If these are the people Defending Your Honor, You’d Better Hang it up NOW.

I have two notes before I get into it. 1st : This is an impromptu post and I already posted another article today called “beware of two faced Harvey”

2nd: I’m giving a disclaimer, and I HATE disclaimers. Recently a commenter who was defending feminism mentioned that Jezebel wasn’t the end all be all of feminists online. I’m am going to repeat that I usually use Jezebel in my example because they have the broadest audience and they are generally are  have the point of view that I hear and see most other feminists agreeing with.

Now let’s get into it. By Now You’ve probably heard that Quvenzhane Wallis was called a Cu** by the Onion when she went to the Academy Awards, most people were outraged.  You know I waited from any of the feminist websites to use this opportunity to show that they CARED that a NINE year old girl was viciously attacked in the media by being called such a misogynistic word. I waited and Waited and waited.  I saw posts about how Jennifer Lawrence was Awesome, I saw posts about how seth mcfarlane was a sexist douche, I saw even more posts about how Jennifer Lawerence fell. But in the Feminist Media it was strangely silent on the front of defending a little girl who had been victimized in the media.

But you know what was even funnier, is that when some of these sources did finally manage to speak they did have this girls back at all suddenly the sisterhood that was supposed to be there was excused.  These sources decided to DEFEND that’s right DEFEND the tweets about this GIRL.

And now because I want you all to see the proof in what I say when I say because of intersectionality black women will NEVER be covered under  feminism because the women NEED racial privilege and gender privilege I will quote what these women have said.

From Jezebel:

It’s impossible to talk about the c-word this week without talking about the Onion‘sQuvenzhané Wallis tweet. Many talented writers have explained why it was problematic, including Roxane Gay, who wrote that the real issue wasn’t the joke itself as much as the fact that the site’s writers aren’t diverse enough to consider how young black girls are regularly hypersexualized. “I’m not outraged about this one tweet,” she wrote. “I’m outraged about the cultural disease that spawned this tweet, the one where certain people are devalued and denigrated for sport and then told to laugh it off because hey, you know, it’s humor.”

Focusing on the word “cunt” is a distraction; for example, the Onion debacle kinda overshadowed how sexist the Oscars were overall. And that’s the goal, right? If we’re busy being outraged over how “cunt” is the nastiest nasty thing to ever nasty, we’ll waste the energy we need to fight against a system that denigrates women for wanting to be treated as equals.

Remember when  I wrote the Article, “How black women became Feminism Mammy and Womanisms Wet Nurse”?  Yah  I said this

by onelesssoldier  on January 12,2013

No reciprocity- Even worse than the other is there is no return. Like a good mammy black women never receive anything in return. They are “treated like family” just like many white people thought of their mammy’s in the old days except not only are black women (like the old mammy’s ) still treated like dirt with racism,  there is no time for black women to get anything back after their hard work. Instead like a mammy black women are treated as if they have no wants needs or desires, and if it is acknowledged it is well know that white feminist (just like the people with mammies in the old days) aren’t going to defer their dreams, wants, hopes, and desires, to a simple black mammy. Black women feminists are supposed to do/ support…. they are NOT supposed to ask, think, feel, experience pain etc.

Treated like family… but not really. People claimed to love their Mammy’s.  They claimed they were family.  Similar to the way non black feminists like to say the care about ALL women. But with a Mammy that obviously isn’t true because they were still thought of as inferior and you simply don’t treat a mammy like a non living, being if you truly care about someone. Same as if you claim to care about black women in feminism you simply DON’T relegate them to the sidelines while they do what you say and then use them like a tool when you’re ready. You also don’t ignore real problems they may have ( like racism) you would be concerned and try to help.

I called this before It even happened. Now, either I’m an amazing psychic OR this is the norm.  these feminists didn’t have a problem with the dispcable word being shot at a nine year old the had a problem that this overshadowed their  white women problems. They had a problem that people were outraged over Q Wallis and not their problems. Suddenly a dispicable word that if thrown at a white women they would be outraged was shrugged off as meh it’s no big deal you’re ruining the bigger picture.

I also said this

Onelesssoldier Janary 12, 2013

As the mammy of feminism black women are there to listen while white women complain about white men (or whatever while male related problem of the month) until they go back and suck them dry (forgetting that they are benefitting greatly from such terrible men.) People only care about them because it is one sided, like a true fairweather friend they can have a living springboard but they don’t have to do anything. But imagine if the springboard started talking back or diminish their problems. Why… look out!

It’s funny that this is exactly what happened not only did the springboard get up and diminish their problems but they got support from the outside world everyone else BESIDES feminists were rightly outraged.  They were just angry they didn’t get to use black women and girls as an example for their movement and instead the reverse happened.

Another feminist writes

“The best examples of how Hollywood hates women were supplied by Oscar host Seth MacFarlane himself. He sang an entire gleeful song about how he saw famous actresses’ breasts in movies, as if he were 12 years old and had no hope of seeing breasts in real life (maybe, with his attitudes, he doesn’t), including movies in which their characters are abused, even gang-raped. (Yup, so sexy, getting a glimpse of nipple as a woman is being brutally attacked.) He degraded women left and right by reducing all their immense talents to how “beautiful” they are or how human carbuncle Rex Reed might insult their body size.”

This woman said she was “astonished” that other feminists were angry. From her quote above she can see many more better examples of how women in the media are mistreated. Spoiler Alert all of these women are white. Because of course it’s not a good example of feminism unless the victim has white skin. Us coons don’t need to be offended because it’s just a joke right? I guess even when children are targeted it’s a problem for them because if society starts seeing black women in equal need of protection that means that they don’t have RACIAL privilege over black women any more. And we totes can’t have that can we? Then how will they ever equal those white men they can’t stand?

Honestly this is why I LOL when black women are so quick to claim that feminism has their back because either they haven’t read how intersectionality will make that impossible in reality or their just plain stupid.

Seriously women enough is enough time to cut the cord of support that black women keep giving to feminism and look for unions that are reciprocal. Otherwise you’re wasting your time energy and resources.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral.



please read my post here


Beware of the Harvey Two Face!!!!

Hello ladies today I’m back with another topic that I think all black women should think about.

This is Harvey two face. I don’t know if you read comic books or know about him (my knowledge itself is limited to what I hear from my brothers. But when I look at Harvey Two Face  Who is a respectable city councilman on one side and vicious villain on the other I’m left gasping at the parallels in the black community.

What am I talking about?

I have noticed this despicable phenomenon among black male “celebrities”  who play Harvey Two Face all the time.  Men like “Snoop Dog” can go from promoting drug, gang culture, and rape culture for a living and then when they  get into polite society aka white society they throw on a suit and with ease claim that all the havoc they’ve been publicly  wreaking on black women and girls, and children are just a show.

In other words black women get played.

But How?

Well black women have gotten played by the Harvey Two Faces because these men get to treat black women like crap publicly, they get to make black women’s lives a living hell with their degenerate behavior, they get to call black women Bitch And Whore,  rape, molest attack, and support other men who rape, molest and attack, and then when it’s time to reap the benefits they slip on a suit and tie become respectable and the white society that these same dead beats claim to hate give them accolades as the make it to “polite society”

Because  of two the dummies who were tricked into supporting them they’ve been tricked into buying the “it’s only a persona” schtick.

Think about it ladies.

People  like Little Wayne Do it ALL THE TIME!

Little Wayne has built his career calling black women bitch and whore he promotes filthy lifestlyes  that he’s convinced white people and black women is only an act.  He gets rewards and respect and “street cred”  in polite society after he’s pulled the wool over their eyes. And drones of black women support it because they bought into that LIE too.

And then when he gets back into “black” society  he actually treats black women the same way he claims is only an act. See his comments on dark skinned black women.

And then black women are positively gasping that these same black men were TWO FACED.

Another  example of this is the recent article on Mike Tyson

The convicted and admitted RAPIST

Black people supported the schtick when he got convicted that he was just a black man in trouble, he does a little time in “polite society” and then he’s suddenly respected and liked. There was an article about this abuser on Yahoo today and the comments seemed to be in favor of this.. ahem.. gentleman. He’s getting his own show! if i’m not mistaken.


Meanwhile men like pdiddy are back on the streets where black women live being the same despicable person black women have to fear when they leave their house. Then they go into white society and PDiddy gets to make millions off the “legitimate” (because in real life it would be neither acceptable nor legitimate   to call white women bitch whore etc. publicly  Or heaven forbid make money doing it.)  businesses they’ve made of the backs of black women.

They’re getting the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Except this isn’t Hannah Montana  so this story doesn’t end happy.

Instead millions of black women who are supporting these black men deadbeats walk away broken and beaten.

I can not express enough times how black women have to pull their support of idiots like this. And stop being around people who support this crap. Black or white. I wouldn’t date a man black or white who listened/ supported this kind of garbage and I wouldn’t be friends with a woman black or white who thought this crap was okay. Or wanted to give passes to men like this.

If you think that’s harsh consider this.

Would you willingly support/date/ befriend  a man or woman black or white called you Ni**ER? Would you be okay with being with someone or befriending someone who thought it was OKAY to let you be called a Ni**ER by someone else. Who supported the KKK?

Obviously the answer is NO.

This is the same situation. I don’t want to be around anyone who thinks this crap is okay. Black women need to pull their support so others won’t let this crap slide and let them into polite society. These men do not NEED to have MAINSTREAM LEGITIMATE POWER. Because when they have power they come to black women and RUIN THEIR LIVES while making money off of them, taking their resources and stealing their humanity. Not to  mention i will point out that the people who find this okay (usually people who are NOT black women) and the people who tell black women to calm down / shut up are the ones who aren’t adversely affected. I mean after all they don’t have to live with the thugs? They only watch them SING.

Black women have to make this kind of behavior unacceptable, and force Harvey two faces to come clean otherwise you’ll end up his next victim.

Time for Black Women To Separate Their Image!

I’ve been really thinking lately about black women and femininity. More importantly I’ve been thinking about ways that black women can reaffirm their femininity.  I think that black women are running their image into the ground and the remedy is very simple.

Separate your image from black men.

Let me elaborate.

History has shown that historically black people (men and women) were  “beastly”, animal like, over sexual, etc. Unfortunately as time has gone on, and as racism has become less of an issue, black men have played up to and enjoyed the fun that comes along with being the most masculine”. Hell, the “mandingo” stereotype is one that black men no matter how racist it is, applaud and play up to.

But where does that leave black women?

Well, I think that this is damaging to black women.  While black women are loudly and amply supporting the idea that black men are somehow the most inherently masculine of all races, it has adversely affected how black women are seen.


Well consider this. The “masculine” “beastly” stereotype was used to justify slavery. Although slavery hasn’t been an issue for 100 years some black men have still been able to hang onto this stereotype it for their advantage.

But considering intersectionality, the stereotype hasn’t helped black women at all. Instead  because of racism black women are roped into that stereotype along with them. The more black women that support the Mandingo stereotype, the more they further themselves from ever being seen as a feminine woman.  Because if black men are the most feminine and all the blacks are men that leaves black women in a hard spot. (That is completely avoidable)

We know what happens, have seen what happens when cultures are stereotyped as hyper masculine or hyper feminine and when it  is embraced (or at least on actively or loudly fought against). Many Asian women are viewed by some as the MOST feminine and because of it Asian men are grouped as unmasculine.

While Asian women may ( in Americans mind) be viewed as the most feminine  Asian men who did not distance themselves from this ideal are now being roped into this idea.

In fact as many black women are typecast as loud, obnoxious and masculine;  Asian men are consistently typecast as feminine, weak men.  Basically Asian men have not benefitted from the hyper feminine stereotype of the woman in their culture.

The same can be said for black women.  While promoting the image that black men are the Manliest men on the planet simply because they are black we as black women are pulled into that too.

I can only suggest that the best thing that black women can do is to distance themselves from this idea.

Or at the very least refuse to embrace stereotypes like that.  It is important for black women to separate themselves and not be seen as a monolith with black men, because when this happens black women lose their voice and any chance to be seen in a positive light.

 I’d also point out the irony I’ve noticed in that while black women have been helping promote the idea that black men are the most masculine,  and have happily, and stupidly gone along with this idea. They have been in turned been pulled into the stereotype of also being masculine.  For the women who were specifically looking for black men to date a lot have run for the hill searching for more “feminine” women.  So for the women who can only imagine themselves with a black men they really did themselves a bad one.

How can black women distance themselves?

Well, black women for starters can stop actively supporting when black men promote their  “biggest penis” hyper masculine schtick.  Black women can stop bashing other men as weak.

Further black women have to also remember that they do not have the strength or support to support men who A) are the only ones who will benefit from these ideas and 2) Are most likely not interested in marrying you and do NOT care if your image is in the mud.

The same men that black women are salivating to protect and uplift are the same men scrambling to use their status to get with the *real*  hyper feminine women.  And since all the real women are white that does not include you.

Black women have to acknowledge the fact that it is okay to look out for yourself and only yourself and YOUR self image. Smart black women will not be so quick as to toss away the benefits that come with being a feminine woman.

Finally it is important what many other women have written. It’s about reciprocity.  Ask yourself if you have received anything beneficial from the uplifting the masculine status and allowing yourselves to be placed in the unfeminine roles.

I think you know the answer to that.

Until Next Time

Stay Neutral.

PS this post was written as part of a series

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I just wrote about this  topic only two days ago. Pleas Read my link below!


Black women must flee the communities that they are in I cannot say this enough It has been brought to my attention  that even more henious things have been happening in these south African communities,  I read the news that a young black woman (17) was  kidnapped, gang raped and the video was taped! and went VIRAL! She was mentally disabled!

I have also read that 1 in 4 south African Men has ADMITTED to raping a woman. And they are NEVER prosecuted. If you are an african american woman (hell any raced woman) DO NOT think about going to SOUTH Africa it has one of the highest rates in the world of rape! Do not become a victim.


I am saying this out of the bottom of my heart with the utmost concern for black women who are realizing that their communities are the exact same here in America! This could be you or your child, do You MUST FLEE! Do not let anything stop you.

Further we can see that our community in america is the same. Amber Cole was video taped engaging in oral acts and she was only a child! And most blacks blamed it on her! I have to warn, and will not stop warning to please be cuatious when you chose to venture into black communities. You could wind up, raped, dead or worse!

Dear God! You are NOT Safe! Flee NOW!

I don’t know if  I’ve said before that I am not going to be politically correct.  But I won’t be.  Because there is just no way that I can claim that I care about black women and girls and still ascribe to the idea of of “political correction”. If the life of  black woman or child is in danger, I will not sit around and pretend feign ignorance.

What am I talking about?

Well let me tell you. I don’t know if you’ve heard (probably not because the story was practically buried) but a young 17 year old GIRL was gang raped in South Africa.  Not only was she gang raped, they did all sorts of vile things to her which included slicing her from stomach to vagina and ripping out her intestines and replacing her  with GLASS! Before LEAVING HER FOR DEAD!






Now you’re proabably angry that I didn’t warn you about my graphic words.

Too Bad. Because for those of you black women who are still straddling the fence, for those of you black women who are still in dangerous situations, who feel guilt,  or fear, or are debating whether to walk away. I WANT  this to shock you out of your complacency. I want black women wake UP.  You NEED to be shocked out of your complacency.

This girl was a Black Woman. And her perpetrators were black men.

Were am I going with this?

Well, I’m going where many other black women writers have been going  for years.   I’m  going to advise you that if you  are  Black Woman, living in a majority black town, neighborhood, college, area, etc etc,


You are NOT SAFE!

I don’t want to hear the political correct fools tell me that this isn’t a race crime.  I am well aware of the fact that all black men don’t go around mutilating and gang raping black women.

And yet, I am also fully aware that in “black “communities” there is a laziness, a complacence, and downright hatred towards black women.

Further I am also very cognizant of the fact that in black communities, the blatant misogyny, and violence directed at black women from black men is not only lauded but rewarded and protected by the outside world.

There is no thought towards the masses of black women that are raped, killed, and maimed every day at the hands of black men. Heck, if the black community ever addresses black on black violence they firmly only includes black men killing black men. There is no outrage for Hadiya Pendleton, who ONLY got national coverage because she was at the inauguration of Obama. This doesn’t include any of the young woman who was STOMPED ON by Lil’  Reese.  It doesn’t include any of the other countless black women who are attacked daily in black communities by black men who are *supposed* to be their brothers.

But all men rape!

I suppose you’re trying to defend right now.  And while that is true. The only thing truer than the fact that all men rape is that in the black “community”  there is NO self POLICING. There is nobody who is willing to call out black men like this.  The GOOD black men have left the building.  They are not going to stick up for you. If anything like in the case of the young woman who got stomped by lil reese they will tell you that you deserved it.

Further for any black woman that is considering staying in black community I want you to consider this:  The incidences of rape are HIGHER among black women than white women. Further, as a black woman you will be less likely to get a rape conviction than a white woman.

My point?   Do NOT misbelieve the fact that by living in an area that is phsyically dangerous it will end well. NOT only will you end up raped/ killed. Your perpetrator will walk free because men who abuse black women get less harsher sentences.

But couldn’t I get raped in a white neighborhood?

Sure you can. But I’m not going to purposely put myself in an area that is known for letting criminals walk free. (See recent trial of man who slept with 15 year old girl and got NO time in jail). (Of course they were both black). I’m also not going to purposely live in an area where the dead beats have proven to have a hatred for black women.



But black people are upset about this gang rape, they are PROTESTING!

Did you know that South Africa, where this henious rape happened is one of the “rape capitals” of the WORLD.  And apperantly rape is UNDER REPORTED. That means that there are criminals walking the street constantly.

I have to say that if this country was able to get to be a “rape capital” of the world, obviously this is a country that doesn’t CARE about the rapes of black women and girls.

Did you know that President Zuma of South Africa, A black man, was once himself accused of rape. (of course he got off).

Did you know that he bought  one of his wives with goats?

The LEADER of this country himself was accused of rape.

But, but that’s South Africa? Black Leaders CARE!

Sadly the black communty in the US is no different, did you know that Al Sharpton defended a rapist to make sure HE got a fair trial but didn’t care peanuts for the young woman?  Did you know that most of the black community turned on her (similar to what they did to Robin Givens)

The sad matter of fact is that when it comes to black women trying to convict black male perpatrators in the black community (and at large) they will never be defended. In fact there will be anger and disbelief that black women *dare* bring up the fact that they were victimized and that they showed the ills of the black community to the rest of the world. (hell see the defensive reaction to Chris Dorner)

The sad matter is that you are not protected so living in a community that allows criminals to roam free is insanity. And further targets you because you are a black woman.

So here is my advice to stay a SAFE BLACK WOMAN!

1)Avoid situations we’re you have to go into the black community. That means riding buses (you will be street harassed), living in Urban areas, going to HBCU’s.

2.) Know your friends. This woman, Anene Booysen, was raped by somebody she knew since childhood (along with other men who raped her of course).  Many black women are willing to date/sleep with/ hook up/ befriend/ live with/ any black man (or other man)  they meet.

Trust should NOT be given out implicitly. NO BODY is your friend until they prove that they are safe.  I view most people  I meet with a wary eye. I would advise you to do the same.  Get to know someone more before you date them. If you are friends with them and decide to date, DON’T Go home with them. A lot of rapes happen by people they know and who they went on a date with.

3) If you currently live in the black community were rape/ violent crime against black women is most likely to occur. LEAVE. Save up whatever money you have and just GO. Futher, many black women bloggers have noted that when black women have plans to leave they are often guilted or shamed into staying. They advise black women who want to get out but have unssuportive family to flee QUIETLY!

Do not tell of your plans. Do not brag about how you are leaving. Do not tell people you have MONEY saved up. As others have advised wait until everything is in stone before letting people know you are getting out.

4) I hate to say this but if you go to “black” places like comedy clubs, concerts etc where there are a large number of black men. Do not go alone if you insist on going or do NOT go at all.  This one may sound like I am stereotyping all black men but I am well aware that good black may not speak up if you are getting attacked/ hurt.

In one video I will post below a woman is getting groped on stage at a concert and nobody does anything (even though the girl is saying no clearly)   Hell in one video JZ pushes a woman violently out of the way and nobody says a word. (Also note one man seems to smile and the rest just watch him) Note that  the second video the woman is white but that still doesn’t change the fact that in places like this women of any race are not safe an nobody is trying to help her though she’s clearly saying NO. There is NO respect for women and NO one to come to to her aid. The zombie black women will not and can not help you either.

Group think is alive and well in the black community. Further some of the men’s responses to street harassment has been victim blaming questions like “Why do you have to be nasty?”or “Why can’t you just smile back” and it’s makes black men “feel bad” for being treated like that.

5) If you have child do NOT bring that child around the man you are dating. Many men like the one I mentioned before who had sex with a 15 year old and didn’t go to jail was dating her mother first.  Be wary.

6 ) Avoid bars, clubs, or places with rowdy music and alcohol and no control. Some of the most hideous people choose to go to bars/clubs to target and prey on women who have gotten tipsy and don’t know what’s going on. This all has to do with TRUST people.  Do not get drunk in crowds. I would not TRUST people when I am drunk and incapacitated (admittedly I’ve never been drunk) and I DO NOT trust other people when they are DRUNK and the inhibitions are low. Further the creeps and the deadbeats overrun the Good people in bars/ clubs. JUST SAY NO.

7) Safety also includes sex. Do NOT have sex with someone who you do not know well. STD’s and AIDS are being passed quickly to black women. Even men who claim to be manogamous are infecting black women. I would advise not sleeping with someone at least until you KNOW you are going towards marriage.


8) If You live in the ghetto or black communities with violenec do NOT go out after dark.

9) If you must go out after dark, take a friend or just wait until the next day. Nothing is as important as your life.

10) Arm yourself.

11) Dump being politically correct. The most dangerous thing you can do is allow “liberal” ideals and media to force you into complacency for the idea of political correctness. If something doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t matter what other ideology exists.

Finally I leave you with these thoughts recently in the black community there was outrage by Jesse Jackson? or Al Sharpton about Lil Wayne’s lyrics concerning Emmett till. Blacks were outraged and he made sure to get the lyrics taken off the official album.  I hope everyone noted that in the black community the only time people will be outraged is when the violence is against dead black men, and crimes so despicable they left a black woman dead. The only time in the black community the outrage ever reaches critical mass for the victims is when the crime is either extraordinarily heinous or the   perpetrator was white. In the case of black women I would ask myself, do I want to wait until I am the next person targeted or do I want to GET OUT while I still can?

You should know the answer to that.

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral

*Note*  I was writing a series but had to break for this article I will return to my series shortly.

Update I wrote this before I read the news about about a previous atrocity in South Africa.  And I must again say that as one commenter wrote  war has been declared on black women and girls around the world. Another girl (who was 17 was kidnapped and gang raped) and had the crime videotaped and passed around! She was mentally unstable. Further I read that 1 in 4 men in south africa have ADMITTED to committing rape and they are never prosecuted.  if you are planning to go to South Africa DON”T! We have also see how the black community doesnt protect rape or molestation victims,  DO NOT STAY,  GET OUT NOW!

http://za.news.yahoo.com/violence-caused-apartheid-063235281.html President Zuma of South Africa blames violence on apartheid. This is similar to black who blame bad behavior on racism. You will not get help so long as this mentality exists!


Black Female Culture

black-woman-stressed-at-computerFor the last few months I have noticed a rise in propaganda designed to convince BW of their undesirability. This propaganda comes in many forms: social “science” surveys/ studies are the most popular, followed by articles on why you should worry that every non-BM that approaches you is only interested in your vagina (you know, because no other group of women have one), followed by articles on why BW should give unemployed, uneducated, ex-cons “a chance”, and if you don’t you are a “gold digging bitch”, followed by articles and videos on why BW are so evil and/or unattractive. Do I even need to mention rap “music”?

You may laugh and ask, who cares? Who would believe this nonsense?

Based on what I’ve seen, heard and read on several blogs, many impressionable young BW are believing it. Some of the older ones too. From what I can tell, these women…

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I Need A Stiff Drink… Feminism Strikes Again

*Warning if you don’t like angry cursing/ long rants/ offensive language don’t read. If you don’t mind being mired in the filth that is my language carry on as usual*

As a matter of fact as you settle in to read this post I’d advise you to keep your strongest liquor around.  Hell, you’ll probably need pills and booze as you read this.

In the words of Samuel L Jackson: I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this mother fucking plane.

I should be asleep right now. Hell, in another world, where I used to be  on the feminism bandwagon I probably would be.   But shit like this just gives me an ulcer.  Jezebel has done it again.

And to prove my point to you, my dear, dear readers on why you should take ten large paces away from feminism. I’ll use interesectionality example 10000000000000000000001.

So today the Jezzies posted an article (let me know if you want me to post the link, as I won’t willingly give those fools traffic) about how to “empower”( yep there’s that meaningless word again) women and what they should teach them. I won’t bore you or drive you insane with the minute details of the article (because I don’t want to stab my eyes out with icicles by having to read it or copy and paste)  Instead I’ll just post what one, poor misguided poster wrote… poor thing.

Julie says: 

Julie12 hours ago
this discussion still seems about the privileged… what about all the minority girls living in homes where adults aren’t even reading about this type of thing? not that feminism isn’t an important cause.. but – PERSONALLY – very personally, i can’t focus on the cause of women, without making sure the poor and the rich are equal. that they have equal education, equal healthcare, equal mental health care… Choices. A white middle class woman still has more choice than a hispanic, poor american man. let’s start there.
Oh schnookums how noble, how very, very noble.  But you see on a feminist website especially one like “Jezebel” (where the logic in that name speaks volumes) it is “frowned upon” to point out…. well to point out logic.
As per usual,  the biggest benefactors of the conversation were quick to tell her she was pretty much being a jerk. Feast your eyes on these little shit nuggets.
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This just further serves to divide people. It’s not an oppression olympics.
I want everyone to take a look at this phrase. Memorize it, tattoo it on your fucking skull because it is IMPERATIVE that you remember that if you are below someone in the privilege market and you have the fucking nerve to point it out they *will* get annoyed and detract by telling you it’s the ‘pain olympics”or they may say something more assholey like “Its not a contest”.  You see as a classic way to (what I like to call) “defer payments “(i.e not acknowledge something and put it off)  people with privilege will make you the asshole for calling out the fact that they have privilege and are fucking stepping on you to keep it.  It’s similar to people who say in conversations “this isn’t a “race issue” .   In this case this the classic STFU that feminists like to use when minorities start to get out of line and realize that they’re being screwed over by them too. Can’t have the masses of minorities realizing that, can we? who will help them support shows like GIRLS getting on the air?  Who else will they crush to keep their privilege?
Moving along… This little sunflower stated:
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What about the disabled? What about issues trans people face? What about the all global issues everywhere?

Every time a feminist topic is raised, people chime in to protest that some women are still more privileged than other people and should therefore shut up and put those other people first. There’s never going to be a time when we can all band together and attack each injustice in a domino fashion. Oppression and privilege are all intersectional and people focus on where their personal experience is. That’s cool if you prefer to focus on class differences, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t focus on gender inequality – especially since they do intersect. Your white middle-class woman may indeed enjoy some privileges your poor hispanic man doesn’t, but she may also be struggling with types of oppression he’ll never confront. And it’s perfectly valid to attack that oppression.

See bastards like this are literally the BANE of black women’s existence. I mean it. I’m utterly fucking serious.  Because people like this tell you to jump on their unilateral  cause while ignoring your intersectionality problems. White feminists don’t need to talk about class? Well then we ALL don’t need to talk about class. Because since all the women are white, It’s my mother fucking duty in life to lay down my potential happiness for a movement that claims to be “for all women” but never actually hands back any of the returns.And in fact won’t give me my returns because I’m a spook. It’s like putting all your money into a 401 k or Social Security and never getting it back. And then the banker getting mad at you when you ask for a return because he already took your checks and went to buy himself a new upscale apartment with it.

But wait wait wait, for a limited time only you can watch feminists shove their heads even farther up their collective asses…..


Arguments like this serve no purpose. I can do very little to solve poverty. I can try to vote the right people into office, I can support my local economy (which has quite a few of the working poor), but the effect that I have is so very small.

I can, however, give free classes to encourage woman to get into programming. I can mentor women when they encounter sexism in the workplace. I can create networks for women, so they can find jobs. I can encourage my workplace to hire more women, and work with conferences to get women scholarships.

Also, many of the woman I work with? They ARE poor. They ARE struggling. And this DOES help get them access to more choices

Arguments like this serve no purpose to white women who are more likely to not be fucking poor as Job’s turkey. So NO, I *guess* it doesn’t serve them any purpose. Again, I can’t even begin to fathom why people who aren’t bothering to attack how they have privileges over minority women and why it keeps minority women from even getting to where white women are privilege wise, want minority women to join in their movement and then brazenly lie and say its for everyone. It’s fucking not. Stop being a bitch. You know everyone can’t all get help,  So stop pretending you can help me and cut minorities loose.Hell, remember when I said that because of race black women wouldn’t benefit from feminist laws/gains?  Yah, this is a prime example. Except bastards like this *choose* to ignore the obvious because its convenient and beneficial. Instead, and with delusions of grandeur they move about their day like there is no one’s fucking neck beneath their manolo blanick. And that the reason they can have their  shoe on me in the first place is because of race/class/ gender.

Second I loooooooooooooove how this shithead can think up a multitude of ways to help feminism but can’t stretch their mind to think how to help the poor? How about volunteering? How about supporting small businesses. How about  not supporting stuff that is exploitative of  the poor (hint prostitution).  How about fighting for one nano second for someone other than yourself? How about not supporting companies like Apple that practically use slave labor? Hell can you give a bum on the street a buck? Well congratulations you can do something. 


This reminds me of how when British middle class women were pushing for suffrage, middle and working class men not in favor pointed out that it would be an insult to men’s greater contribution to society to grant middle class women suffrage before granting it to working class men. This held up educated women from getting the vote for nearly a decade and helped maintain a class war between middle and working class women. I don’t think prioritizing equality along class lines in useful if it’s done at the expense of us learning about and empathizing with women or men, white or POC, above or below us in the class structure.
Hopeless really is an apt screen name although dunce cap would also work.  Only someone hopeless would use an example of white feminism to defend white feminism.   So basically what is being said is that, they aren’t going to help you because it might hold them up from their missions and their happiness.   This is the same put off that black community uses to keep black women from ever asking fro a crumb. What hopeless doesn’t realize is that class(in a lot of instances)  is generally what separates black women from enjoying white women’s privileges in the first place.
Further after a movement that has been percolating for over 100 years+ it’s amazing that feminist still don’t want to take the time out to consider class (or race) and how it affects minority women in feminism. This is why I tell black women to say a collective Fuck Off to the feminist community. Because these women, who remember only come SECOND to the privileges they claim white men have, (because they still have racial privilege) have proven time and time again that not only are the no better than the white men they claim have overlooked them they’re fucking worse because they’ve been pretending to care and be your ally for years.  Or they guilt and shame you when you walk away.
Mores the pity.
There’s more gut churning hypocrisy:
This is ridiculous. Why do you have gender, race, and class as variables? You’re not making any sort of meaningful comparison. The man in your equation has two counts against him–his race and his poverty, whereas the woman only has 1 count–being a woman. Yours was a useless comment and you’re an idiot.
Little shit face doesn’t realize that gender, race, and class (oh what would it be like if you only had to worry about one?) all  intersect. and frankly probably doesn’t care.  Because of their privilege they don’t have to consider intersectionality.  But meanwhile, back on PLANET EARTH, The majority of women in feminism have to contend with it. Ironically these women are told to STFU and take a seat.
But the piece de resistance is the straggling minority who hasn’t jumped ship, who responded to be the token voice of reason. Because in feminist world one token is the speaker of all things minority.
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I’m a minority, low income woman myself…Still the biggest issue for me is gender inequality. If we focus on ALL the other issues First, like you said, men and women still won’t be equal until the end. Frankly why does gender inequality has to wait until all the other issues and privileges are solved? Women have always been the lowest priority, and I do not want to continue this trend with the constant examination of class difference, income difference, etc. All this division sounds like an excuse to put off the biggest elephant in the room.
Most people still have not connected the dots because they live an existence where top down (helping the most privilege first instead of the least privileged)  or unilateral (helping someone with only race or gender disadvantage NOT both)  is the best way to go. Of course these people don’t realize that if we talked about intersectionality and worked bottom up everyone would be helped automatically. 
See people like this (the majority of feminists) are so afraid of loosing one bit of their privilege they’re willing to take whatever they can grasp and will throw bones to the rest of us.Meanwhile pretending to help you. Not only pretending to help you but asking you to cut of an indivorable part of yourself while claiming that will make things better. Only the reason why it won’t get better is because of your race.
In the best okey doke ever they’ve not only used their racial/gender privilege as leverage to stay one top they have now convinced you that you’re befitting by doing it.  Because when they SHIT on you, it’s really manure to grow flowers. Amiright? 
Even more odd is that the reason why they CAN scramble in the first place is because of their privilege.
So what did I learn today?
1) Take a drink  before going on feminist websites
2) Get A labotomy after I leave feminist websites
3) Feminists of all races are full of shit
But even further, articles like this, where  issues of racial/class privilege are brought up and brushed off by white feminists & and the misguided colored ones,  I see as pure proof, and I’m reminded that white feminists don’t really need my help at all because they’ve got just enough privilege to crush me. I don’t need to feel guilty about not helping out because ultimately they have more than me. I mean the bum on the street isn’t giving money to the man driving the Lexus, is he?  Further, in turn, it  makes me think that if  white men are “crushing” them as they claim well, I can look the other way because it’s just the circle of life, that they willingly support.
And then I can drop the armor and walk away. And inevitably I’m happy.
Until next  time,
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PS. I interrupted the series I was writing to do this post I will be back to my series shortly.