Neutrality & Critical Thinking -2012 Elections & Beyond

While a lot of the country was celebrating the  Obama’s election win (especially black women) I could only smh at the collective gasps of pleasure that said black women are exhibiting, because honestly I can’t see the next four years going any better than the last four years and it’s going to be a sad day when these black women realize that Obama is no better than any of the other candidates.

Granted this isn’t to say that I endorsed or approved of Mitt Romney, honestly his entire campaign was riddled with errors and oversights (especially concerning women) but when I look closely. I think that a lot of black women were so easily taken in by Barack Obama and his blackness that they didn’t even see the giant oversight.

To me the choice between Obama and Romney wasn’t even a hard one. I voted independently for exactly that reason. I think so many black women get caught up in the dichotomy of black or woman that they don’t even see what’s right in front of them.

True Obama may help women or he may help blacks but I think that it’s been a massive oversight that black women don’t fall in with that.

Don’t believe me?

I think a major sign that President Obama doesn’t give a damn about black women was the collective slap in the face that he gave said women when he spent the majority of his campaign hobnobbing  and rubbing elbows with Jay Z and Beyonce.   The same Jay Z who has added to the collective downfall of black women with his violent hip hop culture.

It’s funny that even I  didn’t even see this until about two days before it was time to vote although I had thinking to myself I wasn’t sure who to vote for. Between the two it’s like choosing poop or vomit. (Neither is very appealing)

Think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill? I don’t. To be honest I don’t think I’m making enough of the molehill. I think that black women need to think critically and look past the black skin and good suit because although Barack Obama can *say* he cares about women and minorities. And *some* women may benefit.  Obviously this man doesn’t care about *black women*  otherwise he never would have been campaigning with Jay Z.

I think that again neutrality is the only key. In other words I think black women need to make decisions based on their own specific lives instead of a certain collective that is being pushed. * For example lots of feminists loved to talk about the “war on women” but black women were largely ignored the entire election (until it was convenient to give them a mention).

I think that this election should be proof that just because someone has something in common with you (black skin or a vagina) doesn’t mean that they are necessarily going to have your back where it counts.

And in all honestly that’s the most important think black women could take from this election.  Because if black women stopped giving a leg up to faux supporters and started looking for true allies we’d be a lot better off.


2 thoughts on “Neutrality & Critical Thinking -2012 Elections & Beyond

    • Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoy the blog.

      And I totally agree that Obama is the more effective evil. With the way black people and women practically worship him, he can get away with murder. Meanwhile hes quietly signing laws into effect that would make it okay for congress to read emails tweets and Facebook posts w/o any provocation or proof.
      Also, thanks for the link!

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