Idle Worship


For the past few weeks I’ve been watching in awe and disgust as the world has reacted to the Beyoncé’s new album. And as time goes on my awe and disgust has grown to outright revulsion.  And so, I’ll try and keep this message as brief as possible:


If I were talking to any other group of women I’d think my reasons for saying this were quiet obvious given black women’s overall reactions to black women.  But I’ll break it down further.

Stop it. Stop with the worship. Stop defending a grown ass BILLIONAIRE who wouldn’t piss on you were on fire. Enough of the teary eyed, messages about how this woman “slays” is a “goddess” is a veritable champion for black women. *massive eye roll*. Enough of defending this woman (who didn’t ask for or need your help). Enough of wasting your time retweeting about this chick. Enough of writing article after article about how Beyoncé’s album is going to *somehow* usher in the second coming of Christ. Enough wasting your time getting “in

It’s obvious some of you are so enamored with this woman that you can’t see the forest from the trees but I’m going to break this down to its lowest common denominator since some of you are so basic you won’t understand otherwise.

Beyoncé doesn’t know you. Beyoncé doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t care about “black pride or black power” and she doesn’t care about black women (aside from using them to sell albums). Beyoncé, and the misogynist husband she’s married, to care about money. She is NOT your ally. Beyoncé has hundreds of people behind her telling her what she should do and the perfect way to do it. So if that means using the masses of mentally ill black women to position herself and her BILLIONS higher so be it.

It would be one thing if black women could simply watch or listen to something without making said object their entire UNIVERSE, but unfortunately the majority of deluded black women have yet to grasp this concept.

It is one thing to enjoy something as ENTERTAINMENT.  It is another thing entirely to use whatever comes in your path as a GOLDEN CALF.

Beyoncé has no magical powers, despite the cringe worthy posts declaring otherwise Beyoncé is NOT a goddess. She’s not going to personally single YOU out because you wasted your time praising and defending her.  Beyoncé cares about the bottom line first and foremost and that is MONEY.

But you know, this isn’t only about Beyoncé. NO this is about a larger issue that I’ve seen where susceptible black women getting something, anything stuck in their craw and decide to go all in in supporting it. Regardless of whether they will get anything in return. Regardless of whether it will ruin their lives or livelihoods.

Case in point:

Here are some demented black women getting in “formation” and holding up the black power symbol at west point.

They are the perfect example of mentally ill, foolish and deluded black women who pride idol worship more than they do their own lives.

Forgetting for the moment how foolish these women were to throw their health and safety away on the military, let’s talk about that fact that these women are willing to ruin their careers in the name of “Black pride”.

These black women (and I know some of you reading this see no problem in this picture) were willing to risk getting FIRED in the name of the golden calf they worship. It doesn’t matter if that golden calf won’t give them anything in return. They’re still raring to go. And of course these black women will receive nothing from the golden calf they’ve sacrificed themselves to.

Further these same women don’t realize the position people like Beyoncé are in to make statements like her foolish Black Panther homage at the super bowl. This woman has money. YOU do not. You do not have the power, backing or celebrity to pull off stupid stunts like the crazed black women who took on neo Nazis. (Look it up I wont’ link this foolishness.)


Do you think Beyoncé would do this? Do you think, with all of her talk of “blackness” that she would risk life and limb and grown ass racist white men? No. This woman has bodyguards. She makes her social statements from the comfort of a music video set. She does not sacrifice herself for the good of nameless black lives. She doesn’t need to. And any clap back she receives for her videos are null in void with her BILLIONS.

But this IDLE (Yes, I spelled it correctly) worship doesn’t just end with Beyoncé or “Black Pride”. I’ve noticed MOST black women can find almost anything and they’ll still manage to sacrifice themselves to whatever looks good or feels good.

Whether its television (Let’s recall the “knee jerk” support of shows like Sleepy hollow and Scandal and how that has ended) “Black lives matter”, “Social justice movements”, feminism, a no good dead beat black man, the church, their families, their sons etc. Black women *still* haven’t grasped the concept of NOT putting everything into dead end avenues. This is from a lack of self-esteem. These women don’t have any self-worth. They believe that just by erecting that golden calf they too will one day BECOME like Beyoncé. Or they believe like the mentally ill black women in the link below that if they “fight” against “cultural appropriation” by the white man, that black men will applaud and love them and give them something in return.

SFSU Investigating Video Of Black Woman Confronting White Man For Wearing Dreads

(yes that actually happened)

Or they believe if they mammy themselves for their families they will get something back from them.

They won’t. But this doesn’t change the fact that these types of women need therapy. And fast. Because this behavior, this cult like blind support that allows people to be blinded by anyone and everyone, this of critical thinking is dangerous to those who are simply in the vicinity of someone like this.  This lack of self-esteem drags everyone down not to mention plays with the entire image of the black female collective.

There is a reason that I’ve said before (and so has Khadija for that matter) that black women should unplug from the media given their current situation. Because black women as a WHOLE are lacking the self-esteem and self-preservation to distance themselves emotionally from things that will do them harm; to keep themselves from turning anyone and everyone around them into a point of obsession. (I’ve noticed this obsession comes a lot of times in the form of celebrity worship.)

But I’m starting to see that this is going to have to be a bought lesson for some of you. For others keep up the critical thinking.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.

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Thoughts on this? Sounds like a potential disaster to me.