Girl, Bye! : Episode I

Hey, Everyone
First off, I wanted to say thanks to the people left the kind comments about my blog, I really appreciate them, and though I may not have responded I did read them.
I have one other announcement. After this next post series, I most likely will be going on a month hiatus and returning next year.

Anyway, on to the post.

It seems that since the last time that I wrote a post, black women walked away from my post feeling completely smug about their lots in life and literally in a matter of days the black women all over the internet came back looking something like this:

For those of you who weren’t aware of the big kerfuffle many black women are now incensed because the character Joss Carter,got brutally murdered on Person of Interest and now they are crying foul.

Now was I surprised or shocked to see that her character bit the big one?


And either I’m psychic or I simply looked at past history, made a logical analysis and saw this coming a mile away. I’m not usually one to say I told you so but when black women, come on my blog, insult me and my intelligence, and even (if I’m not mistaken compared to a tyrant ) then I have to get a good gut laugh because usually in these situations I always call it accurately.

I simply can’t  make this crap up!!!!

Anyways, For the black women who continue to head for the hills, sit tight, knowing that you didn’t get played for the millionth time. For the black women who continue to get played I’m going to make this brief, (well as brief as I can before I move on to the next post in this series):


You may or may not be wondering what that phrase means,may not have heard it before.

It is a phrase my 12th grade government teacher used to tell our class constantly. And at the time I didn’t get it/ care. Now I get it completely. Simply put it means there is nothing in life that is given away GRATIS. YOU will always pay in some way. For those who knew that this statement is true, were spared the indignity of being surprised and hurt.

For those who refused to do for self, you may be feeling angry right about now. I will say again, warn black women, just because there is a black face on a television show does not equate to black women not being expendable.

Many black women continue to gravitate towards any show presented as having a brown face, or “token”. These black women may think that because YOU as a black person were sold the show (or trolled) into thinking that the show had a black character it was a show for YOU that you should watch. In actuality in most of these cases the shows are not for you and instead for the intended white audiences that the writers designed them for.

Trust, they will always tell you TO THE LEFT when they’ve had enough of you.

But.. but.. but… They showed the character in depth! You’re probably thinking to yourself.

Ironically they made the character its most well rounded, Hell even gave her the shot at being the love interest of the white lead and as expected she had to pay for that.  The only reason why they gave this character the storyline they did was BECAUSE they were going to kill her off. Otherwise she would have continued to go under the radar.

Say it with me… “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This means that no matter how “non stereotypical the character starts out the show will always, always SHOW THEIR ASS before long. In the case of Joss Carter on Person of interest there were many warning signs (we’ll discuss this in another post in this series) that shit was about to hit the fan.

Muslim Bushido described this phenomenon, in which black women are used as body counts.

The Sojourners have more common sense than to waste their time with such mess. Sojourners know that the traditional opening strategy for many upstart, minimal-quality cable TV networks is to pimp the AA consumer zombies. These networks use cheap, low-quality Black-oriented programming to build an initial audience of faithful AA consumer zombies.

After establishing a stable base audience of AA consumer zombie-viewers, the cable network uses the financial base created by AA slave viewers to develop more expensive programming designed to appeal to their true target audience: White viewers.

Once the new network develops a stable of programs favored by a sizable audience of White viewers, the network then discards the AA consumer zombies and the Black-oriented shows used to attract AA consumer zombies. The network throws the slaves away like yesterday’s trash. Two good examples of this strategy are the WB Television Network and UPN.

Black women and AA are simply there to bolster rating before reaching WHITER BRIGHTER audience.  Do not mistake because they at some point care about their black character that means that they show is there for you.In fact white audiences aren’t tuning into (weren’t sold on the show for “diversity”) Case in point, while AA went off the rails about the character being killed off, many other viewers were unconcerned and the biggest problem they had with the episode was that they thought the Kiss between the now dead character and the lead was “forced”

These people were sold something different they were told that the “white “characters are the protagonists and that the other characters are simply “tokens “or props for them.

Their thoughts wouldn’t matter if Hollywood wasn’t targeting these people and not using black women to bolster ratings.

Let’s note that after having the large AA American audience bolster and talk up the show they brought in two white actresses (yes I know Shahi is part Iranian but we all know in the good ole US of A “passing” is what matters. NOT the Bio on IMDB”

The way I see it from writers interviews they always PLANNED to kill of the character, though they didn’t say that BEFORE HAND.  They also hired a bw actress who supposedly stated that she only wanted to be on for a few years, instead of hiring an actress who wanted to stick around.

Despite the excuses of authentic story “they will NOT kill off the major characters that are white.  Remember in TV world that’s what the bw characters are for.

What is my point?

There were those who practically mocked and jeered me for saying that black women shouldn’t support a show until a few seasons in. That they shouldn’t help a show gain popularity by or help promote because it never ends well.

I can’t make this crap up because it is the perfect example of setting black women up. “Twisted Style”I will say again that black women need to be extra careful not to be Loki’d AGAIN with shows like Sleepy Hollow. Because again this show will most likely also show its ass (and sooner rather than later)Probably by the end of season 1 but no longer than season two when the wife gets a bigger role on the show.

Do not be fooled. Know what time it is.

Do for self (again this will be another post)

Note: Not my gifs.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.

Next Post in Girl, Bye Series: The Necessity of  Do For Self.

Since I’m Already Batting a Thousand, I May As Well Go There.

Since watching my last three posts blow up completely, especially on a topic that was ironically not the point of the article to begin with, I’ve realized that this following post is going to be completely necessary if albeit offensive to people who may r may not get their feelings hurt easily, or it will go completely over the heads of people who may not be American and as such are not aware of the current climate here in the states.  Hell, for some that are American, I think that there are those that are still oblivious to the current goings on, and as such are part of the reason that my last posts may have completely gone over their heads. As such, if you were one of those people, this post is likely directed at you:

But first, I’d like to address a few things.

1). Thank You to Chicnoir for sending me those pertinent links. (slayings of black women in Baltimore)  American Black women and Sexual Slavery.

2). Despite the current goings on I am not interested in “wars “or creating drama and trouble with other websites. (You all know I don’t publicize my blog for that very reason). At the same time I am also not one who will allow dishonesty concerning my blog to float into the webosphere. Since the article in question has been taken down, I have nothing left to say on the matter and bigger fish to fry.

3. Some readers may feel insulted or angry at the things that I am saying. Some simply think I’m an extremist. Unfortunately I don’t think that these people truly get the gravity of the situation. Or they may not even be American. I cannot say that I know the lives of black women who live outside of the US. Though I have heard that it is similar in many cases. But I am no attempting to be a final word or authority on such matters. If this does not apply to you. I’m sorry I don’t have practical advice for you, though I do believe that it is also an opening for those who live outside of the US and are black women affected by the same issues to blog themselves, since that is clearly an area lacking.

4). I am not nor have I ever been responsible for the commenters on NYGF. I do not have the time nor interest in moderating the comments section. Though I do try and read most of them.

Now, on the post……

The last three posts and recent events have truly led me to notice a trend (and I’m not talking about the commenters here at NYGF either but the larger group of BW in the US)That are continually stuck in the mentality that things are going to get better, as long as they stick with the status quo.

I’ve noticed a continual and growing number of black women on many sites who believe that the current climate in the US is actually helping black women #win. In fact, for black women there is a current and very high level of mass delusion and denial that has seeped into the everyday lives of normal black women.

Don’t mistake me; this isn’t about something as asinine as whether black women who support Scandal are dumb. I only wish black women’s largest issues were that simple. No, Instead I have to ask because whenever somebody  (and I’m not talking about myself), another blogger or person, suggests that black women do something different to dig them out of the hole that they are in, the anger is swift and cutting.

To these black women and any black women who want to address these questions, go right ahead, be my guest.

1. What have black women in the US been given by either the feminist or the “black rights “movements DIRECTLY that has translated into upward mobility for black women, and would continue to explain the unsuccessful and blind support of both movements.

2. What good media portrayals have black women in the US been given would explain the fear and the anger when it is suggested that black women SWITCH THINGS UP. That is, how have the past and present media portrayals translated into upward mobility and success of the average black woman?

3. How has the continual support of black communities and black establishments/ neighborhoods/universities/ translated directly to benefiting black women in the US.

4. In general  what about the current climate in the US makes black women think that they are #winning?

Do you have an answer? If so, how do you answer to these following FACTS that are currently known about black women?

1. That black women currently have very low marriage rates

2. Black women have some of the highest domestic violence rates and sexual assault rates in the UNITED STATES and are very often the victims of intimate partner violence.

3. Black women are a small percentage of the US population and yet they are the one of the highest groups currently DYING in the US Military.

4. Black women have a collective buying power of nearly 1 Billion dollars and yet the estimated amount of assets that they currently have to their name is 1 DOLLAR.

5. That black women currently have limited to no media representation that doesn’t DEPEND on the GOOD WILL OF OTHERS.

6. That black women are currently being assassinated in the media by the “black community”

7. That although black women are the current majority of victims of intimate partner violence they are virtually never mentioned.

Do not mistake me, I am quite aware that there are plenty of black women who are not a victim of most of these serious topics, but there needs to be some honesty about the current situation of ALL black women, as a means to move forward.

Further, this is not to say that black women CAN NOT change the current situation, hell this isn’t the slave days and we live in the US, the opportunities are there.

The problem I see is the mass denial/delusion (or whatever you want to call it) and in my own assessment (and remember you are free to take it with a grain of salt or completely shut this tab on your internet.) I believe that there are many black women in the US have settled in a level of complacence in which they accept but are not satisfied with their lives, and yet they won’t get up whatever it takes to change their circumstances.

While there are some that may or may not feel discouraged because of extenuating circumstances there are those that COULD make changes but fear (and I’ve talked about this before) has made some black women positively stuck and stubborn to move forward.

There are those black women who believe that such ideas are extreme, there are the black women who believe that they are currently benefiting and there are those that simply don’t see the point. And there are some that simply don’t want to have their thoughts challenged.

Further from some of these black women the dangerous ways in which these black women will lend their support to things/ entities that are downright dangerous to the lives of black women is startling. The point of this post isn’t to preach about black women’s wisdom, it is to challenge the current thought process of some black women before they make decisions.

Ask yourself these things before, supporting things.

1. How have a benefited, how have black women benefited before.

2. Am I REALLY dependent on these groups. Can I do for myself.

3. Will this alignment take me down the valley of the shadow of death.

4. Will other people benefit from my demise?

5. Are they TRULY my Friend?

6. Does this change the status quo or support the same old one that keeps black women collectively on the bottom.

7. How will my support of this affect my daughters after me.  Because let’s face it if we don’t protect our younger daughters, sisters, cousins, nobody will.

8. What simple things can I do to change my own life outcomes? (For me this is writing my own books. I am creating the change I want to see, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.)

9. Why am I resisting, is it because I am really benefiting, or is it fear, pride, etc keeping me from moving on.

I can guarantee that asking even one of those questions may affect your quality of life in a positive way.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral

Asdfghjkl?……..O_o? …… Derp?

computer suicide cannot unsee what has been seen stick figure gasoline best funny internet meme memes

It seems that while I was out, somebody has been busy. Not only was this person very busy, but they also spent their time writing posts. Which wouldn’t  be a problem if said posts weren’t bordering only defamatory libel.

Somehow, and in some way, people ( and I mean plural) have had a problem with the last two posts that I said. Which would have been *whatevs* if  people were getting their facts straight but it seems that some people have failed to learn reading comprehension, and are now mis representing my posts and what I’ve been talking about.

For the readers who don’t frequent or lurk on BB&W it seems that Jamila Akil has written a post , claiming that I said, and I quote, “[…]that all black women who like Scandal and the main character are self-flagellating know-nothings who are, as she so eloquently wrote, “happily adrift in their own demise.””

It seems that Jamila Akil and those who have a processing deficiency in which they’re one synapse short of a working brain ( and Yes, You CAN quote me on that)  have decided to piece together a post title on completely different topic and then put words in my mouth.



That, in itself libel, defamation, and slander, all of which are Just. Plain. Tacky.

So since people failed to hear me the first time let me reiterate what I have been actually saying in my last two posts and what I actually meant.

*Note: I don’t usually care about doing response posts, except in this case there is blatant dishonesty going on and quoting that has been taken out of context. Call me out all you want, don’t lie on me. This will be my first and last post on the issue.


1.  The first post…  A is for Anger was never, and I mean never about the show scandal. My post was about black women and the things they were angry about, in this post I named a few of them, and one of them was “Lousy media representation.”

In this post, I decided it would be a good time to address a question that someone had asked me months ago on what I thought about the show Scandal.  Before I ever answered this question, I wrote a post (In February of this year)  talking about how hypocritical some people were concerning the character Olivia Pope being in adulterous/immoral relationship when most everything on TV in itself is immoral.

That was as far as I ever wrote (or cared for that matter) about the show Scandal.  When said commenter asked me about Scandal again, these months later, I still had no real answer about the show either way and refrained from answering until  recently.

This was in the post A IS FOR ANGER. In this post I said this.

Someone once asked me what I thought about Scandal and I declined to answer the question because at the time I wasn’t sure, but something in the back of my mind has always nagged at me about that show and I finally was able to put into words why I don’t like it or at the very least mistrust the hope of a Happily Ever After for the character:

The show goes out of its way to show this black woman in dysfunctional INTERRACIAL relationship.  Which if you look at almost any show or movie with a black woman in it, that trope is used  ad nauseum.  Aside from the usual **** block trope that is used to keep black women from effectively being put in the OTP  the writers make sure to put black women in shows that either have a LOVE TRIANGLE ( always with a white woman who “wins”)  put them in shows that don’t encourage shipping ( a la  person of interest) or they put them in a relationship that is MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE (For example the man is committing adultery on  Scandal and the man is married on Sleepy Hollow) so that by the end of the show , fans don’t expect them to actually get together.

Now,  somebody somewhere got it into their heads that I have it for black women who watch the show, and think that Olivia Pope is a dumb whore who needs  to shove a cork up her legs.

In fact let me break down what I meant, since it’s so complicated.

I think Scandal in itself is no worse than any of the other shows on television re her having an affair or considering “morals” (whatever that means on television). What I pointed out in my Olivia Pope, Honey Boo Boo, post  (or tried to) was that people have randomly picked this show as the MOST IMMORAL OF ALL the shows simply because the she was sleeping with a married man.

We all know, are not green behind the ears, can see clearly that black women’s sexuality is a double standard. ( I also wrote about this same thing with Beyonce and her Feminism or lack thereof) So, because of the fact that black women have a sexuality double standard in which they can’t do anything with out being assumed to be a whore,  I said that shows like Scandal don’t do black women any favors in the image department.

Concerning  “shippers” these people ( and I mean mostly non black women viewers)  usually don’t ‘like having black women as love interests to begin with.  Usually the writers put black women characters in situations in which the audience and their oh so faux delicate sensibilities couldn’t possibly “ship” the black female character with the main love interests, especially since he has a wife. See the same reaction from the concern trolls for the show sleepy hollow.

What I said about this show was that the women who show up for shipping purposes are going to get screwed because they don’t realize the writers intent was to purposely put them in situations that would not call for shipping.

I said nothing more, nothing less on the subject of Scandal.  In fact the main purpose of bringing up scandal at all was about Hollywood’s tendency to put black women into interracial relationships on screen that always #fail  and they were clearly set up like that to begin with. Though they do a very good job of wanking the black women watching the show.

Now let’s talk about who I was speaking of when I said some women “happily adrift in their own demise.”

Responses to A is for Anger were varied, and some people (and I’ve seen black women that aren’t on this blog say the same thing) thought that black women should be watching any of these shows for romantic relationships because as long as the character is “well rounded” in everything else it’s fine.

What I said was and you can read my comments on both posts since they are public, was that black women who watch mainstream media shouldn’t settle for this because black women only being shown with a good career and no (successful love life ) is par for the course. Been there done that bought the t-shirt. I said for those who insist on watching / buying mainstream media,  they should want to see black women in the relationships because this is the way to break the idea that black women “don’t need no man” see the gifs in the previous post.

I said that those who don’t think that black women shown in healthy, relationships (especially interracial relationships) those who don’t think it’s important to show black women as normal functioning, fleshed out women who have love lives (and I don’t mean the failing ships writers like to put black women in re Bonnie on Vampire diaries) are adrift in their own demise simply because in a world that is both sexist and racist black women don’t have the privilege of being seen that way regardless of the role.

I also said that the women who are shipping these shows couples are heading for disappointment, (although it shouldn’t be too much to expect and it doesn’t make you wrong to want) because the writers aren’t going to do that on mainstream media.

I was in fact directing my words to women who “ship “couples.( and I go on forums, tumbler, TWOP, IMDB, FANFORUM and read reviews of almost all of these shows to know these women are out there) II was NOT  to people who like the show Scandal (and other shows with black women fandoms) for other reasons  I said these women are going to e disappointed if they didn’t create their own media and continued to wait for Hollywood to give handouts.

I said the least black women could do when watching shows like Scandal is have their eyes open or watch for other purposes.

I said nothing about the people who choose to watch scandal for whatever other reasons. What I said was that these people shouldn’t shame those who want to watch shows with black women as love interests as only “living vicariously”(and I’ve heard this on multiple sites throughout the years) because wanting to be shown in a positive relationship (i.e. not one designed to fail by the writers or purposely turn off the concern troll black and non black audience alike from shipping) because that is not too much to ask.

I said nothing more and nothing less.

I never spoke about people who continue to watch mainstream media. I said if you don’t like it (Which is what I addressed in A is For Anger) the CHANGE IT. and I subsequently gave ways to do so. Which led to other commenters talking about the plausibility of such suggestions.

Ironically, both scandal and mainstream media, were small fractions of a cumulative twelve pages of words between both posts and yet that is was people are continually harping  focusing on.

As Muslim Bushido, just recently said,  I am not your mother, I do not care about you watching whatever you want to watch. “I’m not a parent trying to keep rebellious teenagers in check […]. Despite what some may believe, I am getting no money for this blog, no advertisements are getting paid to me, I am not benefiting in any way whether you listen to my blog or not. I am one person with one voice who writes to other people who I think may possibly feel the same as I do. If not….. you’re free to walk away. You are not chained at the foot. You have no shackles placed by me.  You are FREE.


Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral

Oh yah and when quoting my blog, feel free to actually quote the blog and not simply take a title that you’ve skimmed from an article that was part of a series.

First rule on NYGF is to read more than one post  before making accusations.

  1.  Do not post comments summing up my blog if it is the first post you have ever read.  I have had a few commenters come on and tell me what they think my blog is all about and generally these people have either skimmed my posts or only read one post while not reading any others. I will not re explain myself on things that are perfectly obvious to others. I will probably assume you are a troll and delete your comments. (most of which are usually nasty)

 The next time fodder, is needed for a post find another blog to do it. Don’t resort to besmirching the name of NYGF. I don’t play that.