You Can Series #1 : You Can Be Stop Being Politcally Correct OR You Can Die

I’m going to get really series today. No Jokes and No Sarcasm.  Because it is imperative that I get as many people as possible to listen to my warnings. It is absolutely imperative that black women shuck the politically correct jacket and put on something that is actually going to protect them from the harsh realities of life. Because at this point black women are literally walking into their own destruction.

Similar to when I just wrote about Jihading for causes that would be the death of them. In this case I am being completely literal.

I want black women to take a look at this video below.  Warning it is graphic and violent.

If you’ve watched it, You must be as disgusted as I am. But I hope that this video of this young “boy” beating the shit out of his children’s mother and then stomping on her head rings home a few truths that black women are now willing to accept.

#1 Black women are not going to be protected ALMOST ANYWHERE in the black community. This is a forum for black women and black women first so I’m going to be completely blunt. If not trying to appease Hitler like black people(who we all know have seized the larger black community in a death grip around their collective throats),   MOST sane black women should honestly be able to admit that this is NOT an exaggeration or a one off. This happens daily over the US. Let’s be honest and say that most black men are NOT going to protect MOST black women. This video is yet another clear example of groups of people standing around and letting black women be the brutal victims of attacks by men who should know better.

Let’s be honest here  and say that even if there are  “Good Black Men” who sit behind their anonymous computer screens somewhere in the US these men are not the ones MOST black women get the chance to encounter. Let’s be honest and say black women are prey in the black community.  Let’s also swallow the initial, trained response in us to defend the “Black community” and truthfully admit that the guards who were supposed to be guarding half of the occupants in the black community did a deplorable job.  Not only this but. IF I’m going to take of the politically correct glasses. I’ll admit that the guards didn’t WANT to protect black women because they truly JDGAF.

You know, I know, and by now the rest of the world knows that black women have been played and continue to be played.

I’m telling you this because its something you need to accept.  Forget what you’ve been told about being “Divisive “and falling for the “white man’s games to divide and conquer”. This is your LIFE we’re talking about! NOBODY is going to save it for you.

You may be thinking. “This can’t happen to me. I’d never let that happen” or you may even be falling for certain groups propaganda about not painting all men with a “broad brush”they guilt you into not perpetrating stereotypes. But remember these people not only have a broader pool of men to choose from they also have police that are more willing to prosecute people who perpetrate against them.  YOU DON”T. This isn’t being defeatist. This isn’t stereotyping this is being smart.  Because somewhere along the line while these good black men are condemning the crap like this that goes on some black woman is being ABUSED because they weren’t able to say NO  without feeling guilt and shame for being divisive or using “Stereotypes.”

`           I’m amazed that some people are so shocked to see this on tape. From a rapper! Which to me makes shake my head at the idiocy and naiveté  of these people . Because as they just thought this was “play acting” black women have always known that these violent aggressive lyrics, were basically the confession letter to the criminal lives they’re actually living. But these people are now surprised that the words are  no longer “just a joke”. But now they’re faced with the reality that it’s true. Further they’re just so shocked that through the politically correct bullshit that this boy didn’t even express any remorse for what he’d done! And worse they don’t even realize that for this guy to get away scott free, to be able to keep his record deal and even get lauded by delusional black men is the NORM.

Hell in the video below Jay Z actually punches a woman.  It’s on video! And yet these politically correct people are too naive and frankly selfish to call an ace and ace. But I’m not.  I’m going to tell the truth and be damned with certain agendas that are using black women as a lab rat for their politically correct agendas. Because the truth is that black women at this point in their lives  have more to fear from the black men in their lives than from the average white man who black men are spooked by.

Not only do they have more to fear from black men who can maim and almost kill them with impunity they also should be fearful of the people who don’t want black women to point this out. Because YOU could be the one hit. Think about this even if you believe that these creeps are in the minority trust, that SOMEONE is going to be in the minority. Even if there is only a 1 in 10 billion chance of winning the lottery somebody ALWAYS win. And in this case do you want it to be you?

I remember reading a couple of years ago old posts by one BWE blogger (I’m not sure who) who said they should avoid gatherings in the black community with overwhelming numbers of black men because of the violence that ensures and puts black women in danger. And honestly at the time I thought it was an extreme suggestion. But now I have to change my mind. Because even if most black men in these situations aren’t going to hit you.  There is NOBODY who is going to be willing to protect you.  In the video below this woman who is on the stage with Gucci Mane is surrounded by men and when she gets pushed not one of them tries to help.

Recipe for disaster

1 group of violent black male thugs

1 woman who won’t be protected

1 society that doesn’t value police intervention

Add a dash of misogyny.

Add a pinch of black female hatred.

1 drop of political correctness that favors black men

And you’ve got a delicious plate of black female subjugation.

And let’s be honest other groups of women don’t have our ah… unique … recipe so they won’t necessarily come out with a plate of disaster that we do.

I’m not saying that every black man wants to be the shit out of you. I’m saying that you can’t trust random men at random gatherings to care or protect you especially in this society.

Black women, take the trust that has been so effectively been implanted into your head and remove it!

A note to women specifically in college

This is another thing that young black women need to hear because honestly don’t understand most people’s trust in other random people.  Of any race. I have to admit that I don’t and never have understood the college students who are so willing to get drunk with their “friends” or even acquaintances at a party. And  I certainly don’t understand black women who are usually even more prey to do something like this.

The last thing black women need to do is allow themselves to lose their sanity with alcohol in public spheres where it is extremely easy to take advantage of women especially since not only do black people NOT self police they also don’t  CALL The police and they also don’t mind taking advantage of black women.

In all honestly that’s one of the reasons I don’t have sex. At all. Because the risk of being with a deadbeat is just too strong.  I’m not giving myself out to anyone especially with the deadbeats who get free rain. And if black women were wise they’d keep their legs closed because their victimization is not going to be heard.

Final Note

I believe from all of this that black women need to isolate themselves social until they can get in greater society where they are not going to be abused without the perpetrators being called out.  I think that black who are in these dangerous set should consider a sort of social isolation ( not socializing with these groups) until they can get out and away.  You must choose to either let the weight of social groups keep you from staying safe or you can walk away and


7 thoughts on “You Can Series #1 : You Can Be Stop Being Politcally Correct OR You Can Die

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  3. I find this really stupid, but a lot of blck ppl I know see calling the police as a “white thing” so stupid

  4. OLS,

    This is the first time I have commented on your site, but I want to thank you for broadcasting this message!!! We need to drill this message into as many young bgs as possible to save them. I’ve read numerous BWE blogs over the years and I’ve come to believe this wholeheartedly. I’ve taken Khadija’s advice for a while now and I totally avoid gathering where there are large numbers of BM–I don’t care to root out the relatively few NonDBRBM that may be included. This is our lives that we are talking about!

    When I’m out with my White boyfriend we stick to mostly White or safe integrated places. I want to have at least a minimum assurance of physical safety and most Black neighborhoods/hangouts can’t give me that. That’s just the world we live in today.

  5. Again, I have been stalking your blog for days now, shouting Hallejah and Amen with even entry I read. Another GREAT one. I will say that I had to laugh (out loud) once I realised that the video of JayZ punching the woman was been used as justification to support Chris Brown. This ship is NOT sinking, it has SUNK!

    • “I will say that I had to laugh (out loud) once I realised that the video of JayZ punching the woman was been used as justification to support Chris Brown.”

      How ironic.

      In some circles, up is down and down is up. :/

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