Render Unto Caesar

Hello everyone.  I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year as I write this final post of the year.  This is a topic that I’ve been thinking about for an extremely long time, and was an issue that I’ve struggled to deal with personally.

A while back I was taking a sociology class, and the topic that came up was “minorities”. I say this in quotations because the topic was talking about African Americans and women. Of course this wouldn’t have been a problem, but as usual what that really meant was all the women are white   and all the blacks are men.

During this time the class, led by a white woman focused mostly on the problems that white women and black men experienced. And of course it didn’t focus much on black women at all.   At the time I remember thinking that it made me extremely angry. I remember thinking that this woman was a complete hypocrite. And while this may have been true,Something that I realized later was that there was really no reason to be angry.  This may sound odd but it occurred to me that it just wasn’t worth it.  What I mean by that is, this woman was in charge of one class, that is only a stepping stone to a career I want to have. She was not in charge of my psychology program, she was not the sociology program coordinator, hell she wasn’t even asking me to believe or practice the crap I had to write in papers, to get an A in the class.

Basically she was just a temporary blip in my entire life. I have forgotten about that course in that mandatory class, because in the end it just didn’t matter.

Now, am I saying that all black women should ignore the every dbr white feminist or dbr bm that they encounter, no really especially if they ARE in some way trying to stop you from succeeding. What I’m talking about is about black women not deliberately getting worked up over something that doesn’t matter, and is really just blip in your entire life.

Take the for example the latest feminist debacle about Beyonce (YET AGAIN). There were so many black women who were becoming angry that white feminists didn’t think what they wanted, and were yet again dismissing the about Beyoncé. (I guess that was the issue, I don’t really care because I don’t like or approve of Beyoncé but I’m not angry about it.) These women are getting worked up, flocking to social media and ITunes to buy cds and really. What white feminists do an think doesn’t really matter.

White feminists didn’t and don’t stop black women from actually buying albums. White feminists don’t  somehow hinder  Beyoncé’s sales. White feminists don’t have the power to do much of…. Anything.  The white feminists that talk tripe on places like Jezebel and Feministing are simply doing just that.

They have no power and once they log off whatever “feminist” site their on, they will most likely forget it all. Instead of black women knowing this. They got worked up over a woman (who doesn’t give a damn about them and is actually detrimental, and chopped off their nose to spite their face) buying albums and promoting a woman who has literally told them to BOW DOWN.

Basically these women screwed the pooch. Even if we were to pretend that Beyoncé was somehow good for black women, the question is still … WHO CARES?  Again, those feminists have no *actual* power and did not have any *actual* say in black women and their ability to buy crap.

What is my point? It would be wise for black women to Render Unto Caesar, in certain cases.  When there is nothing to lose and people aren’t actually affecting you, there is no need to involve yourself in foolery, getting yourself angry and upset over nothing.

So if white feminists want to say that they’re the damned POPE. Who cares?

They aren’t actually driving around in a pope mobile.

If white feminist want to go around saying they’re the queen of SHEBA. Who the hell cares?

They aren’t actually (don’t ‘have the power) to start giving decrees and saying “off with their heads.”

If black men want to make hundreds upon hundreds of videos talking about “redbones” and “dark bitches” Who cares.

Let them think they crazy ass things they want. It doesn’t affect your ability not to support these people. It doesn’t affect your ability not to buy things, products, that shame and alarm your sensibilities.

You are still free to make wise decisions and build wise bridges on your own.  Render the rest to Caesar.

It would be wise to remember this going into the New Year for you own sanity and sake of mind.

But of course as always, you are free to make your own decisions.

Finally, I wanted to say something a bit off topic, and thank everyone who has supported NYGF for the past two years.  I never thought when I started that I’d ever have as many awesome readers as I have today, and when I started I (after reading other amazing BWE writers, I wasn’t even sure what I was trying to achieve, I just had something to say I wanted others to hear, and hoped they agreed.    Thanks A million. This has been a great journey for the past two years and I’m looking forward to moving into 2014 with you all.

Until Next Year,

Stay Neutral.



21 thoughts on “Render Unto Caesar

  1. Happy New Year! I don’t know anything about the controversy between black feminists and white feminists concerning Beyonce. Her music is hard enough to listen to with all its ghetto speak. Anyway, I look forward to hearing your unique but necessary point of view in this coming year.

  2. Happy New Year OLS!!
    Thank you OLS for providing one of the few safe spaces online for bw to be challenged and encouraged to thrive!! 😀

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Make 2014 count!!!

  3. Happy New Year OLS!

    Your blog made for amazing & poignant reading in the year 2013 (the year I discovered it). I look forward to reading more from you in 2014. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.

    Have an amazing 2014.

  4. You are one of the most important voices for BW online. Thank You for giving a critical thinking perspective on your blog.
    Happy 2014!

  5. I am very glad I discovered your site, your entries always give me ALOT to think about, not to mention the occassional laugh. Welcome to 2014 and as always, I am looking forward to your next post.

  6. What is a Black – Feminist? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. It makes no sense to me. Black women screw themselves over ….. and over…. glad you are finding out who you are. I am glad I found your blog.

    • A black ‘feminist’ sometimes is IMO the OPPOSITE of a white feminist… many of the WW are just spoiled women, whose either dads or husbands were rich but ‘playboy’ types….a black feminist sometimes wants to be the LADY in a relationship instead of holding up her man all the time, and wants PROTECTION… and love from him
      by the time white feminists take over, they will be NO MEN of the black/white’ variety with enough skills to take care of themselves, and live on.. this has happened before in tHE BIBLE… the BOOK OF ISAIAH 3:12…. which led to ISAIAH 4:1…

      • To me a Black woman was and still today in most cases is – everything a “feminist” espoused to be. So why did we subvert ourselves and let ourselves be called something that we already were?
        It was not nature that made us this way…it was and still is nurture. We were never able to believe in a Knight in shining armour to come to our rescue. We know this. It is why Black women raise daughters and love (coddle) sons. Which in part to blame for the derth of Black MEN. So, no I am not mad with White women. We subverted ourselves. We have the power to reclaim ourelves too. Whether we know it or not, in our community we do in fact have the power to choose if we survive or not. We have played ourselves into almost nonexistence. We are a very sympathetic people and that is so used against us. More later.

  7. Happy New Year, onelesssoldier, looking forward to reading more of your blog, highly interesting. I don’t like white feminists at all and agree with Zipporah in that, to me, they are the direct opposite of Black feminists. That white supremacy thing is a mutha with their sense of entitlement in NOT recognizing Black women and our/their issues at all. I’ve read different works from white, and other, feminists and their issues don’t jibe with ours, mine.

    Since I’m a “newbie” I will continue to lurk a bit more to truly learn more here.

    Hope your 2014 is awesome, onelesssoldier!

  8. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to BWE discourse, especially regarding critical thinking regarding entertainment.

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