The Hypocritical,Privileged, and Deluded Want Black Women To Know They Should Love Themselves

Yet again another example of how black women get played.  See the problem with trying to work with the deluded the dumb and the privileged is that they have no idea how logic works.  And because of their positions they either don’t have to think logically because it doesn’t affect them or they are too stupid to realize that they are being affected.

You see I have a problem. A big one. Call me a nitpicker, a fool but I see some gaping holes in the sound arguments that black people make and I just can’t ignore it.  But before I’ll get to why I have a problem I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

Recently The Root wrote an article talking about the article Clutch wrote( oh why does it always have to start here?)

Basically the gist isn’t original, it’s the same thing that’s always been peddled to black women like a vacuum cleaner from a door to door salesman: Black women you need to love yourselves. You don’t need validation.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this statement at first glance  *nobody* should need validation to make them feel like a human being. DUH.  But here’s the fuckery in this statement. (Has anyone else caught on yet? Probably not)

This isn’t a utopian society, we don’t live in a vacuum. We notice what people think about us and we care. It’s called having feelings, wanting to be accepted.  Any psychology 101 student could tell you that this is a basic human need. (Hell people get married because they want to love and be loved.)

And yet  in a classic case of othering somehow black women are exempt from wanting to have these things. Instead they are told “Black women don’t care that people constantly put you down in the media.” “Black women don’t notice when you’re treated like shit.” Black women don’t notice that you are pressured to fit into a  standard that you can’t  ever live up to.”  “And don’t try and live up to it to make your lives easier.  To do that would be self hate.” Hell there was an entire movie about “GOOD HAIR and how much black women hated themselves because they wanted to “Look white”.

But I just can’t ignore the fuckery by the people who say things like this. It’s the same insensitivity that people have when they tell someone to ignore bullying at school and recite platitudes like  “Sticks and stones” ,”Love yourself”, “It gets better” blah blah blah, and all of that similar bullshit.

I’m not going to accept these gracious attempts at helping me achieve #Self Love.

Because anybody can see that this is an attempt to victim blame black women.  And the victim blaming would be bad enough but what’s worse is the fact that again the people who are always preaching  to black women about self love and validation are the ones who are inherently given it.  I wrote an article a while ago (I think called “Need an example.. Use the black girl” about how black women are always the ones on TV sacrificed  for societies lessons on self love.

Think about Glee. All of the women who are not black are pretty, popular, have boyfriends, are skinny.. etc (basically everything that black women are considered not having.) And  yet when it was time to cast Mercedes (nothing against amber riley) they got a woman who fit into the traditional stereotype of black women. (Sassy overweight, single.)

Of course feminists can tell black women that they need to love themselves… they are inherently given validation as women because they are white! They are always cast as the pretty, popular character. The same goes for deluded black women and privileged black men. Chris Rock can blather on and on and on (along with other male celebrities) about how much black women shouldn’t hate their hair and themselves because as men they have the privilege of shaving off the object of  societies derision.  They can walk around with no hair on the fucking head, because they are men. They don’t even need to have to worry about it. Not to mention they get respect because they are MEN.

*Sigh* I’m  starting to feel like a parrot reciting the same thing over and over. But this keeps coming up and it’s PISSING ME OFF!!!

The only reason why black women are the ones singled out about self love is because nobody realizes that the people who don’t have a problem with loving themselves are only there because of their Male and White privilege. And because of these privileges they don’t have to think about the same problems that affect black women.

Black men don’t have to think about how something as trivial as their hair or their weight places them in society because they are MEN.  They have the privilege that protects them. So goes it for white women who can ignore traditional societies orders of trying to conform because everyone is trying to conform TO THEM because they are WHITE!

But the problem with working with this problem is that it ignores that privilege intersects at race and gender and that puts black women in a bad position. Because black women are forced to find some empty spring of self love. The spring of self love that black men and white women and white men get to drink from because they are male or white(or in white men’s case both). Basically validation comes from somewhere (race, gender) and telling black women to love themselves while basically dying of thirst (that could be quenched i they had privilege) is the reason why so many black women crash and burn is simply dumb.  It has to come from somewhere.  And yet people are astonished when black women (who are kept from drinking from the validation well because of their race and gender) don’t  LOVE themselves.

Telling black from the privileged (at least more privilege than black women) to simply “love themselves, and not seek validation is faulty and douchey  because. It’s puts the responsibility on black women to take crap on the chin. But ignores the fact that two other less marginalized groups don’t have to take it because of their privilege.

It others black women in the worst way. Othering them into not wanting what everyone else has. And is inherently given. Because black men are inherently given validation because they are male. And white women are given the same things because they are white.  Also it leaves black women with not choice but to work in the flawed system instead of tearing it down.

Basically, black women get bum fucked.

The idea of self love is good. But currently tell black women to just ignore it leaves them back where they started. Everyone needs validation, but these group are given it inherently and don’ have to care. Black women are working with a system that is destroying them. Simply loving yourself doesn’t just come. But nobody wants to change the system because everyone besides black women are benefiting in some way.

This is why I say again and again that the best thing that black women can do, if they can’t stop the system from screwing them, is to stop paying into. (See previous posts to know what i’m refering to.) In other words  do what you need to do. Don’t feel guilty if you try and conform to society in some way. Everyone else is doing (and benefiting from it) They’re just to privileged to realize it, or to selfish to give it up.

All the Women are White All the Blacks Are Men the beautiful wondrous redux


I can’t stop laughing.  I’ve got tears in my eyes because I sit here,  all I can do is shake my head at the fact that everything I’ve been saying about black women being screwed over by the feminist movement and the civil rights movement just keeps coming true.  I can’t make this crap up.
Clutch[ linked removed] is reporting that a young black woman tweeted that she’d auditioned for the new season of power rangers and even though she did well, she was told that she didn’t get the part because they already hired a black guy and they couldn’t hire two blacks.

(Please save your had shakes for the end of the paragraph.)  But that’s okay right? because black women can look for other opportunities elsewhere, they’re bountiful right?  Well let’s see … Let’s travel to the other end of the spectrum, and see what happening on the feminist front surely us black women can find someone anyone in our corner?
Don’t hold your breath. You while the first woman was being screwed because a black person had already been cast by a MAN. Another black woman was getting fucked out of her Job because she was a woman who was BLACK.

Another Clutch article [Link removed] Is reporting that this store is facing a race discrimination suit because they wanted blond hair and blue eyed  workers and this black woman was fired for a white woman with blond hair even though she had LESS experience.

Now tell me again that the civil rights movement is working cohesively to protect black women. Now tell me again that the feminist movement cares about my sorry black ass.  That’s right you can’t.  Can you? And if you did I’d have to cyber punch you. Because you’d be a fucking liar.

This isn’t the first time either black women have been fucked by this “All the women are white all the blacks are men” Bullshit.  How many nickelodeon shows on the air show a black girl currently?  I can think of only one off the top of my head.  (oh and the now defunct True Jackson VP)

How many Disney shows show a black girl? Again I can think of one. (A.N.T Farm) aside from this most of the shows have black guys while black women are near non existent.  And if they are existent the black women are mean (Victorious, Drake and Josh) overweight and unattractive in comparison to their white counterparts (Good luck charlie) or just plain erased.

See what black woman aren’t realizing is that black women don’t need to be given ‘toke’ roles for either women or blacks. Because both black men and white women have that on lock. Who needs black women cast when they’ve got hits like Icarly? Who needs  to hire  a black women when you can get a blonde?

I can only SMH now as everything I’ve (and many other women) have been pointing out comes true over and over.

Oh I’m sure there’s the people who want to say this happens to black men too, or that all women have problems finding a roll. But think about this, when there is a token black man on TV is he shown in the same light as the black women usually are? Usually they are  the loud, fat overweight(Glee), angry fools.  (expect in rare occasions like A.N.T Farm?)In fact the black boy on good luck charlie, isn’t this way at all (And of course he’s in love with the pretty, lily white Teddy) Or if black men have show (everybody hates Chris) the black woman is a reused stereotype. Or like on the popular show Degrassi while there are both a black  guy and a black girl on the show. One of them has only had two maybe three episodes dedicated to themselves, while the other gets weeks worth of episodes. Want to guess which one got the shaft? It shouldn’t be hard to guess.

Oh I’m sure that there are people who are going to say, “Well there used to be a black girl on Power Rangers in the nineties”  but think about this. Truly ask yourself this. How many  shows in the 90’s had black women headlining the show?  How many shows today.

It shouldn’t take long to tally those up you probably won’t need more than one hand to do it.  But I’ll leave you with this. For two movements that have supposedly helped “protect” blacks and women. Black Women sure do keep getting screwed.

The Women over At Jezebel Want You To Know they’re Angry!

The women over at Jezebel want the world to know that they’re angry. They’ve had enough. They just can’t take it anymore. And while I watch them gnash their teeth in anger and  frustration while lamenting about the shallow obstacles that are ruining their experience as a woman of privilege, I can’t help but roll my eyes and be grateful I dodged a bullet by unaligning myself.

See as the woman who wrote the article explains, she’s pissed that pepper spray cans come in the color pink.  She’s pissed that the pliers she bought had “womanly” colors and didn’t work for shit. She’s pissed that people assume that because she’s a woman she’ll like pink. And she wants us all to know and cosign.

But guess  what my ex sisters, over at Jezebel, I just don’t care. I’m not interested.  Here’s why.  It is not beneficial for me to cosign eradicating *pink* things. Yes I know you think it’s ruining women’s image and making them feel inferior but here’s the thing that you’ve failed to realize from your privileged point of view. Because I’m black I’m not even considered a woman. See because while you have pepper spray specifically targeted to you. I don’t have anything.  I don’t even experience the same sexism as you do.  I get my own brand of racio misogyny. Isn’t that great? Why would I try and get rid of something that would actually maybe sort of help rip down the idea that black women aren’t even women but black men in wigs?

Why would I get pissed at something like this when I like pink. Yes you heard me. I love pink! I love purple! I think tulips are beautiful. I like things that are traditionally “feminine” .If given the chance I would buy something that had that on it specifically because I think it’s cute.

See while you’ve been suffering being forced into the woman’s box, us black women have been sitting underneath watching you complain about the same things that your privilege allows you to have. Because you’re a white woman, You are considered a woman and assumed to like pink.  You don’t have to, because of that ole’ useless white privilege trifle with crap like pink items. We all just *know* that you’re a woman hear you roar.

But from down here; even if I didn’t like pink. Even if I didn’t like flowers or whatevs,I still wouldn’t cosign because any privilege you gain for women won’t include me because I’m black. So I’m wasting my time.

And on the subject of wasting time. Why don’t you answer me this… Why are  you  wasting time on trivial issues like this when other crap is happening? Why don’t you write more about Sex Slavery in Sudan? Why don’t you write a couple of articles about  the massive rape going on in the Congo? Why don’t we talk more about FGM?

And if you don’t like those issues because they’re too far away,Why don’t you write about   racio misogynistic rap music? Oh yah, I forgot your #EPICFAIL on that part, And how you let that slide. How about we talk about  ANYTHING ELSE THAT HAS MORE IMPORTANCE?

Or is this all just a farce? Is this just what you do to make yourself feel important? To make you think that you have more going on in your pitiful lives than complaining about your privileged existence and how it’s just *not fair* that you’ve been assigned pink because of your gender, While not realizing your race is what keeps you able to even enjoy pink colored items.  Why don’t we talk about that?


Didn’t think so. Carry on.  Keep it moving?

I’m so glad I ditched you when I had the chance.

Black Women Who Just Don’t Get It.

I can’t make this crap up.

Everyday I watch as black women get pulled further and further into a black hole that distorts and bends them this way and that and the worst part is that they don’t even see it.

[Again if you’re new here I’m going to have to ask you to read  this article first and the subsequent one called The Conundrum of the Black Feminist Movement Explained Further. This will explain everything that I’m saying now.]

I’m not sure if the women at clutch magazine ( the commenters) understand the concept of logic (in which case if you don’t please see my previous post,  I wrote it with you in mind.)
Someone wrote an article

about how the only people the media focus on is the single mothers, but never the fathers who have pumped dumped and ditched.  Her point was that because of this absentee fathers don’t have to take responsibility at all.

What I find funny is that as usual most of these ridiculous commenters don’t even realize that their sitting on a paradox. Remember when I told you that because of sexism black women would never be able to enjoy their civil rights fully. Well I’m saying it again.  Most of the commenters on this article actually believe that if black women are ditched after the become pregnant it’s their fault because they knew the guy  was a deadbeat.

Let’s point out the obvious here. Most women A) don’t expect to become pregnant when they have sex. (unless they were specifically trying)

B) Let’s stop pretending that deadbeats blow a trumpet and say “Hey I just want you to know before we get busy that I’m a deadbeat. If you get pregnant which you will because I know you’re not on birth control,and I’m not going to wear a condom, I’m going to leave you.”
Deadbeats don’t tell you they are going to treat you like shit, they just do. Hence the name deadbeats.  And when deadbeats want sex they will say anything to get it. Because they don’t care.

Now let’s get to the point of why this is such insidious sexism.  Because it blatantly excuses the men involved in this.
Let me paint you a picture

Imagine you are walking with your child home from school. The posted speed in a school zone is 25 miles per hour. And up ahead there’s a crosswalk. You either don’t notice it , or don’t care and  you take it upon yourself to try and cross before the cross walk and Jay walk. All of the sudden a car barreling at 50 miles per hour jumps out of nowhere hitting you and your child.

Now of course the you are to blame because you should have gone to the crosswalk and waited until it was safe. But you didn’t. And now you and your child are injured. Would the driver get to drive off  Scott free because you Jay Walked? I would think that would be highly unlikely. Because he wasn’t supposed to be speeding anyways. Forget the obvious stupidity of the mother, who is now in trouble for negligence.  The person in the vehicle should never had been going faster than twenty five. Because going at such a speed doesn’t leave time to stop when Something like a child jumps out into the street.  the speed limit allows you enough time to brake before somebody gets injured

Now put black women into the situation. Even if black women *knew* that the guy was a deadbeat (or that there were speeding cars) it doesn’t change the fact that  THE CAR WAS SPEEDING!!! Or in this case black women having sex with a deadbeat and getting pregnant doesn’t absolve the man from responsibility, because “you knew he was a deadbeat” the guy still didn’t wear a condom, get a vasectomy, check to see if the woman was even using birth control (or that nobody was in the cross walk). In other words he doesn’t get to walk away because the woman is at fault. He still broke the law.  He would have had enough time NOT to hit the child and brake if he’d been going slower. Because In school zones who knows when something unexpected could jump out.

But here’s the thing that I’ve been saying before. In the black community because of sexism the men involved get to walk away because they have gender privilege leaving the blame and the burden on black women.  Black women don’t get any help because they are not men and they don’t get any sympathy. Basically the men involved get into their car, say adios and  speed away, still going as fast as before where they will hit someone else. And subsequently leave them in the dust again.

Another commenter (two actually) pointed out the obvious mistake the readers had made


Pretty much…esp. since all of the “crazy” women they rail against STILL do not get pregnant in a vacuum. If you want to talk about devious trickster jezebels who spend of their time on their backs, the man still has to choose to have sex with her, and they are willing to do it without protection.

Male or female, you have to accept the responsibility that laying down with someone can result in a baby being created, so if you really don’t respect or even like that person, think about that. It’s nuts when I hear women talking about the evil tricksters out to trap their brothers, boyfriends, etc.

But we need to stop acting like women, whether supposed “schemers” out for a check or those who thought that they were in a committed lifelong relationship are the only issue in this discussion of single mothers. And their children are part of our community and world (esp. if for us as black people), so we should care what happens to them.

She’s scratched the surface but she’s definitely right. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. Because of black women’s gender they are not afforded the insurance of being able to call that driver back to pay for damages. When the cops come knocking at her door asking what happened. The blame will fall on her.  And she will not be cut any slack. Because of her gender she will be told It’s all your fault.  She will take on  all the blame. Because she alone should have known better.

Fools, Idiots, Morons, And Those Who are Too Stupid to Live, please read this post

Hi there, yep I’m back with more.
So I hope If you haven’t already read  the following posts you read them before you go any further.

okay now you’ve read them, you may understand my need to have a preemptive explanation before the shit hits the proverbial fan because some people have proven to be one synapse short of a fully functioning brain. One certain very popular site for BW (i won’t name) has announced that their popular book is being turned into a movie. Anywho of course people  (the usual nit wit black woman working as the black community grounds keepers)  have come out with a lot of hate towards this woman  calling her all sorts of names, claiming that she hates black men, hates herself, mocking the way she looks, the way her husband looks and the way her kids look. And as usual saying that she is also a classist and bitter.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m getting really fucking tired of black people who feel the need to “bash” (I’ll use their favorite word) other black people who have the intelligence to strive to want better for themselves.
I’m also fucking sick of the word classist being thrown around by black people who have no clue what the fucking word even means.

And I’m sure that these same *morons* have read my stuff and thought because I’m not lying on my back, unashamedly waiting for the black movement and the feminist movement to collectively fuck me over that I’m a self hating, anti woman,thirsty, white cock loving, grubby classist whore.

But I’ll bite, I’ll waste my time explaining this because I hope while I’m here trudging through the wasteland that (a large majority) of idiot black women have decided to live in, I can find one person, one who has the sense to grasp the concept of what I’m trying to say. So I’ll speak like Tarzan.

(Caveman dialect on)

Me, think you are getting fucked over

Me think the feminist movement and black movement simultaneously screw black women

Me think you’re wasting your life.

Me think you need to give up your false sense of hope  and move on with your life.

(Caveman dialect off.)

for those of you who have actually evolved let me speak to you. because by now if you still think I’m all of those things you need HELP

I do not hate black men. I do not hate white women. I do not think white men are blemish free.  Here is what I think. I think that that black women have so much baggage in their lives that they are so busy fighting someone else’s battle (because they think they will benefit) that they don’t see how the system is working against them.

Neither am I a classist. I think that black women need to snap back to reality. There is never going to be a time when classes don’t exist. The only way to change this would be to have a mode of socialism (I’ve said before that will never happen in a million years.) So the only choice that black women have is to  fight for themselves.

See the problem with these black women who are so desperate to defend the “weak.” I.e. blacks men and white  women is   that they don’t see that we are NOT all in this together. Get a grip. This isn’t High School musical. We’re not going to sing  and dance  with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens about how much teamwork will save the day.  We are not all in this together. People are out for themselves. These black women who were too busy bashing this blogger were too dumb to realize that they are defending people who have the arsenal to blow you off the fucking map. You’re defending them against the white man  while these same people have the same fucking A Bomb that they do. And WiLL use it against you.

These black woman are probably the same ones who think Love and Hip Hop is okay for “Entertainment” and that it’s classist to want that crap NOT to represent all black women. They are brainwashed, conditioned, indoctrinated. They think we’re all working against the white man while they are working with them.  I’m going to let these black women in on a secret. The only hope that black women have is to try and get out of the class that they are in.

wish it were different but I’m not stupid enough to hold out hope of this happening in this lifetime. The only chance that black women have is to use their education, influence and yes marital connections to rise above the pit they’ve been thrown in. Because now your biggest threat isn’t the white men you’ve been warned against. Your biggest threat is the cause you’ve been inadvertently been dragged into and the fact that they make you collateral damage.

That blogger isn’t saying worship white men. (What a stupid assumption) She’s saying stop wasting your time with people who are actually hurting you. Find something of value. Move on live your life for yourself. Not feminists, not civil rights activists. YOU. And if you still are on the fence ask yourself this, when has either movement specifically tried to help black women when it didn’t directly benefit them?  You’ve got no answer do you. Because while black women are helping each movement to the detriment of themselves, the others aren’t doing the same for you. They aren’t stupid enough.  And why would anyone with sanity do that anyways. (who can blame them).

If you can’t grasp this simple concept. I feel for you. Either you’re being willfully dumb, you’ve entered a fugue state because you can’t cope with reality, or quite simply, you’re just too stupid to live.  And if that’s the case. I can’t help you.

Until Next time,

Stay Neutral

When to GTFO a conversation

Now that I’ve unaligned myself with the black “movement” and the feminist movement, I feel like I’m a fly watching from the outside.  I’m circling all of the events I can hear everything that people are saying and yet. I know that I don’t have to involve myself. Looking in on the outside and being an uninterested observer has caused me to be able to see everything while remaining emotionally detached. In fact, now, I can see how easily black women get pulled into conversations that are going nowhere fast, while in the name of helping a “movement” (Kind of ironic that it’s a movement when nothing MOVES.) So, for your help and enjoyment. Here are comments that, when you hear them, should immediately signal to you to walk away. If you haven’t  already wised up and done so.
1. “I love black men; I love my father brother… (etc or some other family member or friend).  Is this  1845 or 1970’s  South Africa? I didn’t think so. I’m not an escaped slave, that has to show their papers to bounty hunters so they know that I am  in fact free. I’m not required to temper every comment about the shitty behavior in the black community with a fucking disclaimer. I’m not your fucking mother. And I’m not here to pump up egos before I get to the fact that you’re screwing me over. This is just a tactic lost black women like to use so they won’t lose the piddly favor they have in the black community.
Note: This statement can also  be subbed for  “I don’t hate black men….” or  “I’m not trying to bash black men….” blah blah blah.
2. “Black Men aren’t worse than any other group of men……”  Who said they were? Why does saying stop stomping on me mean I hate you?Why do I as a black woman have to put this disclaimer up. Why do I have to pump black men up before I can say  hey you’re hurting me. Why should I wash and wax your car before you move it from on top of me and acknowledge that you did, in fact, run me over.
3. “White Men do the exact same thing?”  See #2.  But I wasn’t talking about White Men now was I? Not to mention, where aren’t comparing them. It’s just a diversion.
Note: This can be subbed for ” why aren’t white men called out on the same shit?” or “Black women give white men a free pass because you crave white approval”
4.  “You’re  A Woman First Black Second”  It’s a guilt trip it’s used to make you feel guilty it’s manipulation at it’s finest. Because while feminists are using privilege to keep themselves ahead of you, they are asking you to give up the same thing.
Note: This can be subbed for “You’re black first woman second.
5.  “There are still good black men” “White men aren’t any better” I’ve noticed that whenever black women want to expand their horizons. In their dating options. Someone always wants to  tell them that the following.  We aren’t supposed to think anything but black cock is worthy. There is not point in trying to date out. In fact. You’re an asshole for, after being shitted on, trying to move out of the way. We are supposed to wait and wait. We aren’t looking hard enough. We only want thugs. You did something wrong.  You. You. You You. You need to be fixed. Basically don’t expect any better from black men but don’t move on. Spend your youth. Look high and low and then after you’ve waded through shit, then you may move on to whomever you want. But you will still face disapproval if you do not acknowledge that you haven’t closed off your heart to good black men and you don’t acknowledge that you’ve been hurt. Or that it’s your fault you’ve been hurt.
6. “Black women are women of color…..”
This is hilarious, and usually spouted by un well meaning feminists. Unfortunately women of color I.e. asian women or Hispanic women don’t like black women anymore than anyone else, and very rarely care the an ally of black women.
7.  “Black women need to learn their place.”
Self explanitory in its sexist douchiness.
8.  “Rap doesn’t represent reality”, “it’s racist to say that all rap is sexist”
Usually this is spouted by black men defending the genre where the most popular music is misogynistic or white feminits trying not to be racist.  What really happens is black men are given a free pass while black women who aren’t protected by race privilege are yet again smeared throughout the music. Also here’s food for thought. If a white man dressed up as a kkk member and sang I hate niggers, is that okay. Since really he’s not really that way? Should I sing a long? Burn a cross for fun?
9. “Matriarchy ( subtle word for manly black women) are the reason why the black community is in a shambles. See number 7.  The community was in a shambles far before this.  Black women just did what they had to do. And got painted by a  sexist brush. But Male privilege allows black men not so see this, or care. Go figure.
9. “Why are we airing our dirty laundry to the world” (I.e. white people)
A silencer used to keep black women from seeking help from the outside.  It tricks you into thinking your problems can be solved inside the community when really there is no community.
10. “Why are you targeting me? “
The women at Jezebel wondered why HBO’s Girls was being called on for not having women of color it makes black women run around in circles until they prove why.  And keeps you from calling on their bad behavior. Or black men who want to keep you from noticing you’re effed. Like one bwe blogger said (evia? Halima?) it’s conversation loop you always end up back where you started. With nothing.  And it’s a guilt tactic. The ultimate red herring.
So if you here these keep moving. They can’t help you. You won’t be able to stay neutral and You won’t benefit from the conversations.

The birth of the black feminist paradox

I’ve entered the black hole of fuckery that I can’t get out of.  I feel as if  I’m floating through space at light speed watch every star speed past me, while I try and count them all on my fingertips. Eventually  though I run out of fingers. And I’m left with a whopper of a headache.  So I’m going to start over. This time I going to go a little slower, maybe use a tally system of all the fuckery I’ve seen that way I can catalog it appropriately. Now the only  question is where to start.  I’ll start with what’s on the forefront this week. And I’ll work backwards. (because isn’t going into your past the only way to go into your future?)

I’ll start with my earlier posts on intersectionality, because I’m not sure how many people have actually heard of such a phrase. Hopefully once I go from there you will realize why I have such crazy notions of abandoning the civil rights movement (such as it is) and the  feminist movement (again, such as it is).

[I’m preparing you now… this post may go on for quite a while]

Kimberle Crenshaw explains that in “anti discrimination laws” and “feminist theory”  it is assumed that racial discrimination and  sexism occur on  (as Crenshaw  explains) on one axis. That is,  is is assumed that if you are affected by discrimination you are affected by racism or the sexism. As Crenshaw explains,  it’s assumed,  that you can’t be affected by both. At least not at the same time. She also explains

“in race discrimination cases, discrimination
tends to be viewed in terms of sex- or class-privileged Blacks, In sex discrimination
cases, the focus is on race- and class-privileged women.”

Meaning (as I’ve stated before)  when it’s time to talk about racism black men (who are privileged because they are males) are at the forefront of discussions. And when it’s time to talk about sexism  white women (who are privileged because they are a white) get to discuss their issues first because like black men they still are privileged in some way.

She furthers,

This focus on the most privileged group members marginalizes those who
are muLtiply-burdened and obscures claims that cannot be understood as resulting
from discrete sources of discrimination. I suggest further that this focus on
otherwise-privileged group members creates a distorted analysis of racism and
sexism because the operative conceptions of race and sex become grounded in
experiences that actually represent only a subset of a much more complex

Basically this is where intersectionality comes into play. Because using this system it ignores the people (like crenshaw says) who don’t have race or sex privilege. But because of the fact that Black Men and White women  who are more privileged than black women (get to be at the forefront) these topics are viewed through  a narrow lense that doesn’t take into account the fact that for black women both issues come into play.

(And further as I’ve said before in a Racist, Patriarchal, Capitalistic society. Each group is relying on the footholds that they have in their privileges to stay on top.)

Here is why this narrow lense is not only detrimental  but not only a waste of time for black women to support either case:  Because for black women who do fall into the narrow scope that either  group has set they are not able to get any protection.  Like I’ve said before, but I’m reiterating more calmly now,  because of race privilege (which white women already had)   they are afforded the protection of sex discrimination laws. And black men because of male privilege (already obtained)  they are afforded the protection of  race discrimination laws. Black women, unfortunately, are protected neither because they aren’t inherently born with either of these privileges and because they laws are created by people who are already privileged it ignores how race and gender come together and collide into one hellish, unsolvable conundrum.

Crenshaw explains how, when black women have tried to show that their was race and sex discrimination happening at the same time (that occurred simultaneously) the lawsuit that black women had was dismissed because they could only file a lawsuit under one or the other NOT both. It is simply not recognized that those two issues collide for black women. She  explains in one case that black women had against discrimination on behalf of black women who were suing for black women specifically was dismissed because according to General Motors (the defendant) they had hired women. They were simply white. Which meant that the sex discrimination  lawsuit could be dropped. Then because again General Motors had  in fact hired blacks  albeit black males  the racial lawsuit was also dropped.  Meaning there were no findings that could show that they were  discriminated against because they were black females.

Further those it wasn’t allowed to be combined as the court stated.

Plaintiffs have failed to cite any decisions which have stated that slack women
are a special class to be protected from discrimination. The Courts own research
has failed to disclose such a decision. The plaintiffs are clearly entitled to a remedy
if they have been discriminated against. However they should not be allowed to
combine statutory remedies to create a new super-remedy’ which would give
them relief beyond what the drafters of the relevant statutes intended. Thus, this
lawsuit must be examined to see if it states a cause of action for race discrimination,
sex discrimination, or alternatively either, but not a combination of both.

Again this shows that if black women don’t fall under the protection for the already privileged you are screwed.

Not only that but it goes even further, with black women not being able to even file a lawsuit on behalf of women. Because in the case because she had originally stated the discrimination suit as being for black women this caused a major problem.

Moore had never claimed before the EEOC that she was discriminated against
as a female, but only as a Black female. .(This raised serious doubts as to Moore’s ability to adequately represent white female employees.’

Because she originally acknowledged the black side of her, she couldn’t possibly represent white women. even though she is a woman too. Because obviously she isn’t universal. Even if black women wanted to be identified through one of these boxes that the already privileged have created she couldn’t because again her race in this case came into play.

Also for black women to be considered a group in its own would be a problem because their protection would put them above  black men  and white women as the quote above explains, to have the protection of say white men if you really think about it. And that just can’t happen.

This is how  black women get bum fucked. Because even though they are getting screwed they can’t actually do anything about it.  Or like crenshaw says,

Black women are harmed because Black women’s claims were
viewed as so distinct from the claims of either white women or Black men
that the court denied to Black females representation of the larger class, It
seems that I have to say that Black women are the same and harmed by being
treated differently, or that they are different and harmed by being treated the
same. But I cannot say both.

This apparent contradiction is but another manifestation of the conceptual
limitations of the single-Issue analyses that intersectionality challenges. The
point is that Black women can experience discrimination In any number of
ways and that the contradiction arises from our assumptions that their claims
of exclusion must be unidirectional. Consider an analogy to traffic in an
intersection, coming and going in all four directions. Discrimination, like traffic
through an intersection, may flow in one direction, and it may flow In another.
If an accident happens In an intersection, it can be caused by cars traveling
from any number of directions and, sometimes, from all of them. Similarly, if
a Black woman is harmed because she is In the intersection, her injury could
result from sex discrimination or race discrimination.

Judicial decisions which premise intersectional relief on a showing that Black
women are specifically recognized as a class are analogous to a doctor’s decision
at the scene of an accident to treat an accident victim only if the injury is
recognized by medical insurance. Similarly, providing legal relief only when
Black women show that their claims are based on race or on sex is analogous
to calling an ambulance for the victim only after the driver responsible for
the injuries is Identified. But it is not always easy to reconstruct an accident:
Sometimes the skid marks and the injuries simply indicate that they occurred
simultaneously, frustrating efforts to determine which driver caused the harm.
In these cases the tendency seems to be that no driver is held responsible, no
treatment is administered, and the involved parties simply get back in their
cars and zoom away.
To bring this back to a non-metaphorical level, I am suggesting that Black
women can experience discrimination in ways that are both similar to and
different from those experienced by white women and Black men. Black women
sometimes experience discrimination in ways similar to white women’s experiences; sometimes they share very similar experiences with Black men. Yet
often they experience double-discrimination—the combined effects of practices
which discriminate on the basis of race, and on the basis of sex.

This brings me back to my original point black women are being sold a false bill of goods. That has led me to the extreme decision that black women are not benefiting from either. Because if black women  don’t fall into either narrow category the can get relief. but even if they do  they are not provided any  help because they are still somehow not allowed to represent either white women are black men because then it’s recognized as  being unique!

In conclusion I urge black women to WALK AWAY.  I can’t be more clear to the fact that these laws that are not only not helping you.. THEY ARE WORKING AGAINST YOU!!!  YOU MUST WALK AWAY!!

[to read pdf by crenshaw go here