*NOTE* This will be my last post for the next couple of weeks or so. I feel that it’s for the best that I give myself a break so I can mentally recharge. In the meantime at the end of the article I will be listing past posts that I think you should look at during my absence.*


Regular Post…

Keeping in theme with the My Chemical Romance song from last post, I was also recently listening to another song by them that I also find completely inspiring.  The song encourages people to open their mouths and sing.

I really think that this is something that black women should really listen to and take to heart. For black women I know that it seems inherent but really it’s been pushed on black women since birth to close their mouths and except whatever they’ve been given.  And usually it’s always for the good of someone who means to do them harm. (See article linked below where Russel Simmons? ( speaks on lil reese matter)

Not only are black women trained like show dogs to keep their mouths closed against their best interests I see a lot of times that certain groups like to lobby for things that not only go directly against black women’s interests but can end up deadly for black women.

For examples I like to think of how feminists like to encourage casual sex, abortions,  (NOTE: I’m not judging or saying this is wrong or that I’m against it, only that white feminists push something that black women are more likely to be the recipient of, even if, under different circumstances that may not be their first choice. My whole point is black women don’t have OPTIONS), single parenthood, hip hop culture, career over family etc. And then these same women encourage black women to keep their mouths closed because it isn’t “nice” or “politically correct” to “racialize” such matters.

These groups also love to tell black women that it’s “not just a black woman problem” re: street harassment, domestic abuse” etc. Effectively keeping black women from opening their mouths and speaking on the hurt and pain that is being inflicted upon them.

These are the people who are really giving our abusers a gun, loading it for them and then pulling the trigger to. These people, who seek to silence black women when they are hurting, are charlatans not only are they charlatans but they are cowards. Because these same people who encourage black women to be silenced for whatever reason know that they won’t have to deal with our problems.

For example the women who excuse and coddle hip hop culture are the same women who go to their safe neighborhoods after all is said and done and don’t have to feel the effects of what they’ve encouraged. While these women may claim that hip hop culture is just an act, black women know differently but time and time again black women effectively go along with this spare everyone’s feeling act.

They may also be the people encouraging casual sex without realizing that the black women who listen to this (against their better judgment) are more likely to get an STD from their partner or be abandoned when they become pregnant.

These people like to speak from a perspective they are not required (and wouldn’t want) to have. They can talk about matters they don’t know while still keeping themselves safe from natural retributions.(It’s one of the reasons why I only rolled my eyes at feminist reactions to lil reese video. While they think rappers are playing around aka creating an image, black women know that these men are actually the dregs of society and behind closed doors they are actually abusing us)

Of all the things that black women could do to effectively put themselves in a coffin and nail it shut is silence themselves. We saw how at least black women got Russell Simmons attention when black women ( and everyone else ) rose a stink after that video came out.

It shows that if more black women keep talking about their own narrative black women can actually get somewhere. It is one of the reasons why I will never stop talking. Because I know once I stop talking I’ll be relegated to the background and once there I will never be able to get away.

I also know that to keep speaking I have to effectively distance myself from two movements that mean to close my mouth. I have to stay neutral because only then can I make decisions that will help me the most.

I have said it before in the past that the ONLY course of action that black women have is to stay neutral not only because to parties that *claim* to be on black women’s side can defend themselves but also because each side goes against the other forcing black women to cut off their own limbs.

Further while each side ( the black community and the feminist community) have the potential to do irreparable damage to black women. They have the power to keep black women’s mouths shut while they peddle their own agendas.

If as black women we want to keep our own hopes for living well alive we MUST MUST MUST. SING. Even if they use guilt tactics or shame.

On that, I leave you with the video of Sing by My Chemical Romance. And below this video some video links I think you should read before I return. ( The links are listed most important to least important)

(No copyright infringement intended)

Until Next Time,

Stay Neutral






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