Since I’m Already Batting a Thousand, I May As Well Go There.

Since watching my last three posts blow up completely, especially on a topic that was ironically not the point of the article to begin with, I’ve realized that this following post is going to be completely necessary if albeit offensive to people who may r may not get their feelings hurt easily, or it will go completely over the heads of people who may not be American and as such are not aware of the current climate here in the states.  Hell, for some that are American, I think that there are those that are still oblivious to the current goings on, and as such are part of the reason that my last posts may have completely gone over their heads. As such, if you were one of those people, this post is likely directed at you:

But first, I’d like to address a few things.

1). Thank You to Chicnoir for sending me those pertinent links. (slayings of black women in Baltimore)  American Black women and Sexual Slavery.

2). Despite the current goings on I am not interested in “wars “or creating drama and trouble with other websites. (You all know I don’t publicize my blog for that very reason). At the same time I am also not one who will allow dishonesty concerning my blog to float into the webosphere. Since the article in question has been taken down, I have nothing left to say on the matter and bigger fish to fry.

3. Some readers may feel insulted or angry at the things that I am saying. Some simply think I’m an extremist. Unfortunately I don’t think that these people truly get the gravity of the situation. Or they may not even be American. I cannot say that I know the lives of black women who live outside of the US. Though I have heard that it is similar in many cases. But I am no attempting to be a final word or authority on such matters. If this does not apply to you. I’m sorry I don’t have practical advice for you, though I do believe that it is also an opening for those who live outside of the US and are black women affected by the same issues to blog themselves, since that is clearly an area lacking.

4). I am not nor have I ever been responsible for the commenters on NYGF. I do not have the time nor interest in moderating the comments section. Though I do try and read most of them.

Now, on the post……

The last three posts and recent events have truly led me to notice a trend (and I’m not talking about the commenters here at NYGF either but the larger group of BW in the US)That are continually stuck in the mentality that things are going to get better, as long as they stick with the status quo.

I’ve noticed a continual and growing number of black women on many sites who believe that the current climate in the US is actually helping black women #win. In fact, for black women there is a current and very high level of mass delusion and denial that has seeped into the everyday lives of normal black women.

Don’t mistake me; this isn’t about something as asinine as whether black women who support Scandal are dumb. I only wish black women’s largest issues were that simple. No, Instead I have to ask because whenever somebody  (and I’m not talking about myself), another blogger or person, suggests that black women do something different to dig them out of the hole that they are in, the anger is swift and cutting.

To these black women and any black women who want to address these questions, go right ahead, be my guest.

1. What have black women in the US been given by either the feminist or the “black rights “movements DIRECTLY that has translated into upward mobility for black women, and would continue to explain the unsuccessful and blind support of both movements.

2. What good media portrayals have black women in the US been given would explain the fear and the anger when it is suggested that black women SWITCH THINGS UP. That is, how have the past and present media portrayals translated into upward mobility and success of the average black woman?

3. How has the continual support of black communities and black establishments/ neighborhoods/universities/ translated directly to benefiting black women in the US.

4. In general  what about the current climate in the US makes black women think that they are #winning?

Do you have an answer? If so, how do you answer to these following FACTS that are currently known about black women?

1. That black women currently have very low marriage rates

2. Black women have some of the highest domestic violence rates and sexual assault rates in the UNITED STATES and are very often the victims of intimate partner violence.

3. Black women are a small percentage of the US population and yet they are the one of the highest groups currently DYING in the US Military.

4. Black women have a collective buying power of nearly 1 Billion dollars and yet the estimated amount of assets that they currently have to their name is 1 DOLLAR.

5. That black women currently have limited to no media representation that doesn’t DEPEND on the GOOD WILL OF OTHERS.

6. That black women are currently being assassinated in the media by the “black community”

7. That although black women are the current majority of victims of intimate partner violence they are virtually never mentioned.

Do not mistake me, I am quite aware that there are plenty of black women who are not a victim of most of these serious topics, but there needs to be some honesty about the current situation of ALL black women, as a means to move forward.

Further, this is not to say that black women CAN NOT change the current situation, hell this isn’t the slave days and we live in the US, the opportunities are there.

The problem I see is the mass denial/delusion (or whatever you want to call it) and in my own assessment (and remember you are free to take it with a grain of salt or completely shut this tab on your internet.) I believe that there are many black women in the US have settled in a level of complacence in which they accept but are not satisfied with their lives, and yet they won’t get up whatever it takes to change their circumstances.

While there are some that may or may not feel discouraged because of extenuating circumstances there are those that COULD make changes but fear (and I’ve talked about this before) has made some black women positively stuck and stubborn to move forward.

There are those black women who believe that such ideas are extreme, there are the black women who believe that they are currently benefiting and there are those that simply don’t see the point. And there are some that simply don’t want to have their thoughts challenged.

Further from some of these black women the dangerous ways in which these black women will lend their support to things/ entities that are downright dangerous to the lives of black women is startling. The point of this post isn’t to preach about black women’s wisdom, it is to challenge the current thought process of some black women before they make decisions.

Ask yourself these things before, supporting things.

1. How have a benefited, how have black women benefited before.

2. Am I REALLY dependent on these groups. Can I do for myself.

3. Will this alignment take me down the valley of the shadow of death.

4. Will other people benefit from my demise?

5. Are they TRULY my Friend?

6. Does this change the status quo or support the same old one that keeps black women collectively on the bottom.

7. How will my support of this affect my daughters after me.  Because let’s face it if we don’t protect our younger daughters, sisters, cousins, nobody will.

8. What simple things can I do to change my own life outcomes? (For me this is writing my own books. I am creating the change I want to see, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.)

9. Why am I resisting, is it because I am really benefiting, or is it fear, pride, etc keeping me from moving on.

I can guarantee that asking even one of those questions may affect your quality of life in a positive way.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral


9 thoughts on “Since I’m Already Batting a Thousand, I May As Well Go There.

  1. Excellent post!

    *chic noir curtseies gracefully*

    Your are very welcome my dear. I just wish Black women realized it’s better to fly under the radar sometimes. Not all attention is good attention.

    I would rather Pepsi didn’t feature a Black woman in it’s commercial rather than the violent sapphire from the Superbowl commercial from a few years ago.

    The money issue is problematic. 1 billion dollars incoming per year yet collectively Blk women have about 9 million. Something is wrong. Seriously wrong that we so willingly hand over our freedom(money=freedom+power) to people who for the most part, don’t give a damn about us.

  2. You have hit it out of the park, OLS. Excellent analysis, and good questions to keep at the forefront when analyzing alliances. Chicnoir I totally agree with your assessment as well.

  3. OLS,

    I will admit that I watched the first season of Scandal. I love KW’s portrayal of a classy, confident, capable bw. She is so beautiful and I love the chemistry between her and Fritz. Even though I enjoyed the show tremendously, it never felt ‘okay’ watching it for the very same reasons that you’ve been articulating on your last few posts. Ultimately, the show is not uplifting for bw; showing us in such a dysfunctional relationship and addicted to pain and drama.

    I’m writing this to publicly say that I was wrong for watching, I truly know better, so now I will do better. It doesn’t kill a bw to humbly admit when you’re wrong and move onto a better path. All the bw who want to defend with your last breath these negative images are stuck and you can never move forward. Put down the rotten food and at least try something else. If you can’t do that stop littering the bwe blogs with your rabid defenses of the rotten food.

    We need to get to a point a group (like Asian women) where we are okay with being ignored in MM, vs the crap that is put out there today.

  4. Sometimes I feel as though that I rather BW stay out of the media completely if they are not going to represent us decently at all. I am cool with the “Erasure of BW from Media”–or whatever Black Feminists call it. If I don’t like it I just won’t watch it. I only watch shows where I see the BW character is actually a feminine woman, dependent on a man (read: healthy reciprocity) with ONE or TWO children etc. I never watch BET (or any all-Black cast/MM) because it never represented me. I am not that stereotypical-BW in a stereotypical-Black environment with stereotypical BW-Issues. Plus it’s getting kind of old.

  5. Since you asked: Black women in general have never truly benefited from any of the above because each and every one of those actions has been used to maintain the white supremacist infrastructure. The moment the majority of black people realize that they can not leave their empowerment and validation in the hands of others, the better off they will be.

    We have no media representation what-so-ever because everything is actually owned by white media outlets, to include many of our so-called favorite black women blogs. The black feminist is not the voice of black women. The obnoxious psuedo-reality starlet is not the voice of black women. The actress du jour is not the voice of black women. Every black woman on the planet is a representation of themselves, not those who have the platform and it would be wise for those who think they do, stop following the ideas of group-think.

    We are the only people who depend on white America to provide us with everything and whine when they don’t. When are we going to ever become self-sufficient? That billions or trillions of dollars of our so-called buying power doesn’t mean a thing since it doesn’t remain in our hands. Most folks think that they can buy success, acceptance and equality and it has yet to happen.

    We live in a country whose main objective is to keep us in a subordinate role and as long as we maintain their status without challenging them, the more our situation will remain the same. Our main agenda should be to challenge the racist white superiority structure of this country and that requires us to stop supporting many of these institutions financially, but people are terrified of that and we all know that folks don’t like to maid uncomfortable.

    What you wrote is the absolute truth, but a lot of black women can not handle nor accept the truth because it challenges their reality and the illusions of their lives.

  6. The one thing that I think unites all progressives is their belief in course correction.Black women have to be willing to change, adapt,or do something different if we want better. After you weigh things out and have found that something you have been doing is more destructive to you and/or other black women and girls than it is beneficial, yet you keep doing/supporting it, you have your own conscious to contend with.

    “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify an other”-kjv

  7. I have read many of your blog posts, and I love them. I love that someone is finally telling black women, don’t wait for Hollywood or anyone else to do it for you, do it for yourself.

    I read your post about Sleepy Hollow and Twisted. I never watched Twisted because I thought it wasn’t well written and I could see from episode one that the white girl was going to be the lead, she was in the first scene for goodness sake. People on Tumblr and Archive of our Own ship Ichabod and Abbie, or Ichabbie, as they call it. As for Person of Interest, at first people didn’t like Joss now these same people talk about shipping John and Joss.

    I agree that black women need to do it ourselves. Keep up the good work

  8. Pingback: Black Women in Fandoms 106: The Trick Is To Make You Think We’re In This Together, When Really They’re Dancing On Your Bloodied Corpse | Not Your Girl Friday

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