The conundrum of Black Feminism Explained Further

Just think of yourself as Switzerland. Yes  Switzerland.  Get acquainted with the history, the land, the culture, etc. Because if you want to have any hope of not having your life ripped apart by feminist and civil rights ideology. You have no choice.  Because to do otherwise will put you in the belly of the beast.

Listen to me and listen good when I say, yet again, that you can not be a black feminist because each side effectively wants to screw the other.

Yep, here I go again with my crazy ramblings. But I’m telling the truth. Like I said in my previous post. White women can only get power if they have race and sex privilege, and so goes it for black men. The problem is like, Crenshaw explains, that instead of working from a bottom up theory (where we help the people on the bottom. I.e. black women) and by extension white women and black men feminism and civil rights are working TOP DOWN. In a Patriarchal, Racist,  CAPITALISTIC society.  By the sheer idea of  Capitalism (and general suckery of life)  it is not possible for everyone to have it all and still be called capitalism. And hell, NOBODY wants socialism.

Everyone wants the chance to be able to be on top.  This  is where black women get dragged in. And sucked down. White women and black men have effectively sold black women the idea that we are all in this together. That we can help each other out. That we need each other to get ahead.  But gladly forgot to tell you that this is capitalism. And here in the good ole’ US of A we have to scramble to get to the top. That means fighting to keep the shitting footholds we have.

And for them its racism and sexism.  To allow themselves to give up those privileges would leave them no better than us.  And they can’t do that. But the problem is they need our numbers. Who else is going to man the front lines? Who else are going to be examples.

It wouldn’t be so bad though. If each group was just honest. Hell I can’t really fault them for wanting to get ahead. But what I can fault is hypocrisy. Blatant and despicable hypocrisy. See here where it goes from unintentional to blatant untruths.

Black men love to exacerbate the  idea that white men are just so evil. That they, from day one when they jumped of their boats and landed in Africa to steal slaves,  White Men have fucked over black women and black men. It is a story that is still being passed around to this day.   Just like white women will always whine and complain about how ridiculously sexist white men are and how they’re being held down because white men won’t let them have equality.

And as true as that is. They also do tell you, that the very same things that they accuse White Men of having a foothold in, they themselves use to further their gain. In  reality they are no better than “The man” they claim to hate.

Oh, it’s lovely when you think about it isn’t it. We’re all together, distancing ourselves from the racist, sexist White Man but in reality, whether inadvertent or not both groups always end up aligned with the very people they pretend to hate.

Black men can always find some sexist issue to agree on.  In fact during the civil rights movements, black men had no problem telling black women that their role was in the home. On that they did not differ. And white women as much as they claim White Men suck. Can still align with white men when it’s time to utilize white privilege.  In fact the same people who want to isolate themselves from such bad qualities are always ready to stand next to white men when they get the chance. Because here’s the truth. Neither really want to be any different from white men. Equality doesn’t mean making sure everyone has the same rights,and nobody gets screwed. It means  being able to fuck everyone else over like white men supposedly do.

I suppose I’m a self hating, slave master loving, anti women bastard if I say I think white men aren’t any worse than anyone else. I as a black women the bottom of the bottom am supposed to despise them. To gnash my teeth with anger at the double scoop of shitty cards they’ve all supposedly dealt me. I’m not supposed to fraternize or sympathize with them.

Well it looks like I’m a sick deviant because I just don’t. In fact.  What pisses me off more than White Male Patriarchy are to movements that claim that we’re all in this together but are really isolating me from the very people black men and white women are getting there powers from. What pisses me off is the guilt I’m supposed to have and the abuse that comes if I don’t want to engage in the Down with White Men Campaign by my Fair weather friends.

Because honestly for all of their talk white women are still marrying white men.  And hell black men agree with white men on most sexism issues.

So again I ask where does that leave me.With a feminist movement that is going to erase me because of racism and a civil rights movement that doesn’t give a damn about me because I’m a woman.  Each movement feeds off the other.   One movement says, give up your race card we’re all women, and then when I’ve dropped my guns and joined them, they’ll slit my throat or just ignore me completely because I’m black.  Or they say”give up your woman card we’re all blacks here” but ignores the total and complete sexism seething in the black  community.

I’m back to Switzerland. If I help either side they will use it against me, inevitably.  Then there will be three groups of people waiting to exert their new found power over me. And I have no allies because unlike white women and black men we’ve burned all effective bridges out.I can’t win.

And then here’s something further to consider. White women can’t effectively use white privilege over black men because they’re MEN and black men can’t use  male privilege over white women because they’re White. They can escape each other’s wrath because they have a card to play. Protection. And where does that leave me? You? Future black women?  I think i said it in the last post.  but I’ll reiterate. BUM FUCKED.

So you see I can’t be a black feminist. I refuse to get fucked. I refuse to watch them both just use a different weapon against me. I won’t be apart of it. I can’t get out of the game but I can un-align myself. I don’t feel guilty they will both be just fine. They have more protection then I.

Until next time,

Stay Neutral.


9 thoughts on “The conundrum of Black Feminism Explained Further

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  6. i’m starting to read all of your posts and i’m really loving it. this explains soo much frustration i’ve had for such a long time. i always hated it when white feminists said “do you think women should have equal rights as men? THEN YOU’RE A FEMINIST” and in my mind i’m just screaming “IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE. NOTHING IS EVER THAT SIMPLE. STOP”. anywayss thank you, lol. we as black women just need to work together ^.^ as well as help others who don’t have some privileges, such as transgendered individuals.
    speaking of other privileges…. im not too fond of the gay rights movement either, as there’s sooo much racism and sexism. in the same way that “women’s rights” just means “white women’s rights”, “lgbta rights” really just means “white gay male rights”. but i wont go too much off on that tangent since i’m Straight anyways but yeah 🙂

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