Extreme Jihading: Black Women Edition

I’m sure you can probably guess what this post is going to be about. (Yes most likely this will be a long one,LOL)

I’ve noticed, and it isn’t the first time, among black women this alarming tendency to be a jihadist. What do I mean exactly? I mean that black women have the habit of behaving in ways that are absolutely without a doubt suicidal. But not only are the dangerous behaviors that these black women display, suicidal, there is an added element that  black women actually think they are making some sort of sacrifice that, although it will ultimately lead to their death (figuratively and literally) they still do it because they think they are going to receive some sort of reward afterwards.

How do they do this? Well that’s what I’m going to address right now.  Hopefully by the end  all of the ways black women knowingly or unknowingly jihad are brought to attention so more and more black women can either stop before it’s too late or step far away from the black women who refuse to see sense.

For starters the most extreme cases of jihad-ing come when black women associate themselves with groups that obviously don’t have their interests in mind. You already know by now which communities are all too happy to watch black women sacrifice themselves for their cause so I won’t be redundant in naming them.  Instead I will simply name the behaviors I’ve spotted.

Act of Jihad #1,2,3 : These include defending the modern feminist movement despite all evidence that certain ideals held by white feminists are NOT working for the average black women. (or even the average white woman for that matter.)


# 1 Casual Sex- Black women defend left and right feminists push for casual sex and hook ups as “Freedom” and “empowering” and “Getting to know your body” even though for black women who already have an image in the gutter this can be the final nail in the coffin. Because along with being every other stereotype under the sun black women are now labeled as whores and sluts which while it can also be damaging to our white counterparts , they have the social backing to keep them from being fully persecuted socially.

Don’t be fooled: The women can “afford” to have casual sex. To be blunt these women are going to be exposed to a different type of man than the average black women. While the woman that white feminists are sexing are likely to  be college educated (or getting an education)  and family oriented …ALOT of black women aren’t afforded the same opportunities. For example two of my female cousins took this route and their life is in shambles. One of my cousins has 2 kids out of wedlock with two different men (one of whom is in jail the other idk where he is) while my other cousin who had been living with her boyfriend just had a baby.  (Which would be okay but the baby wasn’t planned, my cousin isn’t in college and doesn’t have a very stable job and she recently moved back home with her mother signalling that things weren’t going well with them.)

Now you may be thinking “Black women should pick better mates”. Which sounds great in theory but is the exact mentality that has black women jihading. Woman , any woman can only date the men within their radius. If you live in the projects chances are the only men you’ll be exposed to are the irresponsible men who inhabit there also. They simply wont have the opportunity to find responsible family minded men. Or at the very least men who won’t jump ship if you get pregnant  So it is simply a smart strategic move to keep your legs closed. (Let’s not even mention the sexual irresponsibility in the black community when it comes to STD’s which is a BIG hazard also.) But too many women have decided that to be “empowered” means to Jihad themselves for a cause that is simply not relevant to their place in the world.

Example #2

Black women easily jump at the chance to prove themselves unfeminine career minded black women who want to unchain themselves from conforming to being a lady. Little do these women realize or care, that they have never in most of society been considered “a lady”  (I’m feeling lesson in instersectionality coming on) simply because they are BLACK women. So for black women to reject anything that is traditionally feminine is simply insane because unlike white feminists who again are not penalized as harshly black women effectively cut off their nose to spite their face

This also falls in line with the black women who are dutifully happy to take and support roles that make black women look stupid (see Amber Riley glee) or how dumb black women were also happy to fall in line with the women who thought Jennifer Hudson should have kept on the weight. These women are so happy to support the same cause that will be the death of them socially because now black women can’t escape that role (see prescious) and white women and other races aren’t the ones who will be forced into them. (and if they are it will be equally balanced with white women or other races of women who have their image intact and fit into the mold thereby cementing their totem pole hierarchy.) Meanwhile black women are sitting at the bottom with a cause while everyone else is skinning and grinning down at them from their perch while congratulating them on being so “brave”:  (There was a post on acts of faith and love blog about this very thing. I will try to find it.)
Example # 3

The pool of dating for black women is extremely shallow.  And yet many black women jihad every day to prove to the feminist movement that they “don’t need a man”  “want to establish a career first” yadda yadda yadda.  And yet when black women get to their thirties black women realize suddenly that all that mumbo jumbo about being a career woman is malarkey and are desperate to catch the train to marriage town, USA before its too late.  But the damage has been done because while they’ve furthered the cause now they already slim pool of marriageable men has virtually disappeared and black women are left out.

(Note: I am NOT in any way saying having a career is wrong  but putting it above all else is extremely problematic. Having a career if that is what you want is nothing wrong putting it first to prove a point is just plain stupid.)

Act of Jihad # 4

Coming to the defense of people who have more political, monetary, and social value than black women. This includes, black men, white women, biracial people, people/women of color etc. (an especially fun project for a lot of black women) . (Note I did not include white men because I find it very rare for a black women to ever defend a white man.)

This is entirely different from the the first ones because while 1,2, and 3 nclude actions  #4 is more about the vocal stance that black women take.


#1 Black woman who take it upon themselves to be the caretaker of white feminists. I think it’s pretty apparent by now that the feminist movement was NOT designed for black women and from the apathy excerciseed in the entire movement those women have no problems using whatever racial privilege they have to their advantage. And yet black women are also some of the most vocal people peddling the “poor white women” who are treated like crap by the “evil white man”. These black women are usually the ones pushing the “well when they are freed it will “trickle down” to us black women or that “by extension” we will be covered baloney.

This includes the black women who take it upon themselves to defend multi/bi racial people or “women of color” as if we are all on the same boat.  There was one perverse article on clutch asking if Zoe Saldana  was was being “reverse discriminated against” because they got a well known bi racial woman to play Nina Simone. For anyone who has every seen either of them they look nothing alike.

Here is where the jihading comes in…. These black women are quick to eat up the “We’re all being oppressed the same way.” or believe certain women when they claim they are “black too”  But it’s always funny but these same women are always given the advantage when being cast in movies clearly for “full black” women.    Not only in this case with Nina Simone but think about some of the questionable casting choices that were made when thinking about turning Awkard Black Girl into a real show. The choices were people who were noticeably light skinned (the creator and woman who plays Jay is not!)

All of the Unity talk goes out the window as these women take the  desirable roles while black women get stuck in the sidelines.(See butch black women in upcoming movie Pitch Perfect)

Not only have these women handed over their roles to women that don’t even look like them, they’ve cemented their place as the Jezebel, mammy, whore, butch, etc, etc. (think how Amber Riley on glee is fat and single while Santana ( the Latina) is sexy, skinny, and popular.

Note I am not saying that these women purposely do it. Why wouldn’t Zoe Saldana take a role, no matter how unfair the casting? What I am saying if these women are free to make choices beneficial to them. Why does that not apply to other women. Why should I help them get more power in the media when I have none? Why should I accept the trickle down when I could have the whole bottle of water?

Don’t be fooled:  Most of these women can and will get on without you. They don’t need your help and they will choose what is best for them. Not only that but why give more ammunition to people who are already powerful? Doesn’t make much sense.
Act of Jihad #5 :Supporting Any and Every black Man, simply because he has black skin and a penis.

I honestly don’t get this one. Truly. Because the sexism in the black community dating back to the pre civil rights movement shows that reciprocity has never been big among black men to black women. And not only have many black men been against the feminist movement there has never much concern for black women at all coming from that direction. Instead and definitely in  recent years I’ve seen a stream of hate and mocking derision directed at black women as a whole.

Yet and still black women jihad every day to prove their love and worth to men who COULD NOT CARE LESS.

They’ve even gone so far to defend rapists and molesters like R Kelly, abusers like Chris Brown and Mike, Criminals, (See little wayne, 5o cents  or any other rapper) or any other rapper for that matter.  Or killers, drug, dealers, and people who just plain hate, take advantage and hurt  black women.

I have said before that there was a vocal amount of black women who agreed with Ashley Judd about rap music but there were A LOT who thought it wasn’t right to stereotype black men and rap music.

At the time all I could do was SMH because those women don’t seem to realize that when black men get the freedom to say whatever and do whatever they want , usually it has adverse reactions for black women.  WE are the ones who deal with the ADVERSE affects of rap on our image. We are the ones defending criminal black men, who when set free   are going to wreak havoc on the lives of black women.

There was a post a long time ago entitled “white law enforcement is the only thing keeping black women safe” or something like that. (Can’t remember which BWE blogger it was., If you know, tell me.)
And it was completely true. While black women are mollycoddling these deviant black men once they get free YOU are their intended target. You are living in their neighborhoods. YOU are their NEXT victim. You will be the one raped! You will be the one someone runs a train on. You will be the one someone harasses in the street. You will be the next person abused by your boyfriend and YOU will be the next one murdered.  It is insane to defend the criminals and CREEPS who are going to in turn hurt you.  Absolutely cookoo.


Act of Jihad #6: Supporting anything in the media that has black people in it simply because they are black people.

Too many black women think that having brown skin in a movie requires them to spend THEIR hard earned money.

Black women are just running to pay for Tyler Perry flicks, see redtails-escque movies or anything that shows black people. They are just soooo afraid that if they don’t they’ll never see black people again. Or they feel they have to stick together even when this obviously hurts them.

The black women are likely to see nothing wrong with movies like Django unchained or any other “historical” black movie (see recent what about are daughters post on this and some of the commenters will make you gag!) They are soo happy to give support to the same media machine making them look like bitches and buffoons.  They spend their money on rap downloads and Madea while lamenting their bad image in the media and the world at large. But don’t see the connection.

I am not going to support Tyler Perry when I KNOW that he is going to make me  look stupid. I am not going to spend money on movie tickets to “help brotha out” when  I know that I’m going to be the sacrificial lamb (and somebody always has to be) when I know that I will end up bloodied and broken. I’m not going to help him get success at my expense to say that a black person has made it. He can suffer just like I am. I don’t care if he EVER finds success.


Act of Jihad #7 Black women who think that negative images are positive.

These black women think that playing the “fat” role or anything deviant from “normal” society is progress. But little do they realize that they are the only ones ever put in these rolls (Think upcoming movie pitch perfect with black woman who is a “butch” lesbian”. Or think Precious)

These dumb black women absolutely coo along with white feminists at change and progress while these white feminists sit back and take the good roles that don’t fuck with their image.   Of course these women are happy. You’re the sacraficial lamb while they get to rest on their laurels and reap the benefits of you looking like an idiot.


Act of Jihad#8  Adopting negative behavior as “culture” to save race.

What I mean is black women who join in the foray and claim certain activities as black. This includes the dummies claiming rap as their own when the Ashley Judd scandal hit the fan or the women who join the “you’re not acting black” bandwagon, or the women who take on urban life and images as the “collective” for all black women.

These black women are so desperate to be considered “black” that they don’t see that these negative images are the very things holding them back. Because in “real” life no other race of people claims bad behavior because they’re afraid of being labelled “classist or bougie.”  I see very few white people claim the Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo as their own and yet black women have yet to get the memo. It is not classist to have standards or want better for yourself. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise.


I hope that these few things give you insight into possible way that you may or may not be hurting yourself. Even if you don’t do these things, there may be people you know who do. I would advise getting as far away from these women as possible because there are always going to be causalities and that may include you..


4 thoughts on “Extreme Jihading: Black Women Edition

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  2. Great post. Every teenage girl – and many of our ‘adult’ women – should be sat down and take this class. To make sure they get it, there should be an exam taken at the end of winter. Every year. I am sitting down for my exam right now. Peace.

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