Smile When you say that!: The Multi Cultural Edition


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Note: I don’t do disclaimers, but I will give warnings. This post will probably offend some, who don’t know who and what I’ve been promoting from the very start of this blog. For those who don’t know, this blog is for women of African American descent. I did not create this blog to reach black women all over the world; I didn’t write this in the hopes of helping everyone. That is above my scope and impossible. If you are not an African American woman and you have a problem with posts that focus and put this group of women first, then I suggest you leave or create your own blog that focuses on YOUR specific interests because this blog is what it is.



On to the post,

I have noticed a growing demand for “Fair, and “inclusive” behavior by the thought police, who believe that African American women aren’t doing enough. These “well meaning” people believe that African American women simply need to be doing more. These people think that African American black women should change their behavior in certain ways to suit certain groups of people in the many different ways.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, if I’m not being absolutely clear, I’m noticing the very troubling idea being thrown around in the general world where African American black women need to foolishly, and mulishly support any other black person across the planet whether or not these groups of blacks ever actually reciprocate the mulish giving that black women do to other groups.

For those who didn’t read the post before the last one, the comments section was positively rife with people who couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that African American black women are a group of women that have their own unique thoughts, ideas, hopes, dream, and do NOT exist solely to give every other person a “ leg up” at the expense of themselves. This sort of behavior (and it isn’t just the misguided people in my comments section, who have a problem with this) has come from many biracial people, “ people of color” , white women and white men (usually people who identify as “ fair” and “ liberal” who believe that black women are being selfish and/or “ backwards” because the put the thoughts of themselves first and foremost.

For black women who bite this bullet and believe the social pressure to screw themselves into a wall, this is a problem for many reasons:

  • This expected and undeserved behavior is supposed to be the RULE for certain groups while for everyone else it’s the EXCEPTION.
  • This behavior is only focused on African American black women and isn’t supported or recognized anywhere else.
  • This behavior largely doesn’t benefit African American Black women
  • This behavior is not RECIPROCATED
  • This group doesn’t benefit (Yes I said this twice).
  • This behavior has resulted in African American women largely being dismissed ad erased because certain groups refuse to acknowledge a difference in lifestyle and privileges that African American black women simply LACK.
  • Most importantly this obligation FORCES African American women out of a NEUTRAL stance, and pushes them into things that could potentially be detrimental.

I have noticed that when African American women speak, think, exist, without asking for the permission of people who believe they should automatically be allowed into this group, there is a large amount of dissent and anger. Usually this comes from Blacks of foreign countries, who believe African American women should recognize them as some sort of comrade, biracial African Americans who believe they should be able to speak FOR African American black women who are NOT BIRACIAL or liberal white Americans who love to speak about being “ progressive” .

As with most people who live ideology instead of reality (as many BWE writers have spoken about) this behavior thrust upon AA BW is the RULE for black women but the exception for these groups. AA black women are as a rule expected to push aside their issues for foreigners and people of multi cultural descent and allow these people to speak as if they are the default for African American black women.

Case in point, the issue on this blog last year when I suggested that AA BW start their own media projects. Some “special snowflake” Canadian black women had a problem with this suggestion and thought it was over the top and got ANGRY and couldn’t fathom that AA BW might find this an appropriate solution.

Or there were the commenters having an issue with AA BW who didn’t want to blindly support an African-Mexican actress who has no ties to the US or US BW and were upset that AA BW weren’t handing out “ free Costco membership badges” to women we don’t know or recognize or don’t share a history with.

Or I could name plenty of liberal (usually “ feminist” ) white women who can’t understand why having biracial black women represent FULL blooded black women results in the erasure of darker skinned black women.

Funnily enough these people, in these groups who call for these rules are usually the ones that have the biggest issues with giving up their own privileges, or DIDN’T have to begin with. OR THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO GAIN by pressuring aa bw to do so.
For example, if bi racial black women get to represent ALL black women in the media, all the roles go to the Zoe Saldana’s the Halle Berry’s and the Mariah Carey’s and LUPITA NYONGO’s who get to SET THE STANDARD.

When I hear white American’s (and usually sanctimonious white feminists) talk about “what’s the big deal” it’s from people who don’t have to SHARE THEIR characterizations with other groups. If you notice white people in Hollywood are played by white people in Hollywood. Not blacks and certainly not BLACK WOMEN. Hell there are more than enough roles for white women why don’t they give up some?

Someone in the comments section brought up Steve McQueen a British Black man making an AA slave movie, to which a commenter replied that AA’s do it all the time so it shouldn’t be an issue.

And yet the difference, the fault in that logic that I’m not sure if most noticed was that McQueen didn’t take his movie to BRITAIN. He came to AMERICA hired almost ALL non American actors for an African American story, and then wanted AFRICAN AMERICAN people to support him.

In the reverse I highly doubt if I went to Nollywood, Bollywood, or Anywhere in the world with black people, tried to REPRESENT THEM, without REPRESENTING THEM, and had an issue when people said WTF, I would be told to GTFOWB. What people also didn’t notice was that these people aren’t in THEIR OWN countries making stories that they find interesting that happen to be about other cultures like the AA’s that did the nelson Mandela story, and was designed for AA audiences, instead McQueen and came to AMERICA for AA support.

I’ve also noticed that this behavior, to let everyone else have “free membership” and recognition is largely not beneficial to AA black women, not only do these groups have their own PRIVILEGES that they refuse to acknowledge or put aside, they step on the backs of black women and their wallets to get where they want to go before, moving on to bigger and better things all in the name of diversity, meanwhile African American women have their issues ignored.

See Zoe Saldana recognizing her blackness when it’s time to sell movies and then when it’s time to acknowledge her privilege, telling AA black women their simply complaining. (Look it up)

Because ultimately the support isn’t going to be reciprocated, it can’t be reciprocated and have her be able to KEEP the privilege that got her the roles in the first place.

Meanwhile, as black women allow any and every Lupita Nyongo to represent all African American black women, there has been a large shift in what people believe AA black women look like. Turn on any tv show, and the majority of the African American black women are NOT played by AA black women, they are played by foreigners, bi-racial black women, and women who are not black at all but qualify as “women of color” Which wouldn’t be an issue if they were representing their own cultures or playing someone who is Biracial. Instead there is the “new’ black woman which means she’s not very black at all. Or she if she is, she’s the weave wearing, neck swerving, wig snatching black woman, which ironically these same groups want to avoid being characterized as.

I think many groups have convinced AA BW they are #winning and being NICE because they recognize these groups meanwhile once the guilt and dust have settled AA bw have yet again zilch. Though nobody wants to admit that.

Because while everyone is claiming that these victories are for “all black women around the world” the winnings and the resources and the MOVIE ROLES leave AA BW for good. But remember the trick is to make you think that everything has changed when really it hadn’t moved and inch.  (To knew readers, Please read my BWiF Series)

These groups who are largely *cough* white America *cough* push this inclusivity on AA BW so they won’t have to give up THEIR racist privilege have little or nothing to say until THEIR privileges are threatened.

Here’s a question to my readers, IF being bi racial makes you white and black, why do you think CERTAIN groups of white people ONLY want biracial people to identify as BLACK characters. Why do you think they are only allowed to play AA people? (and it isn’t for bi racial people’s benefit to be locked out of the other half of their heritage) Shouldn’t these same biracial people technically be able to play WHITE WOMEN by their logic, Since we’re all people? Shouldn’t I? And if we’re all people how come that works when people want to propel themselves from the backs of AA black women and not in the reverse?

I’ll give you a hint.

As one commenter said:

When WP don’t like the rules, they do
what they’ve always done…Change Them!
Lol..whose gonna stop them?


Why give up their privileges when they have dumb AA black women to do it? It’s simple really, because they know many black women aren’t going to CRITICALLY THINK about where their money and support is going.

And that’s the worst fact of all.


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