Bombarded by the Media? Turn it off!!!!


There is a common theme in playing out over the web, or anywhere anyone is talking and it is that the media is bombarding us with foul imagery. On any blog (white or black) you can find people talking about the fact that television and American culture at large have gone downhill fast. To be honest those people wouldn’t be wrong. Hell you only have to turn on the radio and here the lyrics of Kesha describing how she woke up feeling like Pdiddy or how she brushed her teeth with a bottle of jack to know that these people aren’t wrong.  Every show seems (even children’s ones) to have some odd out of place sexual innuendo that is so blatant it’s sick

But what can a person like you or I do? How can we fight back against a system that is bombarding us with imagery designed to steal our humanity?

Quite Simply.

TURN OFF THE TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look this isn’t meant to be an attack. And this isn’t to give the creeps making these television shows a free pass. But we DO NOT have to be a victim!!!! We do not have to sit and watch filth when we do NOT want to watch filth and then lament about how unfair it is that our youth are “bombarded”. It is just plain folly.


You are not chained to the floor. Nor are your eyes being forced to stay open. You DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK!!! The insanity of complaining about media while still consuming it makes no sense. It’s like letting a door to door salesman into your house and then complaining that he’s trying to sell you stuff you don’t like, don’t want and can’t afford! Tell him to LEAVE!  Turn OFF YOUR TV!

Hell I know it’s going to be hard. It was hard for me when I was weaning myself off television. But it *can* be done. You are not helpless. And they do NOT control you.

*To black women*

Something I have yet to understand about black women, who by our own words are the most disenfranchised group in the country, can sit and complain about racist, sexist television and then plonk their behinds right in front of the boob tube! It makes no sense

Or they’ll complain about misogynistic rap and then be the first one on ITunes to buy the new download, meanwhile shaking their collective heads at the injustices. It’s similar to how many black women complain about movies like Red Tails, Django Unchained, Precious, The Help and then go out in massive droves to watch and buy it.

You DO NOT have to watch your own degradation. If you don’t want to hear sexual innuendo or racism (and face it the people in the media love that) turn off the television!

The same goes for any other type of mass media.  I don’t buy magazines anymore. I used to have a subscription to Seventeen and Cosmo.  After realizing that seventeen was a waste of my money and realizing that COSMO was a slutty, sexist, and exclusive for white women. I literally ripped up the magazine and NEVER READ IT AGAIN!!!!!

I did not want that garbage  in my head and I did not want someone else controlling me and pushing whatever agenda they see fit. So I got rid of it. End of story.

The system is NOT going to be overthrown.

The powers that be are not going to be persuaded to play fair.  *Unless* they have an agenda. And they *always* have an agenda.

You DO Not need to teach lessons by protesting or making boycotts.  You will only win when you get rid of them completely. Your silence will speak for itself. To try to play the dozens with a machine more powerful than yourself will end up with you wasting your time and back where you started. And in truth they need you to be engaged and enraged. They need you just long enough to sell you whatever they want to sell you. If you walk away where will they be?

*Black women and “Role Models”

I’m always irked and somewhat baffled when I hear people in large society and black women in particular complain that there aren’t enough “role models” for black women and black children.  I am only in my early twenties and I do not have any kids at the moment but I don’t get why anyone is depending on television to provide role models for themselves and their children. I also don’t get why anyone would look towards Hollywood for self-affirmation. In fact I would even go so far as to say people would probably have less self image problems if they TURNED OFF THE TELEVISION.

I personally am not looking towards the Hollywood elite to tell me that I’m beautiful desirable and worthy of love.  And people who expect Hollywood to give their children people to look up to are just plain lazy parents because that should start at HOME.

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the makers of most television programs know what images they want to get out into the world. They are a relatively small group of people who control the majority of the stations. They are not interested in getting out positive images they are interested in pushing agendas.

I personally am not going to wait for a bone to be thrown, nor do I want my psyche penetrated by the images they decide should be important. If you are one of those people who spend your time with petitions trying to ban certain television shows (I was one of these people) or if you spend your time making yourself miserable about the lack of good black women.

The only advice I can give you is to TURN IT OFF!!

You’ll feel so much better once you do.


4 thoughts on “Bombarded by the Media? Turn it off!!!!

  1. YES!!! On the boycotts. This is an all to prevailing lazy ass trend that needs to stop. But please don’t tell some of these women that the boycotts don’t work now.

    They need to know what an actual boycott is and how it is best used effectively. Getting a bunch of fools to sign a petition does not equal a boycott. There are better more proven ways of getting things done. Someone actually blasted me for deciding that a boycott about some fool named Reeses Pieces was a waste of time.

    Apparently, I have the last laugh regarding that boycott because that fool still has his contract is not in jail and everyone has carried on as usual. But on the real, the actual last laugh is on Black women who think online boycotts, petition signing and yacking and complaining is going to change their station in life and how they are viewed.

    It takes real work and making proper choices with what you consume. If you agree that Basketball Love and Chop Shop Housewives of Mars is entertaining, then I cant help you. I wont deny you the right to enjoy that crap, but don’t bemoan the fact that people will automatically equate you with those cretins on those shows.

    If we are going to take back and own our image in a positive way, it involves as you say, a rejection of the damaging and the detrimental.

    • Lol Reeses Pieces.

      Yep I remember that, in fact Russel Simmons the guy who ran the label said he would be “Uplifted” in public and chastized in private or some crap like that. Nobody gave a damn and that boycott when to crap.

      Exactly too many women right those shows off as fun yet dont understand why the world sees them as fools.

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  3. OLS I have to agree with you about magazines. I use to read Seventeen and Cosmo since I was in my early teens. They push a whore agenda. I could not see it when I was in my 20’s. The articles were telling women it’s ok to have sex with men on the first date but when after 6 months of being some mans sexual toilet women were told it was too soon to ask a man “where is this relationship going?” We are told to share our bodies and not ask for anything in return. Years later I was in the doctor office looking at Cosmo in my late 30’s and that’s when I got my ah ha moment. Now I don’t even read those magazines anymore. I might look at the pictures and that’s about it.

    I also stopped watching tv a few years ago. I might watch a rerun of the Simpsons with my child and I rent movies at the library but that’s about it. When you become awake you dont have the patience for BS anymore. I do mobile beauty services and a lot of my Black female clients who like to get all snobby with me love to throw it in my face how enlighten they are and how much better they are because “hey If I was on the same level as them I would not be scrubbing their feet.” Well they always have the tv on and it is always on the judge shows and Jerry Springer show. It’s hard to do my services because this crap is on. It affects my spirit.

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