Dear God! You are NOT Safe! Flee NOW!

I don’t know if  I’ve said before that I am not going to be politically correct.  But I won’t be.  Because there is just no way that I can claim that I care about black women and girls and still ascribe to the idea of of “political correction”. If the life of  black woman or child is in danger, I will not sit around and pretend feign ignorance.

What am I talking about?

Well let me tell you. I don’t know if you’ve heard (probably not because the story was practically buried) but a young 17 year old GIRL was gang raped in South Africa.  Not only was she gang raped, they did all sorts of vile things to her which included slicing her from stomach to vagina and ripping out her intestines and replacing her  with GLASS! Before LEAVING HER FOR DEAD!

Now you’re proabably angry that I didn’t warn you about my graphic words.

Too Bad. Because for those of you black women who are still straddling the fence, for those of you black women who are still in dangerous situations, who feel guilt,  or fear, or are debating whether to walk away. I WANT  this to shock you out of your complacency. I want black women wake UP.  You NEED to be shocked out of your complacency.

This girl was a Black Woman. And her perpetrators were black men.

Were am I going with this?

Well, I’m going where many other black women writers have been going  for years.   I’m  going to advise you that if you  are  Black Woman, living in a majority black town, neighborhood, college, area, etc etc,


You are NOT SAFE!

I don’t want to hear the political correct fools tell me that this isn’t a race crime.  I am well aware of the fact that all black men don’t go around mutilating and gang raping black women.

And yet, I am also fully aware that in “black “communities” there is a laziness, a complacence, and downright hatred towards black women.

Further I am also very cognizant of the fact that in black communities, the blatant misogyny, and violence directed at black women from black men is not only lauded but rewarded and protected by the outside world.

There is no thought towards the masses of black women that are raped, killed, and maimed every day at the hands of black men. Heck, if the black community ever addresses black on black violence they firmly only includes black men killing black men. There is no outrage for Hadiya Pendleton, who ONLY got national coverage because she was at the inauguration of Obama. This doesn’t include any of the young woman who was STOMPED ON by Lil’  Reese.  It doesn’t include any of the other countless black women who are attacked daily in black communities by black men who are *supposed* to be their brothers.

But all men rape!

I suppose you’re trying to defend right now.  And while that is true. The only thing truer than the fact that all men rape is that in the black “community”  there is NO self POLICING. There is nobody who is willing to call out black men like this.  The GOOD black men have left the building.  They are not going to stick up for you. If anything like in the case of the young woman who got stomped by lil reese they will tell you that you deserved it.

Further for any black woman that is considering staying in black community I want you to consider this:  The incidences of rape are HIGHER among black women than white women. Further, as a black woman you will be less likely to get a rape conviction than a white woman.

My point?   Do NOT misbelieve the fact that by living in an area that is phsyically dangerous it will end well. NOT only will you end up raped/ killed. Your perpetrator will walk free because men who abuse black women get less harsher sentences.

But couldn’t I get raped in a white neighborhood?

Sure you can. But I’m not going to purposely put myself in an area that is known for letting criminals walk free. (See recent trial of man who slept with 15 year old girl and got NO time in jail). (Of course they were both black). I’m also not going to purposely live in an area where the dead beats have proven to have a hatred for black women.

But black people are upset about this gang rape, they are PROTESTING!

Did you know that South Africa, where this henious rape happened is one of the “rape capitals” of the WORLD.  And apperantly rape is UNDER REPORTED. That means that there are criminals walking the street constantly.

I have to say that if this country was able to get to be a “rape capital” of the world, obviously this is a country that doesn’t CARE about the rapes of black women and girls.

Did you know that President Zuma of South Africa, A black man, was once himself accused of rape. (of course he got off).

Did you know that he bought  one of his wives with goats?

The LEADER of this country himself was accused of rape.

But, but that’s South Africa? Black Leaders CARE!

Sadly the black communty in the US is no different, did you know that Al Sharpton defended a rapist to make sure HE got a fair trial but didn’t care peanuts for the young woman?  Did you know that most of the black community turned on her (similar to what they did to Robin Givens)

The sad matter of fact is that when it comes to black women trying to convict black male perpatrators in the black community (and at large) they will never be defended. In fact there will be anger and disbelief that black women *dare* bring up the fact that they were victimized and that they showed the ills of the black community to the rest of the world. (hell see the defensive reaction to Chris Dorner)

The sad matter is that you are not protected so living in a community that allows criminals to roam free is insanity. And further targets you because you are a black woman.

So here is my advice to stay a SAFE BLACK WOMAN!

1)Avoid situations we’re you have to go into the black community. That means riding buses (you will be street harassed), living in Urban areas, going to HBCU’s.

2.) Know your friends. This woman, Anene Booysen, was raped by somebody she knew since childhood (along with other men who raped her of course).  Many black women are willing to date/sleep with/ hook up/ befriend/ live with/ any black man (or other man)  they meet.

Trust should NOT be given out implicitly. NO BODY is your friend until they prove that they are safe.  I view most people  I meet with a wary eye. I would advise you to do the same.  Get to know someone more before you date them. If you are friends with them and decide to date, DON’T Go home with them. A lot of rapes happen by people they know and who they went on a date with.

3) If you currently live in the black community were rape/ violent crime against black women is most likely to occur. LEAVE. Save up whatever money you have and just GO. Futher, many black women bloggers have noted that when black women have plans to leave they are often guilted or shamed into staying. They advise black women who want to get out but have unssuportive family to flee QUIETLY!

Do not tell of your plans. Do not brag about how you are leaving. Do not tell people you have MONEY saved up. As others have advised wait until everything is in stone before letting people know you are getting out.

4) I hate to say this but if you go to “black” places like comedy clubs, concerts etc where there are a large number of black men. Do not go alone if you insist on going or do NOT go at all.  This one may sound like I am stereotyping all black men but I am well aware that good black may not speak up if you are getting attacked/ hurt.

In one video I will post below a woman is getting groped on stage at a concert and nobody does anything (even though the girl is saying no clearly)   Hell in one video JZ pushes a woman violently out of the way and nobody says a word. (Also note one man seems to smile and the rest just watch him) Note that  the second video the woman is white but that still doesn’t change the fact that in places like this women of any race are not safe an nobody is trying to help her though she’s clearly saying NO. There is NO respect for women and NO one to come to to her aid. The zombie black women will not and can not help you either.

Group think is alive and well in the black community. Further some of the men’s responses to street harassment has been victim blaming questions like “Why do you have to be nasty?”or “Why can’t you just smile back” and it’s makes black men “feel bad” for being treated like that.

5) If you have child do NOT bring that child around the man you are dating. Many men like the one I mentioned before who had sex with a 15 year old and didn’t go to jail was dating her mother first.  Be wary.

6 ) Avoid bars, clubs, or places with rowdy music and alcohol and no control. Some of the most hideous people choose to go to bars/clubs to target and prey on women who have gotten tipsy and don’t know what’s going on. This all has to do with TRUST people.  Do not get drunk in crowds. I would not TRUST people when I am drunk and incapacitated (admittedly I’ve never been drunk) and I DO NOT trust other people when they are DRUNK and the inhibitions are low. Further the creeps and the deadbeats overrun the Good people in bars/ clubs. JUST SAY NO.

7) Safety also includes sex. Do NOT have sex with someone who you do not know well. STD’s and AIDS are being passed quickly to black women. Even men who claim to be manogamous are infecting black women. I would advise not sleeping with someone at least until you KNOW you are going towards marriage.

8) If You live in the ghetto or black communities with violenec do NOT go out after dark.

9) If you must go out after dark, take a friend or just wait until the next day. Nothing is as important as your life.

10) Arm yourself.

11) Dump being politically correct. The most dangerous thing you can do is allow “liberal” ideals and media to force you into complacency for the idea of political correctness. If something doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t matter what other ideology exists.

Finally I leave you with these thoughts recently in the black community there was outrage by Jesse Jackson? or Al Sharpton about Lil Wayne’s lyrics concerning Emmett till. Blacks were outraged and he made sure to get the lyrics taken off the official album.  I hope everyone noted that in the black community the only time people will be outraged is when the violence is against dead black men, and crimes so despicable they left a black woman dead. The only time in the black community the outrage ever reaches critical mass for the victims is when the crime is either extraordinarily heinous or the   perpetrator was white. In the case of black women I would ask myself, do I want to wait until I am the next person targeted or do I want to GET OUT while I still can?

You should know the answer to that.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral

*Note*  I was writing a series but had to break for this article I will return to my series shortly.

Update I wrote this before I read the news about about a previous atrocity in South Africa.  And I must again say that as one commenter wrote  war has been declared on black women and girls around the world. Another girl (who was 17 was kidnapped and gang raped) and had the crime videotaped and passed around! She was mentally unstable. Further I read that 1 in 4 men in south africa have ADMITTED to committing rape and they are never prosecuted.  if you are planning to go to South Africa DON”T! We have also see how the black community doesnt protect rape or molestation victims,  DO NOT STAY,  GET OUT NOW! President Zuma of South Africa blames violence on apartheid. This is similar to black who blame bad behavior on racism. You will not get help so long as this mentality exists!


17 thoughts on “Dear God! You are NOT Safe! Flee NOW!

  1. War has been declared on Black women & girls by these garbage Black males. It is truly sickening. My heart goes out to the poor girl in South Africa.

  2. I never heard this horrific story before reading your post tonight. It’s amazing that the media will hide such atrocities against Black women then replace real news with worthless entertainment tripe! My mother was right. We do truly live in evil times. And it should not take an act of unrepentant evil to get Black folks anywhere on this planet to give a damn about what happens to BW! And this happened in Africa, a place that AAs who have never been abroad revere as some sort of Black people sanctuary. SMH.

    I guess now that BM in S.A. no longer have WM (via apartheid) to blame their lack of opportunities or psychological problems on they have targeted BW. Sound familiar? And in S.A. most of the police officers are BLACK! They have no excuses for letting these crimes against BW go on unpunished.

    And you gave great advice. I hope the young women reading actually listen. I have been made aware on many occasions (online and off) that many young AA women my age (mid 20s) and younger, even some older BW (over 40), live in a fantasy world where being trusting, going off with strangers, and even sleeping with strangers (who may very well murder them) are no big deal and something they have a RIGHT to do, because it’s more important to be like men in general and WW specifically. I sincerely hope that these dangerously naive BW wake up and smell the unpleasant reality. BW cannot afford to be stuck on stupid. We don’t have the safety net that other groups of women are fortunate to have.
    Great post!

    • Yes This happened only a few DAYS ago and yet only a few people picked it up. Meanwhile all of the focus is on the Pistorious and his white girlfriend that he killed. IDGI either, black americans pretend like Africa is the promise land when really it is a continent that has many problems and black women are specifically treated terribly. SMH at misgued black americans.
      No, no black males in Africa are still blaming wm (via apartheid) for violence the PRESIDENT blames that. what a shmuck. Meanwhile many blacks in america are angry that Barack Obama called out black fathers this week. See clutch article on website. Pathetic. Of course everyone came out to coddle the deadbeats that ditched their kids.

      I do NOT understand this mentality black women CAN NOT AFFORD THIS.

      For you and those reading this comment to even further drive home my point I just read something in south africa about how a black girl was kidnapped and gang raped and it was VIDEOTAPED and went VIRAL these men are out for blood black women must must must walk away. Do NOT GET Caught in the cross hairs!

      • I can hardly believe that a man who was accused of rape could get elected to the highest office in the land, even in Africa. Any BW who thinks that it would be better to live in an all Black community needs to take a look at what has been going on in S.A.. I know some older women (50+) who have long fantasized about how great life would be if they could just live in a city where everyone was Black. They believe it would eliminate racism and violence. LOL.

        • Sad they don’t know the truth. Not to mention they don’t even realize they would be viewed as AMERICAN first and not African. I don’t think they could even comprehend the level of misogyny and violence.

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  4. I had to chime in on the sexual violence in South African. A long time ago a friend told me she was nearly raped in a park and that the policeman was sympatheic to the perp. He explained to my friend that he was ‘feeling his nature’ . Look at the link next to this horrible story of rape! It’s almost 15 stories of rape crimes! s

    I could personally kick all those ‘back to Africa’ folks in the teeth! All black evvverything is NOT SAFE for black women. Period.

    • “Feeling his nature”? SMH. I can’t claim that I’m surprised. I’ve heard stories of American BM police officers attempting to sweep crimes against BW and children under the rug, when no non-Blacks were around. This is why BW should be wary of BM police officers – even in the USA, if her attacker is another BM. Too many BM believe that they should be treated as innocents when it comes to getting away with crimes against BW and children. Nothing is ever their fault or choice. They may as well be considered poorly trained house pets! Putting them in a position to have real power over BW, anywhere, is a very bad idea. It’s sad and unfortunate, but true. 😦

  5. They have African fest and my cousin slways like to go these things. She spoke these words which was really no surprise. She said that she will not be at the bus stop by herself , she wil just follow the thugs so she would not be at the bus stops along. (sigh). STay away from all Black anything. It was an incident not too long ago when a Black female police offocer was killed at a jazz concert. Those are code words fpr many black males will be there to prey on any one.
    Also socety gives men permission to harass and mistreat women without being punished.
    Look what happened to you little girls ms. Wallis at the academy awards.
    it is ok to calloktocall little girls crudenames without any backlash. Had that been a white girls, all you know what will break loose.
    Black wmnen, just leave and form alliance with of people of heathier mindsets. Please get far away from Black women who still think that BM have our back.
    They will attack white men in a heart beat or giv him mean looks , but cheese all day long with bm, and he bet not say sista or queen , they melt all alngplot your demise.
    black women , flee, because we hold the pruse strings in the “community, ehich that is the biggest joke of the century.
    Just leave and form healthier networks and also, seek counseling because, Bm have rip Black Women spirits to shreds and we need to know that we are valued, loved and cherished and to network with people who celebrate us and not use us.

    • Black wmnen, just leave and form alliance with of people of heathier mindsets. Please get far away from Black women who still think that BM have our back.

      Just leave and form healthier networks and also, seek counseling because, Bm have rip Black Women spirits to shreds and we need to know that we are valued, loved and cherished and to network with people who celebrate us and not use us.

      Good Advice black women must have alliances with other people to be sucessful! The majority of BM are not going to defend black women online or off! and when it comes to black women’s safety all precautions must be taken to stay safe.

  6. I am sorry for any typos, becasue the computer had issues. so lease forgive me.
    Thank you.
    Also keep up the good work on your site and thank you for your honesty and love you have to see black thrive and live well.

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