Black Women On Youtube: Stop Making Videos

Okay, this might actually piss a lot of people off. But I refuse to NOT say what probably everyone in the worlds is probably thinking. Black Women… Please stop making YouTube videos. There I’ve said it. Let me start of by saying that I think a lot of the videos on YouTube made by black women are, funny, original, encouraging and a good way to get word out to help black women. I don’t however believe that black women making the majority of the YouTube videos are helping the overall image of black women to the world. Let me be more specific, because I’m sure that all black women are Youtube for the same things, If you are on Youtube for the following, I think you should get of immediately.

  • “Bashing” Black men- I don’t deny that a black man may be a no good piece of garbage and you feel justified in telling the world your experience. But, making a video and to discuss what black men as a whole have done to you, just makes you look petty and pathetic. Not to mention it gives Black Men and other races of people the ammunition they need to hate us even more.
  • “Bashing” Black women- I understand that you think you are helping other black women with their problems. But  the majority of the videos directed towards black women from other black women are those that are telling each other how they are failures as women because they can’t get their “shit” together, how we need to stop being mean to black men and how in general it is our fault that nobody wants us. . While Blaming black women for problems not caused by themselves fans from the black male side. For other people to see black women picking on each other gives them not reason to defend us themselves, if people in our own group think we are to blame.This women in the video below does a good job of doing everything I have said makes us look dumb
  • Interracial Dating “Encouragement” or the “See other Races of Men Like Us”- I’ll at admit that I have watched a majority of these videos. They are fun, and they show that black women do have options when it comes to dating. But this I think is the number one reason why black women look “pathetic” A lot of theses videos are meant to encourage BW but at the same time give the giant F-You to BM and anyone else who says we are undesirable. It looks pathetic when these women have to find any type of guy to “love” us when everyone is saying how pathetic we already are. It just makes BW look like they are  gagging to get love from whoever throws it our way. Not to mention there are many more BW on YouTube making these videos then there are of other races (if I’m not mistaken). So it’s even worse. Even the AMBW videos that I have seen there are always more BW supporting this then there are AM.  While I am amazed at the support from both sides in the AMBW camp It seems even doubly desperate when their are black women talking about this more than AM (all thought there are quite a few) Asian Men can afford to be on YouTube, while generally de-sexualized by society they are still MEN who hold relative power. Black women are WOMEN have no such luck.  That means the rules are different and we need to behave accordingly until that changes. “Begging” for love isn’t helping.

If you are not doing these videos feel free to continue. These women might be the ones that are doing makeup tutorials, showing hair tutorials,  generally talking about their lives, or like the awesome series Awkward Black Girl ( I think I linked that on the Links Page) just making comedy.  These women aren’t adding to the hodgepodge of crap that is floating around about BW because they are simply going about their every day life. If you want an outlet make a website, blog, or go on a forum. But Youtube is not the answer. For starters most of the people on Youtube are ignorant fools. That goes for everybody. They are not people who have researched what they are saying,so any “facts” or “responses” are going to be skewed. Not to mention short and unintelligent. Same for  the people who are watching the videos and responding.If you want to have a platform to reach *smart* people go somewhere else, but Youtube is not doing black women any favors.


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