Black Women in Fandoms 106: The Trick Is To Make You Think We’re In This Together, When Really They’re Dancing On Your Bloodied Corpse



It’s been a while since I wrote a post about on this topic; three years actually. And if you haven’t read my posts on Black Women in the Media I would advise you to do that now. (If you are new I would especially recommend this so you’ll have some sort of frame of reference.)

I know I said, after the debacle that was the response to the posts below, that I was done writing about black women in the media. But in light of recent events I’ve decided to dig up the corpse of these posts and build myself a zombie.

Although I’ve severely limited what I’ve been watching lately I do keep up with the news enough to know what’s been going on recently. But in case you missed it here’s a quick rundown of the insanity I’ve seen concerning black women in the media.

  • Masses of deluded and mentally ill black women came out to support “Straight out of Compton” and give it a billion dollar opening.
  • Zoe Saldana was cast in a biopic for Nina Simone in which someone decided it would be a good idea to spray paint her dark brown and give her a fake nose.
  • Yet *another* television about slaves has been produced. (I guess we’ve digressed that far)
  • Blacks completely foamed at the mouth when they realized they were overlooked again for the Oscars.
  • Black women decided to flock to another television show with what will surely turn out to be a place hold black woman’s face on the show “Outsiders”. (I guess we’re still trying kicking that)
  • Beyoncé decided to speak for all black women when she #mammied herself at the Super Bowl for the Black Penises
  • Coon…Ahem.. I mean Kevin Hart continues to land roles using Black women’s resources.
  • Rachel Dolezel, Black Woman Impersonator continues escape persecution for using
  • Melissa Harris Perry got kicked to the curb on MSNBC.
  • Abbie Mills was killed off Sleepy Hollow. *shock and gasp!*

After watching debacle after debacle, the most important thing I’ve noticed in all of the discourse surrounding these events is that people who have been *directly* benefiting from the continued demise of black women would like us to believe that we’re in some bad sequel to High School Musical and we’re really “All in this Together”.

I’ve spoken before about the dangers of not being able to identify what an ally is.

Unfortunately, too many black women are still confused.  So I’ll repeat myself.  It is impossible to TRULY ally with someone who is directly benefiting from YOUR misfortune.

And just in case you were skimming this post I’ll say it twice.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be TRUE allies with people who are, not only directly benefitting from your misfortune, but are actively INVESTING it.

With that said, I want black women to get something clear: There are few mistakes in Hollywood. Almost everything is deliberate. The people who have made hundreds of billions of dollars (and that’s just sometimes on ONE movie) didn’t just “accidentally” screw you into the ground.


That crap is D-E-L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E.

There are no mistakes.

Zoe Saldana didn’t just casually wander onto the set for the Nina Simone Biopic and then the director just felt sorry for her and let her stay.

These Networks didn’t reluctantly cast stereotypical black women on their shows because there just weren’t any non-stereotypical ones.

That umpteenth show about NEGROS relishing in SLAVERY didn’t just “accidently” get greenlit.

The writers didn’t “accidentally” cast a black woman as “Lead” only to have her as a place HOLD until they brought in light skinned/ white women as her replacement.

The NETWORKS are NOT unware of the offensive things their black male actors have vomited all over social media.

The producers and “showrunners” have FULL authority to make certain actresses’ lives miserable until they want to quit.  And they ARE capable of it.

The networks are fully aware that when they paint certain black face wearing, conniving women as sympathetic to the masses they are doing a colossal disservice to black women.

The networks and executives didn’t “accidently” manage to use black female faces to attract “perpetually surprised” black women to their television shows and then “spontaneously” decide to dump them.

[Please read this recent post by Muslim Bushido in which she talks about previous posts on this exact topic ]

The networks and executives didn’t simply hire biracial actress to REPLACE unambiguous black women because they were SO talented they couldn’t be passed up.

The academy wasn’t actually unaware that they nominated NO blacks for their awards. (Despite all the people having tantrums on twitter. Lol)


You are being played, hoodwinked, deceived, duped, tricked, conned.

Somehow in the biggest con of all time, black women have actually fell for the idea that groups of people who’ve managed to hang onto their privileges for CENTURIES just couldn’t quite figure out how to treat black women nicely; that they have just no idea how to not cast stereotypical black women. That they just couldn’t write actual lines for black women as HUMAN BEINGS.

Come on ya’ll. you can’t be that naïve. But just in case you are, I’ll jump further down the rabbit hole in an attempt to pull you out with a very obvious example from the movie Shit Outta Compton:

The group NWA made their multi-million dollar, decades longs careers on the backs of black women. These BLACK MEN while complaining about racism and police brutality simultaneously abused black women (physically and verbally) and happily produced NUMEROUS vile songs about KILLING black women.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And when, after decades of lacking any REMORSE that they’d gained their fortunes on Black women’s misfortunes, suddenly these same men decided to “apologize” for abuse that they willfully perpetuated.

Wake Up, ladies.

This did not happen in a vacuum. This did not happen because “Dr.” Dre suddenly felt “sorry” for what he’d done. (LOL). He didn’t have any epiphanies. He needed to sell tickets. And of course, because NOTHING is an accident, he knew black women would accept a two-bit apology.  This was planned, finagled, and arranged by people who MAKE THEIR LIVINGS perfecting the right thing to say at the right time.

Every, “Emotion”, every “regret”; every “sadness” has been carefully crafted by people behind a curtain. And you’d think that this would go without saying but this movie somehow had a massive opening day and subsequent theater run supported by the same woman whose image and names are in the gutter because of said group. And the kick is that Black Women were salivating to support it.

But remember, the trick is to make you think that we’re all in this together when really they’ve strung up your corpse in time square and used it as a piñata.

Bu if you want an example from the other side of the coin. Let’s look at the show “Sleepy Hollow.”  Black women were ensnared in that trap from the day the show was announced. As I predicted THREE YEARS AGO the show pulled a complete bait and switch. But they took it a step further. Not only did they bait and switch the audience, they managed to kill the character off completely. And from what I’ve heard they didn’t even do her justice.

And yet when all was said and done, (as I expected) white women somehow managed to turn the issue of black women being used and abused into a way to push their agenda. &utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=THR%20Live%20Feed%20Alerts_now_2016-04-11%2014:48:42_Jfrosch&utm_term=hollywoodreporter_livefeed

If you weren’t daring enough to click on the links, I’ll help you out. These broads managed to turn the phenomenon of black women getting baited and switched into a larger issue about “Women” (read white).

And while I couldn’t give to whits about the comings and goings of angry white women, I want black women to be aware of something. White women are NOT innocent victims in the demise of black women in the media.

Here are a few fun facts.

The director the Nina Simone debacle is actually a white woman.

The directors and showrunners of The Vampire diaries the show that mammied their black female character for seven seasons are white women.

The network executive who approved the decision to kill Carter’s character on Person of Interest is, you guessed it, a white women.

But somehow these women would have you believe with all the Liz Lemon’s, Unbreakable Kimmy’s, and Leslie Knopes (and that’s only naming a few) that we’re all in this together.

Sure we are.

If I haven’t said this before it bears repeating over and over again.  The problem with assuming everyone is your ally is that you’re assuming that NOBODY is working against you.  This is a cycle I’ve noticed over and over throughout the years.

Certain groups can do a number of heinous things to black women. Black women become enraged by said acts. Said group feigns surprise and stupidity and remorse before skillfully using lines like “but the white man is doing this or that to all of us” or “Those white men have an issues portraying all women” or, “Let’s not be divisive. The larger issue is those white men,” And miraculously black women fall for the buzzwords. Black women enter a fugue like state ready to nurse said groups to their bosoms instead of holding them accountable for the continued mistreatment.

And I won’t even get into the fact that these same black women who were just sharted on by the executives at Fox still haven’t learned to DO FOR SELF and create their own media. In some demented turn of events there are actually people talking about more upcoming shows with sock puppet black female leads; yet again providing these networks with free publicity.

I couldn’t make this crap up if I wanted to, ladies.

Stop it. Wake Up.

Before I leave, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. If we’re all in this together would there be masses of blacks deciding to boycott the Oscars because ONE washed up black actress lost out on a nomination. (Please look up how boycotting the Oscars came about because Will Smith was snubbed and Jada wanted to support her husband.)

When black women show their asses in the same way as the Rachel Dolezels will she be written off as anything more than a ratchet hoe?

Have any of these groups you’re desperate to cling to ever sacrificed for YOU?

I think we all know the answer to that.

And while the truth hurts, it will also set you free.

Until next time,

Stay Neutral.

  1. I somehow missed myplaceinthesun’s annual Christmas challenge to support black women owned business.

So I’m issuing it from now until the end of May.  If anyone knows any black women business for likeminded black women, please link them below. And please post what you purchased, if anything, in the comments.