Black Women: You will never be a protected class

You will never be a protected class

I’ve said this before but redundancy is becoming a past time for me now. The murder of Kassandra Perkins has proven that even when a black woman is killed there is no protection for her. In the aftermath of Kassandra Perkins murder, as is reporting black women are still largely being overlooked.

In fact, further than being overlooked, people have been downright brazen in their displays of sympathy towards Jovan Belcher.  For those of you that were so sure that this would the perfect opportunity for feminists to speak about how, domestic violence is still an issue for women. Especially BLACK women who are 11 times more likely as white women to be murdered while pregnant or a year after childbirth. I’m sure that you are shaking off your collective confusion as you slowly realize that it AINT GOING TO HAPPEN.

In fact, what should have been a FEMINIST issue and WOMEN’s issue turned into a conversation about the “larger issue” in society that has to do with gun control laws and mental health issues. The conversation has to do with how it was so surprising that such a seemingly nice guy could commit a heinous crime.

In fact the only mention that the Jezzies even attempted to make was to have one article covering the moment of silence at the first game and then another article  posted from of related site that talked about Jovan Belchers possible brain injury.

But I’m sure those of you who aligned yourself with (white) feminists thought they would help you out of a jam huh?  And if you haven’t already O_o then you probably will after you see how also interestingly turned the conversation to “gun culture”

But I thought that white feminists just wuvved “women of color”. I thought we were sisters standing against the (white) man (because to call black men out too would be racist)? Hmmm, it’s interesting that NOW they chose to be silent.  Meanwhile, I’m sure you can guess WHY the focus has been on HIS emotional state and possible excuses, ahem, reasons for why he did what he did?  But if you’re going to be an ostrich and keep your head in the sand I’ll pull it out for you. SHE WAS A BLACK WOMAN. And from history and present I think data correlates to a trend that when black women are victimized they aren’t victimized. There is no feminist protection because her blackness keeps her from being regarded as a WOMAN therefore the issue JUST can’t be about domestic  violence/abuse against women. Because black and woman is an oxymoron and as we all know

ALL THE WOMEN ARE WHITE! (or at least non black)

Even these white feminists who supposedly care about the little people can’t seem to put their finger on the elephant in the room? Because then they would have to step away from their pedestal and see black women as equal to them.  Or accept that domestic  abuse can specifically be a black women’s issue.

As we know when it’s time for groups to be protected it is only by race or sex. Not both.  And just like I’ve said before Kassandra Perkins blackness kept her from being seen as a woman who was a VICTIM of domestic abuse.

But wait, wait, wait! Before you go scurrying back to the black community in the hopes for some understanding from your “brothas& sistas” I can tell you like it TI-s . IT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN.

What so said is that there was a piece in the Huffington Post about how black women who are murdered by men are most likely killed by GUNFIRE.

But from the comments of the black people, blacks don’t enjoy having their filth pointed out for the world. Especially when the victim is a black WOMAN. Because we all know that for black men to be shamed in front of the (white) world is de worst thing eva right?  Because domestic violence is a MALE problem not a BLACK male problem right?

It’s tragic that this article was written in October and had it gained enough attention by media and not been poo pooed away by black men apologists then maybe black women could have gotten the help they needed, instead of suffering in silence.

What’s even more ironic and infinitely telling is that the author of the article was a WHITE MAN.  Not a white feminist, not a black man concerned for his community, not even a BLACK WOMAN( Who I guess are now okay with hiding the truth.) Instead a white man had to point out the obvious, and was then accused of being called racist. And the people who actually found this article informative were accused by the bm apologists as trying to “separate” the legendary black community! I’m not making this up read the comments. Basically it was black men can abuse black women but it’s racist to say it out loud because that wouldn’t be Politically correct.

Because to acknowledge that black women can be victims of black men would make black men step of the privilege pedestal handed to them because of the gender. AND THAT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN! she’s a black WOMAN.  The only people who are protected from injustice in the black community are black MEN.

What’s funnier is that a few days ago I had long conversation with a commenter on my post

About why it’s divisive to walk away. Because we have to come together and fight oppression. I guess that doesn’t count when the oppressor is black men? I guess black women should suffer in silence? Because only Travyon Martin and Jordan Davis are victims.

I’d like to ask that commenter (who I don’t think is so smug now)…. Where are all of the marches? Where is the support for the victim’s family? Where is the outrage?  Where are the petitions, the gnashing of teeth, the praying to God about how an innocent life has been taken?   Where is this “UNITY” you spoke of? That you claimed I was destroying? Why is it only important to talk about black on black violence when it’s two men? I guess black women aren’t victims in the black community.


And it’s impossible for a black woman to be a victim of black men. Because she is a WOMAN. Because teh white man (never white women) and racism. Right?

You don’t have an answer do you? Because you know that “unity” has largely meant exactly what I said. Unity (allegiance at all costs to black men. Any black man) at the cost of black women’s LIFE.

But this is exactly what I thought would happen everyone hemming and hawing, and avoiding the truth and another black woman is dead with no thought to the WORTH of her life.

Bougieblackgirl did a piece on kassandra perkins and had this link in her post

which led me to this post


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9 thoughts on “Black Women: You will never be a protected class

  1. I agree with every word. And frankly, at this point, the only way that BW can protect ourselves is to distance ourselves from the source of 99.9% of our problems. And those are the anti-BW BM and their BM and BW apologists cheerleaders.

    I’m sure that you’ve heard that BW are getting strapped in large numbers – particularly in Texas, where they are not gun shy at all – and it’s making certain people nervous. These people claim that this is a bad idea, because the reason these laws are spreading the nation (conceal carry laws that is) is because they want to “kill Black people” (in other words Black men). It seems to me that the people who object to this are only concerned about BM being killed, and recommend that BW should simply go the Buffy the Vampire Slayer route with karate lessons to protect themselves. LOL. Even on that show, Buffy was not bullet proof.

    BTW, that particular discussion of firearms and the conceal carry law took place on Beyond Black and White last month (I think). The woman who objected to BW owning guns seemed like a closet BM apologist/protector (IRR websites get a LOT of “infiltrators”). And quite frankly, I don’t believe for one second that karate would have saved Kasaandra Perkins life. Do you?

    • Yes. I have heard that black women are the largest growing number of gun owners (or something like that).
      I agree the only reason why gun laws are a problem are because black men are killing each other. There is never
      any mention of the black women victims. If I had the money I would get a permit and a gun because I know that that the
      laws, police, and black men do not care about black women being hurt. If black women were smart they would consider it
      without jumping to the conclusion that its a conspiracy to kill black people. (black men )

      I think I remember that post, but I cant remember the ones who objected.

      No karate wouldnt have saved her life. Not even close. And like many others have pointed out if he hadnt chosen a gun he could have very
      well chosen another weapon.

  2. Black women need to protect themselves so I champion them becoming gun owners and if a couple black men die because a black woman was protecting themselves oh well! What do they think would happen if we keep loosing so many women? Women are the center piece without women a community is jacked!

    • I have to agree. While Im not hoping black men die. I feel that black women have no choice but to protect themselves. It is obvious that black women are not valued. And if owning a gun is the only thing that keeps black women feelings secure and protected in a society that is telling us that are lives are worthless (even worse less than abusive men) then black women have to do what they need to do.

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  4. I know this is nearly two years late but I just stumbled upon this blog.

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    But it’s no shock to me that blacks don’t get into a riot over victimized females. They don’t care, and never did, in my opinion. Unless there is some benefit to them, black men won’t stand up for us. And “unless” is extraordinarily rare. No shocking that the Mammy Mules (march-for-the-black-man-always and have the community’s back black women) aren’t even in an uproar about this. After all she wasn’t a “poor black MALE”.

    A lot of what you said among other things is the reason why I turned my back on the black community more than twenty years ago.

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