Let’s play another Rousing Game of TO THE STOCKS AND OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

As my previous post see below we’re going to play another round of TO THE STOCKS AND OFF WITH THEIR HEADS


If you haven’t played before here’s how it works

I list the people, man woman boy or girl who have maligned, abused or degraded black women and girls list their grievence (if you didn’t already know it.)

We then publicly shame them.

Finally we eradicate them from our lives as black women. That means no support, no seeing their movies, giving money to their organizations, no looking back, no excuses. Total and complete shunning.

As I suggested in my first post if you know any people who should go on the please post a comment and let other black women know

Rick “Put a molly” Ross

In his free time rick ross likes to degrade and abuse black women for fun. His recent lyrics have shown that this “man” won’t even stop with RAPE.

His words: “Put molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

-Rick ross-

This “man” tried to give an “apology” but in notyourgirlfriday fashion we ain’t gonna accept it.



Ebony Magazine

To the stocks!

This magazine LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES to put black women haters like Kevin Hart (ironically he’s on my first post ) on the FRONT COVER of their publications. A magazine for “black women” is not so for black women when they shamelessly promote a black man who has done hate speech (look it up )against black women.

For this they can fade away into the oblivion of failed publications. No black unity here!



Royal Mayo

To the stocks.

I didn’t know who this man was but I have read that this man is victim blaming the Steubenville  rape victim.  Forgivving rapists is something I will never support. Enough is enough.

Read all about it here





The NAACP “Organization”

The man above who tried to victim blame was part of the NAACP he is one of the leaders. The NAACP doesn’t care about black women and never will They also love protecting black men rapists. They certainly didn’t mind giving R Kelly an award or rapist Gernarlow Wilson an award.  And they gave the dunbar village gang rapists help! They HATE black women.

Whataboutourdaughters wrote about this  please read the article here.




If you know any other people whom black women should pull their support from please let me know in the comments below.

Until Next time,

Stay Neutral


7 thoughts on “Let’s play another Rousing Game of TO THE STOCKS AND OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

  1. I’d like to nominate Wendy Williams, who apparently doesn’t think BW belong on Hollywood’s red carpet unless they are wearing extensions made from some non-BW’s hair, a wig, or has relaxed hair. She made the remark about Viola Davis (an amazing actress!), after she wore her own God given hair to the Oscars.

    The fact that she would say that there is something inherently wrong with natural African textured hair is just incredible to me. Sickening actually. She is always putting down other BW. It seems to be her thing now. Not sure about her past, since I didn’t even know she existed until 2011. She’s becoming a female DL Hughley. Her show needs to be boycotted by BW.

    I’ve always wondered, do Black people like her truly believe that non-Blacks are unaware of what un-relaxed African hair textures looks like? Are they that delusional?

    I’m not knocking relaxed hair; my own hair is currently relaxed. But why do such people feel so threatened by Black WOMEN with natural hair, and behave as if naturals are letting some kind of shameful secret out of the bag? It’s crazy!

    • Wendy Williams! Thanks for bringing her up! How could I have missed her. Yes! she definitely needs to be in the stocks especially after her emberassing all black women by getting on dancing with the stars and acting a coon. She is offensive coarse and offensive to black women. I had no idea that she said those things about black women’s hair.

      OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!!

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  3. If no one has mentioned Beyonce, I nominate her.

    Her Crime: Stating that she is a black feminist who looks out for the intrest of women, then turns around and funds slutwalks. And feed black women the lie into furthering sabotaging our image. Truth be told none of her music is there to empower black women but simply to sale them the illusion that us black women have the same privilege as white women. This can be fatal and just give us an even fast nose dive into destruction.


    Her Crime: First by publicly running back to her abuser, and feeding young (especially black girls) girls that it’s alright to return to those who have abused you. Also for supporting ranch culture (strip clubs and dolla bill still got mo money) that can also put big pretty gash in black women’s already trashed image

    Miley Cyrus

    Her Crime: Appropriating black culture. Simply “doing”a dance that actually originated from the Ivory coast, then to Louisiana. She is big insulting joke who goes around using black women bodies for her own foolishness, simply because she’s having “fun” behaving the way she thinks black women act like.

    Lily Allen

    Her Crime: Watch her music video called “Hard Out Here” there she uses black women bodies and black women as shields to get her ‘feminist’ views across. Not really throwing herself in front of the slut bus, but instead pushing a bunch of black women in front of it who did it simply because they needed the money even if it meant degrading themselves. Even with more dehumanizing gestures such as slapping the black women bent over on a Cadillac on her a*s.

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