How to Handle and Respond to IRR Harassers

Great post that I think everyone should read. I wrote a post similar to this but she also has great responses.


Black Female Culture

black_woman_white_man-hands1If you are in an IRR (inter-“racial” relationship) you probably know that the majority of people you encounter do not care about your relationship. They have their own lives and problems, and you are not even a blip on their screen. In fact, most of the time, you will merely be observed with the intensity of someone under CIA surveillance. Unfortunately, the minority, who do take issue with you living your life in a way that does not benefit them directly or makes them feel some kind of way, will be obnoxiously vocal about it. These people can be strangers, friends and even your own relatives. Regardless of your familiarity with such people, there are only three ways I recommend dealing with them.

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