Hello everyone, I hadn’t expected to be back so soon but because of certain events in Ferguson and black women’s continued misbehavior I thought it time. I have been on the NYGF Facebook page talking about this but now I’m going to make a full post because I feel that at this point I have to say something.

To any and all black women reading this post:

Don’t be a fool.

If you believe that “saving” black MEN is going to be a successful and further more FRUITFUL endeavor, quite simply, you are a FOOL.

You need to get your life.

I have seen numerous pictures of black women  stupidly deciding not only to harm themselves going to these protests but to  put themselves in the role of MEN and place themselves in harm’s way.  On top of it all, they are now bringing their CHILDREN into the mix.

Yes these SICK bastards are using (yes I said using) CHILDREN to help their “cause”. Disgustingly enough when I hear the news talk about children being tear gassed I never hear anyone ask why there were children there to begin with.

Since clearly some black people are lacking the common sense to behave decently I will say this:

I rebuke any and all behavior in which children and the elderly are put in harm’s way. Just because grown adult black women have decided to be stupid enough to be the “grunts” doesn’t mean that you are allowed to put your CHILDREN in harm’s way for a cause.

I guess to some the lives of ADULT BLACK MALES is worth more than that of CHILDREN.

To those people: you are despicable and VILE and deserve to have your children taken away by CPS.

You are repulsive, and the world can see your foolishness.


For the black women who continue to “cape” for grown ass men who have never seen fit to even make a grumble for a black woman when they are killed.


This may sound cruel, but thing of it is I’m dead serious. Some of ya’ll are acting as if the BM of the WORLD will f-ing fall apart if your dumbass isn’t there.  When really ya’ll need to #stayoutofit

These black women (you may be one) feel the need to SPEAK FOR, MARCH, and literally yes literally, physically protect MEN who can (But WON’T) protect themselves.

These black women (perhaps you)  probably feel something is wrong with the “black community” because they don’t support black women.(Somehow you were “conscious” enough to notice that but NOT conscious enough to STOP being the reason WHY BM don’t support you to begin with!)

These Black women use the folly of “What if this was my -….. I should support them.” And you probably don’t realize that black women can NOT be the speaker for MEN.

These black women (be honest I’m probably speaking to YOU) probably have built NO infrastructure in their lives, and are constantly finding “causes” to fill in the BLATANT holes in their own lives.

I’m not going to speak about the folly of black women supporting people with privilege. I have already written on this before. for any newcomer who has yet to read my most pertinent posts on NEUTRALITY start with the ones in the links below.

Let me explain this once more. Just because, black women help BLACK MEN escape police brutality, it does NOT mean that said black WOMEN will be extended the same rights. As I have stated on FB, I have seen numerous posts giving saying  that black WOMEN who were victimized by said “enemy” were at fault for the SAME behavior that,before (when black men were involved of course) had people riled because it was a #civilrightsviolation.

Black MEN want to be Equal with WHITE MEN. That means having both racial and sex privilege. That means they have to have someone to be OVER. That means they have to keep YOU (who lacks both) in their place.

So black women joining the front lines with MEN, supporting them, and DYING and getting injured for their cause, will find later that this will all come to nothing. Except you will again be considered a mammy, a mule and masculine fool. Further, you can be damn sure once THEY get privileges to keep theirs they will BLOCK you from any protection.

These same men will drain you of your time and resources to get a step ahead then they will quickly cast you aside.

But, but, but, I have to stand for what is right! #justice!

Your righteous hypocrisy is clearly visible.  Your willingness to stay silent while your daughters cousins, mothers, sisters are hurt (and unbelievably on Facebook I’m hearing that black women are being harassed by the same black MEN they are marching for. one woman was shot in the head and STILL got back out there) while laying your life on the line for coddled black men is not only hypocritical, It’s dumb as hell.

Justice is not selective. Justice is not protecting those who have more privilege than YOU and can fight for themselves. Justice is not hypocritical. Those of you spouting the MORALS of why you’re behaving in certain ways act as if the world can’t see you and you hypocrisy.

Those of you crying that black men won’t march for you/ respect you even while you march and protest for THEM, don’t realize that YOU are teaching MEN to need WOMEN to do for them. YOU are creating the cycle of black men who can’t seem to get their shit together.

I’ve said before in a racist and sexist world black women taking on “mens” roles will NOT mean that YOU will get said privileges. It will mean that the  same people that needed your help will revile you later.

Further it is clear you block heads have nothing in your life.

Newsflash: When the media leaves. When the liberal white people looking for a good cause to add to their “hashtag activism” (Thanks WOAD) find a new “cause” to watch like a spectator at a circus, when all the #feminists move on to something else,(and note most white people upset aren’t MARCHING or Harming themselves) Black WOMEN and their children are still going to be stuck in the same shit hole they were before.

Because instead of protecting THEMSELVES, these dumbass black women (maybe you) didn’t think to prepare for the inevitability of their lives turning to CRAP. Instead of focusing on grown adult males that can fight for themselves and are only using you as a temporary buffer, why don’t you spend your time getting the fuck out of neighborhoods like this.

Why don’t you spend time finding a way to provide for you children

Why don’t you see about making sure you don’t have to live in the brutal conditions you live in for the REST OF YOUR LIFE? Which won’t be long.

For the black women online who are watching and “supporting”, why don’t you get OFF line? Why don’t you open a CD and save money. Why don’t you spend your time building an emergency fund for you and yours? Why don’t you prepare yourself for the inevitable peace walls that will go up and the resources run out. *Khadija has talked about this before numerous times if anyone can find those posts I will give them a virtual cookie*

Like I said on Facebook, when you are as poor as Job’s turkey it makes no sense to give said turkey AWAY.  For those women who are Christian, the bible says nothing about giving away your resources when YOU are poor yourself. Or to People taking ADVANTAGE OF YOU.

And as a collective black women are POOR.

Hell, when the average amount of money black women have is 1$ then you are POOR.

Instead of investing in the lives of black MEN you don’t know, bussing down to states you DON’T LIVE IN, why don’t you invest in your children’s future and save that money. Why don’t you spend extra time looking up scholarships so your kids can go to college? Hell, why not simply make sure your kids are keeping up in school NOW.

Instead of #bloggingforblackboys,  Why don’t you blog about the emergency food sources you’ve created, why don’t you blog about the emergency water you’ve bought. Why don’t you blog about how you’ve gotten out of debt and prepared yourself in case you lose your job. Why don’t you help other black women do this?

Why don’t you blog about the property you own.

Instead of getting upset at post like these

Why not get angry at the fact that YOU have nothing tangible in your life to protect your family from harm.

Instead of #marching, #boycotting #hashtagging why don’t you build infrastructure that can actually HELP black people, instead of behaving as if this is the civil rights days.

Instead, teach them that the best type of power is the power that comes from building a life that can produce something TANGIBLE.

Instead of teaching them to #march or #hashtag why not teach them how to get their SHIT TOGETHER.

And instead of getting hurt, maimed, beat up, harassed, abused, for a cause for a group that HATES you and YOU won’t BENEFIT from,

Why don’t you


Until Next Time,