Re: To : A White Woman talks about black women’s hair Please Shut the FUCK UP!

I just got finished reading the article here  And I have to say that I am frothing at the mouth with anger. I know that this lady means well when she talks about the heartbreaking pressure that us poor black women have to go through to do are hair to make it “GOOD” hair and how much we hate our natural ugly selves. But honestly I’m not impressed and I’m not amused.  I’m angry. This woman states at the beginning of the Article that it’s “none of her business” and yet she doesn’t mind adding to the hodgepodge of shit littering the internet. She doesn’t mind joining the ranks of the white women who feel that black women are a pitiable existence. She doesn’t mind giving an her idiotic thoughts on something she doesn’t know anything about. It’s like me, going over to.. Spain and saying , “I know its none of my business but lets talk about your trade agreements.”  Its simply ridiculous this women thinks that by qualifying what she is saying that it makes it better? News flash! It doesn’t and yes I know that this article is about a year old but it never ceases to amaze me how everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the world has the nerve to talk about the *issues* that black women have when they don’t pertain to them! But where are these same people when we really need help?

Here is a hint, lady. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHAT BLACK WOMEN PUT ON THEIR HEADS. THERE ARE MORE PRESSING ISSUES! SHUT THE FUCK UP!  I don’t know how I can reiterate this any more clearer. For that matter here another hint. BLACK MEN! OPENING YOUR FUCKING GOB ABOUT BLACK WOMEN’S HAIR! NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHAT BLACK WOMEN PUT ON THEIR HEADS. THERE ARE MORE PRESSING ISSUES! Black men , the majority, fucking shave their hair off! The majority of black men don’t have any hair at all. Chris Rock doesn’t even have hair! Who gives a shit that he is pondering what good hair is. Why does a man, A FUCKING BLACK MAN of all people feel the need to discuss black women’s hair and make a documentary. How about he make a documentary about the fact that the black community lets black men run rampant and terrorize black women? Or how about White women write a couple of articles about the chemicals in hair dye that they put in their hair? Or the fact that as much as they say the are *fascinated* by how beautiful “natural black hair* is  they are saying this from the pedestal of beauty that they are sitting on. The same pedestal that they capitalize off of and refuse to move off of? Why don’t they talk about how they help make black women look damn stupid by talking about something  they know nothing about? Your pity is not welcome. It’s not wanted, its not helping. These same women who want to rage against how The MAN is hurting black women are the same  women who are themselves other us. As one commenter, Meitai said

Your article means well. However, it – like the pseudo-documentary Good Hair – positions black attempts at achieving beauty to be particularly effortful, without acknowledging that *all* beauty is effortful. It erases and normalizes the effort that goes into white representations of beauty as well, and pretends that it’s natural.

I could confidently say that 95% of the white Hollywood starlets with full and long hair are wearing extensions or wigs. From Sandra Bullock to Nicole Kidman to the Kardashians to every host on E! to Hef’s girls. Theyre *all* wearing them. Yet, in the documentary, black actresses were asked to pull up their weaves and reveal what was and what was not theirs. The absence of the Nicole Kidmans and Kardashians from the discussion implies that their beauty is more “real” and natural and doesn’t involve long hours in the salon or caustic chemicals.

There was an infamous segment on The View where Barbara Walters grabbed Brandy’s hair and asked her about weaves or wigs. Why did Barbara not grab the hair of any of the scores of other actresses who have sat on the View couch? Because the white actresses’ artificiality is made invisible and normalized.

Again, I know that people mean well when this discussion is brought up. But it always has an undercurrent of “Aw, poor black women, isn’t it too bad that they can’t be as naturally feminine/beautiful/whatever as us. We’re just wash-and-go.” My response to that is – NOT! I see the weave tracks. I know that people spend hours in the salon getting their perms and dye jobs and haircuts.

She is completely right! Every black women who has there hair straightened is automatically labeled by some black men and white women as “hating themselves” because we can’t get their hair the way that white women *of course*  automatically do. “To bad they just don’t look as good as us. Must suck to live like them.” I’m sure they’re thinking. Yes, at one point black women did straighten because it would make them look more “white” but It is possible that maybe black women have “reclaimed’ the ideas behind hair straightening. Funny how that “reclaiming” only works when it’s white women doing “slut walks”

And the black men like Chris Rock who love to open their gobs about black women’s “issues” but are eerily silent on their own love to dissect the every thought of black women concerning hair they don’t have. Ironically in that same crapumentary, one black man, cant remember who it was( Maybe Ice-T) stated proudly that he loved having hair to  run his hands through. And white women and black men wonder why we just hate our hair oh so much?

Here is a piece of advice white women and black men of the U.S. A. Mind your own damn business worry about yourselves. Stop talking about what you think  you know and worry about  how you can collectively stop fucking black women over.  I never thought I’d say this but please, just this once please consider being as apathetic as most white men are on this issue. I’m tired of being picked apart by the press and the “well meaning” “helpers.”


4 thoughts on “Re: To : A White Woman talks about black women’s hair Please Shut the FUCK UP!

    • You sound like a damn fool! Do you know what the word “jealous” means? What she sounds is fed up with the racist/misogynist bullshyt promoted by WW (and BM) against BW and, frankly, so am I!

  1. Honestly, everytime sometimes comes at me with a “poor you” attitude, I always shift the focus on them.
    Like( when I have braids) “poor you, it must take eons having this done. I smile and say :” what about this trip you were talking to me about?”.

    I once had a mixed (Asian) girl ask me why Black artists were always hiding their hair. She was one of them feminists. I told her I was not knowledgeable about Nikki Minaj. And then asked her why Chinese women banded their feet and why Asian women had surgery to open their eyes. Mind you, she was quick to escape this conversation and we went back to neutral topics.

    If I had been naive, I would have indulged in her pity and ended up feeling less than. By mirroring her (fake) concern, the sillyness stopped.

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