If White Men Pump& Dump Black Women… Black Men………………. Pump and Dump Black Women

This is not an interracial blog. But I’ll give a minute of my time to write a post about a topic that black women and black men seem to be obsessed about.

As a growing number of black women date men who are not black a theme has been spreading quicker than fire that black women need to be on the look out for.

According to some we need to be on the watch for white men who only want a free tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but don’t want to buy any chocolate bars.

Black women need to be shivering in their boots because white men are *known* for pumping and dumping black women and leaving them without ever offering a commitment.

In black world it’s alright to have a 70 percent OOW birth rate as long as those kids suffering are pure black kids with pure *black male* fathers.

Further black women deserve to be dumped by black men because black women have obviously cauded black women to pump and dump them or they knew it would happen.

Now if a white boy decides to sample the “delights” black men have eagerly been partaking in with no respect and no regards to black women’s well being  for the past… oh 60 YEARS, (or decidedly ignoring for light/white women) ….

Batten down the hatches we’ve got a BIG PROBLEM.

Black women have been trained like pavlov’s dog to jump at anything once the word racism has been said.  Of course in black world that racism is only called when white men do it.

So if black men think it’s racist that white men are pumping and dumping, even though they don’t care any other time when it’s their fellow black men, call the national guard. Ladies chain up your vaginas.

Pardon my French but there’s a pussy bandit on the loose.

I’ll tell you a story ( I may have told it before) .   I was watching a movie with my family. The movie had the young black lady from Vampire Diaries in it.  My *brother*  (one of those  black men who has actually told me that I was a sell out when I told him that a white man approached me and I had considered getting to know him but only likes light skinned black women and has called me a sell out *multiple times* for even the thought of marrying someone white)  expressed disappointment that the movie was about the black girl, he had expected the character to be a white woman.

So it was odd when in the movie the black girl started dating the White Male and my brother seemed to have a problem with it.

My brother who didn’t even want to see a black female character and never expresses (any other time) any concern about the racism (unless it directly affects black men) black women experience and certainly no concern about the sexism black women experience was suddenly incensed at the idea that a white guy would be getting it in (as they say on the jersey shore) with the black girl.

A black girl that my brother ( and many other black men) wouldn’t even look another way at.


My point is that while we’re supposed to care that white men and black women bang each other without a ring, and white men get away unscathed,d  black men walk around and do whatever the FUCK they want to do, because they want to do it.

They exhibit the same behavior and yet black men are never called on it.

And because of interesctionality, the unilateral black community, and the naïveté, Or stupidity of black women ,  black women fell for it.

I’m not even saying that hitting and quitting is a nice thing to do.

Hell I don’t understand why any woman in her right mind is gapping their legs for men who have no intention of committing to you (especially  in std ridden black community)

Either, try and save the “honor” of all black women who are getting played by  black men also or GTFOWTBS

Because if we’re going to try to suddenly convict  pussy bandits then black men are in trouble.

You’ve been caught red handed.

PS I wrote this post as part of a series

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Time For black women to separate their image



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Don’t give up privilege for the black community



38 thoughts on “If White Men Pump& Dump Black Women… Black Men………………. Pump and Dump Black Women

    • No offense taken. As much as I love my brother, he can be out there with his ideas. I told him what he was saying
      was stupid and that I wasn’t going to NOT date someone because he was white. After I told him that multiple times
      he seems to have gotten the picture.

    • Both are pumping and dumping your dumbasses because they found out all you have to offer is pussy&your round ass,bitches.if I were a white man and I know you’re considering giving me some of your round black ass,then I know you have no regard for your history as a black woman therefore you are just some ass.black men found this out about you,fucked you after he realized you laying next to him dreaming about white dicks.we’ll have none of that so go be with your white masters sluts.

      • You jealous bitter broke simp. You damn punk sneaking in here like the coward you are. I can’t stand down low losers like you. I know you’re an undercover queen probably trolling irl as a fat and saggy fake gangsta broke babydaddy while down low sexing white men and jealous that Black women are flossed and married by white men, and you being in the closet, you’ll never marry your white male only be his back room sex dog. Aka sucks to be a bitter black queen.

  1. Yep. Met a pussy bandit of the Caucasian persuasion. We used to bang like rabbits. When I asked why couldn’t we take it to the next level, he told me that he had a vision of the type of woman that he wanted to be with since he was a little boy. In other words, he wasn’t trying to be in a romantic relationship with a sista. SMDH.

  2. With a race of “men” like this, it is no wonder Black women & girls have so many problems. SMH. Black women & girls REALLY need a civil rights movement for THEM and them ONLY.

    • I agree. Now this article I read and you are correct. There are so many problems among black ppl. If it ain’t one thing, its a million other things. I’ve always felt the Civil Rights Movement ofthe 60’s destroyed black ppl in so many ways.

      • Gosh because sitting at a lunch counter without getting beat or lynched from drinking out the wrong water fountain was great. Stupid Civil Rights Movement. Who wants any seat on the bus and wants the basic right of not getting jumped or your house burned to ashes?

        As for the blogger, when you say dating other man. Why is your default a white man?

        I have dated men of color without a second glance. Why do us black women pretend other races of men don’t exist? We just default to white ppl. Strange?

        • I find it funny only your comment got ignored. I guess too much truth can be dangerous.

          I agree. Never understood this GREAT WHITE HOPE syndrome that my fellow sistas have that is extremely and blatantly pathetic. All the different races out there, and the ONLY one that seems to pop up out of their mouths is the one that has continually F***ed us over for CENTURIES on end.

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  6. Thanks for stopping by “A black man” enjoy your black wife and your black power. I see you made the usual assumptions and thus proved my point. Hopefully now you will stop polluting my blog in which I didn’t design for you anyway.


    Ps. The only reason why i’m keeping your comment up is because I want other women to see your shaming tactic for what it is.

    Get a life.

    • You were trying to make a point? Seriously? What was it? Based on your comment, I don’t believe you read anything other than the title. Your comment seemed nothing more than a combination of ignorance and wishful thinking.

      “blame black men, envy white women, worship white men”

      What a joke! I don’t know how to break it to you, but Black men and White women are NOT the center of the Black woman’s universe. And refusing to view White men through a hypocritical and racist lens is not “worship”. How absurd! If that’s what you consider worship, you really do need to get a life … and a therapist.

    • “You envy white women because you see them as the most desirable. ”

      🙄 Whatever helps you sleep at night pally.

      “You go ahead and chase that slavemaster penis. I pity people like you.”

      Good grief! A homoerotic obsession with other men’s genitalia AND a victim complex. How attractive! You must have to beat women off with a stick. 😆

      • No apprantly he’s got a “black wife” with “black children” so he can live out his “black love” and “black power” dreams. Some schmuck married him. How nice. It proves there is someone for everyone. But don’t worry I’m blocking him now.

        • I don’t believe for one moment that this guy is married to anyone. Why would a BM with a BW troll BW blogs? Makes no sense.

          The only websites my husband visits are Car and Driver, consumer reports, and wired. He’s not even on FB. Normal married men don’t troll women’s websites, regardless of ethnicity. But I guess the key word here is “normal”.

        • Actually you’re right and now that you’ve pointed out how truly pathetic, single and lonely he must be to be trolling on a woman’s site, i only feel pity.

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  8. “Black women need to be shivering in their boots because white men are *known* for pumping and dumping black women and leaving them without ever offering a commitment.”

    LMAOPIMP at that stupid comment. It’s BLACK men who are noted for being players, for not marrying black women and for having lots of babies by black women baby mamas. I have no idea why black women put up with that crap.

    I am a black woman whose decades-long marriage to a black man just ended when he had a baby by an Asian woman, and now is moving to Asia to be with her.

    I am dating a white man who treats me like a queen. I have no interest in marrying him or anybody. I feel that marriage is a good institution to raise kids in, but otherwise it’s not valuable as people change so much over the course of their lives that it’s unlikely that a couple will be compatible until they die. I am not looking for a husband. I like being single and in a monogamous romantic relationship. If I were looking for marriage, however, I I’d be more likely to find a white husband than a black one. Why? Because of my interests.

    Many of my black women friends have married white men. Why? My black women friends are educated professionals like doctors, professors, and lawyers, have the hobbies and interests of middle class people (the kind of interests that ignorant people erroneously call “white”): a love of foreign travel; and an interest in cultural things such as literature, museums, plays, classical and jazz music and opera. They also tend to be atheist or agnostic. These women ended up with white men because those were the kind of men who shared their interests. Most black men are not college educated nor are they interested in travel or cultural experiences such as plays. Black men tend not to be atheist or agnostic, and they tend to shun atheists and agnostics. Add to this, a high proportion of black men have been to prison or jail. Most quality women of any race aren’t looking for men with such backgrounds.

  9. Well, it rarely happened. I mean, Black women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Black women, you know? I mean, Black women are full and sexy. OK, some white guys admitted that Black ladies are strong in bed. What else do you need from a girl? Yes, they are goody. So, there are many interracial marriages between Black ladies with white men, which is common.

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  11. To the November 5 commenter:

    African American women generally have much more in common with American white men than those of other ethnic groups, culturally. Also, in many parts of the country these are the men that are the majority of the male population. It is only recently (last few decades) that lots of other groups were even around in any number in more than a handful of metro areas in the country. Why would any AAbw (open to “interracial dating”) with any sense discount the entire group of wm as mates?

    I grew up with white guys, we were in the same classes and clubs. By contrast, I can count on one hand the number of East Asian/South Asian/Latino guys I went to school with (pretty much one of each, lol). White guys are familiar to me, I–gasp– LIKE them. Yep, you read that correctly, I. LIKE. WHITE. MEN.

    If YOU want to walk around carrying a grudge against any dude with pale skin for your historical grievances, have at it. If YOU want to restrict your romantic options to a small percentage of the male population, it’s your party. I am happily married to an white American man for more than a decade. If that’s your definition of pathetic, hey, you are free to write your own dictionary.

    Just don’t expect anyone who self-defines to care what you think.

  12. My thing is, I can smell a user a mile away. They come in all colors. I take all races as individuals but when they start showing their fangs and fur, I’m weed them out quickly without putting myself, health, dignity at risk by sleeping with them. Know how to decipher when a man doesn’t have genuine interests.

  13. i dont mean to be rude but black women dont appreciate anything. they take and they take and they take without giving anything but an excuse if your dating a white guy you may have come to love him but im sure the first thought wasnt hes a good guy… its well he comes from a good family. As black man who has fallen on the wrong side of these black whores games they are nothing but money, power hungry, dogs who will chase the next bone thrown at them

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