The Girl Who Believed Anything


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For those of you who read the previous post in this series, it seems that many disgruntled commenters felt as if I’d told them to recreate the formula for nuclear fusion. As some of you had a melt down at the concept of reciprocity, which every BWE writer has talked about in some form or another.


The most striking thing was that so many people seemed to miss the entire point. (and I knew they would, which is why I planned to write this follow-up post).   Allow me to explain.

First, a detour:

There are a number of black women online, and I am POSITIVE it transfers to real life, that simply believe ANYTHING.  This is not meant as an insult, but for many black women whether this happens from a lifetime of being gas-lighted or simply refusing to listen to reasonable people assert reasonable things. These black women absolutely refuse to access the system upgrade required to practice discernment.

These black women, yes I’m probably speaking to you, have the mind-boggling problem of  simply ACCEPTING ANYTHING AT FACE VALUE  without ever doing what is called “fact checking” first.

This lot, because of their denial of the necessity of fact checking, their absolute refusal  to check the fruit of the vine BEFORE they irresponsibly jump in head long; and their outright dismissal of anyone who has gone before them and knows with certainty the ending results, consequently, leaves many of these women * perpetually surprised*  as many BWE writers have described. ( A virtual cookie will be given to the reader who knows which writer(s) said this. I have forgotten, bonus cookies if you can find the post for me.)

These women, only after they have been perpetually surprised over and over again (be honest its happened to YOU), then bemoan the fact that their lots have been cast and they are stuck perpetually at the bottom of whatever totem pole they have found themselves.

How do I know that YOU are TGWBA?

You are pretty easy to identify.  You reek of a naiveté that most people can see coming a mile away. You are probably stubborn, but most likely, unhappy.  You absolutely refuse to consider anyone who wants to let you know that you could possibly be making a mistake.

(and you very well may not have commented on the last post but I know you are out there)

Further, I have noticed some key things about these women, in particular, that give proof to these findings:

  • You listen to rich “celebs” about how awesome certain lifestyles are even though they are not practical for someone without a ton of money.
  • You probably voted for/ promoted certain political leaders *cough* Obama *cough* because of “unity” yet never did any “fact checking” to make sure that he would actually “pay up” to black women.
  • You support any cause without researching WHERE that money is being funneled to and are always *sarcastic gasp* shocked when that money ends up in the hands of  abusers, detractors, silencers, people outside of the community that you will ever get a return in, BW haters, etc.
  • You probably saw the movie Red Tails, Precious, Madea (1,2,3, 4,5, 6, 7…..), The Help, Think Like A Man (1 & 2)  Twelve Years a Slave, Belle, (yes, I went there), Django Unchained because you STILL refuse to believe that the way to become upwardly mobile black women  is NOT  through begging racist Hollywood to give you scraps (most of these roles are offensive anyway).
  • You refuse to do for yourselves, yet, constantly complain that others won’t DO FOR YOU.
  • You have no clue about reciprocity ( this will be addressed in an upcoming post)
  • You have no idea what an ALLY is ( This will be addressed in the same post)
  • You have no idea what being NEUTRAL actually means ( This will ALSO be addressed in another upcoming post)
  • You constantly have your hand bitten because you keep putting it in the mouth of snakes.

These women, probably you, (or the ones who got the maddest at the last post)  simply refuse to listen to people when they say, “it ain’t going to work”.

What is my point?

Despite what some people think, I am not simply here to parent grown women who believe they know what’s best. I do not have sponsors who will pay me if I can convince you not to vote/ pay for people who don’t help you in the long run.

My point is that while it’s as compelling as rubbernecking at a train wreck, it’s completely obvious that black women are throwing away opportunities to do for self in ways that would actually  benefit them, i.e.   “doing for self, keeping ones money in ones pocket for projects that will actually bear good fruit,” etc.

Unfortunately, many women know that ignorance is temporarily bliss.

Which is unfortunate, because this means that many black women miss out on things that could actually be good for them.

If only they would reconsider.




Until Next Time….

P.S. No, I did not just basically call you an idiot and leave you with NO advice as to how not to be the GWBA, that will be addressed in the next post.

P.P. S   A WM reader emailed me concerning the subject of WB Readers (honestly, didn’t even know I had any)  commenting on this blog.  I do not have any problem with WM Readers contributing to the conversation, and I want to let other readers know that this is not an issue.

Special Thanks To BrownSmiles for editing and revising this post for me.

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