Fools, Idiots, Morons, And Those Who are Too Stupid to Live, please read this post

Hi there, yep I’m back with more.
So I hope If you haven’t already read  the following posts you read them before you go any further.

okay now you’ve read them, you may understand my need to have a preemptive explanation before the shit hits the proverbial fan because some people have proven to be one synapse short of a fully functioning brain. One certain very popular site for BW (i won’t name) has announced that their popular book is being turned into a movie. Anywho of course people  (the usual nit wit black woman working as the black community grounds keepers)  have come out with a lot of hate towards this woman  calling her all sorts of names, claiming that she hates black men, hates herself, mocking the way she looks, the way her husband looks and the way her kids look. And as usual saying that she is also a classist and bitter.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m getting really fucking tired of black people who feel the need to “bash” (I’ll use their favorite word) other black people who have the intelligence to strive to want better for themselves.
I’m also fucking sick of the word classist being thrown around by black people who have no clue what the fucking word even means.

And I’m sure that these same *morons* have read my stuff and thought because I’m not lying on my back, unashamedly waiting for the black movement and the feminist movement to collectively fuck me over that I’m a self hating, anti woman,thirsty, white cock loving, grubby classist whore.

But I’ll bite, I’ll waste my time explaining this because I hope while I’m here trudging through the wasteland that (a large majority) of idiot black women have decided to live in, I can find one person, one who has the sense to grasp the concept of what I’m trying to say. So I’ll speak like Tarzan.

(Caveman dialect on)

Me, think you are getting fucked over

Me think the feminist movement and black movement simultaneously screw black women

Me think you’re wasting your life.

Me think you need to give up your false sense of hope  and move on with your life.

(Caveman dialect off.)

for those of you who have actually evolved let me speak to you. because by now if you still think I’m all of those things you need HELP

I do not hate black men. I do not hate white women. I do not think white men are blemish free.  Here is what I think. I think that that black women have so much baggage in their lives that they are so busy fighting someone else’s battle (because they think they will benefit) that they don’t see how the system is working against them.

Neither am I a classist. I think that black women need to snap back to reality. There is never going to be a time when classes don’t exist. The only way to change this would be to have a mode of socialism (I’ve said before that will never happen in a million years.) So the only choice that black women have is to  fight for themselves.

See the problem with these black women who are so desperate to defend the “weak.” I.e. blacks men and white  women is   that they don’t see that we are NOT all in this together. Get a grip. This isn’t High School musical. We’re not going to sing  and dance  with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens about how much teamwork will save the day.  We are not all in this together. People are out for themselves. These black women who were too busy bashing this blogger were too dumb to realize that they are defending people who have the arsenal to blow you off the fucking map. You’re defending them against the white man  while these same people have the same fucking A Bomb that they do. And WiLL use it against you.

These black woman are probably the same ones who think Love and Hip Hop is okay for “Entertainment” and that it’s classist to want that crap NOT to represent all black women. They are brainwashed, conditioned, indoctrinated. They think we’re all working against the white man while they are working with them.  I’m going to let these black women in on a secret. The only hope that black women have is to try and get out of the class that they are in.

wish it were different but I’m not stupid enough to hold out hope of this happening in this lifetime. The only chance that black women have is to use their education, influence and yes marital connections to rise above the pit they’ve been thrown in. Because now your biggest threat isn’t the white men you’ve been warned against. Your biggest threat is the cause you’ve been inadvertently been dragged into and the fact that they make you collateral damage.

That blogger isn’t saying worship white men. (What a stupid assumption) She’s saying stop wasting your time with people who are actually hurting you. Find something of value. Move on live your life for yourself. Not feminists, not civil rights activists. YOU. And if you still are on the fence ask yourself this, when has either movement specifically tried to help black women when it didn’t directly benefit them?  You’ve got no answer do you. Because while black women are helping each movement to the detriment of themselves, the others aren’t doing the same for you. They aren’t stupid enough.  And why would anyone with sanity do that anyways. (who can blame them).

If you can’t grasp this simple concept. I feel for you. Either you’re being willfully dumb, you’ve entered a fugue state because you can’t cope with reality, or quite simply, you’re just too stupid to live.  And if that’s the case. I can’t help you.

Until Next time,

Stay Neutral


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