Girl, Bye! : Episode I

Hey, Everyone
First off, I wanted to say thanks to the people left the kind comments about my blog, I really appreciate them, and though I may not have responded I did read them.
I have one other announcement. After this next post series, I most likely will be going on a month hiatus and returning next year.

Anyway, on to the post.

It seems that since the last time that I wrote a post, black women walked away from my post feeling completely smug about their lots in life and literally in a matter of days the black women all over the internet came back looking something like this:

For those of you who weren’t aware of the big kerfuffle many black women are now incensed because the character Joss Carter,got brutally murdered on Person of Interest and now they are crying foul.

Now was I surprised or shocked to see that her character bit the big one?


And either I’m psychic or I simply looked at past history, made a logical analysis and saw this coming a mile away. I’m not usually one to say I told you so but when black women, come on my blog, insult me and my intelligence, and even (if I’m not mistaken compared to a tyrant ) then I have to get a good gut laugh because usually in these situations I always call it accurately.

I simply can’t  make this crap up!!!!

Anyways, For the black women who continue to head for the hills, sit tight, knowing that you didn’t get played for the millionth time. For the black women who continue to get played I’m going to make this brief, (well as brief as I can before I move on to the next post in this series):


You may or may not be wondering what that phrase means,may not have heard it before.

It is a phrase my 12th grade government teacher used to tell our class constantly. And at the time I didn’t get it/ care. Now I get it completely. Simply put it means there is nothing in life that is given away GRATIS. YOU will always pay in some way. For those who knew that this statement is true, were spared the indignity of being surprised and hurt.

For those who refused to do for self, you may be feeling angry right about now. I will say again, warn black women, just because there is a black face on a television show does not equate to black women not being expendable.

Many black women continue to gravitate towards any show presented as having a brown face, or “token”. These black women may think that because YOU as a black person were sold the show (or trolled) into thinking that the show had a black character it was a show for YOU that you should watch. In actuality in most of these cases the shows are not for you and instead for the intended white audiences that the writers designed them for.

Trust, they will always tell you TO THE LEFT when they’ve had enough of you.

But.. but.. but… They showed the character in depth! You’re probably thinking to yourself.

Ironically they made the character its most well rounded, Hell even gave her the shot at being the love interest of the white lead and as expected she had to pay for that.  The only reason why they gave this character the storyline they did was BECAUSE they were going to kill her off. Otherwise she would have continued to go under the radar.

Say it with me… “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This means that no matter how “non stereotypical the character starts out the show will always, always SHOW THEIR ASS before long. In the case of Joss Carter on Person of interest there were many warning signs (we’ll discuss this in another post in this series) that shit was about to hit the fan.

Muslim Bushido described this phenomenon, in which black women are used as body counts.

The Sojourners have more common sense than to waste their time with such mess. Sojourners know that the traditional opening strategy for many upstart, minimal-quality cable TV networks is to pimp the AA consumer zombies. These networks use cheap, low-quality Black-oriented programming to build an initial audience of faithful AA consumer zombies.

After establishing a stable base audience of AA consumer zombie-viewers, the cable network uses the financial base created by AA slave viewers to develop more expensive programming designed to appeal to their true target audience: White viewers.

Once the new network develops a stable of programs favored by a sizable audience of White viewers, the network then discards the AA consumer zombies and the Black-oriented shows used to attract AA consumer zombies. The network throws the slaves away like yesterday’s trash. Two good examples of this strategy are the WB Television Network and UPN.

Black women and AA are simply there to bolster rating before reaching WHITER BRIGHTER audience.  Do not mistake because they at some point care about their black character that means that they show is there for you.In fact white audiences aren’t tuning into (weren’t sold on the show for “diversity”) Case in point, while AA went off the rails about the character being killed off, many other viewers were unconcerned and the biggest problem they had with the episode was that they thought the Kiss between the now dead character and the lead was “forced”

These people were sold something different they were told that the “white “characters are the protagonists and that the other characters are simply “tokens “or props for them.

Their thoughts wouldn’t matter if Hollywood wasn’t targeting these people and not using black women to bolster ratings.

Let’s note that after having the large AA American audience bolster and talk up the show they brought in two white actresses (yes I know Shahi is part Iranian but we all know in the good ole US of A “passing” is what matters. NOT the Bio on IMDB”

The way I see it from writers interviews they always PLANNED to kill of the character, though they didn’t say that BEFORE HAND.  They also hired a bw actress who supposedly stated that she only wanted to be on for a few years, instead of hiring an actress who wanted to stick around.

Despite the excuses of authentic story “they will NOT kill off the major characters that are white.  Remember in TV world that’s what the bw characters are for.

What is my point?

There were those who practically mocked and jeered me for saying that black women shouldn’t support a show until a few seasons in. That they shouldn’t help a show gain popularity by or help promote because it never ends well.

I can’t make this crap up because it is the perfect example of setting black women up. “Twisted Style”I will say again that black women need to be extra careful not to be Loki’d AGAIN with shows like Sleepy Hollow. Because again this show will most likely also show its ass (and sooner rather than later)Probably by the end of season 1 but no longer than season two when the wife gets a bigger role on the show.

Do not be fooled. Know what time it is.

Do for self (again this will be another post)

Note: Not my gifs.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.

Next Post in Girl, Bye Series: The Necessity of  Do For Self.


32 thoughts on “Girl, Bye! : Episode I

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for this! I, too, saw the writing on the wall when CBS announced hiring two white actresses, and promptly stopped watching the show. I heard some women talking about “the death and the kiss” in a cafe – that is how much I had disengaged from the show. Carter didn’t even last to Christmas. Did folks really not see this coming? Battlestar Galactica was the final straw for me. I don’t even bother with shows with Black actresses anymore because I know what Hollywood will do. Thank goodness Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, never tried that mess with his hit show. I can enjoy reruns in peace.

    Love your blog by the way.

  2. Great post. OLS with this post Christmas came early. Yes yes yes and yes to all that you stated. This is why it’s of the utmost importance that we stay neutral while watching these shows (and not see it as some victory because there was a Sistah sighting) until these networks show that they have some skin in the game and are vested in the interest of their AA characters and viewers. But we know, as the past has revealed, they ultimately aren’t. These networks just use AA characters to secure our viewership as a way to bolster their numbers when seeking sponsorship. When detangling media and Black presence let’s not forget about the money and some would argue that sponsors buying airtime during primetime don’t want their products associated with AA and the writers/producers et al know this and this is why the Black characters are only for window dressing to lure in the Blacks but “safe enough” to ensure that others will tune in. So it’s almost destined that the black chararcters especially the females will have no real character development and/or be unattractive either in looks or personality — you know nothing that would compete with the white characters especially females on the show. Again this assures that others won’t be too bothered because they too have come to realize our presence on the show is of no real consequence or better yet ephemeral. I waited two seasons before checking out Scandal caught up during summer on Netflix. Now I noticed that when Scandal came back for the 3rd season they spruced up the other two white females. Gave one curls that softened her looks and kinda defrumped the other one. Sadly, it’s only several episodes into the new season and, without going into details, the show has already jumped the shark imo. I don’t want to be negative but unless writers have stunning tricks up their sleeves to turn it around you can hear the count down of this series. Me and mine kept looking at each other and groaning through the whole show last Thursday.

    Trying to stay neutral in a highly charged world. -+

    • Beloved — This. All of this.

      I’ll be hanging back before investing in any shows and movies – lesson reinforced with PoI. Another thing I’ve taken to doing is checking the list of writers and producers of a show and their history vis-a-vis BW and the images of BW in their screen/TV projects. As an addendum are they dating, married to or prominently friends with BW & how that has played out – anal I know but Khadija, Halima & OLS helped me latch onto the notion and whether I do or do not support a movie or TV show is now turning on these points.

  3. OLS — “…then I have to get a good gut laugh because usually in these situations I always call it accurately.”
    Talk about getting the last laugh!

    Post on point OLS. Early this year I followed conversations by BW (in the blogosphere) as they discussed and passionately advocated for PoI. I was not sold though and decided to let the show stew a little.

    Three months ago during a seven hour flight I found four episodes of PoI on my viewing list and tried it. 20 minutes into the first episode and I was not intrigued. I disconnected and I have not attempted to watch it since although I’m privy to PoI conversations due to the blogs and pages I follow. A few days ago I read about the death of Taraji P Henson’s character via someone’s page (and this BW was in utter shock) – my first thought was boom(!) goes the dynamite and I could not repress my cynical laughter as I thought back to your posts and the ensuing debates.

    The show was not my cup of tea and I was not invested in it. Taraji Henson is beautiful and a good actress but no thanks to the script she was working with – nah! As for Jim Caviezel I think I’m stuck on him as sexy JC in Passion of the Christ.

    My takeaway from this episode was that while I laughed at the irony, shrugged my shoulders and said ‘meh, next!’ I was irritated by the death of Taraji’s character because a part of me still hoped for a different outcome even when I know different. I know that BW are only there to escalate the entertainment (and garner sufficient support to get WP audiences on board because BW are such great advocates) – how violently can she die (as opposed to will she live to the end?) or how dysfunctional will her life and relationships be to amp the viewing pleasure? I’ve discussed, debated and conversed this mainstream media meme and I know to expect it alas! That’s part of my learning curve and for me it reinforced the need for BW to build their own spaces and TV/movie projects and how this can be done.

    S’truth, nothing (especially not positive images of BW) is free. This (mainstream media) is a white people’s space and no way in hell (or on earth) will they promote – consistently and long term – images representing three dimensional, beautiful, well adjusted, loved and loving BW.

    “I simply can’t  make this crap up!!!!”
    No, you do not have to – it is there in black and white well in colour on TV, in cinemas, the internet, print media etc. for all to see.

    Now excuse me as I wander off on the internet in an attempt to develop a ‘crush’ on Tom Hiddleston as Loki and to learn some of the ‘Loki’d lessons’ Thor & Co. missed so as to avoid future moments of irritation.

    Thanks for the post and I look forward to the next one.

  4. Re: Scandal – yes, the wife is increasingly becoming more of a sympathetic figure , which militates against the relationship between Olivia and Fitz…by design. This is not surprising as the writers have been fleshing out the wife’s character, especially since season 2, thus pitting the wife against the mistress in a way that will turn the tide against Olivia.

  5. I sat on the sidelines and read the debate that erupted over the last posts concerning these shows.(Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Persons of Interest) I am no stranger to how television shows operate, and I never expect it to be any different. I watch and I am entertained for what it is; knowing full well what it will become. ( but I will probably be checked out by then anyway.)
    I have never watch Persons of Interest, but I do watch the other two shows. I find it amusing (but not surprising)that within one week every one of those shows did EXACTLY what OLS predicted they would. All in the same week. Scandal made Mellie’s character more sympathetic by way of her backstory; which takes the focus off of Olivia, Sleepy Hollow is attempting to tie the fate of the world to WW character Katrina by having her tied to the Headless horseman; taking focus away from Abbie, and it Persons of Interest has killed off detective Carter. Hmmm…you should have taken bets on how fast this mess would go down.

  6. So true. People even asked the producers, “Is Shaw going to replace Carter” and were told no. Oh, a lot of people, not just AA’s are pissed at this one. Not because Carter was an AA but because of the hatred of Shaw.

    I say, Person of Interest got “New York Undercovered.” NY Undercover was a FOX show in the 90’s. It was very popular among Blacks and Latinos; it was SO popular among Blacks and Latinos that they killed off the Latino detective, kept the Black detective, got rid of the tough captain with the NYC accent, brought in two or three white characters and decided to make the show more “generic” meaning more white and I think they even changed the title so it wouldn’t be “too New York”. Guess what, the show went bye bye within a few months.

    BTW, CBS really doesn’t like POI, not because of Carter’s demise but because of some financial nonsense between CBS and Warner Brothers; the show wasn’t even on their website or on demand cable for two years. That’s why their ratings weren’t so good. The show might continue to do well, until Warner Brothers pisses CBS off again, then they’ll “Northern Exposure” the show, meaning move it to a different night for a month, until the people stop watching.

  7. Why are you right. I really wanted to believe a black woman could be on a tv show and be treated like a normal human being. You don’t kill off main characters unless the actor wants to leave. The more I read interviews with Taraji, who hadn’t been promoted at all before this, I realize she wanted to stay on the show. She didn’t want to leave she was told she was leaving. I guess Taraji is like most of us not rocking the boat and trying to get paid.

    I’m glad someone linked your website. One can discuss race here. White people and some of us can’t show up an be deliberately obtuse and pretend a middle aged black actressess wanted off a popular TV show to go back to her movie career. I bet she made more in an episode than she did off her recent movie appearances.

    I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow. Since the seasons are only 13 episodes long I guess the wife will come out of the void at the end of season 2. Sleepy Hollow has been more popular than they expected. Abbie might get killed at the beginning of the next season proving shes not the one int the bible to get replaced by one of the gossip girls.

  8. I can honestly get behind this. I had stopped watching POI mid-season last year cause it was wack. Carter wasn’t doing anything so I switched off the tv and said: NEXT. But so many people came to me saying Season 3 Carter is GREAT check it out. And lo and behold she was doing things but sure enough they killed her off. Le sigh I still have hope for sleepy hollow. I know I am foolishly optimistic. But I actually enjoy the show and I am heartened by the fact that literally NO ONE in the fandom is here for Katrina (white ghost wife). I could see the writers trying to push her story. But the response has been an overwhelming NO. MORE ABBIE/ICHABOD. But this is probably the first series where white folks were equally behind the black character as black viewers. So I hold out hope. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

  9. I truly believe that the killing off or sidelining of the BW protaganist in these programs serves a deeper purpose than many realise.

    Why even have black women as major players at all if the producers see no long term future for them. It’s not about diversity or ethnic representation otherwise hispanic and asian women would be getting more starring roles than they do, as their numbers are pretty close to the AA population.

    The real reason for the creation of these roles that so many BW pin so much hope and expectation on, is simply because of how much we do pin on them.

    We identify strongly with these roles, especially as they are so few and far between, so the crushing and dismissal of the BW character HITS US HARDER!!

    The point of these roles is to hit the message home harder into BW’s psyches that in the end YOU CAN’T WIN.
    To hit the message home harder into BW’s psyches that YOU ARE EXPENDABLE.
    To drive the message home harder into BW’s psyches that WW WILL ALWAYS EVENTUALLY TAKE YOUR PLACE.

    That’s the real message for BW being hammered through this medium no matter the genre or the details of the individual storyline.
    The longer you keep watching, the more your subconscious mind will keep registering the big hits of BW’s eventual destruction, rejection and loss until it eventually accepts that outcome as completely normal in real life.

    It’s pretty genius of them if you think about it. We pay hollywood our hard earned money to PROGRAM our minds for us, and in BW’s case, totally against ourselves. And then we not only thank them for doing it, we actually beg and whine for them to target us even more by ‘including us’ in more of their ‘programming’.

    • This is it, Sibyl. This is absolutely it, you nailed it!
      I wish black women would get this, but it’s hard to admit it…it’s much easier to stay with the status quo. Sadly.

  10. The problem with Black actress is that they are becoming employees instead of employers. Actors like Adam Sandler and actress like Drew Barrymore start their own companies and they are producing as well as staring in their own films. They are becoming employers and when they make movies be it box office or flops, they still get paid. Angela Bassett and other actresses been in the industry to start making inroads to riches so when they time runs out, they can produce films and get paid even if they don’t act in them. Khadija, love her, did a post on this. I WILL NOT SEE THAT OTHER MOVIE WHERE ALL 3 OUT OF THE 4 BLACK MEN HAVE NON-BLACK SPOUSES. Nia Long been in the industry long enough to have her own movies. Black exploitation came out of the need to produce our own movies and not wait for Hollywood exec to give the blacks jobs.
    They produced, directed and in the case of Robert Townsend and Spike Lee starred in their own movies. Khadija did a piece on those that hate you join you. What I love about Black Women Empowerment is that these post confirm what a lot of Black Women have been thinking and sometimes people feel I may be the only one and for most of the time you are not. These blogs are to identify the problem. By the way, Black Women are not the problem. We are surrounded by others who don’t have our best interest at heart and don’t know squat about how we are being told a pack lies and because you have in some cases the blind leading the blind, it turns out worst. I can’t give you knowledge if I don’t have it.
    I hope black actress catch a clue and quit lapping up the bm who has shown time again that we are nothing but atms and spokesperson and then when he reaches his goal and become successful, off to white women, i.e. Will Smith.

    • OLS and Shaylah well said.

      I watch just one show and it’s The Walking Dead. I hear the same shipping issue coming about from other Black woman concerning the Black female character.

      Black women neither Rick or Daryl will have a successful relationship with Michonne. Don’t work yourself up for something that will not come to be!

      Enjoy the show for what it really is. An look into how people behave when shit hits the fan.

      How those who refuse to or unable to do forself perish and sometimes you have to be a little selfish to make it. You may not like fighting but sometimes you have to.

      To be honest, what spiked my intrest in the show was reading WWZ and the current economic situation in this country.

      I see zombies among our people who can but are unwilling to examine ways they can be more self sufficent. The DBR Blk men and women who freeload from other relatives who are just treading water.

      I think I will stop here.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Glad to see you are back.
    1. I too have noticed that the other women on scandal are being fleshed out. It’s almost like Olivia is not the star of the show, she is given empty lines, cute clothes, and great sex scenes, she is very close to being. A blow up doll. I fear that they will use her pregnancy to write her off her own show. I’ve stopped watching it on TV and just tune in on the web.

    2. The mother eating her wrist wad UGH, they made her character some shrill psycho instead of the Phylicia rishad character tj

    • That I was expecting.

      All I can say is that I have learned to wait before becoming attached to any tv show. The irony with scandal is that if it goes the way we think, shonda will take a hit as well because she will lose her fanbase, bw.

    • Yes Saywhat, What is shaping up is a clear as the nose on ones face. It was “nice” while it lasted. Let the count down begin –10, 9, 8, 7…

  12. I chortled when I saw the commercial clips of them killing the black “lead”. I said here we go one mo gain.

    I don’t have any pay TV service, and I dont get snookered everytime there is a Black lead or some BW is doing “well” on a reality show. BW really have to pay attention and stop being so damn gullible. If you cannot see the set up at this point, you never will.

    And I have been hearing the rumblings about how Scandal will be another main UWW focused show as well. It is what it is. My sanity and self worth are not wrapped up in characters on a TV show.

    I understand the optimism. I watched the Voice and my daughter loved Stephanie Ann Johnson. I mean loved, her story, her style everything. When Steph didnt make it my daughter was upset. I told her, look you can watch and you can enjoy, but do not become so invested because the winners of these shows have been determined already. She said, yes I know but you get so excited and hopeful because you want them to do well.

    And that is how BW get ran through every time. Hoping that things will be different. They wont and so stop supporting nonsense.

    Whine all you want, they already got yo money, fool.

  13. How many times can a person get kick in the face, some of these black women is drinking too much of the kool aid. Several years ago there was a info commercial for “Rio Girl” hair product, that was gear for black women. Debbie Allen appear on this commercial stating the product has no lye and it will straighten your hair. A black hair dresser was hawking this product and I told him that lye is in this product and someone is going to be bald. I was call a hater. I smile and walk away. Suddenly on the local news you see many black women crying because they have no hair and suffer from chemical burns, product was remove from the market.

    • I bought that product. The Holy Sprit touched on me and I felt something was not right about that product. I took heed and I kept my hair. I am glad that Black women are experiencing the natural look because this is how God made us. WE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON THE PLANET, HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  14. This comment is kind of the other side of the same coin, but Amber Riley of Glee fame won on Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night. Her win is being touted as the 1st win by an AA woman in 17 seasons of the show and 1st win by a plus sized girl. The irony is that there were other slim, beautiful and sexy BW who should have won before (like Brandy, Leila Ali and MelB) but they were only comfortable with the fat black girl winning. And they made sire to put the rumor out that her cute blond dance partner who is the fav male dancer on the show was dating some blond starlet from Gossip Girl, to head off any showmance rumors with Amber. So they will kill off or otherwise marginalize the BF character, unless she is the fat unsexy stereotype who is unthreatening to thethe the WF audience of the show.

  15. May I just make a comment on the other side of the same coin – I am a big fan of ballroom dancing, and hence the television show Dancing With The Stars. Amber Riley (of Glee fame) won on Tuesday night – her win is being touted as the 1st win by an AA woman in the 17 seasons of the show and the 1st plus size woman to win. No shade on Amber, but there have been many BW on prior seasons of the show who were slim, attractive, sexy and excellent dancers who should have won in their season (like Leila Ali, Mel B and Brandy), but the win goes to the BW who fits the negative BW stereotype of the fat, unattractive mammy type who the WW audience is comfortable voting for because she’s not seen as a threat to them on any level. Half-way through the season there were suddenly rumors of her dance partner (who is blond and cute and is the favorite male dancer on the show) hooking up with a cute blond starlet from Gossip Girl (or one of those shows), to deflect any possibility of ‘showmance’ rumors between him and Amber – I’m betting that was not a coincidence. While I’m happy for Amber at one level since she worked hard and through injury to dance each week, it’s also irritating to see the reinforcement of the stereotype and the lack of acceptance of the positive for BW. Again, the other side of the same anti-BW coin. Amber’s win won’t open the door (that took 8 1/2 years to open, btw) for other BW on that show unless they again embody the ‘mammy syndrome’ – cute sexy black girls need not apply. There’s room for Asian girls, Asian guys and black men to win that show, but apparently no room for BW who go against the stereotype.

  16. Off topic, I apologize in advance.

    This is just more proof the hood or blackisstan is becoming more dangerous. Please listen to what this young man’s aunt has to say. The hero should have just walked away. Not called 911 or anything. Had the hero not been there, the ybf may have shot a worker or two.

    Again I apologize for linking to that site but you must listen to his aunt’s take.

  17. Hmmm. So they did allow Amber to win. Thats how detached I am from this crap, that I had no idea. I agree with you that Mammys are still held up as the ideal for bw. There wont be another BW winner forever on that show now.

    This was a here you go now shut up win. I stopped watching years ago when all of a sudden the BW would suddenly mess up or some B.S. They had to put those rumours cause im pretty sure Derek and Lil Kim were getting it in.

    I think when those rumours came out thats when she stopped being amazing.

    And in terms of anything from BW hating sites, please lets keep this blog poison free and if you must, post a transcript.

    It serves no BW well to go to WSHH.

    • I apologize. It isn’t a blk woman hating video. It’s a maddness in Blackastan video and a reason why Blk women need to learn how to protect themselves.


      An idiot attempts to rob a Family Dollar store. Said idiot walks an employee to the front of the store with gun held to employee’s head. Good samaritan steps in and blasts gunman five times. Gunman’s aunt is pissed that good samaritan stepped in. Aunt says since gunman wasn’t trying to rob good samaritan, good samaritan “should have just gotten in his car and drove away”.


      So some of our people seemed to think we should march for these LCD brothers. Sisters, not every piece of trash can be recycled. We need to let some of our own go. They are in some ways more dangerous than David Duke ever was.

  18. WOW! I hear what youre saying. Thats the latest mindset, but I advised not going to WSHH, to not give them the clicks as usually they and all of their commenters hate bw.

    They dont deserve the traffic. But in terms of BW protecting ourselves, we need to be on it or move to neighborhoods where extreme violence is less of an issue.

  19. Reblogged this on Black Girl With An Attitude and commented:
    I just checked NotYourGirlFriday’s f-book. She has once again predicted (With Sleepy Hollow, she pulled this article from her archive)another show casting black women as nothing more than bait to reel in zombie like AA women. Stop being fooled by television. I tend to notice a lot of inequality when it comes to AA women in media and AA women in general. This is why I subscribe and read her blog almost religiously for the mere fact that everything she states is absolutely mind blowing. It’s all common sense really. It’s applying critical thinking. AA women read and learn.

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