Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls. and Why this spoof Can’t End Well For Black Women

Happy New Years, everyone!

So yesterday night I was surfing YouTube, and, as you know I have already written about the highly insulting video Sh*t black girls say.  But I found yet another video jumping off of that topic entitled, “Sh*t White girls say to Black Girls”

Now while I think this video is funny because of how sadly true a lot of the words are, as someone commented on Youtube I think every black women, (and maybe black person) can attest to having at least 2 of these things said to them in their lifetime, something about this video seems a bit off to me. At first I didn’t know what it was.  In fact I spent the rest of the night and until about an hour ago trying to crack the code on why this video makes me feel a  tiny bit uncomfortable. And I realized that it’s because from no matter what angle I’m looking from black women are going to end up on the bottom because of this.

Let me explain, I have said before that black women are on the bottom of the social totem pole, the image shrouding black women right now, while slowly getting better, is still firmly in the gutter. On all sides, White men, white women, and black men as a whole do not see black women, again, overall in a positive light. That being said this video makes me cringe because when I look at this video from each perspective I can’t see anyone supporting the black woman in this video, at least not for long here’s a quick rundown on what I think each perspective will take from this video.

White females: who are already considered amongst black women to be un-suportive  to black women’s unique issues in feminism will take this to mean black women are even less deserving of slack or support.  (as has already claimed, call this an example of  “reverse racism” and black women will be pinned by the as racist (if not somehow bitter and jealous)

White Males: May find it funny (as I have read from some of the comments on YT) but once word gets around from ww that this video is “reverse racism” (if wm already haven’t come to this conclusion as some of them have)  they will also join the down with bw campaign. Not to mention because black women are *supposedly* the least desired race of women, wm don’t have any *real* reason to defend the black women in this case so again black women will be labeled, as racist, militant, angry and bitter.

Black Males: While it seems now that with the seemingly unified support I have read from black men to this black woman and her video, it may seem as if black women *actually* have someone who might stick up for them. But, ah ah ah, not so fast. If you look closely you will see how quickly this can spin out of control.  For starters think about the history of black men and black women, and consider the poor track record black men have with sticking up for black women (Case in point, The asian woman ranting at the black girl in the CSU library that went viral) the black men commenting had not problem labeling the black woman in the video as a hoodrat and ghetto, and didn’t mind at all sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the torches that everyone was preparing to roast that woman. Black men are notorious among *smart* black women as being the first ones to throw black women under the bus especially when they don’t relate to something. The only reason why this video went over so well with BM is because I’m sure black men (as they commented) themselves have experienced some of this during their life. And they can use this black women to say to white people what they’ve always wanted to say, without being a part of the messiness. (Afterall, they can claim, “a bm didn’t create this a bw did)

But, and here is the big ole but, once black men realize this is ruining their image they will be among the first to jump ship. It has happened before and it will happen again.  Because black men will realize it is not in their  best interest  to be attached to people labeled as crazy, angry, racist, militant and bitter. In the end black men, who, see white women as the ultimate prize will be willing to trade in their “sistas” for an upgrade. Even if it means putting aside “black power”.  Again black women are going to be the ones labeled, by racist, militant, unfeminine angry and bitter.

You see, from all perspectives this probably won’t end well. Black women despite being told otherwise by white  women and black women do NOT have the voice or the clout to make videos of this nature. Black women who are still being mocked in videos like sh*t black girls say* by black  males and who are rarely if ever considered in issues of the feminist nature, are not going to support black women and this video. In the end White females are going the White Female privilege pedestal and  black men are going to go right back to the male privilege  side, this leaves black women with nothing and no one.  Nobody is going to leave their comfort to point out the truth of this video. (And lets not even start on the ultimate combination of privilege wm have. That indescribable intersection of male privilege and white privilege.)

This video makes me uncomfortable because I don’t know if this girl, a long with a lot of other black girls, who enjoy “humor” like this don’t realize that you can only get away with this when you are on top. And unfortunately bw just aren’t. While I applaud this woman for this video because it is brutally true. I am waiting for the subsequent backlash that I am sure is coming.


2 thoughts on “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls. and Why this spoof Can’t End Well For Black Women

  1. Hi.

    I’m not sure if you realize, but Chescaleigh (Francesca Ramsey), the creator of the video was actually doing a parody and mocking the white females who have uttered these comments to her.

    I have to disagree that this did not end well for Black women. After this video went viral, there was a steady influx of alternative and positive images fore Black women and girls under monikers like “Blackgirlnerds”, “Blackgirlgeeks”, and the latest “Carefreeblackgirls”, just to name a few.

    At some point, Black women are going to have to worry less about being seen as “the bottom” and put more energy into creating the reality we want for our lives. This includes telling our stories and experiences without the fear of being policed about what others say–including Black people.

    Btw, Chesca is a blogger and vlogger who recently got married. What makes the video so funny in its attempt to mimic the behavior of white women is that the horrible blonde wig actually conceals her waist length dreadlocks for her to remain in character.

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