Umm, It does matter Mmkay?

If you haven’t heard the internet had been agog and aghast that an old billionaire white man is racist. (Big Shocker There) and is now… I’m not sure what, is upset and angered and want the world to know that racism is wrong.

While various people have stated the obvious, (and by obvious I mean that It was known he was racist for DECADES) while not proposing any solutions (Well the NAACP is in talks with the racist owner) I have noticed a number of surprising responses and various numbers of not so surprising responses.

For starters I’m noticing as is Muslim Bushido, a growing number of black women unwilling to show any response except #indifference towards black men upset at this latest slight. I agree with MB in that I’m seeing a definite new trend of black women willing and ready to wash their hands of the madness. (Especially in a situation where these players, who easily could have known from past comments his racist views and could, have chosen not to sell themselves to master)

Bougie Black Girl wrote a very lovely post concerning racists/ misogynist black men who are now upset and this *strange* new turn of events which I think everyone should read.

I also noticed as expected, when black women brought up the hypocrisy and unwillingness from these same black men in concerns to black women’s issues I noticed them quickly slapped into place. One comment in particular stood out to me on a recent clutch article in which one black women wrote that there were more important things to be worried about I won’t link (I’ve said before I don’t like trackbacks ) but I will post the comment

Holy cow. So…this dude’s comments, a billionaire with actual power, reach, dozens if not hundreds of black employees, and thousands if not tens of thousands of black customers….his horrid long history of discrimination and racial comments, including apparently treating minority tenants in his buildings like absolute crap, oh, you don’t care about. No concern there.

BUT… are upset (disgusted/outraged/concerned…whatever) by

Kanye West & Future’s song, “I Won,” in which they said their women are trophies…..THAT gets you upset.

And Steve Harvey telling Mimi in the wrong way that it may not be a good idea to $@!! on camera. Oh no…can’t have that.

SMMFH. And then you write: “The hubbub over Sterling is indicative of how we react to everything these days. Something crazy happens and we get angry for a few days, but soon, we move on. The cycle has repeated itself time and time again, and frankly, I’m over it.”

You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote that. Deafening hypocrisy, zero consistency.

Well, this time WE are reacting to something that actually matters….unlike what you normally do.

You see readers, this person ( and I don’t care if they’re male or female) lives in a world where the “important” issues that “actually matter” are those that are attached to the black male penises. This commenter and many others believes that me and my vagina should be outraged that a bunch of black men with free will, and are now #dazedandconfused that their master ahem boss is racist. These people believe that the important issues are that AA men *naturally* find important.

Because when black men get their feelings hurt… its serious this time!

See people like this don’t give a damn or think it’s important to talk about how disrespectful the Kanye west’s and the Lil Wayne’s are to black women because … to these people, penis, specifically BIG BLACK PENIS make the world go round. In fact black women don’t feel injustice, they don’t feel the repercussions of RICH, black men who have their own INFLUENCE of YOUTH AND MEDIA tainting their name in the world.

Because problems that have to do with black vaginas are simply…..

I won’t even finish, because we all know what people like this think.

I’m here to tell you that it DOES matter every issue that effects black women matters, it is not simply fodder to be put aside so “grown folk” can get down to business.

Do not let yourself be told otherwise. Do not let yourself be erased.

Finally, I noticed another interesting response that happened when black women pointed out this hypocrisy in the post.

They attempted to cover their tracks by saying black women shouldn’t only call out racio misogynist black men but all of these issues were important.

You see these kumbaya commenters want to have you believe that if you fight for them YOUR turn will come up sooner or later.

I agree that the other issues are more important but we must realize that all issues that affect us should be addressed and not ignored because on a scale of one to ten the issue might rank a five or a six. What is missed is that there is a fundamental difference between racism and prejudice. Racism’s focal point is power, dominion and control. Sterling as a racist has wealth and resources that impact a lot of people and not just millionaire basketball players. There are the front office personnel that help on the operations side of the business. There are vendors and business people who attempt to form relationships with the Clippers organization. These are just a few but also remember the jerk has other business interests and real and rental properties, for which he has been sued for discriminatory practices. The issue is clearly larger than bad words and basketball.

See this MAN starts with the hook that all issues should be addressed but then goes back into talking about basketball. He does nothing more. Because in the world of black the black man, racism and racism only is the only thing that matters. NOT racio mysoginy, not sexism they themselves employ, nothing more, nothing less. These “men” would have you believe we’re all in this together, and that you should stand up and support whatever cause it is this week because its “structural”. Notice he didn’t talk about the structural issues of black American women being hired in Hollywood or the structural beauty standards held up by the likes of the Kanye’s, Pharell’s (Hell yes I went there) and Lil’ Wayne’s. Because ultimately in the black community it will come last, if at all.

This blogger isn’t falling for it.

Black women continue with what you’re doing. Push your own interests. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s trivial or it doesn’t matter.

And above all,


I will hopefully be back with another post soon.

Ps. To the commenters that volunteered to proofread If you are still interested let me know.

I would have contacted you earlier but I have not had much time this month.


39 thoughts on “Umm, It does matter Mmkay?

  1. OLS, I was waiting for this post about Sterling and the deflating ego of self hating Negroes.
    I purposely went on spaces that I intentionally ignore and lurked reading comments. While the usual sista soliders marched out, their was a noticeable amount of indifference among BW. Some of these BW are girls were refusing to back down and it was nice to see them stand their ground.
    DL, Snoop, Kobe, Kevin, Michael, Lil Wayne
    and Bryant Gumbel, were literally cracking me up with their “outrage” because these men caught feelings.
    They did everything possible to prove their loyalty to White society.
    They married White and other Non BW, loudly professing their preference, in many cases at the expense of BW.
    They distanced themselves from BP and took their finances with them, instead of building the community that originally nutured them.
    They took neutral positions on the killings and structual racist treatment of poor Blacks and gave the white accusers the benefit of the
    They gave out N word passes to anyone who
    wanted them.
    Many of these guys stay silent or outright mocked the suffering of BW and her devalued image and after ALL this, they learned the hard way that this WM and we all know Sterling is far from the only one who feels this way, could care less and would perfer not to be seen with BP…period. Even if he is Majic Johnson.
    Knocked the wind right out of them and the best they could do, was turn the jerseys inside out and throw them on the floor in “silent protest”. That’ll set the WM straight.
    Incidents like this will continue to happen to
    BM on a global stage because this is how
    they have positioned themselves as a
    collective of men who do not respect their
    own women and children and willingly beg for the approval of non Blacks, especially if their
    This pathology has not gone unnoticed by non Blacks.
    Thank God for BWE platforms where I can find support amongst like minded BW and have the important conversations. It is liberating to just not care either way anymore and watch the Walls of Jericho come
    tumbling down from afar.

    • So Snoop dropped a few “eff yous”. Yes I’m sure Sterling’s ancient feelings were mighty hurt because some (c)rapper, insignificant to Sterling’s bottom line insulted him (Sterling).
      Notice that snoop and others ranting like him did not take the time to have a conversation with BP or encourage BP on how best to hit Sterling where it hurts – money, money, money. No, they figured “let’s call him racist (something others already knew, hence was not new[s]) and let’s be our usual profane selves, that’ll do the trick”. Oh and my personal favourite – they employed the ‘let’s ask the white men (Silver and gang made up of old[er] white men with money, power, ownership and the same prejudices/racism) to punish their friend on our behalf. Zzz. Next page please.
      You are on point BrownSmiles, these outraged BM treat BW appallingly and in general treat BP poorly and insist on taking their money to white spaces.
      I find it hilarious that they’re demanding that all BP especially BW share their anger because ‘whitey’ said he doesn’t want to play with them and he doesn’t want them sitting at his table.
      Nah, I’m saving my outrage for issues that negatively affect me and BW and I’m applying my problem solving & critical thinking skills to advancing the cause of BW, improving the welfare of BW and ensuring the success of BW. Them outraged black ‘mens’ can go kick rocks in their bare feet.

      • @Narr so agree!!

        We need to focus on our issues cause we all know that black women get no protection, respect, or love from the black man unless he wants something. They are never outraged over our treatment and actually most times are the chief abusers.

        Well, I for one am glad every time I see one with a non black woman because that is one less black woman who will be abused in some way. I’m sure you’ve heard that these men beat the s**t out of their wives when they get all mad. Black women don’t need that. These men are way less likely to abuse other women. So it only makes sense that we go where we are at least safe.

    • so true Brown Smiles. But we are to be outraged and cry for the rich black man who acts like we don’t exist until his boxers are in a knot and he wants us to help pull them out his a**. LOL ROTFLOL…. No got better things to do. You know I had some black guy come up to me and ask me mt thoughts about this mess. I told him that i hadn’t given it much thought as the 200+ girls in Nigeria who were taken from school and sold as sex slaves to black militant Muslim men and there as of yet is no black men army coming to rescue them I just can’t bring myself to think about rich black ball players. He just stared at me no outrage over the girls no questions and them walked back over to his white woman. LOL I was wishing he would make an argument about how them rich ballers were over those girls.

    • These self hating negros also are the first ones WHO SEE BLACK GIRLS FIGHTING, and instead of trying to break it up, would GET OUT THEIR CELLPHONES, and upload the mess to WORLD STAR S**T SLOP

  2. Thanks, OLS. Not impressed by the pearl clutching over this “controversy”. Do not care at all about Sterling, his biracial side chick, and black men’s hurt feelings over this. African-American men on a whole, I think, are delusional about their value, and what the world thinks about them. Oh well. Not my problem. Feels great to be neutral.

  3. I have noticed that more Black Women THIS TIME are not going out their in full force. The other day a black man was talking how seen lately more black women/white men couples lately. Seeing how he is the interracial police and how he is noticing how his quote “how you black women are NOW getting with Asian men. I just laughed right in his face. I told him why do you care?
    Crickets big time! I am so much more free not fighting battles of any one.
    Black women are now and I can safely say are putting themselves first and foremost. You will always have your sister soldiers because they come from the era that they are wings beneath the black man wings and then when he is done using them, they get kicked in the teeth and to the curb. I noticed not one and I do mean one of those said athletes non black significant other or spouses have spoken on behalf of them. I just want black women to keep making yourself happy and put your happiness and joy first and foremost.
    Off topic, but since we are getting into the warmer months, I have my wardrobe and once the summer calendar of events are posted, I will be out in full force making connections and developing new friends and rekindling with old ones because it is a new day and I like to thank OLS, MB, AND OTHER BWE SITES FOR SPEARHEADING A BREATH OF FRESH AIR INTO OUR LIVES.

  4. I’m LMAO at this whole situation.

    What’s life without a little comedy?

    Sterling is a racist.

    But, the black players still played for him.

    Trayvon was shot dead like a dog on a mere whim.

    But, Zimmerman is still alive. However, over 34 people were shot in one weekend in Chicago. Blacks are still recklessly killing other innocent blacks FREELY.

    Several BM practice the same social policies as Sterling. It’s okay for them to do so, but not a nonblack Jew?


    Personally, I hope Sterling keeps his team. I don’t think he should be forced to sell. This will allow the TRUE nature of today’s Negro to be revealed without ambiguity. I am just thankful they are not the ones we relied upon to be freed from slavery or to overcome during the Civil Rights era. Our ancestors deserve MUCH better. And, so do BW and children.

  5. I’m completely indifferent to this “controversy.” I heard snippets of the tape and um… it’s true, Sterling DOES put food in their mouths and clothes on their backs. What other group of men would put up with being 90% of the players and 0% of the owners?

    This guy’s has been a known racist since the 80s, but wasn’t until Sterling told his little blaxican he doesn’t want her associating with them that they get up in arms. As usual negroes are motivated by sex and getting access to other people’s women. That’s my problem, how….?

    • no1curr is correct:
      The owners “own” the entire structure and the “African American players” can be replaced just as they are being replaced in baseball and basketball. So unless you “own the keys to the kingdom”, you are always subject to the whims of those who are in control. The players are no different than slaves, sharecroppers or even employees. All are dependent upon those that control the entire structure. An employee can be laid off whereas an owner as direct influence on how his/her business is being run and that is a fact.

      • Anybody can be replaced and the fact that most of the manufacturing in this country as been off-shored should be more than enough evidence. African American players will be replaced, it is only a matter of time as people get tired of seeing (c)rap/prison system mentality and behaviors. Contracts are only as good as they can be enforced and they can be changed or ruled “null and void” if the “powers that be” deem it so. African Americans are not in the driver’s seat with regards to the justice system in this country.

        It has nothing to do with slave mentalities and everything to do with seeing things at they are.

        • ” African American players will be replaced, it is only a matter of time as people get tired of seeing (c)rap/prison system mentality and behaviors.”

          I totally agree with you. I was saying this in late ’90s and early 2000’s when I started to noticed various foreign players were being hired by the NFL and NBL. Also, those owners are getting tired of the “prima donna” over valued players. These bm need to wake the hell up…you too are being replaced. Many simply waste their hard earned money on women, material possessions, and divorces uses up most of the balance of your savings. What happened to being more entrepreneurial? Leave something for your children and grandchildren…and your parents.

  6. As to the original post, it is nothing new and black males have only themselves to blame as they refuse to do the 4Ps:

    “Provide, protect, problem-solve and produce.”

    When Mexican immigrants (and the illegal ones) can go into black neighbors and start cutting lawns that later result in large landscaping businesses while black males just sit around and watch, there is no excuse. They have had 150 years to build something of their own to clothe, house and feed their own. They refuse to do it and therefore cannot whine about not getting any respect.
    They refuse to marry the mother of their children…and and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect..

    They refuse to take care of their children (the foster care system is overloaded with black and half-black children)….and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect..

    They refuse to obey the law and instead rape, murder, do drugs and deal in them more than any other group on a percentage basis….and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect..

    They refuse to clean up their neighborhoods and always expect black women and white male law enforcement to take action….and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect..

    They refuse to wear condoms and are notorious for being closet homosexuals while sexing unwitting women thereby spreading HIV/AIDs….and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect.

    They berate, criticizes and humiliate African American black women as much as they can using all possible media outlets to do so and yet when they are broke, sick and do not have anything, then suddenly Black women are worthy; otherwise only non-Black women (specifically white women, so they cry about racism but have no problem sexing and marrying white men’s daughters) are on their radar and considered the prize when they make it…..and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect..

    Lastly, whenever there is an issue in the BC only Black men are worthy of notice…and therefore they cannot whine about not getting any respect.

    So you see, as far as I am concerned they can kick rocks. More African American women are waking up and smelling the coffee and my hope for them is to find the love in the arms of a quality man (regardless of the color of his skin).

    • It is a summary of why Black males have failed to earn respect because they refuse to “man up”. They are the cause for high numbers of OOW children, HIV/AIDS rates of AA BW, incarceration rates and being the number one cause of murders of AA BW…that is the reality. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not does not change the reality.

      We will have to agree to disagree.

      • So, true, Karen this is why we should back away from them if, we value our future and vet for quality men from all groups to be with. It is sad that so many grew up without a father present, but having pity and giving a chance to such a man in most case only makes your future worse not better. I have long stopped looking at men who have oow children especially more than one and never married. I find it easier to avoid such men by doing the things I like to do like going on nature walks, book clubs, and attending lectures in science.

    • Not only black men aren’t doing lawns, they aren’t becoming MECHANICS either. In the so-called black neighborhoods, its the Latinos who are becoming mechanics, and/or going to trade school so they could become better at it WITHOUT SPEAKING GOOD ENGLISH. At leas blacks could read english and don’t need stuff translated

  7. I am 100% here for this post.

    In addition to hurting a bunch of millionaire’s feelings by essentially saying that no matter how much money they make, they aren’t equal to him. He also basically said black men weren’t worthy of his mistress, that they were less than her, these rich black men were not about to stand for that.

  8. @itsthesame:
    I am pro-AA BW. I have no feelings whatsoever for AA BM and this issue with Sterling is for them to solve, AA BW need to stay neutral as this is not their battle. It is interesting that you would bring up the word “hate”.

  9. @Karen, very true – we are already starting to see this happen in the music industry. Just like this Sterling thing, I gave not a single fuq when Macklemore won the grammy for Best Rap Album instead of Kendrick Lamar.

    They gladly sold out to the white and jew label owners, so don’t start whining now when they decide they don’t need you anymore. Personally, I hope white people co-opt rap and r&b, it’s not like negroes have done anything to elevate the “artform.” That ish has been dead longer than I’ve been alive.

    After that, I hope whites take back the NBA or NFL so these negroes can stop chasing after pipe dreams altogether and get REAL jobs.

    • Agreed. Frankly, I do not care what negroes do. That ship has long sailed. As long as they leave AA BW alone until they learn and act upon the 4Ps and even then, they need to come right.

      Nevertheless, my position is that AA BW should explore and exercise all of their options as other women have been doing for centuries.

      Negroes had better start learning that the “game has changed” and now they will have to compete with other men on this planet for the affections of AA BW, it is no longer a given, as they have worked their fingers to the bone to finally alienate the most loyal women they ever had.

      To co-sign with the other commenter that quoted Khadija –> “Ladies, keep heading for the exits!”.

  10. They still make rap music? (LOL)! Just like baseball is replacing blacks with Hispanics and Asians, I totally agree with Karen and no1curr that is just a matter of time. These players have the I.Q. of the basketball they dribble and they are like you mentioned employees.
    Sterling=wealthy owner
    NBA players= rich unless they either injure themselves or kick their stupidity in high gear like beat the crap out of their so or spouses or carry a weapon because of some b.s. One or Two people mentioned how come Sterling wife is being let off the hook? It was stated that she asked Doc Rivers if she could come to the game and they said he gave her his blessings. He has a white wife , so no shocker on the so called compassion. White women have caused more problems for the black man either getting fired on regular jobs and have lied about supposed harassment and they just take her word. Like they did Susan Smith when drove babies in the ocean either in North Carolina or South Carolina and thank God for 1 sheriff with common sense and critical thinking skills to investigate a little more in the case. I was just pointing out how racist

  11. These men are weak to say the least. Okay someone offered you more money than ever to play a child’s game I get it. But, you are not a child and don’t have to run your life like one. These men have no plans and must of never played a game of strategy because only a few of them make it out without returning to poverty and then have high priced injuries. In other words the Jordans and Magic Johnsons are too far and few between. 1. Lesson one have a plan so, you are no ones slave and learn to save and live well below your means. Stop trying to be like everyone else and keep a low profile.

    These NBA players have options they don’t exercise. As much money as they have they could become billionaires themselves if, they invested in other things. They should have had other streams of income bringing in more money than they make on the court by now. If, I was one of the I’d had things arranged so that I didn’t have to play for more than 5 years 7 tops. If, nothing else always look at how those in charge invest their time and money. Lesson 2 learn to invest and watch what the people in charge do and plan accordingly. They ain’t gonna tell you to invest your money and live modestly. No that is not to their advantage when offered something ask who benefits the most and if, it is not you walk away.

    These players had a little child’s fit on the court and expected the adults to come running and fix this mess for them. The only reason that they are getting some action is that the adults are busy moving the furniture around to make it look like something has changed when really nothing has and will. They missed their boat if, they wanted change, think about it what advantage does the owners of the NBA really have to change things. Nothing. But these fools are fooled by this. No it would have been better had they kept quite and made a plan within their network to benefit themselves. Lesson three use stealth to your advantage. Never let them see your moves in advance and never give your power to solve the problem to someone else. The NAACP and Jesse Jackson stand to make a mint off of this, but none of this will fatten the players wallets and they will be marked as spoiled brats for all their showing out.

    These players alleys are their enemies. Their wives are not going to say anything on their behalf, neither is their coach going to do anything to put it on the line for them and their so called fans will find other teams to root for if, they are dropped. These men don’t realize that they are living in the lion’s den and they are a pork chop. Do they have the sense to sneak out no they cuddle up to the lion. Lesson four know who your enemies are, who’s neutral, and who your allies are or die. If, you can’t see them for what they are stay neutral until you can and always move to your own advantage.

    We all know that these men and men like them are doomed. Just sit back ladies and watch try to pick out lessons and apply them if, you can on what to do and what not to do. I’m getting ready to watch act two when other black men leaders come in at the expense of these black men make the situation worse for them and then leave after lining their pockets with a whole lot of money for doing nothing but making it easier for the owners to replace them with little to no flack. Ladies let’s watch and see, and stay neutral.

    Oh yes like the posters above said rel men handle their business and the really good ones do it in such a way that you never see them sweat, strain, or raise their voice by an octave. We black women are learning to be some selective and discerning where we put our support and energy. Why should we help? After all isn’t it a man’s job to fix the problem, produce a solution, and provide a way out of the mess, and protect the wealth. How many time have we heard that black women get in the way and won’t let a man be a man, but a white woman will. Well, here you go fellas don’t come this way for no help and don’t come expecting praise for doing what other men do all the time.

    OLS so miss your post.

  12. I really need some BP to stop being delusional about BM “value” in sports.
    You’re right Shayla about baseball, the few BM that are left, majority are not AA males.
    A shift is happening in all major sports.
    The heavyweight champs in boxing, aside from Mayweather, have been a revolving door of Euro men and Mexicans.
    Colleges and the NFL are heavily recruiting white guys with specialized skills and moving them into positions that use to be BM strongholds, i.e. wide receiver, kickoff return and running back. The Latino presence is also increasing.
    The NBA is still predominately Black, but the number of Euro players has visibly increased over the years, so has the presence of mixed race men and African men.
    The most promient group that is ecpected to rise in high school, college and the NFL: Polynesian men. They are comprimising large spaces in parts of Texas, Utah (with the help of the Mormons) and other parts of the Pacific Northwest.
    NFL and colleges have been quietly pumping LOTS of money into football camps that are specifically designed to recruit the polynesian youth. Many of the poly guys who play in college and high schools, go back to their communities and help the younger males get prepared. They also stress education and how its important to graduate. Some of these guys are bringing back whatever resources they accumulate and giving it to the women in their communities. Well…imagine that!!
    Part of the reason why they received funding so quickly was because the coaches, (WM) were impressed by how dedicated the guys
    were to their community.
    What?! Wait…you mean other men respect when you take care of your own?!?!
    (Ill try to find the article and post the link, but one of the college coaches was quoted as saying how the Poly guys are so respectful
    and no trouble.” We can take one wild guess about who trouble he’s referring to is).
    *Blank Stare*
    Latino and Poly guys are also how you get around the “inclusive diversity issue”.
    BP who act like BM can’t be replaced don’t know history.
    It happened in country, rock, jazz and rap is next.
    The new Blacks forgot the cardinal rule: BM
    doing sports or music is cool, but WM doing it is even cooler. Hi Macklemore, Justin and Robin. That means you Dirk and Kevin Love!
    No structures are set up for our benefit! Not one. When WP don’t like the rules, they do
    what they’ve always done…Change Them!
    Lol..whose gonna stop them?
    The two venues that streamlined BM into mainstream America, music and sports, are the exact same way the will be phased out.
    Everything Evia, Khadija, Faith and other
    pioneers have been saying for YEARS, has been taking place at an acclerated rate in the last year and a half.
    In the words of Khadija, Ladies keep heading for the exits!

    **OLS anytime you need help, I’m here. d****.m****@yahoo. Im on the mailing list!

    • You’ve said a mouthful. You’ve been closely reading the handwriting on the wall. People are very sick and tired of the entitled, man-child like behavior of some of these males, and their rampant disrespect and disregard of their image and heritage. People from functional backgrounds know that individuals with no strong ties to a functional family and culture (non-abc/dbr “culture”) are generally capricious and dysfunctional people that are best dealt with at arms length. The lack of structure in the family oftentimes translates into a lack of discipline and focus, and who has the time for that? As surely as the sun rises and sets, so they are being replaced in endeavours where they used to be dominant. And, as Karen pointed out below, their collective failure to control these resources will only hasten their decline.

  13. Greetings all,

    OLS and others I really enjoyed reading all your comments. What I wanted to add to the conversation regarding Sterling saying to his “lover”, “You’re supposed to be a delicate white or a delicate Latina girl.” I notice how none of this black fellas are offended and out raged over this. I guess since black women don’t have penises it doesn’t matter that we aren’t seen as delicate by this racist old coot or is that bm don’t’ see anything wrong because they too DO NOT see us as being delicate and/or worthy of such treatment. (I suspect all the above–being peenless and unworthy of pleasantries)

    Thinking back to last summer when I discovered Black Femininity (thanks to OLS) I devoured the posts and all the comments in one weekend. I was exhausted but forever changed… reading about the encounters most sisters had with DBR bm, it became clear and I could no longer deny that bm do not respect nor protect black women. (by gone days of NOI) And because of this fact, we are not in a position or given the option to be feminine and delicate. Our personhood is constantly being attacked from within our own community–by black men specifically. These attacks are carried out in subtle and not so subtle ways (thanks kanye, lil wayne, ice tea, kevin, Jamie; insane youtubers and the rest of that ilk)

    However, they fail to realize that the world only respects men who respect their women and bm really don’t respect bw. So the world really doesn’t respect them. See how that works. Bm confuse tolerating with respect.

    Sadly, bm don’t treat us in a gentle and delicate manner (irrespective of our behavior. I put this for those who want to argue if we only acted like ladies….blah blah blah. See when a man steps up and protects, a woman responds accordingly). They don’t treat us a ladies and the world sees that and responds accordingly. No man respects a man who handles a woman roughly (emotionally or physically) especial in the public arena. So via their movies/stand up acts/(c)rap and just daily actions most bm have man-handled bw on the world stage. As such, I would suggest the part of Sterling racist ramblings was a warning to his delicate senorita. lol

    So I’m resolved to keep it feminine while staying neutral.

  14. The owner of the clippers has a long history of being a racist. The players, coaches and other individuals already knew his feelings and they sold their soul to this man. They should had read “Forty Million dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete by William C. Rhodan. Black athletes in this nation are being replace with non-black and foreign athletes. Over eighty years ago blacks were dominant as jockeys in horse racing. Now their is no black jockeys in the sport of horse racing. Failure to understand history and economic will be their downfall. Having a good laugh at their whining.

  15. Love, Love, Love that BW are not involving themselves in the battles of BM. They for damn sure aren’t fighting our battles, and I am so pleased to see that BW are catching a clue. Keep it up BW, our pay day is coming!

  16. I love this posts here. And I especially agree with you BrownSmiles; BM don’t respect BW or the children they create and because of that WM don’t respect BM. It’s not hard to understand. I said to my mom, why are all these BM athletes so upset with Sterling when they themselves say worse things about black women? She and I are both sick and tired of these “Sorry Black Men” and both of us feel for young women. I always dated whomever I wanted to and if BM didn’t like it, too darn bad.

    Yesterday I was in a Korean neighborhood and I saw a BW walking hand in hand with an Asian (I don’t know if he was Korean or not) man, and I thought, “You go girl!” I’m seeing more BW with WM and men of other races lately and I’m so glad they finally got it. Be with men who treat you the way you deserve to be treated REGARDLESS of their skin color; it’s called loving yourself.

  17. I completely agree with your earlier comment Karen. These negroes continually act in ways that are opposite to what real men around the world do, yet complain when these same men do not respect them or view them as their equals, or even just view them as men. I have no sympathy for ‘Magician’ Johnson for the public embarrassment and insults he recently experienced from Donald Sterling. Really, was anything he said about Mr. Johnson untrue? Did he not go round sexing everything in a skirt in every city he went to, leaving his wife and kids at home? Was this not how he contracted HIV?

    The only reason he is now ‘loyal’ to his wife and kids is because he has no choice. I have heard several negro males over the years, praise Cookie/Cokiee Johnson, or whatever her name is, for ‘standing by her “man”‘, and being ‘loyal’, and not abandoning him when he ‘needed’ her the most. They completely ignore the fact that he had already abandoned his family. The fact is that in all likelihood, they would have been divorced by now (he, in due course, would have left her for one of the younger groupies these players meet on the road), and she would probably have gotten little in their divorce, how many AA women seem to do to ‘prove’ to these undeserving negroes that they are not gold-diggers (as a non-AA BW, I will tell you all now that AA males are the biggest gold-diggers to ever sully this planet with their greedy entitlement, and their preferred victims are AA women). I’m just telling you all how they are viewed around the world. Most of the negative perceptions people have of AA-BW specifically are due to the very negative images that AA men put out there of AA women, the things they say about them, etc. These fools don’t care about you. The reason they attack y’all with that gold-digger mess is because they are projecting. They are using the age old tactic of accusing someone else of doing exactly what they are doing to cover their own tracks. Ignore these fools and seek happiness wherever you can find it.

    As distasteful as I find Donald Sterling, I truly hope he doesn’t sell his team. It is his property so I’m not sure how one can even be forced to sell their own property just because somebody doesn’t like what he said to his mistress in a private conversation. I know that the NBA has a constitution of some sorts, but so does the United States. They certainly can’t force his wife out (and let’s be real, she is as racist as her husband. She was part and parcel of all the discrimination lawsuits they’ve had). Stupid Magic Johnson tried to play the whole thing, because he and some other negroes thought they had found an opportunity to obtain ownership of a basketball team on the cheap. Forget what this man is saying in public. He contacted Sterling when this thing first blew up, told him to say nothing, that he would help him handle it, then started scheming behind closed doors to force Sterling to sell his team. Donald Sterling has been a racist since before I was born, These negroes only decided to develop a problem with it when they realised that their money didn’t mean anything to him, even if you are Magic Johnson.

    I was once speaking to a Nigerian-American friend of mine. We were having a conversation where I was telling him that I don’t care when I see African (or Asian, Arab etc) men face racism here in the west, because I know that if I were living in a country where any of these men were the ones in a dominant position, they would have no problem oppressing or discriminating against me. He then said that I should be happy that I am not living in a situation where AA males were the ones in a dominant position. I asked him why. He told me that when he is amongst his friends (a good many of them are AA males), 75% of the things they say are just derogatory things about AA women. That many times they don’t even have to be prompted. And these are all folks that he met in college, supposedly educated negroes. He once dated an AA girl. He said that he never really fathomed the amount of disdain that many AA men have for AA women until this. They kept on pushing him to dump her and date someone who wasn’t black. They couched it in language of ‘why can’t he date a Nigerian girl, they’re much nicer’, yet they still had a problem with his Nigerian ex-gf, but just didn’t have the guts to be as vocal about it. When he was telling me of all the rude things they would say and do to his AA girlfriend, I asked him why he didn’t stop it. He said that at the time, he didn’t really understand why they were doing what they were doing as they were saying racial things, but because these were black males, he didn’t see that her blackness was the very thing they hated. He just thought it was typical guy friends trying to keep their friend as a single guy, to party, wingman etc. It was when they started to make derogatory comments about her looks that he said he had enough (I saw a pic of her, she was pretty by every definition).

    It occurred to me that it is not strange for men in any ethnic or racial group to discourage, or at least not encourage the women from their in-group to date or marry men from outside, even when these men themselves are with women from other groups. Is it hypocritical? Yes. But that is males being territorial and trying to exert their privilege. The one difference is this: men all over the world, white, Asian, African, Hispanic etc, all discourage the women from their group from dating outside men by telling them that they are too good for these men. AA men are the only ones who discourage the women from their group from dating/marrying out by telling them that they (the women) are not good enough for other men. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT DO THAT! The don’t seem able to see that by so doing, they are also saying that these other men are better than them. Hence why they think these men are ‘too good’ for ‘their’ women.

    It seem that AA men are determined to drive their image into the gutter. I really hope that AA women don’t let them drag theirs there too!

    • Your comment is SO ON POINT.

      “The only reason he is now ‘loyal’ to his wife and kids is because he has no choice.”

      THANK you, for being CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

      It’s always SICKENED me, that his wife never left him and that AAs would tout that as a POSITIVE thing. AAs really do not believe their women are deserving of ANYTHING honorable. If Magic’s HIV/AIDS status was not public knowledge, he would have made the same choices as Michael Jordan. I’m just glad Jordan’s wife was able to leave a rich woman.

      Other groups know that THE MEN are the primary problem in the AA population. AA men just pay top dollar for inclusion in these other groups, so they go along with the denigration of AA women, to continue capitalizing off of AA men.

      I hope AA women focus on building positive equity in terms of resources and image and that they do not allow the tentacles of poisonous so-called community members to take hold. If AA women will do so and set themselves apart, they can avoid collapsing from AA males’ destructive activities.

    • “The one difference is this: men all over the world, white, Asian, African, Hispanic etc, all discourage the women from their group from dating outside men by telling them that they are too good for these men. AA men are the only ones who discourage the women from their group from dating/marrying out by telling them that they (the women) are not good enough for other men. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT DO THAT! The don’t seem able to see that by so doing, they are also saying that these other men are better than them. Hence why they think these men are ‘too good’ for ‘their’ women.”

      I have noticed this too

  18. I am SO SICK OF THIS.

    Sterling isn’t the FIRST racist. Nor, will he be THE LAST.

    The coddling of the weak black male ego is WORST OF ALL.

    I just hope that all of those AA women who were quick to run to the defense of that V chick (who doesn’t even look like a woman) have learned something.

    So, NOW…SUPPOSEDLY (which I believe), this V person doesn’t even like AA women, herself. THIS is according to all of her (extremely Negro looking) *biracial* friends.

    I, TOO, have struggled with wanting to preserve the historical basis of classification for the AA population, because I understand the efforts to make changes are for the political interests of OTHERS and NOT AAs. However, the time for cutting off parasitic siblings, limbs, etc. has come. Many of these younger mixed AAs are trying to establish their worth in the social hierarchy by highlighting their distinction from full AAs. The caste system in the US is developing more levels of stratification (heavily due to the declining numbers of traditionally-defined whites in the US). So, people who would have been socially smacked-down for trying to separate themselves from AAs are now receiving support (or, at least, entertainment via indifference).

    AA women need to realize that they can’t only focus on cutting off obvious enemies like the DLs, Lil Waynes, and Kevins. They have to stop seeing unity with people simply on the basis of skin tone, hair texture, one black parent, etc. These so-called mixed chicks are fighting tooth and nail to avoid the full n*gga treatment courtesy of the U S of A (which *I* still love). They’re trying to get whatever scraps they can from the DBRs who will still grant them a spot at the table (though not the guest of honor–that’s reserved for FULL non-blacks). Don’t they realize their HALF-blackness still preserves TOO MANY NAPS??? (hence their subservient position)


    This whole Sterling debacle has been a good illustration of the extent to which AA women lack support and need to SIT DOWN and CONSERVE ENERGY until they know WITH CERTAINTY they have an authentic and genuine RECIPROCATING ALLY under attack.

  19. I too was happy when I saw that several AA women were not bothering themselves over this Donald Sterling hoo-ha. In actual fact, I actually chuckled when I saw the reaction a lot of these loser negroes were having.

    However, I could not understand the bw that were supporting this Viviano/Stiviano woman (or whatever her name is) and some even going as far as calling her a ‘hero’ (yes I actually saw this) for ‘exposing a racist’. I was just wondering what exactly it is that made some bw believe that she is an ally. She had her own motives for taping and releasing the recording. Donald Sterling is an obviously vile racist and has been known to be for years. I can bet you that she has heard him make several racist comments before. If it was a genuine problem for her, she wouldn’t still have been ‘dating’ him. She is a half-black woman who, from what I have gathered, has tried VERY HARD to distance herself from her blackness. I personally could not care less about her, these whiny butt-hurt negroes or Donald Sterling.

    As for all these black male fools calling for sterling to ‘go’. I would like to know, he has engaged in extremely racist practices for DECADES that were known. Why is it only a problem now, when they realised that his racism also extends to well-off black males? Puuhhleease!!

    They can all take a seat!

  20. This situation doesn’t shock me. It just reminds me that Black men in America and the West NEED to handle their own issues and stop using Black women as sacrificial scapegoats and mammys every time they deal with racism or a fallout in lamestream racist society. They never defend or protect us so why should we come to their rescue?

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