Sh*t Black Girls Say

I know I shouldn’t be upset with this video. I  know that in this 21st century I should have my hipster, oh so ironic, comedic sense evolved far enough where I can see the joke in this but I can’t.  As I watch the YouTube video Sh*t Black Girls say. All I can think is just how wrong this video is. Let me break it down… Basically, the video is a black man(surprise,surprise, surprise) dressing up as a black woman and spouting off lines that he thinks black girls say. Needless to say that the video went viral. View below.


But of course it would because it has the perfect set up and the perfect punchline. And of course black women are that punch line. You know what I’m getting tired of? Black people black men in particular talking about how black women throw them “under the bus” how black women are un supportive, and nasty, and then in the same breath have the nerve to churn out garbage like this in the name of comedy. You know what I’m also sick of. Black male comedians being the voice box for the “black  community” and siphoning their thoughts and opinions to the rest of the world. And then when black women express disgust and concern about the stereotypes about them they are told its a joke. And that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.  I’m tired of being the joke. I’m tired of watching the world make me the act and being told to suck it up again.

Ya know you would think that black men, who themselves don’t like being the but of the joke, (think their unanimous hate for Tyler Perry) ALWAYS putting black women in the same position. And then as this author is saying, defending their work by saying things like, “”To all those people offended out there–it is a simple joke,” he told the Daily News. “It’s made for people who are easy going.” and “”When your work is provocative it will offend others. We don’t mean any harm,” he told the news outlet. “It’s not a social commentary on how real life is.” in the Huffingington post article this was covered in.Here is a hint to the creators of this video.  I am NOT required to take your message as a “joke”. I am not required to understand that underneath your shit message their is a kernel of gold in it. I’m not even required to look.  I am also not required to be easy going.

But for a group of men who are constantly prattling and rattling about the world not seeing them in a good light and the “white man” poisoning the world’s minds against them they are required not to make black women look like a joke and a fool every opportunity they get. Well they’re required to do this if they don’t want to seem like hypocrites. (Because honestly I can not remember a time where black women have gotten on television or the internet and done something like this. ) So they are most definitely a hypocrite.

And here is the age old question how many black men does it take to dress up like a black women before the joke gets stale? Or better yet, why is it funny in the first place that  a black man can dress up like a black woman? Is it the fact that people think that black women are just black men with fake hair?  Because that ideology is not funny to me. I am not cracking a smile that this man is passing around this hideous image of black women to the rest of the world.   And speaking of the rest of the world this story has already been picked up by the

Meaning that even on the other side of the pond, on another continent black men like this are spreading their poisonous image of black women around in the name of comedy. And some of these pathetic, deluded black women are laughing along.  What’s even worse it that these black men have yet to realize that mocking the women of one’s own race to this degree constantly is pretty pathetic. But these men, who are so jolly to be the jester can go along thinking that they actually making a difference, being ironic.  Even though they have not yet cracked the code that black people can not afford to make jokes like this when they are not anywhere near breaking down theses stereotypes. But they can continue. And I can continue exposing these men for the frauds they are. So to all the Chris Rocks, Tyler Perry’s, and Billy Sorrell’s (the man in the video) I tell them thanks for reaffirming my decisions to have nothing to do with the “black community” and in the style they believe black women talk, “Duh-lete”


To read the dailmail article read here.YouTube-parody-Sh-t-Black-Girls-Say-gets-1m-views-controversy.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

To read the huffington post article read here.sht-black-girls-say-video_n_1174787.html

Wow, Just Wow. Do I really need to say a word?

This site pretty much speaks for itself.  I love this site because these women are really bringing attention the lack of support that black women really have. Anyways check out the link for yourself. This women are going “undercover” to show how a lot of black men really think about black women and the some of these men are spreading to the rest of the world. The girls who run the site are sisters, one of them is black and the other is white.  Their parents married when they were young so they consider themselves sisters even though their step sisters. (black woman has a black mother and white woman has a white father) and their parents married. Anyways, thought it was also interesting that these girls are in the UK and it seems that these black women are getting their names slandered over there too.  And that these black men are letting themselves be slandered also. Even funnier that a white woman can see what’s really going on but some black women can’t. I can’t say I’m all that shocked that this is here thought.  Click the link below. Let me know what y’all think.

Entertainment at the expense of black women Part 1

Being a young woman today in this “post racial” society has conditioned a lot of people to believe that things that would once have made some one speak out in outrage is actually only “poking fun” and things that once would have been blatantly racist have now become “ironic” or as the hipsters like to put it (you just don’t get the point.)  What I have noticed with young black women, is that we have allowed ourselves to be the butt of the jokes. No I take that back. Black women have always allowed themselves to be the butt of the joke. (Or at least accepted that they were.)  But now  young black women who are afraid of offending the “post racials” by speaking out have now begun to laugh along. In the ultimate, disgusting turn of events. Take for example the show Maury. Every day there are numerous black women or other on the show looking for  the father of their children, while lamenting about the one time that they had an “indiscretion.” If it wasn’t bad enough that this bad bunch of women wasn’t airing there dirty laundry to the world. What is even worse is the fact that whenever the camera pans the audience the audience there is always a smattering of black women (and men )  jeering and hissing at the guests on stage, getting their amusement from the train wrecks onstage.

Here is was is desperately wrong with this picture.  Black women already have enough strikes against them without being a national spectacle yet again.(and in the worst way) But something else I’ve noticed is that black women almost seem brainwashed into thinking that they are able to be portrayed in a bad light on TV and not have it affect their real lives, as if once they leave the studio audience, people of other races will say choose NOT to rely on that old stereotype. Especially if they think that black women themselves think it’s funny.

What young black women need to realize (and they are always young black women who look to be in their 20’s) is that while other groups of people can afford to poke fun at themselves. Black women can’t. White people and black men have enough positive representations in the media while black women simply do not.  Think of it this way, if there was a charity that wanted to collect money from various people who could stand to give out of their own pocket. Oliver Warbucks or the orphan Annie? Obviously Warbucks. Black women: wake up!!!! You are the orphan Annie in this case. No matter how hypnotic the idea that we are all just poking fun at each other and everything is post racial (and I always hear this among other 20 somethings) It is a lie. Designed to make you look the fool and end up in the court jester role.


Continued in part 2

Need Diversity? Use The Black Girl!! Part Two

Continued From Part 1.

This idea permeates almost anything that black women do in the media. There is an innumerable source of this idea, that black women need to be the poster child for diversity almost any commercial or television show I can think of.  But Something else I’ve noticed is not only are these people fat and happy. They are also alone. Very. Very. Alone. Mercedes character had no one for two seasons. While people may respect her for being herself (and humor her diva fits) she is still very alone.Because, naturally that is the price to pay for “being yourself.”

Meanwhile the other characters have all played musical dates with each other.  Even Kurt, who is gay, has had a solid relationship written into the show for him. But not so for Mercedes. Her reparations for her loving herself campaign is that she has nobody. This just goes further into my thoughts that this is deliberate.  Not only can the writers say that they are doing a good thing by adding in an African American woman as a character, they can also say that she has a healthy self esteem.  (of course the only way you can get a healthy self esteem is to be overweight).

But here is the question. If it is so great to be diverse,and love yourself, why do all of the other characters have stock traits? None of the other characters (aside from the character Lauren) are written this way. None of them come bashing through the box that they have all been placed in. You know why? Because in some ways the writers know that people don’t want to see that. The idiotic public wants to believe that the writers hold that value, while still being able to see beautiful people on their screen. And it just so happens that Amber Riley plays into this idea well. They can use her character to promote awareness of the beauty pressures on women but they can also show the audience, “See we still have pretty people” because in the end nobody wants to see ugly people. TV is a fantasy, an escape. And most people want that with just a twinge of realism. (And it’s so realistic that black women are fat so it’s acceptable.)

It adds a comfort element t see black women act true to form. Because seeing them be beautiful would be too much. It would make the audiences uncomfortable. Now the audiences can stare at the car accident with disgusted awe.  Further, I think people are okay with this because without her being the stock “diverse” character, it would prove what I’ve always known that even the average person doesn’t want as much diversity as they claim, because in the end they want to be beautiful themselves.