately destroy your rectum. Ejaculating in young girls eyes, it’s all based in porn and young girls are just being thrown to the wolves. It’s almost impossible to get away from this and I find myself panicking every time my oldest son gets on the computer. I talk to him repeatedly about how awful and disgusting porn is. How it will literally leave these very young men impotent with actual women, but I’m not naive enough to believe he will never see it. My husband and I can only tell him what sex is supposed to be about and hope he’s listening.

        • carterabbie,

          I just can’t believe some of the disgusting things people think of and do. I’m thankful I have a mind not to get involved.

  10. Ladies, this has been such an informative discussion. I was vaguely familiar with the trans movement, but I had no idea about how far reaching this agenda is. JaliliMaster, your comment was everything!

    I’m always happy about the quality of comments being made and OLS, it’s good to see you writing again.

    • Yes, this conversation is AMAZING!!!! I’m glad we’re able to explain just what is going on. Its not as harmless as people (even me) thought.
      And I’m very happy to be writing again.

  11. I have a feeling that more women are going to start carrying and concealing. These trans are going to mess with the wrong woman. You noticed how President Obama got a black women to be in the sacrifice seat? I am starting to realize that any time something appears “harmless” is nothing more than a bomb waiting to explode. I mean going to the bathroom is one of the last bastion of privacy. It started with Cher daughter who used to be Charlene I think that was the old name to Chaz Bono. I know Sonny is turning over in his grave. SMD. I feel that humans have always tried to play god and every time it literally back fires. I know that passing these laws for these trans are only going to make life hell and doubly hell for black women.

      • Yes! Its on my personal list too. It’s clear nobody is checking for black women and with these changes coming up which will most likely effect black women the MOST. We need to protect ourselves.

      • I carried for years and only stopped when I had children. Fortunately I live in a “carry everywhere, Stand Your Ground” state. Just keep a few things in mind. The hell with warning shots. Only pull your piece if your intention is to kill somebody. No shooting to wound either. You pull that trigger until either they drop to the ground and stop moving or your clip is empty. Period. Join a gun club or go to the firing range regularly at least monthly. Markmanship must be maintained. Likewise, your weapon must be maintained. Learn how to clean it and keep it in good order. If you don’t believe you can do all of the above then you need to reconsider gun ownership.

        • When I DO finally carry, I will only use to kill for self-protection as you mentioned. I know there’s a lot of work involved with responsible gun ownership. That’s why I haven’t purchased yet. I’ve researched the process for obtaining a concealed carry permit and also weapons training classes for women. I’m looking forward to it, but haven’t traveled that course yet.

    • Already went to the police station to pickup the application to carry a conceal weapon, and going to firing range. I do not deal with trangender men at all. Will not be sharing anything with a man, especially the restroom. As for the fool in Sweden she has endanger the lives of black women in that nation. She is now on their list, and they are watching her.

  12. This trans thing is the gateway for the rich and powerful class to take complete control over the people who aren’t rich and powerful. And it’s all connected to the self-absorbed, oversexed, reality-tv culture we have now where everything is out there. Everyone is sexting. Our butts and breasts are all over the Internet so who needs privacy? Trans people have gone mainstream, and look at the next frontier, transracial. That is the endgame. It’s about totalitarian rule (and all totalitarian regimes start by attacking the most vulnerable in any society–women, in our case BW). The illusion of a raceless, genderless, classless, no privacy world where only the rich and powerful can truly define themselves and enjoy self-autonomy and buy THEIR privacy, as always, but to the 10th power. And the clever thing about this whole process is that stupid Americans who aren’t paying attention think that they have more freedom and self-autonomy than ever, not realizing that their freedoms are slipping away one by one and they’re all in collusion.

    • I agree KimP. On the sinister side there is a growing refusal to acknowledge any human limitations or objective reality, which empowers all sorts of abusers. On the idealistic, naive side, there is a arrogant refusal to acknowledge that counseling, kindness, and understanding isn’t a panacea for every harmful person or situation. Researcher Barb Oakley has gotten many cold shoulders in academia from exploring the idea that some people *cannot* be helped to change and do not want to change. Some people simply live to be predators and manipulators, and no amount of psychiatry/psychology/social work can change that. However, these folks do make use of these fields to further their manipulations and power games.

      Even academics, who supposely delight in the ‘life of the mind’, can end up putting their pride, emotions, and pursuit of a legacy above reality. If the majority of professionals in these health and therapeutic fields decline to speak logically and truthfully about delusional and destructive trends like the aggressive trans promotion to all age levels, they have zero credibility to me.

      • I’ve always believed that there are some people who just have evil genes. I come from folk with that rural South brand of wisdom and insight, and I received many warnings from my granny, aunts, and mom about people with evil genes.

      • This is the reason why it’s so difficult for the black community to pool its resources. Of course ther are other reasons….however we will fry fish, bake cakes to raise money and pray trying to help some crazy person that’s killed, robbed or raped someone ..taught to forgive…everything…while we ignore the child that is trying and doing well against all odds.

    • They’re commodifying privacy. That’s one of their arguments for boys in girls’ locker rooms. “Don’t you think they’ve seen a penis before?” Believe it or not, some parents are still raising their children to be modest and there are teenaged girls who haven’t seen one, and shouldn’t have to see one if they don’t want to.

    • Oh i just saw on youtube some fucking creep talking about the “Cotton ceiling”. This creep is complaining that lesbians only believe they are trans women but won’t SLEEP WITH THEM. He’s basically saying that if women who LESBIANS aren’t attracted to “women” with PENISES they’re wrong. All the while trying to pretend that what he’s saying isn’t what he’s saying. And trying to pretend he’s reasonable. Oh and look at this creeps comments. This is sick. SMH

    • Rose & OLS,

      I’m holding back from doing a primal scream in reaction to these links (in particular the Washington Times article link). Instead, I made a donation via PayPal to the GenderTrender website.

      Ladies, please consider making a donation to the GenderTrender website, which has been steadfast in defending the safety, privacy and human rights of women and girls.

      There’s a PayPal donation button on the front page right-side column.

      • This is very important, and thanks for bringing it up Khadija. I’ve donated in the past and need to do so again. Gallus has mentioned that her work is much harder because of her antiquated laptop, so any amount you can donate would be helpful. She puts a LOT of work into that site, not to mention constant attacks and the risk of being doxxed by the transBorg. Without her I would have had NO IDEA what trans was all about. We owe her an immeasurable debt.

  13. A friend sent me the following link this morning.

    “LGBT Chamber president steps down after criticism of his sex-offender status”

    As my friend noted, seeking protection from conservatives is a double-edged sword for BW. But these White Christian fundamentalists and radical White lesbians (who are totally powerless compared to White conservatives) are the ONLY ones fighting to protect women and girls against this tranny/pedophile/sex offender agenda.

    Money quote from the article:

    Fitzgerald said Thursday that Sevearance-Turner’s role in supporting the ordinance is troubling.

    “No one who is a convicted sex offender should be leading a campaign to allow men to be in women’s bathrooms and showers,” she said. “It’s just common sense.”

    *Again, please consider making a donation to the GenderTrender website, which has been steadfast in defending the safety, privacy and human rights of women and girls. There’s a PayPal donation button on the front page right-side column.*

    • Formavitae,

      There’s always the danger of BW creating what most BM create in terms of their biracial children: a cadre/caste of biracial anti-Black racists. Which is one of the reasons why I thank God that BWE came before (and partially caused) the massive increase in African-American women’s willingness to date and marry out. As things stand, far too many AA women are taking Blackistan-type dysfunctions into their relationships with nonblack men (such as the “marriage is just a piece of paper” ideology; willingness to have oow children; willingness to settle for shacking up; unexamined internalized colorism; etc.). This is one set of problems.

      I believe there are other interlocking sets of problems that can lead to a BW breeding and raising an anti-Black racist ingrate like the fool in that link: AA women’s mass history of being robbed of healthy feminine archetypes. I can’t expound on this at length because it’s something that I’m still researching myself right now. Part of the problem is that this Black mother obviously did NOT set any conditions on her love and support of her [ingrate] daughter. The foul, racist attitude on the part of that daughter-creature in the video didn’t just suddenly drop out of the sky one day. That attitude was tolerated, and maybe even unwittingly nurtured by that mother. Over a period of time. Meaning, years. Maybe even decades.

      Like I said, I can’t go too far into that particular angle because I’m still reading up on Jungian and other archetypes.

      But I can cite Vonnie’s recent Facebook post as what made this clear to me. We really have been robbed of having any traditions of feminine charms, feminine archetypes and beauty regimens (unlike other women on the planet).

      Everything in our cultural surroundings has groomed AA women into being mules, work horses and she-male warriors whose purpose is protect adult Black males. It’s clear to me that this betrayal (like all the other betrayals came *long before* the WM set foot in Africa and Western slavery).

      As one of the commenters (Cree Skylark) pointed out, even the traditional African dances that folks try to cajole AA women into celebrating are MASCULINE war dances. [I never made that connection before, but she’s right. Those African dances all look like AA fraternity step show stomping around. Which is why I could never relate to that stuff when I took dance classes as a teenager. All that African stuff looks mucho macho!]

      Cree Skylark shared Tabanka Crew African Peoples Dance Ensemble’s video.
      15 hrs ·
      So… I banned him. But this male came to argue with me on Javonne Natryce post I shared to my page. He claims that if we reconnect to the drum, all the issues of the robbery and theft of the Dark Divine Feminine energy and essence will be resolved.
      He claims that African dance is feminine. Where? I see a bunch of hopping and jumping around. Lots of jerky bulky movements. Absolutely no sensuality. Never have. All Afro and Caribbean dance is masculine and are war dances.
      But what do I know… Only studied dance for 14 years. And I don’t just mean taking dance lessons but actually studying the herstory as well.
      All things africoid are devoid of femininity. The softness, the sweetness, the seduction. It is absent completely.
      Until you see COUPLE DANCING! Then you see patriarchal femininity with women yielding and submitting to male guidance and leadership.
      Something I can’t do, I always end up leading. I have had many a Haitian man get pissy with me about this too. Lol “you supposed to let me lead” and my retort is “you are supposed to be the leader. If it always winds up back on me? You never were one.”

      • Hi, Khadija!

        It AMAZES me, how much time and dedication you give to research and inquiry. You would be an EXCELLENT person to study for productivity and accomplishment.

        I find it unnatural to see a child, particularly a daughter, show so much FLAGRANT disrespect and antipathy for their mother. I would like to believe this is rare, but I sense that “respect for elders” is becoming a “thing of the past” for many of today’s youth. Furthermore, many parents prefer to be their children’s “cohorts” rather than their moral guides and teachers.

        Alas, I believe many AAs (and POC, in general) from seriously entrenched inferiority complexes, or at least a belief in the “especial-ness” of all things “white” and/or “fair”. Some people happen to marry/mate with people of other groups because of love, commonality in values, and an appreciation for the individuals. Others marry/mate in an attempt to give their children MORE of what they like in others and to REDUCE what they dislike about themselves. I guess this is just one of the realities of life. I once met a lady who had been married to a white man. This lady was chocolate-colored. However, she spoke of her daughter’s “blue eyes”, and I could just tell that was something of great meaning/value to her. The fact that she mentioned it in more than one conversation was another indicator. I’m not an “eye color” person, so it doesn’t really matter to me whether a person’s eyes are blue or brown. But, to each their own. I like long, thick hair.

        I agree with you and Vonnie that AA/black women HAVE been “robbed” of their feminine graces and charms. I have had thoughts along the same lines, but from a different direction. I’ve thought of how AA women are penalized for “not being in shape”, etc. However, many women who are in “tip top shape” have lives/lifestyles that afford them the opportunity to spend multiple hours in the gym on a regular basis, go to salons, have mani/pedis, visit dermatologists (which I do) and aestheticians, purchase cosmetic surgery procedures, tan, so on and so forth. AA women are expected to work (more than one job, if necessary), raise children, clean house, tend to “their men”, “help the community”, stay active in church, be foot soldiers in “social justice movements”, finance their men’s “dreams”, so on and so forth, AND STILL have the “perfect body”/physical appearance (which is frequently inconsistent and requires activities AA women are CASTIGATED for). HOW does an AA woman HAVE TIME to accomplish all of that? Still, many try.

        That doesn’t even include the women who are obese/overweight/masculine-looking as a form of self-protection. I once met a lady who told how a family member molested her for years starting from a young age. When she was a kid, she decided to get “fat” and started eating alot, because she thought her abuser would leave her alone if she became “fat and undesirable”. Well, it didn’t work. However, she struggles with MORBID obesity today. MANY people would look at her and think she’s “lazy”, because of her appearance. However, they do not know the pain that underlies her struggle. Whenever I see morbidly obese people, I always wonder to myself what pain it is they are trying to treat.

        But, yes. The black population FAILS to cherish its women. They don’t even try, unless the woman has enough qualities of “other” or not TOO much of “self”. That’s why I love Old Hollywood movies and Western lit. I am a romantic. And, I love stories of valiant men, knights in shining armor, passion and adoration directed toward ONE love, and the appreciation of the beauty of a woman. Western men are socialized to CHERISH AND PROTECT their women. This has been their socialization FOR CENTURIES. Think about “Knights of the Round Table”. Even the “Song of Solomon”. Where does such exist FOR US? And, in Asian movies, ASIAN women are the focus of love, adoration, beauty, and marriage. Recently, some people have expressed discontent with the following advertisement. I, personally, considered it apropos.

        TOO funny.

        AAs/blacks DO generally want THEIR women for labor but the women of OTHER men for relationships and breeding. I say we give them what they want. I’d rather have a “King Arthur” or John Donne.

  14. My favorite poem. Published in 1633. It was written by John Donne, who was known as the “father of Metaphysical poetry”. I have included 2 links at the bottom that you can scan to see the true meaning of what he is saying and alluding to in this poem. I first read it in AP English and have been “in love” with it ever since.

    A Valediction Forbidding Mourning

    As virtuous men pass mildly away,
    And whisper to their souls to go,
    Whilst some of their sad friends do say,
    “The breath goes now,” and some say

    So let us melt, and make no noise,
    No tear-floods nor sigh-tempests move;
    ‘Twere profanation of our joys
    To tell the laity our love.

    Moving of the earth brings harm and fears;
    Men reckon what it did and meant;
    But trepidation of the spheres,
    Though greater far, is innocent,

    Dull sublunary lovers’ love
    (Whose soul is sense) cannot admit
    Absence, because it doth remove
    Those things which elemented it.

    But we, by a love so much refined
    That ourselves know not what it is,
    Inter-assurèd of the mind,
    Care less eyes, lips, and hands to miss.

    Our two souls, therefore, which are one,
    Though I must go, endure not yet
    A breach, but an expansion,
    Like gold to airy thinness beat.

    If they be two, they are two so
    As stiff twin compasses are two;
    Thy soul, the fixed foot, makes no show
    To move, but doth if the other do,

    And though it in the center sit,
    Yet, when the other far doth roam,
    It leans, and hearkens after it,
    And grows erect as that comes home.

    Such wilt thou be to me, who must
    Like the other foot obliquely run:
    Thy firmness draws my circle just,
    And makes me end where I begun.

  15. Here is another beautiful poem by a poet I love.

    [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]


    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

  16. I was thinking of finding a piece by a composer I love written in honor of someone they love, to compare and contrast what some types of men are inspired to produce on behalf of their women. However, I decided to use an example outside of Western culture, just in case some may think I appreciate/enjoy Western culture EXCLUSIVELY. (As I am typing this post, there is an Old Hollywood film on tv, “Show Boat” (1936), that shows the actress putting on a performance in “blackface”. lol.)

    Anyway, I have had much exposure to Indian/South Asian culture. And, I actually like South Asian culture quite a lot. If you have ever watched any Bollywood movies, you know they have quite a few musical performance segments throughout the films, somewhat like “mini music videos”. (Hmm…another scene just came on in this film. It’s a parade and it shows a well-dressed black couple and two white couples being drawn in a carriage. The black lady is the Mammy from “Gone with the Wind”. The black members of the public are lined up along one side of the street, and the whites along the other. The Negroes are “entertaining” as usual–dancing, smiling, laughing, performing musically. I’m not watching this film. It’s just on.

    Oh. Now the lady is back in her mammy clothes and the man is in a rocking chair in his field clothes. OH MY GOD. LISTEN TO THIS DIALOGUE:

    Her: There you go again. Look at them peas all over the floor.

    Him: The river done it.

    Her: The RIVER done it?!

    Him: That ol’ river can do most ANYTHING, Queenie. Look out there what it’s doin’ now. Won’t let us give no show tonight.

    Her: Show? That don’t worry me none. There’s something else on this old boat worries me more.

    Him: Miss Nola? (probably the lady who was in “blackface”)

    Her: That’s what.

    Him: She’ll be alright.

    Her: That’s what you say about everything. You don’t get excited. WHY? Cause you DON’T DO nothin’. You don’t COOK like me. You don’t act like the show folks. You don’t work on the towboat. What DO you do?

    Him: Well….I just shelled them peas.

    Her: You ain’t picking them UP.

    Him: No. I could have if you didn’t do it. I could do a lot of things if it was necessary.

    Her: Then why don’cha?

    Him: It ain’t necessary.


    1936 FOLKS.)

    Anyway, I’ve included a link showing one of the musical love scenes from a Bollywood film. This is “typical” of the theme and representation of relations between lovers.

  17. Oh my god.

    So, anyway. I accidentally changed the channel, but I was able to google the last phrases from that movie I was trying to rewind and type. I just scrolled down to the end of the page where I found those lyrics. Evidently, that exchange between “Queenie” and the man (“Joe”) was the lead in to a song. “Show Boat” was a musical, so it had lots of performances throughout. So, I read the lyrics to the song, and I have included them here. Does this sound like the exchange between the AA man and woman today, “or nah”?

    It ain’t necessary…
    (He starts to sing, extemporaneously rhyming, stating his
    mood of the moment. He sings as QUEENIE goes about her work)

    Keep on a-naggin’,
    ‘n bullyraggin’,
    ‘n criticizin’,
    ‘n call me pizen,
    Ah ain’t apologizin’, no siree!
    No matter what you say,
    Ah still suits me.
    De rag you’re chewin’
    Mus’ be a ruin,
    Keep right on knockin’,
    Keep right on mockin’,
    Mah rockin’ chair ain’t rockin’,
    No siree!
    No matter what you say,
    Ah still suits me.

    (coming over to him, belligerently)
    Does you ever wash the dishes?
    Does you do the things I wishes?
    Does you do dem?
    No, you don’t!
    Will you do dem?
    No, you won’t!
    When dere’s any workin’ to it
    I’m de one dat’s gotta do it!
    When it’s rainin’ who’s the feller
    Uses up the whole umbreller?
    Selfish as a man can be!

    (looking up blandly)
    No matter what you say,
    Ah still suits me.

    You don’ make money!

    Ah know dat, honey!

    I never see none!

    Ain’t gonna be none,
    But dat don’ worry me none,
    No siree!

    Shif’less! Lifeless! No good!

    No matter what you say,
    Ah still suits me.

    I may be no good,
    No good fo’ yo’ good,
    I may be lifeless,
    But wid one wife less
    Mah life would be mo’ strifeless,
    Yes siree!
    No matter what you say
    Ah still suits me.

    (imitating QUEENIE with falsetto exaggeration)
    Does you ever wash de dishes?
    Does you do de things ah wishes?
    Does you do dem?
    No you don’t!
    Will you do dem?
    No, you won’t!

    Always imitatin’ me
    An’ always aggravation’ me!
    Den in spite of ev’rything,
    ‘Spite of all de grief you bring,
    ‘Xpectin’ me to love you true!

    No matter what you say,
    Ah thinks you do.
    (He reaches out and pulls her to him affectionately.
    She roars with glee)


    • Hi Formavitae,

      I love your taste in books, movies etc. If we were neighbors we’d have the best book/culture club, LOL.

      I see that mule/rider relationship in a lot of African American fiction too, across the classics, contemporaries, and the abominable “street literature” genre that is now popular. Black literary heroes like Richard Wright immortalized their bm struggle while ignoring and trivializing (sometimes demonizing) black women in their works.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever come across an anthology called _Daughters of Africa_ (I think the editor is Marget Busby?). It is a collection of writings by black women in the diaspora, throughout various historical eras. While I was happy to discover many new bw writers, 90% of the stories had to do with a bw being belittled/dogged out/exploited/abused by a bm in some way. Sometimes, the heroine of the story would cleverly side step the bm’s obstructions, but the overall impression was one of constant, weary battle with bm and lack of protection from bm. There is a short blurb about each author or a historical blurb if it is an ancient text.

      I had such mixed emotions upon finding that anthology as a teen. I enjoyed the diversity of black women authors, but was appalled to see the same suffering across the board, across the ages. I guess I can be grateful that there wasn’t too much romanticizing of the “black love” concept in the book, because it planted seeds of healthy skepticism in me, but at the time it was super depressing.

      • Hi, poweredbyjoy.

        It would be FUN to have a book and culture club with you! 🙂

        I’ve never heard of the book “Daughters of Africa”, but I truly am not surprised by the consistency of themes and experiences. I frequently discuss nonblack literature, arts, and culture. But, it isn’t because I haven’t read or don’t have an interest in black arts, literature, and culture. It’s just that there is so much PAIN constantly represented. And, the popular culture is so FILLED with disrespect and self-hatred. It just isn’t something that I desire to consume on a regular basis. I don’t want to live life in a constant state of sadness.

        While the poems I shared were written by white, Western writers for their white love interests, the poems themselves have no specification or limitation on ethnic or cultural heritage. Their words can apply to ANY woman who is dearly loved by a man. That’s why I can enjoy them and believe that such a quality of love applies to me. I want other AA/black women to understand and feel the same.

        • Formavitae,

          Thanks for providing those examples and insights. The various arts, even though “subjective”, provide a wealth of knowledge about human nature and patterns, especially the classics. A pop-culture-only diet is deadly, in my opinion, and we are seeing the results in the increasing amount of empty pop idol worship. There are definitely many life lessons to be learned from reading a wide variety of books. Bw are very educated, but often miss out on applying the various lessons that they learned in school to their own lives! I’ve seen this tendency in myself at times, so I am definitely not preaching from on high.

          Many educated blacks are great at adapting to the mainstream education system on the external level, making a point to be collegial and build bridges. However, I think that because we are black, we (from freshmen to professors to postdocs) are often encouraged to maintain a totally adversarial mental relationship with anything deemed “white”, “Western”, “American”, etc. That includes any book, painting, movie, philosophy, technique, invention, sentence, or thought that may have come from or been influenced by a white, Western, or American person. By halfway through freshman year, I had learned to put on my hip, conscious black contrarian hat to avoid being labeled naive or bourgeois. Before I’d even finished reading or listening to anything mainstream, I was ready with my red pen to attack the racism, colonialism, and sexism that I already knew was lurking there. While sometimes it was there, looking back, I see that I also had a stubborn refusal to acknowledge that anything non-black/non-afrocentric could be of benefit to me. If I could see any benefit to me in using a white/Western idea or privilege, it was surely a betrayal and a support for oppression if I used it. An academia version of “keeping it real”. All of this was totally ridiculous and lacking in nuance, but that rigid attitude was applauded so often by the older black scholars around, that it took a while for me to change. Ironically, it was a handful of white professors and advisors who treated me as an individual rather than just a tool to fight white oppression.

          These dynamics contribute to us making ourselves exiles in our own country, as stated on Muslim Bushido, I think. We are also making ourselves exiles in our own minds and within our larger Western culture that we have enriched with our blood, sweat, tears, and creativity. We see the results in the chaotic, knee-jerk “activism” that prompted OLS’ original post.

        • I totally agree, Formavitae. (Long reply ahead) Western literature also warns women of the consequences of dealing with weak/irresponsible men vs. the rewards of choosing wisely, without degenerating into pain porn. You can see this in almost anything by Jane Austen.

          Aside from the romance and clever banter that is played up in the movies, in the books the moms and aunts of the heroines tend to be very shrewd about who their girls are exposed to, and when they aren’t we can expect bad things to happen. As a teen I thought Persuasion’s Lady Russell was horrible for standing in the way of love, but I can see now how risky it would have been for Anne to risk her future for a man with no money and a head full of dreams. Of course (spoiler alert) it works out for them in the end, years later, when he does become successful. But there is no way to really “live on love” or predict the end result of potential. One example we see is one of Anne’s friends, Mrs. Smith, who didn’t vet well or have a protective family, married for love, and is now living in squalor because her husband wasted his money and left her with crippling debts. That’s a mirror of how Anne’s life could have been, because it seems like her rejection of her beau spurred him on to prove himself and become prosperous. There are so many layers to the book, and I could go on for pages,lol. But I think it is Austen’s best work.

          The Brontes made fun of Austen for being a bit staid and boring, but in my opinion, she chose to explore nuances rather than just high drama, which is what makes her novels so instructive. Even Charlotte Lucas’s choice to marry the annoying Collins in Pride and Prejudice shows the complexity of women’s choices and survival: . For her the benefits outweigh the annoyances, as her context is totally different from Lizzie’s, despite their close friendship. Lady Susan is like a soap opera villain, always scheming, but no one can accuse her of not looking after her own interests.

          Some other novels that come to mind are North and South (idealistic dad decides to sacrifice his job and family security for ambiguous ideals with no backup plan, daughter is conflicted upon being pursued by a wealthy businessman) by Elizabeth Gaskell, and Wives and Daughters (fake-friendly stepmom sabotages her stepdaughter, who has to learn to be more proactive in her own life).

          Like you said these works have universal themes. I’ve heard Louisa May Alcott criticized for “not going far enough” in making political and social statements in her fiction. However, people forget that she couldn’t afford to alienate large swathes of her readers. She had to sell fiction and work hard in various jobs from a young age because her father was a deadbeat. He was technically “in the home”, but spent most of his time hanging out with Emerson (who already had money) and Thoreau (who had no wife or kids) rather than working a real job. So his wife and children were strained and suffering until Louisa’s writing sales became popular enough to ease the burden. In her diary at one point, she mentions that her father had them on a diet of only apples 24/7! He supposedly had some health/spiritual reason for it, but it’s just as likely that he was able to get them for free and was too sorry to add other food groups. I can certainly see why becoming an activist martyr wasn’t part of her game plan.

          I was reminded of this same dynamic in the beginning of Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who had an absentee activist father, whose absence and lack of provision left Ayaan and her mother as prey for predatory males and abuse from his family members. She had to be determined to make her own way and make new alliances, despite disapproval and later on, death threats.

        • Poweredbyjoy,

          You said:

          “I totally agree, Formavitae. (Long reply ahead) Western literature also warns women of the consequences of dealing with weak/irresponsible men vs. the rewards of choosing wisely, without degenerating into pain porn. You can see this in almost anything by Jane Austen.

          Aside from the romance and clever banter that is played up in the movies, in the books the moms and aunts of the heroines tend to be very shrewd about who their girls are exposed to, and when they aren’t we can expect bad things to happen. As a teen I thought Persuasion’s Lady Russell was horrible for standing in the way of love, but I can see now how risky it would have been for Anne to risk her future for a man with no money and a head full of dreams. Of course (spoiler alert) it works out for them in the end, years later, when he does become successful. But there is no way to really “live on love” or predict the end result of potential. One example we see is one of Anne’s friends, Mrs. Smith, who didn’t vet well or have a protective family, married for love, and is now living in squalor because her husband wasted his money and left her with crippling debts. That’s a mirror of how Anne’s life could have been, because it seems like her rejection of her beau spurred him on to prove himself and become prosperous. There are so many layers to the book, and I could go on for pages,lol. But I think it is Austen’s best work.”

          Ah, synchronicity at work—LOL! I’ve never read or watched any of Jane Austen’s work before. It all looks like it’d be incredibly slow-moving and dull. But, in the course of my ongoing personal research on archetypes, I’ve been taking another look at various “classics.” Yesterday, I sat down and watched the movie adaptation of Persuasion. And yes, I found it slow-moving and dull (unlike some other British period dramas I’ve watched, such as The Onedin Line). {smile}

          But I was watching with a different purpose and set of eyes beyond entertainment. As you said, Lady Russell was absolutely correct in the advice she had given Anne years earlier! And quite frankly, while single, Anne and her sisters were in financial peril to begin with considering their father’s irresponsible spending habits. Modern African-American women can learn a LOT if they read some of these classics in the correct frame of mind. Unlike now, Western women in earlier eras had NO illusions about the dangers of making ill-advised relationship choices. There was NO safety net, they knew it, and they acted accordingly.

        • Khadija,

          Thanks for your reply. LOL! Austen certainly isn’t for everyone. When I first read the book, I was shut in during a severe storm and power outage, with literally nothing else to do. It was the only book in my house that I hadn’t read, so I was reading it under duress, ha. Literary academics love rambling on about dull, boring minutiae. It’s a compulsion that the internet only encourages, just ask rabid Austenites and Sherlockians.

          I find business/politics books necessary to round out my brain, but often dull. I’ve been using documentaries and business shows to ease my mind into it. I thought of the West Point cadets and various other bw in similar situations when watching the documentary “Something Ventured” (on Youtube) about the start of venture capital and tech firms in Silicon Valley in the 50s through the 70s. I saw how in addition to other tech/business skills, leveraging social skills and maneuvering the new ‘old boys’ network was critical.

          In the final section it shows how the husband and wife team that created Cisco Systems from scratch in their house was ousted from their own company for not “fitting in” enough with the new power players. They naively allowed the money men and the outside managers they brought in to get majority control of the company, thinking that, as committed true believers, they could just focus on their passion for the engineering and let someone else worry about the management. You can tell in the wife’s voice and demeanor that it stings after all these years, despite the fact that she has created other successful companies, Urban Decay being among them.

          It was a great reminded to be strategic and surround myself with others (especially dominant men) who will be vigilant about protecting our shared interests.

        • poweredbyjoy,

          I missed these responses before.

          I completely agree with your assessment of the negative effects of popular culture. I also understand the “responsibility” you felt to see the prejudice/injustice/etc. in anything promoted by whites. I also felt a need to “identify” with AA “underclass” culture to prove I didn’t think I was “white” or “superior”. I’m glad I’m OVER that now. It’s a WASTE of a BW’s time, energy, and opportunities. I look for GOOD and acknowledge where I see it. I ALSO watch out for BAD, so that I can AVOID IT (and ANY associated parties) AT ALL COSTS.

          My favorite book in elementary school was “Little Women” by Lousiq May Alcott. I also LOVED the “Little House on the Prarie” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I absolutely *HEART* “The First Four Years” detailing her marriage to Alonzo. While these books were written by whites, I’m glad I grew up with/was socialized into a concept of “marriage, commitment, and family”. Even dating at my private schools had a marriage focus. None of that “POP THE CHERRY” or “HIT IT AND QUIT IT” nonsense. I’m thankful for my socialization making it easy for me to connect and relate to people who have a “marriage, commitment, and family” orientation. I don’t have to “fake it till I make it”. It just flows NATURALLY, because that’s who I am and how I was raised.

          On the CONTRARY, it takes A LOT of EFFORT for me to find “common ground” with the “baby mama-baby daddy”, “keepin’it REAL”, “New School” AA generation/thinkers. I also can’t identify with these black intellectual apologists for AA male/community dysfunction, EVEN when they’re my “elders”. I know the importance of “letting it go”, but IT’S HARD for me, because I find there aren’t many AAs I’m connected to AT ALL–just certain ones I meet on BWE sites. IT REALLY HURTS ME to feel so “disconnected” from my people. But, the truth is that I do.

        • powerdbyjoy,

          One more comment I wanted to make is that other groups have LONG considered the importance of building LEGACIES for their families, descendants, and ancestors. That’s why they’ve placed so much focus and pressure on marriage and familial connections. Even cultures that marry within the family unit (which I have NO interest in) do so because they want to protect the family’s wealth (along with other cultural reasons). AAs just DO NOT HAVE THAT PARADIGM. That’s why we CONTINUALLY LOSE. I think about “legacy building” and I intend to share my life with a man who thinks the SAME WAY.

  18. Ok. I’m not trying to “beat a dead horse”, but I just found a video of the scene. It’s 4:34 long. So, you can check it out for yourself if you want. (I also didn’t fail to notice how to BM jumped up to “save the WW” at the end.)

      • Im glad, because I didn’t want to run a subject into the ground.

        It’s so “random” that I actually saw this in passing. But, the reason I decided to share is because I wanted to show that these types of behaviors and problems were obviously existent and well-known, even back in 1936. It’s not just a “recent” problem from the crack babies and fatherless generation. Some might say this proves that the “white man” has always tried to promote negative stereotypes and generalizations of black males. I say this just shows that the white man “knows how to read”.

        It is difficult to watch because it directly shows and says all of the things that remain unspoken and hidden from view in such relationship dynamics. We get to hear him acknowledge that he does nothing/has no ambition, WHY that is the case, flat out say he knows he is no good for her, SMILE about it, say he’s not concerned about what she says/feels, states he’s alright with himself in all his inadequacy, and knows that she loves him ANYWAY. If THAT doesn’t MAKE IT PLAIN to AA women, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL.

        THEN he EAGERLY volunteers to weather a potentially deadly storm to bring deliverance to a white woman in need.

        Yes. The white man can read VERY. WELL.

        • Not to mention he says that if she were gone, his life would be easier–even though she’s the one who does all the work.

          (Talk about “adding insult to injury “. And, if that isn’t the TYPICAL n*gga “mantra”, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.)

        • Yes I know these problems existed for a LONG timme. i remember how my grandparents used to interact. He used to treat her terribly. Along with my uncles. (He’s passed away a few years ago) I remember how they would complain if she didn’t have food on the table fast enough all the while refusing to actually help and always complain about how “selfish” she was. SMH it was sad to watch.

        • I’m sorry to hear that, OLS.

          Growing up, I had my dad’s mother and my mom’s father. My mom’s mother died when she was a young girl. My grandfather CHERISHED his wife. And, he never remarried because he knew a young woman wouldn’t want to have to take on the responsibility of raising his children. Talk about a man before his time. But, he worked and took care of his family. He was a provider all the way, until he died at 103. He’s my FAVORITE person in the UNIVERSE. MY MOM’S TOO. I’m so thankful to have had a man of his quality in my life.

          It ASTONISHES me how so many black men “fell off” after having men like him around. I always thought men in the 1970s and later were the “sorry” breeds. I have since learned/realized that’s not the case.

          SUCH A SHAME.

  19. I have always wondered why it was that when Europeans went to Africa, they saw the women as ‘strong’ and good for heavy duty work.. Historically (I’m talking even as far back as you could go) when men went and ‘conquered’ a land, the women would be part of the spoils (either taken as wives, concubines, sex slaves, mistresses etc). When I speak with a lot of African writers, scholars etc they always romanticize the era before Europeans came, and never want to be really honest about the way women were viewed in those times (and to be frank are still viewed today).

    Historic chivalry is a western concept. There were also forms of it in parts of the Far-East. However, in large parts of the Middle-East and Africa, no such thing existed. The difference however is that in the lands that constitute the countries in the present day Middle-east, although women were viewed as weaker and therefore ‘things to be ‘owned’ or ‘oppressed’, they were still viewed as delicate and being in need of protection. In many African cultures however, it was the same but for a large part devoid of the need for protection or to be treated delicately. When a man ‘took’ a wife, her main function was to ‘bear children’ and ‘do work’. Even in African stories both oral and illustrated, I noticed that the women would always be doing the very physical work (working on farms, carrying firewood, fetching heavy buckets of water etc). The ‘work’ the men did was largely ‘overseeing’ or going to war.

    When the Europeans went to Africa, what did they see the African women doing that made them believe these women would be good doing extreme physical work? It is what was already happening before they got there.

    • To add, even if you look at the African equivalent of courtesans or geishas, it was always a ‘mother earth’ kind of vibe where she has been blessed so much with fertility and had the ‘honour’ of bearing soooo many children (consider the torture of having to go through labour/childbirth so many times in those days), is the great ‘anchor’ for the man, or something to do with strength (whether physical or emotional) etc. Never anything about her intrinsic value, femininity or quality as a woman. She was never seen as someone to be protected, cherished or treated softly.

      • This is so true, FoxyCleopatra. Throughout my life, I’ve seen bw mocked for expecting chiavalrous behavior, romance, or any tokens of consideration or affection. She is usually accused of thinking she is white or better, by black men, primarily, so that lets you know right there where they stand.

        Just last night Bobby Brown was on TV pimping Whitney and his daughter’s deaths to sell his book, managed to drop in between the tears that he was looking for acting roles. Even after death, black men will continue to use black women, rather than cherish their image and let them rest in peace. Under the pretense of ‘healing’ and moving forward, telling his side of the story etc. Except his story included rehashing her drug use, why everyone else is responsible for his daughter’s death, etc, while painting himself as misunderstood, the victim etc, with the help of his current mammy wife.

        Robin Roberts gets a major side eye for helping to promote the degrading of a fellow black woman’s image. Especially when the women are dead and cannot speak for/defend themselves.

        • Yes.

          I am DISGUSTED by Bobby Brown’s latest attempt to capitalize off the deaths of Whitney and his daughter. However, I’M NOT SURPRISED. I TOO am DISGUSTED by the AA women who have been willing to compromise Whitney’s image and legacy since her death. HONESTLY, I think a lot of it is JEALOUSY. WHITNEY was like ‘the GOLDEN girl”. A “PRINCESS”. She had IT ALL. She was BEAUTIFUL (by “MAINSTREAM” standards), had a voice SECOND TO NONE, was EXTREMELY wealthy/popular (ALL without the promotion of the Internet, homemade vids, and the like). I hate to say, but I believe some of these women (who “can’t hold a CANDLE to her”) are just glad to show that she was “tarnished”, “a crackhead”, and not “GOLDEN” at all. SO MUCH they are willing to promote and exonerate an OBVIOUS LOSER.


          I ***LOVE*** WHITNEY. (STILL can’t listen to her music, because my heart hurts.)

  20. Ok. This is THE LAST “share” I am going to make on this post.

    I’m sure some of you wonder, “WHY does she watch those Old Hollywood films,” after I shared that last clip with “Mammy” (not to mention that when the lady in “blackface” later tried to audition for a job by saying she sings Negro songs and the man asked “So, you’re a COON-shouter, eh?” and she nodded her head enthusiastically–lol). I will tell you this: Old Hollywood films have some of THE.BEST.LINES. (storylines AND dialogue). Here’s a brief exchange from a beautiful movie, “All This and Heaven Too” (1940) with Bette Davis and Charles Boyer.

    Duc de Praslin: Oh, please don’t go. Don’t even move.

    Henriette Deluzy-Desportes: Why?

    Duc de Praslin: I might say don’t move because, as you sit there, the firelight is so beautiful on your hair. I might say don’t move because this is All Souls’ Day, and you mustn’t disturb the spirits. And again, I might say don’t move because this is a moment so full of understanding that I can’t bear to see it come to an end.

    I believe this is the correct still for the scene:

    There is a brief synopsis of the film (which I just learned is supposed to be based upon a true story) and a few other stills at the following site:

    AND, YES, I am trying to encourage others to check out Old Hollywood films! LOL!

    Charles Boyer (the actor) was a Frenchman. Can you imagine how lovely those words sounded in his beautiful French accent?! 🙂

    • Thanks for this, Formavitae. I’ve definitely learned to take the meat and leave the bones, with a lot of these works. Bette Davis played such a range of characters, which is the opportunity bw actresses should be aiming to create for themselves. Added it to my watch list. Now this is the last link that I’M going to share, LOL. If you are a romantic and like poetry, you may enjoy flipping through the old (1988-2000) Victoria Magazine. It’s a women’s magazine that included classic poetry, art, and other sentimental bits with nice personal essays from the staff and other readers: . It’s out of print but you can find copies on Ebay and the publisher has a digital version. I used to love flipping through my mom’s copies.

      • Thanks for YOUR link, poweredbyjoy. I’m certainly going to check it out.

        While I’ve always been a romantic, I was into reading poetry rather than romance novels. Now that I’ve seen Old Hollywood films based upon romance literature, I think I may enjoy reading the stories. Three good movies I watched this year based upon literature were, “Jane Eyre” (1943), “Wuthering Heights” (1939), and “Madame Bovary” (1949). BEAUTIFUL movies. ALL THREE.

        In terms of acting ability, my favorite Old Hollywood actresses are Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I JUST CAN’T DECIDE which actress I like MORE. When it comes to LOOKS, my favorite actresses are Dorothy Dandridge, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. Though they were ALSO highly talented. In terms of looks, my favorite Old Hollywood actor is Cary Grant. And, as I said above, I really love Hitchcock’s work.

        I agree that AA women need to think in terms of EXPANSION rather than limitation. Whenever you check out the film, I would love to hear what you think about it..

      • I looked up Victoria mag. They still offer a print edition, if you’re interested. Here is the link:

        I downloaded the app. I like what I see. I just purchased a couple of back issues. Not only am I am romantic, I’m a NATURE GIRL. So, I am loving the flowers and gardens they showcase. It’s actually cheaper to buy the print edition than the digital. So, if you want to start receiving those mags again, you may think it’s a good deal.

        • Hi Formavitae,

          So the current magazine is pretty good? I’ve been one of the purist “Vintage” Victoria snobs up till now, LOL. I was sad to see former editor Nancy Lindemeyer go. Now I wonder what behind the scenes politics/maneuvers went in to that (taking notes from Faith Dow *smile* ). I will definitely give it a second look.

          Speaking of gardens, did you see that Homestead Glamour Girl has a new Youtube channel? She has posted a few clips touring her garden.

        • Hello, poweredbyjoy,

          I’m not certain how the newer edition compares with the older ones. I ordered a couple of back issues whose pages and content seemed to hold my interest. I did nothing t they’re offering special editions of “Victoria Classics”. So, maybe these are the editions that will interest you.

          No. I didn’t know that Homestead Glamour Girl had a YouTube page. It would be cool to see. I LOVE gardens.

  21. Pingback: When You Become the Face of an Impotent “Movement” Be Ready to “Reap The Whirlwind” When It Goes Limp. | Not Your Girl Friday

    • You’re welcome…Bw gardening/homesteading blogs are rare jewels in the blogosphere…that meal sounds great…Does the summer heat not make the kale tough (like it does with collards?)

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