All the Worlds A Stage, Black women are the act

For a lot of young Black women, who are being fed the line of “post racial”  have yet to realize that nobody else is putting themselves in the position to look the fool, and certainly not laughing at themselves. And if they are its because they have enough room took keep their reputations padded.  Further while it may seem that white people and other groups are the majority in supporting the “poke fun” campaign notice that Black Men will never put themselves in the position to be the fool if they can help it. And if they can’t we will definitely here how the White man is conspiring to ruin the Black man’s image.   One example I can readily think of is the Madea movies. I’ve noticed that in the majority of these movies the black women are usually angry (for no apparent reason), rich bitches who need to be taken down a peg and even in one movie the mistress to a white man who had to learn their lesson after the white man dumped the black women for his white wife, when the mistress got married. While some may say, Tyler perry has the tendency to  show black men in a bad light too, I would counter that black men still have the voice(because they are men) to deny any charges made against them and demonize this form of entertainment. And guess why: BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T TRULY LIKE TO POKE FUN UNLESS IT IS AT SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPENSE! There are no if and’s or but about it poking is only fun if you aren’t the one on the receiving end but in a lot of cases black women are always on the receiving end and willing to provide the sharp tool to be poked with. Its pathetic.

I’ve actually read comments from a lot of  black women who talk about why they like Madea and Tyler Perry and they defend that he makes real characters and makes them funny. Some of these women actually believe that Tyler perry is on their side.  As if dressing up like a stereotypical black woman and reinforcing to the world that black women are loud, man- like and garish is what someone who cares about your welfare does. But of course, I absolutely hear too many black women actually attack people who don’t like him, all the while ignoring the fact that black women seem to be a joke in his films.

That’s not the only time I’ve heard black women laugh along with someone mocking them either. I remember again in high school a girl I who wore a weave was talking to the choir teacher (a white man) and he joked that she had horse hair in her head. I remember feeling outraged, for her behalf. It was rude,and inappropriate, but I thought she would say something, even after the numerous times (on different occasions that he made this joke)  but she never did, instead she just laughed along the first time, (and even the other couple of times, albeit uncomfortably) at the joke and let it slide. I’m not even sure that someone who wasn’t looking for her reaction would see the traces of her discomfort. And it kept thinking to myself, why is she letting this teacher someone who is supposed to be a good example mocking her.

On the other hand I remember the same teacher made a joke one day that guy had meat hooks for hands. (the boy was tall and large).  I guess something something in the guys face must have let him no that the joke was not funny because the teacher made it clear that he was joking.

My whole point was that black women seem to have this problem in not letting ourselves be the butt of the joke, they can stand up to “the white man” but  somehow we can’t say “that’s not funny” So we end up being walked over and treated like a fool. How many women are in videos selling their soul, while the rappers in them make joke about how ugly they are and how they hate their dark skin?   It’s  really pathetic. And I really just want to say. Black women STAND UP.


One thought on “All the Worlds A Stage, Black women are the act

  1. i once had a white teacher tell me that the only reason i was accepted to uga and gsu was because i am black. hmmm, i guess he’d say that was the same reason i was accepted into spelman. but he was an evil, cold devil, who relished in making children cry. he was also gay and actually a real coward, which i brought out of him my senior year, when i finally got the guts to stand up to him after 4 years. something NONE OF THE STUDENTS ever did, regardless of race, regardless of what he said (such as when he said we need to have a parent or a dog or someone close to us die so that we’ll know that everything is not about us. and i dont even know what brought on this rant. he did this often without provocation). that is DAN LLOYD, who used to work at FPHS for anyone who is wondering. last i heard, he taught at an inner city school in NY. wonder if those kids knifed him yet. yeah, put all his business out there.

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