Umm, It does matter Mmkay?

If you haven’t heard the internet had been agog and aghast that an old billionaire white man is racist. (Big Shocker There) and is now… I’m not sure what, is upset and angered and want the world to know that racism is wrong.

While various people have stated the obvious, (and by obvious I mean that It was known he was racist for DECADES) while not proposing any solutions (Well the NAACP is in talks with the racist owner) I have noticed a number of surprising responses and various numbers of not so surprising responses.

For starters I’m noticing as is Muslim Bushido, a growing number of black women unwilling to show any response except #indifference towards black men upset at this latest slight. I agree with MB in that I’m seeing a definite new trend of black women willing and ready to wash their hands of the madness. (Especially in a situation where these players, who easily could have known from past comments his racist views and could, have chosen not to sell themselves to master)

Bougie Black Girl wrote a very lovely post concerning racists/ misogynist black men who are now upset and this *strange* new turn of events which I think everyone should read.

I also noticed as expected, when black women brought up the hypocrisy and unwillingness from these same black men in concerns to black women’s issues I noticed them quickly slapped into place. One comment in particular stood out to me on a recent clutch article in which one black women wrote that there were more important things to be worried about I won’t link (I’ve said before I don’t like trackbacks ) but I will post the comment

Holy cow. So…this dude’s comments, a billionaire with actual power, reach, dozens if not hundreds of black employees, and thousands if not tens of thousands of black customers….his horrid long history of discrimination and racial comments, including apparently treating minority tenants in his buildings like absolute crap, oh, you don’t care about. No concern there.

BUT… are upset (disgusted/outraged/concerned…whatever) by

Kanye West & Future’s song, “I Won,” in which they said their women are trophies…..THAT gets you upset.

And Steve Harvey telling Mimi in the wrong way that it may not be a good idea to $@!! on camera. Oh no…can’t have that.

SMMFH. And then you write: “The hubbub over Sterling is indicative of how we react to everything these days. Something crazy happens and we get angry for a few days, but soon, we move on. The cycle has repeated itself time and time again, and frankly, I’m over it.”

You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote that. Deafening hypocrisy, zero consistency.

Well, this time WE are reacting to something that actually matters….unlike what you normally do.

You see readers, this person ( and I don’t care if they’re male or female) lives in a world where the “important” issues that “actually matter” are those that are attached to the black male penises. This commenter and many others believes that me and my vagina should be outraged that a bunch of black men with free will, and are now #dazedandconfused that their master ahem boss is racist. These people believe that the important issues are that AA men *naturally* find important.

Because when black men get their feelings hurt… its serious this time!

See people like this don’t give a damn or think it’s important to talk about how disrespectful the Kanye west’s and the Lil Wayne’s are to black women because … to these people, penis, specifically BIG BLACK PENIS make the world go round. In fact black women don’t feel injustice, they don’t feel the repercussions of RICH, black men who have their own INFLUENCE of YOUTH AND MEDIA tainting their name in the world.

Because problems that have to do with black vaginas are simply…..

I won’t even finish, because we all know what people like this think.

I’m here to tell you that it DOES matter every issue that effects black women matters, it is not simply fodder to be put aside so “grown folk” can get down to business.

Do not let yourself be told otherwise. Do not let yourself be erased.

Finally, I noticed another interesting response that happened when black women pointed out this hypocrisy in the post.

They attempted to cover their tracks by saying black women shouldn’t only call out racio misogynist black men but all of these issues were important.

You see these kumbaya commenters want to have you believe that if you fight for them YOUR turn will come up sooner or later.

I agree that the other issues are more important but we must realize that all issues that affect us should be addressed and not ignored because on a scale of one to ten the issue might rank a five or a six. What is missed is that there is a fundamental difference between racism and prejudice. Racism’s focal point is power, dominion and control. Sterling as a racist has wealth and resources that impact a lot of people and not just millionaire basketball players. There are the front office personnel that help on the operations side of the business. There are vendors and business people who attempt to form relationships with the Clippers organization. These are just a few but also remember the jerk has other business interests and real and rental properties, for which he has been sued for discriminatory practices. The issue is clearly larger than bad words and basketball.

See this MAN starts with the hook that all issues should be addressed but then goes back into talking about basketball. He does nothing more. Because in the world of black the black man, racism and racism only is the only thing that matters. NOT racio mysoginy, not sexism they themselves employ, nothing more, nothing less. These “men” would have you believe we’re all in this together, and that you should stand up and support whatever cause it is this week because its “structural”. Notice he didn’t talk about the structural issues of black American women being hired in Hollywood or the structural beauty standards held up by the likes of the Kanye’s, Pharell’s (Hell yes I went there) and Lil’ Wayne’s. Because ultimately in the black community it will come last, if at all.

This blogger isn’t falling for it.

Black women continue with what you’re doing. Push your own interests. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s trivial or it doesn’t matter.

And above all,


I will hopefully be back with another post soon.

Ps. To the commenters that volunteered to proofread If you are still interested let me know.

I would have contacted you earlier but I have not had much time this month.