Christmas 2014 Challenge!

Hi, everyone. i wanted to thank those who’ve continued to add their thoughts to my current post.

Please continue to add your thoughts.

I wanted to alert all of my readers about a challenge that blog MY Place in the sun has created. she’s challenging (as am i) all of us to buy at least ONE thing from bwe supporters and creators. Check her post here for a few suggestions of people to buy from.

Further if you know of any BWE supporters please take part in the challenge. I know I will.


34 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 Challenge!

  1. Thank you for supporting this initiative OLS. Can’t wait for the reports from bwe supporters about what they’ve purchased from the vendors on the list. After all, we are DOERS and not just TALKERS, right? 😉

  2. Thank you for posting this Christmas challenge. I have two copies of Khadijah’s book (one hard copy and one Kindle copy), and I just purchased Faith’s primer earlier this week.

    Have any of you ladies purchased these books/primers for family members? I would like to, but I am a little ashamed to admit that I’m afraid of what their reactions will be. Anyone have pointers on how to give a gift like these, without coming off as evangelizing?

    • Thank you! I decided to bundle a copy of The Sojourner’s Passport with a Christmas present for my teenage sister. If I wasn’t so bad at procrastinating I would’ve left a nice little dedication on the inner cover of the book.

  3. Hey Homestead Glamour Girl,
    I’ve had Khadija’s book, for over a year and I just bought Evia’s bundles, the first batch from 2012. ( I would highly recommend those)
    I’m waiting on Roslyn’s book Rock Star.
    I don’t have kindle, so I ordered paperback!

    • I purchase an ebook and I’m looking to purchase Evia’s ebooks. I would also like to purchase scented candles and natural body care from a BWE supporter. A makeup line(conventional or natural)with lipsticks would be swell as well.

  4. Brown smiles you will love Evia’s books. Just having those comments to her blogs for posterity s sake is so good. I’ve also read Rock star and loved it.
    OLS, thanks for participating and putting up proof. I used my kindle to take a photo of my Amazon order page, but a screenshot would be more sophisticated. Lol.
    If I can figure out how to have people post photos in the comments on my blog I will let you know.

  5. I want to say THANK YOU to those of you who purchased any of my items during this CHALLENGE 2014 or may have plans to do so. Y’all know I’ve constantly beat the drum re black women supporting each other. That’s NOT just talk to me!! So I also want to thank y’all for supporting others among the vendors that HomesteadGlamourGirl listed. Buying from them lifted ALL of our boats. When you support other right-minded and like-minded bw, you are supporting YOURSELVES and ME.That emotionally and spiritually strengthens ALL of us on this BWE/Common Sense path.

    WHO exactly supports AA women? To what extent do other supposedly BWE like-minded AA women support AA women? I’ll talk to AA women FIRST about this because we have to deal with HOME first. That’s a part of the vetting we must always keep on the front burner. Why would you as an AA woman expect for any type of man to support you or any other AA woman if YOU don’t support your own. Well, to be very frank, we’ve seen a mini version of what Khadija has referred to as ‘blacks boycotting black business” even with the Challenge that HomesteadGlamourGirl initiated and managed. If you are an AA woman who has read and/or commented on the various BWE/BWIR/Common Sense sites, did YOU buy an item during the Challenge. Have you supported any of the vendors by purchasing any of our items in the past?

    Remember that one of the items only costs 99 cents.

    Keep in mind that to me, EVIA, this has nothing or very little to do with the money. Some of you know that I’ve often even refused to accept money from you, or offered to refund it to you when you sent it to me, or did refund it. Or at other times, I’ve told y’all to wait before you donate money to support me or buy something from me. My point is that it is NOT about the money to me; it’s about the PRINCIPLE of supporting those who support you– or RECIPROCITY.

    I don’t know how many of you supported the Challenge, but I suspect that the overwhelming most of y’all didn’t. I’m going to express my views about that.

    I consider that INEXCUSABLE and FOUL behavior. And that’s not just “old school’ me talking. That kind of behavior is out-of-sync with the way the modern world works.

    Yet, many of you sit around and point the finger at the ABCs, the DBRs, the Blackistanis, and other hole-drillers. Well, when you don’t make it a priority to support positive BWE/Common Sense initiatives that will uplift ALL of our boats, including YOURS, then you’re a hole-driller too. Yeah, I know some of y’all come on these sites and TALK–regurgitate all of the BWE/Common Sense position points, but TALKING, alone, has never kept any boat from sinking.

    So, the critical question is “How valuable are so-called BWE AA women to each other?” We have to apply the SAME rule with each other that I’ve urged y’all to ALWAYS apply to men. I’ve told y’all to rate them as being of Value, Low Value, or NO Value and I’ve even explained what that means several times.

    If you’re just a TALKER, then you’re of NO VALUE to me, or mine, or anyone else. I do NOT trust folks who MERELY talk because I know I can’t count on you.

    Many of y’all huff and puff about how this and that “ain’t right” and about how BWE bw need to separate from the ABCs and yadda yadda, YET this Challenge, if it had been, even moderately supported would have SHOWN that BWE can go beyond talking and actually lay a foundation to develop the critically needed infrastructure.

    HOW many huffers and puffers among supposedly BWE AA women readers and commenters actually supported the Challenge? I’d love to know that.

    Okay, another noticeable segment of BWE/BWIR readers and commenters are African women or the children of African women/parents.

    So, I’m now going to talk now about those commenters and BWE readers who are of RECENT African descent. I realize that some AAs don’t like it when I say positive things about my experiences with Africans. LOL I’ve encountered this offline, also. But in my experience over the past decades, of all the blacks I’ve dealt with in my various entrepreneurial or other projects, Africans SUPPORTED me–both offline and online–the absolute MOST in terms of percentages. Not ALL of them, but they’re highly supportive of those who they feel are doing positive things and are supportive of them. RECIPROCITY. In the past, out of every 10 Africans who knew I was selling something or if they knew I needed their support in some other way, I’ve experienced that at least half or more supported me in one small or even sometimes quite large ways. Among AAs, I’m lucky to get 2 out of 10 to support me.

    I’m NOT saying this is the case though with East African or some other segments of African women. I’ve rarely mingled with them, so I can’t say much about them. From what I can tell, most of the African women I’ve dealt with offline and even those online on these BWE/BWIR/Common Sense sites are of WEST African descent. They KNOW I’m supportive of them, so I know they will support me MOST of the time and a large percentage of them HAVE DONE SO. That’s Reciprocity-IN-ACTION. Many AA women know they’ve benefited bigtime from my work, BUT they still don’t support me, aside from that Amen corner and that Hallelujah chorus stuff.

    I’m just saying: You have to deal with HOME first! Or NO ONE else is going to take you seriously or even care.

    I don’t know WHO supported the Challenge, but from what I last heard, it wasn’t supported nearly well enough. I expected that Challenge to be supported and overwhelmingly by AA women because let’s face it. African women don’t need that infrastructure nearly as much. Even a moderate amount of support for this Challenge would have gone a long way toward establishing the validity of BWE which overwhelmingly lifts the boat of AFRICAN AMERICAN women. I wonder how many AA women who throw these high-sounding words around on these sites and do overtime huffing, puffing, and pointing the finger at other black folks–actually supported the Challenge?

    If you didn’t support the Challenge or haven’t supported us in the past in DEED (not words), or are not making it a point to do so now, please don’t AMEN anything I say. You and I are on totally different planes.

    And I don’t care if you get perturbed about what I’m saying because hot-air blowers are of NO value to me anyway.

    But again, I want toTHANK Homestead Glamour Girl again for using her own common sense to initiate this project and then using her time and energy to run it. I realize there weren’t that many vendors this first time, but she got it started and everything has to start somewhere. This wasn’t HER job to do all alone. Everyone who stands to benefit from it should contribute to it and support it. That’s RECIPROCITY.

    • The results are in!
      My final count is 12, so we’ve got an even dozen. Thank you, EVERYONE who participated. I guess I don’t have much to add to Evia’s comment. What can you say, at this point? Perhaps next time we will get more participation.

      In any case, I am onward and upward with my plans. (And Evia I will be looking for those new designs.)

      • This was an achievement! Remember that you only announced it in early December.

        Those who supported this challenge should pat themselves on the back because they went up against what Khadija refers to as the usual “blacks boycotting black businesses” programming that surrounds the overwhelming most of AA blacks and they beat that program! That’s a victory! I believe that many readers thought about supporting the challenge, but most couldn’t win against the program. In other communities/collectives, this type of “support your own” group businesses and projects goes on all year-round, automatically. The only difference with AAs is that so many typical AAs have received and internalized a “don’t support your own” program, so they think it’s automatic NOT to support your own.

        As a critical thinking person, I’ve always found it a curious thing that so many AA blacks cling to “BLACK” yet we know that most of the same folks won’t support proven uplifting BLACK projects–due to that VERY effective “don’t support” program.

        LOL re my overdue designs. They are done, but I’m working feverishly to set up my new site and I’ve gotten bogged down in html and css!

  6. Purchased the following of Evia’s books:

    LIVING WELL: Black Women Interracial and Intercultural Marriage-BOOK 4: Black Women Marrying Well-A Common Sense Approach

    CHOICES: Black Women Interracial and Intercultural Marriage BOOK 2-Your Life Depends on Your Choices

    RECIPROCITY: Black Women Interracial and Intercultural Marriage-BOOK 3

  7. From last spring through last summer, I bought e-books and audio lessons from Khadija Nassif and Evia respectively and put money in the tip jar for the latter. I also bought e-books from other BW who have been known to write posts or other works that are usually in line with the original BWE websites’ material. I also donated through online crowd funding or through online petitions like for BW and black girls who were ill, injured or who needed fundraising for certain things.

    No wonder I’m broke these days! Uh oh……

  8. Long time ladies
    *chic noir smiles big*

    So just to be clear I brought two of Eva’s ebooks. I donated to Faith. I brought the .99 cent book. I brought CW’s book. I think I may have purchase something from another BW vendor on the list but I can’t recall off the top of my head.

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