I just wrote about this  topic only two days ago. Pleas Read my link below!

Black women must flee the communities that they are in I cannot say this enough It has been brought to my attention  that even more henious things have been happening in these south African communities,  I read the news that a young black woman (17) was  kidnapped, gang raped and the video was taped! and went VIRAL! She was mentally disabled!

I have also read that 1 in 4 south African Men has ADMITTED to raping a woman. And they are NEVER prosecuted. If you are an african american woman (hell any raced woman) DO NOT think about going to SOUTH Africa it has one of the highest rates in the world of rape! Do not become a victim.

I am saying this out of the bottom of my heart with the utmost concern for black women who are realizing that their communities are the exact same here in America! This could be you or your child, do You MUST FLEE! Do not let anything stop you.

Further we can see that our community in america is the same. Amber Cole was video taped engaging in oral acts and she was only a child! And most blacks blamed it on her! I have to warn, and will not stop warning to please be cuatious when you chose to venture into black communities. You could wind up, raped, dead or worse!



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  2. Thank you for the great post. Khadija (love her) mentioned not only are the peace walls are coming up, white police are really black women only protection from the killers. That is what they are. Black women do not reason with them because they do not have mind , just flee and flee fast.
    If you are employed, start saving and looking for better neighborhood where you can be safe to call the police and action will be taken. You will have healthier mindsets and you and your children wil be safe. go to the locak resource cneter and find out whway that you can makke extra moneyand find out what activities are there for you and your family.

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