What to expect in the near future from NYGF

I wanted to take a break from my regular posts to talk for a moment about what to expect from NYGF (hopefully very soon) I have some posts coming up very soon on numerous different topics concerning black women. ( I hope to have a least one of these posts published by the end of this day. But if that is not possible ( I’ve just started a new semester of classes so I’m trying to schedule everything right.) I hope to have the next post out by Tuesday evening.

I also wanted to talk briefly about my blogroll and the links that I post. I do not claim to know everything about BWE, in fact I’m sure that  I don’t. I also know that there are other women who are much older than me who have been writing for much longer. Those are the links that I have provided for you. While touch on the same topics. I also am aware that it is in your best interest for you to read the posts written by these women. Because they might have said it in a better way.

Basically I feel that you should pay close attention to the links in the sidebar (I will be adding more as the days progress) because they are some pretty awesome resources for young  black women (and older black women), that range from beauty and healthcare to and up to date news on a variety of things.


Until my next post.



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