Entertainment at the expense of black women Part 1

Being a young woman today in this “post racial” society has conditioned a lot of people to believe that things that would once have made some one speak out in outrage is actually only “poking fun” and things that once would have been blatantly racist have now become “ironic” or as the hipsters like to put it (you just don’t get the point.)  What I have noticed with young black women, is that we have allowed ourselves to be the butt of the jokes. No I take that back. Black women have always allowed themselves to be the butt of the joke. (Or at least accepted that they were.)  But now  young black women who are afraid of offending the “post racials” by speaking out have now begun to laugh along. In the ultimate, disgusting turn of events. Take for example the show Maury. Every day there are numerous black women or other on the show looking for  the father of their children, while lamenting about the one time that they had an “indiscretion.” If it wasn’t bad enough that this bad bunch of women wasn’t airing there dirty laundry to the world. What is even worse is the fact that whenever the camera pans the audience the audience there is always a smattering of black women (and men )  jeering and hissing at the guests on stage, getting their amusement from the train wrecks onstage.

Here is was is desperately wrong with this picture.  Black women already have enough strikes against them without being a national spectacle yet again.(and in the worst way) But something else I’ve noticed is that black women almost seem brainwashed into thinking that they are able to be portrayed in a bad light on TV and not have it affect their real lives, as if once they leave the studio audience, people of other races will say choose NOT to rely on that old stereotype. Especially if they think that black women themselves think it’s funny.

What young black women need to realize (and they are always young black women who look to be in their 20’s) is that while other groups of people can afford to poke fun at themselves. Black women can’t. White people and black men have enough positive representations in the media while black women simply do not.  Think of it this way, if there was a charity that wanted to collect money from various people who could stand to give out of their own pocket. Oliver Warbucks or the orphan Annie? Obviously Warbucks. Black women: wake up!!!! You are the orphan Annie in this case. No matter how hypnotic the idea that we are all just poking fun at each other and everything is post racial (and I always hear this among other 20 somethings) It is a lie. Designed to make you look the fool and end up in the court jester role.


Continued in part 2


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