ABG Fans : A New Generation of Stupid


I don’t think any African American needs to be convinced that we don’t that we DON”T live in a Post racial society. any body “not” in denial  could. But honestly when I read some of the things that people write online. I actually have to ask myself. Really? Are we seriously having  This discussion? In 2012.  In case you aren’t sure of what I’m talking about I’m going to explain.

Ever since the the season finale of Awkward black girl, where Jay picked white J over black Fred many ignorant fans have been angry and belligerent  that Issa  Rae has concocted some  conspiracy to destroy “Black Love” I honestly can’t make this shit up! Apparently a lot of fans, on the ABG site would have been much happier if  Jay had picked the black man. They believe that Issa rae has abandoned “Black Love” and created a rift in the black community, also that she is setting a poor example because she is not showing bm/bw pairs. They also believe that she (and whoever else wrote this) believe that she is buying into the media propaganda that black women should date other races of men who may be better for them. And they believe this is wrong because we all know that this terrible!  Black women are supposed to be the mules that preserve the race, despite the droves of black men heading for the hills. They are now upset that this new younger  generation of black women are realizing that they have options and are writing them into their lives accordingly. And the male centered black women who are patsies to black men are ready to hang her in the gallows with the rest of the “uncle tom” black women who are ready to leave.

I thought about leaving out specific comments but I’ve decided I’m going to provide you with the link and quotes of the fools of have created the save BM/ Black Love Brigade for you reading pleasure. Below is the full comments from someone by the username “normalblackgirl” I guess if she means by normal black girl she means mule then yes, she *is* that.  And now without further ado here she is folks.

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    Thank you, Common Sense for providing the black male point of view. Thank you to mixed girl and MsToya for not being so easily fooled.

    Yes, this is a online show, but it still impacts us as people. There is a such thing as social responsibility. It is amazing how we think everyone should be able to do anything they want as if no consequences exist. When a child mimics something they have seen on TV or heard in a song, we act as if no one should be accountable. Yes, parents need to lead their children in the right direction, but it “takes a village to raise a child.” Parents cannot be around a child 24/7, and it is in these moments when children are influenced by the world around them. This not only goes for children, but for us adults as well. Why do you think companies spend so much money on commercials? Half of commercials out there don’t even feature what the product actually does; instead they send subliminal messages to us that buying a certain product or service will make us happy or get us laid.

    People in this forum keep talking about the so called chemistry between Jay and White Jay, but what you continually fail to realize is that because this is a scripted show, all this so called chemistry is written. Issa or whoever writes this show WROTE for her to fall in love and choose a white man over a black one! That is problem. There is NO CHEMISTRY!!! That is what we are trying to tell you. She could have easily wrote the scenes to make the “chemistry” between her and Fred. But no, because our society hates black men and really hates the black family. It is ingrained into everything around us. Black men are stereotyped all day long. They are deadbeat dads, players, unemployed, mama’s boys, drug dealers, thugs, rappers, and so on! Every time there is a black TV show with positive black couples it is cancelled. If it is doing well, they change the day or time slot to one that is inconvenient for people to watch, then cancel it after viewership drops. Come on people? Let’s be real about this thing. I’m not a black power person, but I am honest with myself that race still matters in 2012. President Obama is evidence that race still matters. Right now there are whites in Atlanta GA that are trying to get his named pulled from the Georgia Presidential Ballot in Fulton County claiming he is not an American by birth. What? Seriously people? And you don’t think this is a race issue?

    Angelic Layer, you obviously must not be married to or with a black man, because you seem to have no love or loyalty to men who look like your father, uncle, brother, and the ancestors who gave up their lives for you. And don’t talk about the black family because you don’t seem to understand the black family at all. The Cosby Show was and still is monumental to the global outlook of the black family. Who are you to say these things? I have a Ph.D. and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Studies. I have spent my career working with and researching the black family. What leg do you have to stand on? Personal opinion and limited experience? We are ALL responsible for what happens to the Black Community. If we don’t support and uplift it, who will.

    I bet you have a weave, perm, and/or colored contacts. SMH at self-hate! #rantover!

This woman is just too pathetic. When she says that society hates black men I’m really struggling to keep my jaw from dropping to the floor. It’s amazing how these black women come to the conclusion that black men are hated but she is unable to grasp that  same fact for black WOMEN. Who are not even respected by their own race.    She expects black women to have a “loyalty to men who look like your father, uncle, brother, and the ancestors who gave up their lives for you” and yet she is too simple mined to realize that  these same “men” don’t give a damn about her.

How many rappers have claimed that they want a “redbone”. Or have degraded black women by calling them “bitch, ho, blah blah blah?” How many black men have a “preference” for light skinned and white women.  They don’t even like you!!!   As “You” mentioned on this board,

This is hilarious! Ummmm…correct me if i’m wrong, but in real life black women tend to want black men. Black men on the other hand don’t want black women that look like Jay. Black Men date outside their race more so than black women. Black women are having a hard time finding one to keep up, granted this is not the situation for all. This is coming from a light-skinned black girl. I see the ignorance in black men, when it comes to darker skinned women.

And here’s the final question that this black women, who is probably in deep, deep denial , has probably not asked herself. How many black men, through their silence, support these men? Because I’m sorry I’m just not seeing this great, EPIC  “Black Community” togetherness that this woman is trying to pedal to me and the younger generation of black women. Am I supposed to believe that the boogey white man is secretly plotting to take down the BC and black family when, in reality black men only care enough to fight when it benefits them?   How can Issa Rae be the person degrading the black family when black men are already F- N HALFWAY THERE!!!!

But I have something to tell this woman, girl, (0r secret black man if the case may be so) she can spend her life fighting for the black community and putting herself in front of the bus that black men are driving OVER them and people like me, And issa rae, and this women who commented below,  and promote HAPPINESS instead of picking a man based on his race. And actually maybe find someone who values me for me.

To read the whole thread go here http://www.awkwardblackgirl.com/forum/topic.php?id=2845

Each Black Person’s acheivement is NOT your own.

I want to make sure that I have a disclaimer right now that I adore Issa Rae and her Awkward Black Girl series. Again, I adore Issa Rae and I think the Awkward Black Girl series is amazing (and HI-larious) but something she said in an interview recently really stood out to me and I can’t let this comment pass. It wasn’t really something insanely offensive in fact I don’t know if most people would even notice it. But when she said this an interview, my ears immediately perked up.

While Issa Rae was being interviewed about the success of ABG she was quoted lamenting about how there were not many shows that featured African American people and they weren’t really created with black people in mind as there was in the 90’s. When the interviewer mentioned that there are many shows with diverse casts Issa Rae pointed out that that most of the characters have bit parts and are sidekicks.  She then said this:

“But the black characters on TV are the sidekicks, or they’re insignificant. You could put all the black sidekicks on one show, and it would be the most boring, one-dimensional show ever. Even look at the black women on Community and Parks and Recreation — they are the archetype of the large black women on television. Snide and sassy. I love both of those shows, and I love the characters, but it’s like, come on, there’s more than that. At least there’s Donald Glover on Community. But unfortunately that’s one of the lowest-rated shows on television.:” – Issa Rae. (full article below)


I am can not say that I disagree with what she is saying. In fact I would say I have to agree. But here is where I have a problem.  She seems to find some solace in the fact that Donald Glover is portraying black people on television.  Let me make this clearer to you if I’m being confusing. She seems slightly pacified by the fact that there is some brown skin representation of blacks in the media even if it is only a black MAN. The problem that I have with statements like this is that black women seem to think that black MALE representation and black FEMALE representation are one and that because black MEN are featured in a good way on community it will somehow bring black women higher in status.

I have a problem with this because this is similar to the same meme that if black women help black men get ahead black men will pull us up also. And we ALL know how that brilliant idea worked out for black women. I don’t even need to go into that right now. The problem is, when black women think like this they complacent, they start thinking they don’t need to represent themselves, well, themselves and leave it up to the Tyler Perry’s, Chris Rock’s and  Martin Lawrence’s to speak for black women and their needs, wants and desires. And black women eat it up because “at least their are somebody anybody with brown skin on the Tv, as if the fact that these men have a penis doesn’t come into play.”

Here is a hint ladies. Black men do NOT equate bw sucess in the media with their own, they dare I say are not even happy for the black women somehow manage to pull themselves out of the drudgery of women (of all races) clamoring to be the next Jennifer Aniston and actually reach mainstream status. In fact one recent example comes to mind. I read numerous comments online about Zoe Saldana’s role in Colombiana and many black men were disgruntled because, the felt that not only were black women getting more roles than black men they were also getting pared with love interests who were white men. I didn’t here any congratualtions that a brown person  was being represented but instead there was  a resentment that the representation had a vagina.

Now I’m going to “keep it real” I’m probably going to piss people off by saying this but here is the truth as I see it. Men do not give a damn that women are successful.( of any race) And black men who feel they have been slighted by white men do not give a damn that black women have gotten ahead. In fact they are more pissed that a woman has taken the success that they perceive as theirs. BM (and men of other races) do NOT want you to succeed if it means they will not directly benefit them.  They do NOT see your accomplishments as their. And you can bet they are going to be saying “Where’s my piece of the pie?”

Just like similarly black men do not care to see black women/ white men pairings as representative as interracial relationships, but wouldn’t bat an eye if they were going to be paired with a white woman.  Because of course this is for the good of the black race.   These same men who were (literally) calling Zoe Saldana and black women who accepted roles paired with White Men “The white man’s whore” (One guy on one blog actually said black women are “cum guzzling slut buckets”) are the same ones who take  whatever roles they see fit  and say not one word when black women are over looked or cut down.

Don’t be fooled ladies,and don’t stop creating awesome stuff like the Awkward Black Girl Series that shows black women in p0sitive lights. These men are NOT your friend and they are not your buddy. (Unless it can take them somewhere.) These men only care about Racial unity because it is benefiting them. But do these same men have a problem with black women being over looked? Is Donald Glover on community fighting to have Yvette Nicole Brown’s Character have a more active role? I don’t think so.  Probably not. Because in the end it is not about anything more than having more than you, a black woman. Because these black men feel that they deserve to be successful and you do not. They only have a problem because they don’t get your share.

What to expect in the near future from NYGF

I wanted to take a break from my regular posts to talk for a moment about what to expect from NYGF (hopefully very soon) I have some posts coming up very soon on numerous different topics concerning black women. ( I hope to have a least one of these posts published by the end of this day. But if that is not possible ( I’ve just started a new semester of classes so I’m trying to schedule everything right.) I hope to have the next post out by Tuesday evening.

I also wanted to talk briefly about my blogroll and the links that I post. I do not claim to know everything about BWE, in fact I’m sure that  I don’t. I also know that there are other women who are much older than me who have been writing for much longer. Those are the links that I have provided for you. While touch on the same topics. I also am aware that it is in your best interest for you to read the posts written by these women. Because they might have said it in a better way.

Basically I feel that you should pay close attention to the links in the sidebar (I will be adding more as the days progress) because they are some pretty awesome resources for young  black women (and older black women), that range from beauty and healthcare to and up to date news on a variety of things.


Until my next post.


Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls. and Why this spoof Can’t End Well For Black Women

Happy New Years, everyone!

So yesterday night I was surfing YouTube, and, as you know I have already written about the highly insulting video Sh*t black girls say.  But I found yet another video jumping off of that topic entitled, “Sh*t White girls say to Black Girls”

Now while I think this video is funny because of how sadly true a lot of the words are, as someone commented on Youtube I think every black women, (and maybe black person) can attest to having at least 2 of these things said to them in their lifetime, something about this video seems a bit off to me. At first I didn’t know what it was.  In fact I spent the rest of the night and until about an hour ago trying to crack the code on why this video makes me feel a  tiny bit uncomfortable. And I realized that it’s because from no matter what angle I’m looking from black women are going to end up on the bottom because of this.

Let me explain, I have said before that black women are on the bottom of the social totem pole, the image shrouding black women right now, while slowly getting better, is still firmly in the gutter. On all sides, White men, white women, and black men as a whole do not see black women, again, overall in a positive light. That being said this video makes me cringe because when I look at this video from each perspective I can’t see anyone supporting the black woman in this video, at least not for long here’s a quick rundown on what I think each perspective will take from this video.

White females: who are already considered amongst black women to be un-suportive  to black women’s unique issues in feminism will take this to mean black women are even less deserving of slack or support.  (as Feministing.com has already claimed, call this an example of  “reverse racism” and black women will be pinned by the as racist (if not somehow bitter and jealous)

White Males: May find it funny (as I have read from some of the comments on YT) but once word gets around from ww that this video is “reverse racism” (if wm already haven’t come to this conclusion as some of them have)  they will also join the down with bw campaign. Not to mention because black women are *supposedly* the least desired race of women, wm don’t have any *real* reason to defend the black women in this case so again black women will be labeled, as racist, militant, angry and bitter.

Black Males: While it seems now that with the seemingly unified support I have read from black men to this black woman and her video, it may seem as if black women *actually* have someone who might stick up for them. But, ah ah ah, not so fast. If you look closely you will see how quickly this can spin out of control.  For starters think about the history of black men and black women, and consider the poor track record black men have with sticking up for black women (Case in point, The asian woman ranting at the black girl in the CSU library that went viral) the black men commenting had not problem labeling the black woman in the video as a hoodrat and ghetto, and didn’t mind at all sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the torches that everyone was preparing to roast that woman. Black men are notorious among *smart* black women as being the first ones to throw black women under the bus especially when they don’t relate to something. The only reason why this video went over so well with BM is because I’m sure black men (as they commented) themselves have experienced some of this during their life. And they can use this black women to say to white people what they’ve always wanted to say, without being a part of the messiness. (Afterall, they can claim, “a bm didn’t create this a bw did)

But, and here is the big ole but, once black men realize this is ruining their image they will be among the first to jump ship. It has happened before and it will happen again.  Because black men will realize it is not in their  best interest  to be attached to people labeled as crazy, angry, racist, militant and bitter. In the end black men, who, see white women as the ultimate prize will be willing to trade in their “sistas” for an upgrade. Even if it means putting aside “black power”.  Again black women are going to be the ones labeled, by racist, militant, unfeminine angry and bitter.

You see, from all perspectives this probably won’t end well. Black women despite being told otherwise by white  women and black women do NOT have the voice or the clout to make videos of this nature. Black women who are still being mocked in videos like sh*t black girls say* by black  males and who are rarely if ever considered in issues of the feminist nature, are not going to support black women and this video. In the end White females are going the White Female privilege pedestal and  black men are going to go right back to the male privilege  side, this leaves black women with nothing and no one.  Nobody is going to leave their comfort to point out the truth of this video. (And lets not even start on the ultimate combination of privilege wm have. That indescribable intersection of male privilege and white privilege.)

This video makes me uncomfortable because I don’t know if this girl, a long with a lot of other black girls, who enjoy “humor” like this don’t realize that you can only get away with this when you are on top. And unfortunately bw just aren’t. While I applaud this woman for this video because it is brutally true. I am waiting for the subsequent backlash that I am sure is coming.