Imma say it again; Beware the Cloak of Black Male &White Female Privilege!


Today I want to play a game called “Most Realistic Outcome”.  It’s really quite simple and only requires the use of your imagination… Are you all ready? Okay.

Imagine there was a white man. Most likely American, and in his mid to late thirties. Now imagine this white man grew up with all the privileges that came with being white and male. But there was a problem. You see this white man, who grew up with his white parents, applied to a historically black college and didn’t get in. This made the white man angry. He felt entitled to receive what he believed was rightfully his. You see, this white man, let’s call him “Richard” decided that he didn’t like that. And so Richard decided to sue the school for “discrimination” based on the fact that he was white.

That didn’t work out too well for Richard. He lost his lawsuit and was forced to actually pay damages to the school in question. This bothers Richard further. Later, Richard decides suddenly that he’s been having an identity crisis. Richard suddenly, and after living his life as a privileged white male, decides that he wants to live life as a black man as he feels he identifies with black people more. Richard spends money on tanning cream and spray tans. He then finds an afro wig and decides to wear it around town. Richard decides create an elaborate story about his father really being black and tells people that his mother’s adopted black children are his with a black woman. Richard then commits several crimes and lies about his ethnicity on any application he can get his hands on.

Richard applies to the black college again, this time as a Black man.  He is accepted to the college. Richard receives a scholarship; one that actually belongs to *real* black men. He is then hired by the NAACP as a president and took a *real* black man’s position. He is also hired to work in the Oversight division in the Spokane police department. But that’s not all. Richard is hired as a teacher of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University, He is accused of being nasty to black male students and favoring black female students.  He decides to tell his black students about their history because he feels he knows about it just as much.

At some point, Richard plagiarizes several African American paintings from the 1800’s. He also accuses people of committing hate crimes against him when it is actually untrue.  Suddenly Rach… ahem I mean Richard is outed by his white parents. For Richard isn’t a black man at all, he is a white man living the life of a charlatan. Richard has lied and carried on and has been rewarded for his deception. The media is in a frenzy now. Black people have the opportunity to speak on this privileged white man stealing resources from poor black men who were deserving of these scholarships and positions.

In this scenario what would be the most realistic outcome.

Would the media, black people, and the NAACP

  1. A) Immediately fire Richard and speak out against the privileges of White men against the poor black men who were cheated.
  2. B) Call for an investigation and begin a lawsuit on the resources that went to Richard instead of other black men because of his lies.
  3. C) Launch a national discussion about the evil white man and their entitlement issues.
  4. D) Sympathize with the borderline psychotic white man’s need to “feel good” about himself at the expense of the black men who were cheated and locked out of positions that were long fought for.
  5. E) Come out in defense of said white man and defend his need to “identify” with blacks even when it was at the expense of black men and their best interests.

….. If you answered A, B, And C. You get full points.  If you answered D or E. Well I’m sorry you’re probably a delusional fool.

Now, imagine this scenario involved a woman named “Rachel” instead of a man named Richard. Imagine if this happened to a woman who grew up with blond hair and blue eyes and all the privileges that came along with being a white woman.  What do you think the outcome is?

…. If you answered A,B, C. Well then you probably live in an alternate universe where right and wrong are not subjective to whether there is a penis attached and if you answered D or E then I applaud your intelligence.

You see, in this timeline, in this universe, on this planet we call earth there’s a thing called privilege. You see not only do white men have privilege because they are men and because they are white, White women have privilege because they are white (even though they are women) and black men have privilege because they are males (even though they are black). And black women, well… you know how that plays out.

I’ve told you all before about the mass hypocrisy and privilege concerning black men and white women. I’ve told you all before about the near rabid focus on the privileges of white men while ignoring the privileges of two groups who do nothing at all to stop their own abusive behavior towards black women.

While everyone was so focused on white men. Black men and white women where stripping black women of everything that they could possibly get their hands on right down to African American women’s identities.  You see for those who refused to see the nuances of privilege, especially the foolish black women who wouldn’t heed warnings from the numbers of black women who already spoke about these issues for the past *decade* are now shocked and awed at the reactions of deadbeat bm willing to throw down their capes to save a white woman from her own foolishness. These black women are now gnashing their teeth and writhing in pain that they’ve been betrayed *yet again* by black men who cosigned Rachel Dolezal. They still understand how privilege works.  On the other hand those black women who are waiting for the world to come out and condemn this lying white lady and her delusions are in for a surprise are now *shocked* that white female privilege has actually done the opposite.

So for the simpletons that just don’t get it, imma’ say again exactly what the cloak of black male and white female privilege means in terms of black women.

  1. BM/WF privilege means that while white women may not have BOTH privileges they still have enough privilege that it is OPEN SEASON on the black women who have the misfortune of coming in contact with delusiods like Rachel Dolezal.
  2. BM/WF privilege means that while the rest of the world would have made sure to call for the head of any WM and his offspring had they perpetrated such an offense against a black MAN, most of those same black man who would readily grab pitchforks and matches are now ready to forgive and forget the same behavior from their counterparts. (I’ve said before that BM and White women are different sides of the SAME coin in terms of privilege and wielding that privilege against black women as a weapon.)
  3. In terms of white women this cloak of privilege means that instead of the world holding this bird brain accountable, her cloak of privilege lets her sins be cast invisible so that she’s come off as a “confused” tortured soul instead of the predator she actually is. It is a very adequate shield of armor. (Remember white woman’s tears ya’ll.)
  4. In terms of black men this cloak of privilege means that black men get to set the standard of what qualifies as racism. They are given, by the world, the privilege of deciding who and what gets held accountable. Any black woman who knows what’s up can see the pattern in which deadbeat black men allow any old white woman to do whatever they want while wailing about racial solidarity and asking black women to cape for grown men.

*For more on this topic please see Halima’s post called “Who’s Zooming Who”

  1. In terms of black women this cloak of privilege (for those who are massively in denial) means that black women take their cues from said black men above in the hopes that they will gain said privileges of black men. (I have written numerous posts on why this won’t happen). It also means that black women will end up taking their cues from said black men and their one sided privilege. ( See the number of black women following the NAACP and trying to sympathize with this barracuda)
  2. IN terms of privilege this means that two groups who peddle themselves as being “victimized” by white men can turn around and stick it two black women and even blame black women for their own behavior. This includes accusations of being “jealous”/ “bitter” about white women’s *obvious* superiority to black women along with forcing black women to tow the party line for the BM agenda of racial “equality”.

I suppose there were a number of black women waiting for black people to condemn this white woman’s behavior. I suppose they thought that after muling for black men and the black (male) cause they would finally be worthy of defense.  Instead what black women were shown was that they *still* weren’t worth outrage.

I’m going to say again that black women need to pull their collective head out of their ass. It appears that some of ya’ll believe this is a game. Some of you believe that constant erasure of boundaries is going to be something that will “benefit” everyone.


Erasure of boundaries without a release of privilege only works for those who already started out with privilege.

Example: Cooking is largely seen as a domesticated (see: female) career. And yet when men choose this profession they are given privileges that women are never afforded. Meanwhile women who break into traditionally male fields are not given the same level of respect.

A number of bwe writers have spoken on the importance of maintaining boundaries in regards to race.  *See Khadija’s post on those who pretend not to know what “black” means. These black woman knew the consequences of allowing others to dictate who can and can’t identify as black and those pretending that we have some sort of shared experience and collective, when these same groups have a very obvious agenda.

Now these same people who wanted to pretend like this was High School Musical are now shocked when people are invoking those same privileges that never went away in the first place. And what’s worse the new redefinition of what it means to be black harms *actual* black women.

You see for those who have an agenda not having boundaries on who is black (and yes even who is a woman) only benefits those who have nothing to lose. You can believe that the main reason why black men haven’t spoken out in mass (and why delusional black women have supported Rachel Dolezal) is because they don’t believe they are going lose out. Hell, as some people pointed out this woman’s “black” persona is exactly what deadbeat bm hold as the standard of what black womanhood should look like.

I’m going to warn black women yet again to watch out for opportunistic people who are using “inclusiveness” as a way to gain access to African American women’s hard earned rights.  Beware of the cloak of privilege. What does this mean? Avoid situations in which people ask you to give up established boundaries in the name of “fairness”. Remove yourselves from people who are clearly only there to take what they can get before they ditch. Stay away from people who want you to cape for your own erasure.

And for the love of God, Stay neutral. I will say again that aligning yourself with groups that have the power to wield their privilege over black women will do nothing but damage black women further.  For the black women who invested in the NAACP only to be betrayed by their support of Rachel Dolezal, learn your lesson from this.  Watch out for deadbeat black men and white women waiting in the wings to use their privilege as a weapon. Now more than ever I would warn that these groups have the power to do the most damage to black women.

Never forget the power of boundaries. And any time someone asks you to give up something so they can be included to your demise, ask yourself this:  If the tables were turned, if I were a black women who suddenly decided to “identify” as a white woman would I be handed the privileges of a white woman.

I think we all know the answer to this and questions like it.

Until Next time…