The time to fight for your image is now

My frustration is at an all time high right now. Because I can see clearly every day, with every passing moment, that black women’s image is completely in the gutter. What’s worse is as the days go on I realize that too many black women haven’t noticed this.  I recently saw the movie The Three Stooges(Remake) with Jennifer Hudson and immediately I noticed immediately that something was off. In fact,  I was struck off the bat at what had been done to Jennifer Hudson. For starters the first thing, literally, out of her character’s mouth was something stereotypical (with a stereotypical accent) about “making the black person do it.” Complete with neck rolling indigence.

Another thing that I immediately noticed was how gaunt and (honestly ) unattractive she looked. I’m serious too. She looked completely distorted.

Now Jennifer Hudson is not an ugly woman.  But I it was almost as if they purposely detracted from her looks. Because somehow they managed to take this woman

and transform her into this.—>>>

Now I don’t want to hear the phrase. “She’s supposed to be a nun, what do you expect?” Don’t be fooled. Because this is a common gaslighting technique that black women encounter daily. Somehow there’s always a logical reason why black women are set up, and yes I say set up. Because anybody with a keen eye can see it’s a set up.  Watching the movie further I noticed that somehow the young white woman nun in this same movie was as they say “hot”

Kate Upton and Jane Lynch in The Three Stooges

Look at Kate Upton and look at Jennifer Hudson. (If you aren’t familiar with Kate Upton she’s on the far left on the top and the left on the bottom)  Somehow they managed to make her seem pretty and cute. Her hair is straight (in place and not sloppy) and she looks pretty. Hudson on the other hand has hair that is mussed and  her makeup that makes her look ugly to the point of discolored.

The point isn’t to pick apart Hudson. The point is to show how when it comes to black women in the media and our so called “communities”, black women are up for grabs.

I really need to highlight this. This isn’t a one off, this isn’t a coincidence this is blatant and thought out plans to make black women the joke.   I have said this before but I will say this again. It is imperative that black women take control and transform their image.  Because right now we’re being trampled.

and the classic

See in all of these black women are loud undesirable, “sassy” buffoons.  It is not just a coincidence. These are plotted attempts to make black women look bad. The people who say this is a “joke” are only saying that because A: they are not a part of the joke and are laughing on the sidelines or B: too dumb to realize that they are being negatively affected.

Or they believe that everyone is the but of jokes at some point.  Here’s the problem with these ideas. No other group in America (I suspect at least)  is currently thought to be the “bottom of the totem pole” social wise. No other group in America has (especially in recent years) been pulled apart by news, social media, Youtube, and any other other way humanly possible.  And even when other groups are being the but of the jokes they have the power and the influence to keep their positions in society clearly defined.

I’m not trying to be a defeatist what I am trying to do is diagnose the problem and find a cure so we can improve the quality of our lives.  The cure in this case is to avoid or boycott crap like the family guy commercial or the state farm commercial. The cure is to stop shows like basketball wives before they come out.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of black women (black men too) don’t realize how far American Television reaches.  I don’t think they understand that when people look at American, because of its fish bowl media we are ALWAYS on display.  Black women don’t realize that every negative portrayal every stereotype is REACHING THE REST OF THE WORLD. I’m sorry but I don’t want images like the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reaching every shore from Thailand to Paris.

There have been countless encounters by many black women who have said that when they step outside of the country (and even in side the country) other people are *surprised* that they are articulate and behave nothing like the people in the Hip Hop and R&B videos that are filtered in 24/7.

Not only are black women’s images being desecrated here but on a global scale black American women  have a horrible reputation. Call me crazy but I don’t want to have people *shocked* that I’m not shaking my tail and speaking Ebonics. I want to be able to go where I want freely without being typecast before I open my mouth.

That is why I take this kind of stuff seriously. It is not cute it’s not funny and it isn’t a joke. It’s only funny until someone pokes an eye out and usually it’s black women that are the ones who end up blind.  Getting our education isn’t enough to actually move up in the world if our image is utter trash we need to put a stop to this now for our own well being.  Maybe other people have an excuse for trashing us but black women ourselves are totally in the wrong when we support stuff like this. And we are ultimately giving other people the power to decide how WE want to look.  I refuse to accept that.

The only people who are going to be gatekeepers for you image are yourself. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


4 thoughts on “The time to fight for your image is now

  1. There is NO excuse for any other race/gender trashing Black women! If they do that, they SHOULD BE called out for it like they are when ANY other race or gender other than Black women (White women & Black men in particular) is trashed.

    • Thanks for commenting! Yes this stuff needs to be shut down immediately, NO excuses. Too many people (including some lost black women) think this is okay that it’s just a joke and black women should laugh along.

      White women get upset if their image is trashed and so do black men and other groups but when black women fight it we’re shamed into silence! No more! I won’t accept it.

      I remember when Ashley Judd called out hip hop was misogynistic and white women and black men were up in arms calling that racist but no one cared about the black women who were being dehumanized we were just supposed to take it without a word.

      NO WAY!

      We have to guard our image our self we are our only protectors

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