Entertainment for the Progressively Neutral Black Woman : BWiF 105

Hello, hello, I’m going to cap off the BWiF Series.

I don’t know if you are aware of my stance on television and media in itself. But I wrote briefly about it in my post title:  Bombarded By the Media? Turn it off.


But for those black women who may be looking for a bit of entertainment or just aren’t ready to cut the cord on their television/ cable , I have a few suggestions of non offensive media that black women can enjoy.

Note that this is a somewhat short list but if anyone has any movies, books, television shows, etc that black women can enjoy that I have not mentioned please and truly mean please leave a comment below. I hope to make this list more complete as time goes on.

For now here is my short list of suggestions for entertainment.

Reality Television:  The best time of reality television is the type that is actually real.  By this I mean documentaries.  There are literally hundreds of documentaries on YouTube and Hulu  for free on a number of different topics ranging from animals to people, to history.  If you’re looking for a bit of education with your entertainment this is for you. I love learning about new things and some of the stuff (like the videos I’ve linked below) are absolutely fascinating.

There are channels like the Smithsonian channel or  National Geographic Channel and even all hulu all you have to do is search for the type of documentary you want and it will bring up plenty of documentaries to watch. If you subscribe to Hulu Plus or Netflix you’ll get even more.


Finding that traditional books don’t give you  enough? Or want to read a book that is geared towards black women without what BWE writers call “pain porn”. There are thousands of independently published books on Amazon Kindle that are wonderful. These books are written by black women.  I’ve read some of these books and they are very good quality.  ( If you have an Ipad I’m pretty sure there is a Kindle App for Apple products.)

Books like the one below are supposed to be very good and Kindle gives black women entertainment to read while it gives the author a platform that might otherwise be closed off.(Note the book below is by a published author but there are plenty of books on there from Amazon Independent Publishers. Read this link below. By Interracial Intersection that gives the rundown on these books.  Note I haven’t read this book that I linked below but it seemed interesting. If readers don’t find the book suitable I will take the link down and put something else up.



Foreign Films:

Want to watch movies with black women on Youtube.  There are many foreign films that have been put on Youtube that have black women in them. Nigeria has its own movie production similar to Hollywood. Many of these films have been put on YouTube to watch for free.  If you search ‘Nigerian movies” on YouTube there are many different movies that pop up.

Foreign Films Part Deux:   Want to brush up on a different language? I have noticed that there are also many different foreign films (French, Spanish, South Korean, Bollywood, etc) on YouTube.  On YouTube many of them are free and if you have Amazon Prime a lot of them are free also. My sister and I watched a very amusing Bollywood movie only a few days ago.   Netflix, I’ve seen has a pretty good selection and the monthly subscription to stream isn’t that much. Or check at your local library for these foreign films. You’d be surprised how many there are. I speak some French and there are many movies that I can rent from the  library.  Not only can I practice the language but it’s entertaining too. This classic Bollywood movie below is only an example of the type of movies you can watch.  It’s a very romantic movie so if you like those type of movies it’s a plus.


Antique Movies: While these  older movie may not feature black women, they are very entertaining and they are non offensive.  There are plenty of classic movies that are great movies  like the movie His Girl Friday which I’ve put a clip in.  If you like these type of movies again there are many of them on Youtube or Netflix to watch.

YouTube Shows:  Because YouTube has given many people opportunities of their own there are shows now on their that you can watch.

Awkward black girl isn’t the only one either. This show “The Unwritten Rules” is on YouTube. I haven’t had time to see it yet but some people have said it is good.  ( Note if you think that this show is unsuitable or offensive please let me know and I will remove the link.

Magazines:  After the both Messence and Ebony a scar on black women and magazines there I have noted that there are a few online magazines that black women would enjoy.  No I wouldn’t insult you by including  Clutch or Madame Noire.  The two online magazines below seem promising.



Beauty:  You may notice that I’m *totes* fangirling for YouTube in this post but  I have found a lot of what I’m looking on their simply because of how many videos of different types have been uploaded. If you want beauty tips for black women there are *hundreds* of sites that focus on this like the woman below who focuses on hair. I think she’s amazing  There are two other girls who are also very good.

Music:  Rap and Hip Hop has pretty much left millions of black women reeling.   But there are many different Genres to enjoy.

  • Classical: Entertaining, fun, relaxing and non offensive. Non suggestive and non sexual
  • NYGF approved singers like Jonelle Monae, Kiesha Cole and Melanie Fiona if you like that type. ( I haven’t listened to all of their songs if you think any of them are offensive or should be taken off the approved list or know someone who should be approved, please leave a comment)
  • Oldies: If you want to listen to *actual* music there are classic songs that you can listen to. ( aside from todays pop and rock)  I especially love listening to doo wop. Like this song by The Shirelles that is one of my favorites.  There are thousands of these and not only are they lovely but they are also non offensive.

In conclusion this is on the tip of the Iceberg for black women who want to enjoy alternative less offensive media. As I said before this list is non conclusive but I think from the variety of different things to watch you can see that black women *don’t have* to watch stuff that makes them look bad and can enjoy other stuff. As always I welcome add ons.

This is the end of my BWiF series.  If you have not read it before the other links are below.





Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.


17 thoughts on “Entertainment for the Progressively Neutral Black Woman : BWiF 105

  1. Good afternoon, The above book is a Starletta Duvall mystery by Judith Smith Levin. Excellent story line and character development, there is four book in all. The author died in December 2009, she was going to release a fifth book called “The Champagne Room”. Another book I would recommend “The Body Economic: How Austerity Killed” by Sanjav Basu. Drop in your local library they offer free movie and events. Thank you

    • Thanks!

      Yes that’s another great option I forgot to mention. Depending on where you live sometimes the library offers free movies and events. I know in my old town they would show movies in the park. In my new town some theaters are showing older movies like The Birds and It’s a wonderful life in theaters!

  2. Now you are speaking to me here. I told someone, do you know why I am happy? I listen to happy music. If Black women want empowerment and a good beat, look no further than disco! Faith Dow did an amazing piece on it and she is correct, these songs broke it down and told the truth.

    My fave disco artist is Candi Staton. She was telling us young divas how it is in this song here:

    She said you’ll get the babies but you wont get your man. Hmph.

    I also like a group called Gossip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mQVljB7JGw and its not because even though I am mega straight I find myself quite attracted to the androgynous drummer, Hannah Billie.

    I too love documentaries, my fave is The Smartest Guys in the Room, http://www.amazon.com/Enron-The-Smartest-Guys-Room/dp/B000C3L2IO. I also love The Corporation, which you can watch for free if you are an Amazon Prime member, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002ZVKL0G.

    Im a Hitchens fan so I read a lot of Christopher Hitchens, to get a clear idea of his work you can start with he Trial of Henry Kissinger – http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Trial_of_Henry_Kissinger.html?id=pBBBEH0OEoUC.

    And anything by Howard Zinn.

    As for movies, I like a lot of junk as well as the mega old classics like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Singing in the Rain.

    And finally, if you want to watch some amazing feats and sometimes here/see people get read, I am into Black gay Ball culture. I love to see them thwacking and some of the insults they toss at each other give me life for days. These videos may not be for everyone and some of the language can get *harsh*, but it is still entertaining while not being demeaning imo. Here are two videos that can give you an idea.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMyxKUoU1MQ – Offensive song lyrics (WARNING)

    • GAHH!

      Yes I forgot to mention that too. But there are some awesome disco songs.

      I love that you mentioned 7 brides for 7 brothers one of my absolute favorites!
      Thanks for the amazon links for documentaries.

  3. Great choices Onelesssoldier.Since you mentioned old movies, did you know that there is a whole network for them? It ONLY shows old movies, all day, everyday ,here it is:


    Encyclopedias are also pretty interesting and nuetral, as long as you avoid race-specific topics:


    I will keep my eyes open for more sister-freindly/neutral entertainment options!

    • Great Links!

      I forgot about that channel. ( I don’t have cable) but that’s a great for people who still do. And I also think that encyclopedia is a good choice also.

      Thanks Phoenix!

  4. I’m loving this blog. It’s rare to find people online that have a similar world view as myself, but this post of yours really proves that it’s possible.

    I came to the exact same conclusion as you about shutting the door on most mainstream media, tv, films and newspapers years ago.

    I knew enough then, about psychology, subliminal influences, the power of images and hollywood’s racist agenda to understand how poisonous tv and film were, especially to BW.

    I currently follow most of your suggestions already and have done for some time and I’m loving it.

    • Welcome!

      Don’t even get me started on the psychology of Hollywood. As a psychology major I know EXACTLY the type of influence they can have. Which is one of the reasons I limit my media intake anyway. Definitely an agenda.

      If you have anything to add to the list please let me know!

  5. Book and documentary: The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson.

    Not enough of us (mere mortals) understand about money. This book and documentary explains where money comes from, what it means and why it affects our lives so profoundly.
    I’m trying to teach myself, so this is my self-chosen reading for June. I have to admit, the book is a bit dry, but the author is quite engaging and lively in the documentary.

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  7. This is a good list. I love Korean movies, but I am not a fan of some Nigerian movies (as many of them enforce the same stereotypes about black women).
    On tv I love:
    -History Channel
    -Food Network
    -Travel Channel
    Books (black women oriented or not)
    -Love historical fiction and non-fiction ( love these books b/c they give me a good understanding of the world around. They help me figure out who are my enemies and who are my friends). Learning about history keeps me from admiring or promoting people/ideas that I wouldn’t if I knew what they really stand for. For example, being a naturalized citizen of the US, I was really perplexed as to why so many blacks thought that they were descendants of Egypt, when really most blacks in the western world are of west/central African descent. And they fail to confront the fact that Egypt is majority Arab (present day); people who can not stand the site of blacks.
    Top on my list would be:
    CLASSICAL(love, love, classical music)
    J.S. Bach

    -OLDIES (some black ladies-don’t know if they are all good though, check it out)
    Thelma Houston
    The Three Degrees
    Gloria Gaynor
    Marcia Hines
    Donna Summer
    -Gael-a Christian group

    -Princess Christy Njouk

    -Sister J (I like the songs but not most of the videos lol)

    -Choral music/African

    -Solomon Mukubwa

    -Christina Shusho


    really there are so many African music, this is just a start.

  8. Despite the well-known colorism in Spanish speaking communities, salsa music, at least, has love songs that are specifically about black women with lyrics about a beautiful black woman or something similar.

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