The Women over At Jezebel Want You To Know they’re Angry!

The women over at Jezebel want the world to know that they’re angry. They’ve had enough. They just can’t take it anymore. And while I watch them gnash their teeth in anger and  frustration while lamenting about the shallow obstacles that are ruining their experience as a woman of privilege, I can’t help but roll my eyes and be grateful I dodged a bullet by unaligning myself.

See as the woman who wrote the article explains, she’s pissed that pepper spray cans come in the color pink.  She’s pissed that the pliers she bought had “womanly” colors and didn’t work for shit. She’s pissed that people assume that because she’s a woman she’ll like pink. And she wants us all to know and cosign.

But guess  what my ex sisters, over at Jezebel, I just don’t care. I’m not interested.  Here’s why.  It is not beneficial for me to cosign eradicating *pink* things. Yes I know you think it’s ruining women’s image and making them feel inferior but here’s the thing that you’ve failed to realize from your privileged point of view. Because I’m black I’m not even considered a woman. See because while you have pepper spray specifically targeted to you. I don’t have anything.  I don’t even experience the same sexism as you do.  I get my own brand of racio misogyny. Isn’t that great? Why would I try and get rid of something that would actually maybe sort of help rip down the idea that black women aren’t even women but black men in wigs?

Why would I get pissed at something like this when I like pink. Yes you heard me. I love pink! I love purple! I think tulips are beautiful. I like things that are traditionally “feminine” .If given the chance I would buy something that had that on it specifically because I think it’s cute.

See while you’ve been suffering being forced into the woman’s box, us black women have been sitting underneath watching you complain about the same things that your privilege allows you to have. Because you’re a white woman, You are considered a woman and assumed to like pink.  You don’t have to, because of that ole’ useless white privilege trifle with crap like pink items. We all just *know* that you’re a woman hear you roar.

But from down here; even if I didn’t like pink. Even if I didn’t like flowers or whatevs,I still wouldn’t cosign because any privilege you gain for women won’t include me because I’m black. So I’m wasting my time.

And on the subject of wasting time. Why don’t you answer me this… Why are  you  wasting time on trivial issues like this when other crap is happening? Why don’t you write more about Sex Slavery in Sudan? Why don’t you write a couple of articles about  the massive rape going on in the Congo? Why don’t we talk more about FGM?

And if you don’t like those issues because they’re too far away,Why don’t you write about   racio misogynistic rap music? Oh yah, I forgot your #EPICFAIL on that part, And how you let that slide. How about we talk about  ANYTHING ELSE THAT HAS MORE IMPORTANCE?

Or is this all just a farce? Is this just what you do to make yourself feel important? To make you think that you have more going on in your pitiful lives than complaining about your privileged existence and how it’s just *not fair* that you’ve been assigned pink because of your gender, While not realizing your race is what keeps you able to even enjoy pink colored items.  Why don’t we talk about that?


Didn’t think so. Carry on.  Keep it moving?

I’m so glad I ditched you when I had the chance.


2 thoughts on “The Women over At Jezebel Want You To Know they’re Angry!

  1. You just describe why have never been able to trust or respect most of the WW who call themselves feminists. If you’re going to pretend that you support women, you should support ALL women, even those who don’t share your phenotype and have it much much much harder than you. But perhaps, if they did that, they’d end up feeling like idiots whenever they wanted to bitch about something as irrelevant as tool colors. *eye roll*
    BTW, I LOVE pink!

    On top of that, I just plain can’t stand women who claim to be pro-women yet hate anything that reminds them that they are not men. What is up with that? A woman who loves being a woman embraces her femininity and uses it to her advantage. She doesn’t complain that people are opening doors for her and pulling out her chair, and generally treating her like a lady. You can get equal pay for equal work without pretending to have an invisible penis and testicles!

    • Yep, it’s basic reciprocity and most ww feminists haven’t learned it. Not to mention half the stuff they’re fighting for is a waste of my time and as you put it irrelevant. I mean pink pliers? Get a life! Buy a new pair somewhere else and stop complaining ! There are much more important things to worry about. But yeah if they actually admitted this most of them would be ashamed at how they’re spending their time.

      Exactly, don’t they realize the irony of claiming to be a feminist when they hate everything that is supposed to be “female”. Since when does being empowered mean taking on “masculine” traits and demonizing themselves?

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