Mirror Mirror, Good PR: Things I’ve learned from a Childrens movie and more!

I started typing this while I was in the car so forgive any auto correct! Lol.

So before I start in on what this post is supposed to be about I just want to alert anyone who’s reading this that their might be some massive changes coming to NYGF. Which may or may not include the title of this blog, and I may be (not sure yet) be moving this blog to blogger. Not sure but I want to do a major overhaul of the image of this blog.  I will be posting more YouTube videos, (not my own, more explanations of that in the next blog) pictures, and such content.

Now to more important topics.  I saw the movie Mirror Mirror with Lily Collins in it today. And while I can honestly say that it was an entertaining and jaunt (seriously, you should see it) it left me thinking. And here’s why, because it didn’t take long for me to realize that the white women who take their children and families to see this movie actually take something from this movie

Excuse me, I don’t me to sound condescending but let me explain when I think about the way that a lot of white women think, the images that are promoted in the media, of being the fairest, feminine-yist, yada yada. I see that these thoughts aren’t just coming from Cosmopolitan magazine or Marie Claire Magazine.  These women have been ingrained with the messages that are pushed in this movie.

I don’t mean to offend either, it’s just something I’ve noted. And here’s why I can only smirk at the cleverness of white women. Because they’re able to spin the plates of their life in perfect sync to come out on top. Think about it, and take a note. The feminist movement, has been mostly propagated by white women. They want their rights, and they aren’t going to accept otherwise, and yet for a group of women who love to talk about how much they don’t like the patriarchy and how much it’s screwing them over. They never go so far as to burn the bridges that they have Completely. I will say again, they never burn the bridges that they have completely!

Think about the movie gone with the wind, (i’ve never seen it  (too young) but I have hear enough of it to know) that plenty of white women flaunt Scarlett O’Hara as the perfect heroine. Although from what I’ve heard there are clear racist and sexist undertones to the whole thing. Because they are still benefiting from being known as the most feminine.

Which is the same conclusion that can be grasped after watching the movie mirror mirror. As sexist as all of the Cinderella movies are why would completely throw away the privilege that comes from having good PR like that circulating? Any smart person would say take what you can from both sides and throw the rest away.

But black women just aren’t that smart! For starters black women haven’t yet grasped the concept of good PR. They don’t know how to market themselves as feminine and pretty while still getting what they want. ( I’m talking to you black community androids!) While white women are smart enough to not toss their womanhood black women are busy  pathetically playing IRoBot to their own demise!

I mean look at the video I’ve linked below!

This girl clearly doesn’t realize she looks like an idiot!

or this girl

See this IRoBot has clearly been deluded into thinking at a bunch of creepy black men hitting her as as she walks down the street is good PR.  I suppose this black woman thinks that even negative attention is good attention. But here is where black women have a problem on the PR  track.

Too many dead beat black women are willing to do anything for a buck or further the love of a Bm that isn’t worth their time. And not only that again destroy any opportunity to be higher in status.

Think about the name of this video, “Slap that big booty” and the other plethora of videos like it on Youtube, black women could be making hair videos, debating anything from politics and religion, to their favorite show, they couldn’t be showing how beautiful and unique they are by making makeup tutorials, but instead the web is littered with crap like this.

Not to mention here’s a clue that these women will die without realizing. It doesn’t matter how much “good” pr these black women have with black men in the meager “black community” that they inhabit because they are a small fish in a large pond. Black men having a preference for big “booties” is really useless because black men like everyone else in the world take their cues from the greater society, i.e. white society. And in white society promoting yourself as being “thick” overweight and slovenly, not to mention shaking your ass and letting random men touch you for kicks while you strut in a skimpy getup is just not part of that society. Or at least it isn’t in the visible society.

So to these women who think well “black men find us attractive” I say ‘so what?’ and “Lies!” because if black men truly found you attractive and womanly and your PR campaign was actually affective in a positive way as a whole we wouldn’t be so completely considered gutter trash. And black men wouldn’t be apart of the campaign of calling black women overweight.  Black women have without any forethought trashed their own image by going against the greater society.

And this is why I say white women are smart. They (most sane white women) aren’t dumb enough to be caught dead doing this. (at least without adequate counter PR showing they are good people I.e Disney movies, romantic comedies.) and if they are dumb enough to do this, (Girls gone wild women) enough white men find it acceptable enough for it to have reached mainstream. But certainly most wouldn’t be caught shaking their ass for all and sundry to be watching. And even Asian and Latina women stay as far away from a bad image as possible.

But these black women who need to be completely eradicated from YouTube, don’t have a clue and are poisoning our minds. I think as black women we need to have more care in choosing how we are presented, (I’ve written about this before) I think that if black women were more likely to show themselves loosing weight, having mainstream interests (and being the big booty clingers on to some dead beat doesn’t count) and actively condemning men like the ones in the video below we would have a fighting chance of moving up in our stations.

If you look sweet, no one will expect anything from you. Use that to your advantage

– A dwarf to Snow White from the movie Mirror Mirror

This quote stood out to me in the movie because it reminds me of the phrase you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Most black women young and old have yet to figure this out. You will never get anything as a woman if you come in blazing and masculine. As a woman in a sexist world the more masculine you act the more you are denigrated. Again black women have bad PR skills because that image is always being pushed!

If black women were the silent but deadly or, feminine but deadly they would get much more, and no these videos do not show how to be feminine. Ass shaking is not being feminine. Most other race women, and non American black women know that. They also take their ideas of being feminine from the greater society. And use that as good PR.

Finally here is my tips for getting better PR. Comment if you have any ideas.

1. Stop appearing in rap videos that denigrate black women

2. Stop buying music like this

3.Stop supporting TV shows, movies, etc. (I am making a formal list of people who should be formally, officially and forever condemned to the no use pile for black women

4. Stop shaking your ass and using your body as a party favor

5.Promote healthy images of black women (let me know if you find more black women who fit this bill I would love to promote them)

6. Stop letting black men and other idiotic black women dictate what is good PR. They don’t know and they can’t help you. We live in a racist sexist, white male run society, get over move on, and make good decisions that can best help you.

7.  Do not befriend women like the above they are not your friends and they are going to hurt you.

8. Dress more femininely/ become a healthy weight ( I will have more upcoming articles on this)

Black women as soon as we do these things the rest  can start to take care of itself.


7 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror, Good PR: Things I’ve learned from a Childrens movie and more!

  1. I totally agree! I regularly search for videos about Black women issues and I come up with booty shaking video (lately there are porn and dating videos that have nothing to do with Black women). Where did all that twerking stuff come from and why are so many girls/women doing it??? I’m still hopeful things will change as long and some women stay on the right track and don’t let others drag them into foolishness or ruin.

    • Thanks for commenting! I agree with you. I’ve seen too many black women be pulled into stuff that has ruined them. I was watching an episode of Mtv’s true life called “I’m supporting my man.” and it showed this black women who had two kids, worked a stripper and was in college as a biology major trying to get into medical school. All the while her deadbeat boyfriend wouldn’t find a job to support her or their kids. And he didn’t want her to let her mother watch the kids, so she could go to basic training and enlist in the military so they would pay for her schooling.

      It was a classic example of black women settling when they have everything going for them.

  2. I have to recommend you watch ”Gone With the Wind.” It will blow your mind, to realize how old and ingrained this ‘Mammy’ stereotype is… and how unchanged it is, if you put that film beside a Madea movie… I would love to read your thoughts on that…

  3. i have been reading your posts all night and i am sure my husband is getting a little tired of my relaying your every word to him (he was trying to watch his manly stuff on tv, after all, but was sweet enough to turn the volume down every time i spoke). i keep thinking of “that ethiopian chic” who had the nerve to get on youtube berating black women a while back. anyway, you asked for some good role models, so i can think of a few: abbey lincoln (beauty, intelligence, femininity–up to a point. she did cease to be a “non-threatening” black woman as soon as she realized what she was doing to her image running around in that red dress), lena horne (respectability, utter femininity, and acceptance by all american society), lauryn hill (for knowing thyself, beauty, and never giving up respectability), sade adu (classic femininity, beauty, sensuality, discretion, mystery…), shanice wilson (sweet, pretty, girl-next-door type), tessa thompson. although i dont really like kerry washington, i may have to list her here too. for some reason, she’s managed to impress yt ppl and black people simultaneously, which maintaining some standard of decency. i guess that counts for something.

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