Wow, Just Wow. Do I really need to say a word?

This site pretty much speaks for itself.  I love this site because these women are really bringing attention the lack of support that black women really have. Anyways check out the link for yourself. This women are going “undercover” to show how a lot of black men really think about black women and the some of these men are spreading to the rest of the world. The girls who run the site are sisters, one of them is black and the other is white.  Their parents married when they were young so they consider themselves sisters even though their step sisters. (black woman has a black mother and white woman has a white father) and their parents married. Anyways, thought it was also interesting that these girls are in the UK and it seems that these black women are getting their names slandered over there too.  And that these black men are letting themselves be slandered also. Even funnier that a white woman can see what’s really going on but some black women can’t. I can’t say I’m all that shocked that this is here thought.  Click the link below. Let me know what y’all think.


One thought on “Wow, Just Wow. Do I really need to say a word?

  1. Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. BM are actually famous for bashing BW to attract racist non-BW, especially WW. It’s truly pathetic. And I have friends who suffered for their self-hating coon father’s idiocy. SMH

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